Not good


Ok so a couple weeks later: Off the Grid is one of Ye's biggest bangers. Definitely up there with Black Skinhead, All Mine, Mercy, etc. Junya and Remote Control are great, fun tracks. Hurricane, Donda, God Breathes are just ridiculously infectious and are in my head right now. Jesus Lord is on par with Ultralight Beam/Never Let Me Down. 24 is my new anxiety calming song. Donda's release coincidentally timed with some very stressful events in my life and I've been finding myself repeating "we gonna be OK, we gonna be OK, God's not finished, God's not finished" to myself over and over. Is Donda one of his best albums? I'm still not sure. KSG, 808's and Pablo are hard to beat. But Donda sure as hell means a lot to me right now.


I honestly think "Come to Life" is the best. As a son growing up with a very religous mother, I had to go to church even on the Weekdays and some mornings. The intro reminds me of the end of service when the organ or piano would play while the pastor would say stuff about jesus and people around, mostly women would say halleyuah, amen, or speak in tongues. Kanye is able to musically sample that and incorporate. Understand that this time is usually when it is peak spiritual energy with people crying, praying, speaking in tongues with the lights usually turned off. Kanye here then talks to his relatives which reminds me of "hey mama". Singing and talking to them and himself when the environment of the song is at a spiritual high.


Still struggling to process how absolutely terrible Playboi Cartis verse is on Off The Grid. If this album was 10 tracks it could have been a classic. Right now, way too much filler and trash to compete. Ranking at the bottom of Kanye’s Discography.






Just checking... which Hurricane do people like? Yandhi or Donda?


i personally like the yandhi version better, the beat the hook the industrial part kanyes verse that song is a masterpiece still love the donda version tho


Ye as an album hits much better when u view the entire thing as one big build up to ghost town which is like an explosion of madness,mania,sombreness and peace




This album has grown on me a lot over the past couple of weeks. I initially liked it but, found myself trying to avoid the religious elements or thinking certain tracks sounded unfinished or "made for the stem player" which may still be true, but yeah. The more I listen, the more I love and feel I understand this album, and the more I'm resonating with it and processing my own thoughts or experiences through the lyrics and production. In the same way people are making remixes sampling unused content and alternate takes from the listening parties that elevate or provide a different take on Ye's music, I feel this is an album made to be imprinted on, to put yourself into and reflect in the way that narratively, it's Kanye reflecting on everything to this point in his life. The stem player was simply an impetus for people to interact with the music on a different level, not to just make it their own or make "better versions", or even as a gateway into music production. Sure, it's also all of those things, but I feel it's made to experience both on a personal and shared level, with the kind of interactions that you don't see as often with other albums, where everything is curated to be preserved, not curated for change and subjectivity. Essentially, I think Kanye made a strand type album, something made to be malleable, to be shared, to make your own sense out of carry with you on a personal level. But maybe I'm just blowing smoke and it's just an album that I enjoyed. Would love to know what other people think of my take on it.


Im dying at "strand-type album" 💀💀 because i think you mean it unironically... and you're correct. Ye couldn't get that Kojima collab he tweeted about a few years ago... so he sampled him. ⛷


Once u skip the donda intro and interlude and praise god and tell the vision u get a very good album


Wtf praise god is a great song?


The baby keem verse is unlistenable for me that is why


Shit really? I love his feature. Interesting.


Believe what I say is such a beautiful song.


Loved it, probably best ye album. Best songs: 1. Jesus Lord - (I'm not even Christian but Jay goes hard af) only thing is, either the original or pt2 should leave out the Larry Hoover Jr speech. I'm a fan of long songs but I don't wanna hear a speech every time even though I'm fine with the long instrumental outros. 2. Pure souls - not even a Roddy fan and think he's overrated but this song is just great and the Kanye verse is also amazing. 3. Jail pt2 - amazing, the original is also great but this is just that but more and I don't really think short is better like some people here. 4. Keep my spirit alive - great hook 5. Believe what I say - just great I'm not gonna rank the rest because they're all pretty great but here you go: Donda chant - not even a song but many intros aren't. Even though it has a completely different tone and mood, the beginning of Jail flows surprisingly well from it. God Breathed - sounds a lot like old Ye and I'm not the biggest fan of it. The intro and beat is pretty harsh but it's still a very good song in the last half. Off the Grid - probably Carti's best performance and fivio also goes hard af Hurricane - fucking legendary track, was a very close contender for top 5 Praise god - this is a whole Travis song and a damn good one at that. A very refreshing and hard hitting song that fits into the album well. Jonah - Very funky hook and a fun song to listen and try to sing along to. That being said, if your relaxing listening to the album, this will kinda disorient you a bit with the hook. Ok Ok - decent but probably one of the weaker songs Junya - decent, probably a bit better than ok ok. Carti was kinda his usual self which isn't great. A lot of stupid lines which are backfilled from the last word just to rhyme. 24 - This one is pretty good but not top 10 on the album Remote control - ain't great flow, kinda boring, bottom 10 on this album Moon - pretty good and very cool to listen to at night in the dark while relaxed Heaven and hell - a short but kinda crazy track. Love to listen to it. A very Kanye song Donda - mostly his mother's speech, not much of a song New again - very iconic, fun and all over the place. Tell the Vision - just part of Pop Smokes song Lord I need you - just a chill song, pretty good Come to life - pretty good, amazing instrumental at the end No child left behind - similar to come to life in terms of energy and a great calm finisher (if you don't count the pt2s) Of the pt2s, jail is a whole different song and way better, the others dont change too much but I wouldn't say any are worse Overall 9/10


Jay isnt christian either lol


I know


Yo, I don’t eve listen to rap. I listen to metal core, pop punk and sunshine reggae. I decided to check this album out just out of curiosity. Wow. I felt so many emotions… Happiness. Hype. Anger. Frustration. Sadness. Comfort. Enjoyment. Peace. Stress. Fear. Appreciation. Only rap album to bring me to tears. Hell, the only rap(?) album I’ve ever listened to thoroughly. This music is so well written and the production is top notch. I see Kanye West so differently now. Hell, I see God differently now and I’m not even religious. Truly a work of art. I see why his mind is the way it is. The man is a truly powerful artist. With that, there comes burdens. I listened to the album in my bedroom low lighting, eyes closed with noise canceling headphones. 10/0 A religious experience.


I teared up a couple times on my long drives playing the Donda album... I have to ask myself "why?" the lyrics aren't sad. It's not technically perfect. But it is just so raw and beautiful.


Damn why would a random rock head like u suddenly listen to kanye west?


that’s so dope to hear hopefully you can check out other artists in the genre too and some of kanye’s other projects


Yeah, I tried that but no dice. I checked out artists who had guest spots on the album and like 1/5 of a Drake song off his new album. Overall, rap isn’t for me. I don’t like all the bragging or the general message of the music. It is really unhealthy IMO. I also don’t like the way most it of the vocals sound. I like some hip hop like Hilltop Hoods tho but really that’s a totally different style.


try injury reserve, denzel curry, kendrick lamars album to pimp a butterfly, tyler the creators igor. if you don’t like those then that sucks lol but i’m glad you enjoyed the kanye album


I really appreciate your efforts. Thank you for being so nice!


Wow thats awesome, hope you give more thopught to God and religion it can be easy to just dismiss God as a fairy tale but Gods existence makes a lot of sense


Oh I believe in “god” but it’s not the “god” Kanye is referring too. I’m from the southeast US, I know all about the Bible. Very hateful book. Full of cruel punishments and God really hurting people. This did not change my perspective, merely made me connect with my own.


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Beautiful Album, In Ye's top 5 for sho


So good!


One of his best albums imo


Top 5: 1. Come to life 2. No child left behind 3. Hurricane 4. Moon 5. 24


Anyone else annoyed at how NCLB just cuts off. I’m there enjoying the lush keys and then it just drops and Jail pt 2 comes in. I would have loved a fade out or something more gentle.


I'm not coming back to Donda, and it's really bumming me out. I feel like maybe if it was 12 songs that were worked on a little more I would be, but fuck it's just not working for me at all. Lifelong Kanye fan but absolutely hated JIK. I def like Donda more than that but yeah...it's just not sticking for me


How much did you listen to it? I listened a SHIT ton but have moved on to other things (not compeltely.)


before the release? First listening session once. 2nd session a couple of times. 3rd session once. Then waited.


I meant after


Yeah, plus the censoring is really annoying to me, honestly enjoyed the audio from the second listening party more than the final release.


oh, yeah..I had to dl some sort of explicit thing I found somewhere. The censoring thing is absolutely bizarre/ridiculous. Like, don't record verses with curses if you're gonna cut it all and leave weird silence.


Keep my Spirit alive ist in my Kanye top 10. Album is very enjoyable but it won’t enter my personal top 4. It is much more Kanye to me than ye and JIK. I enjoyed ye tho. It is definitely a bit bloated. I think a shorter setlist would have made an more memorable album.


Hate to admit this, but Mansons vocals are so fire on jail 2. That shit sounds anthemic as fuck.


Right? I hate how much I like both features on that version. The flow on the DaBaby verse is great


DaBaby verse is so good, versatile as hell and goes so goddamn hard. Undeniably the better version of Jail imo


Am I the only one that thinks Believe What I Say is so out of place on DONDA and shouldn’t be there?


Sometimes I feel like the head scratchers are the key to unlocking the whole theme. The one that doesn't fit, but he put it in there anyway. Maybe our understanding of "what fits" is what he is trying to change. He was sent here to change things, remember? Like on MBDTF, So Appalled. When I got really into it I listened to the Watching the Throne episode on the track and noted that the guys kinda just left out Cyhi's verse cuz it "didn't really fit the theme of the song." Later with Jesus is King and now Donda, lines like "If God had an iPod I'd (ID) be on his playlist..." make more ssense. It's the 4D thread that might not make sense until later? I dunno.


i mean yeah, but I really really like the track and I can't see ye releasing it as a single soo


i honestly cant believe you think that coming right off of Junya. it's a vibe, just ride it.


Am i the only one that thinks the voicemail kinda ruins the song


no i understand what you sayin but still a fire ass track


yes you’re the only one


Anyone have a link for the first listening party?


Still listening to Donda. However, I made it so it’s 14 tracks instead of 27. Definitely some fillers on the album IMO.


What’s your track list? I’ve been cutting some songs out and rearranging the order but haven’t found an order I really like yet


Donda chant/ Jail /heaven and hell/off the grid/Jonah/Hurricane/ Praise god/moon/donda/24/jesus lord/pure souls/keep my spirit alive/ come to life.


Wow, id cut Jonah, Praise God, Donda, and Keep My Spirit Alive lol. But I did the same thing, the album is so much better when it's ALL amazing rather than mostly amazing


Interesting tracklist you got there


Damn where’s remote control




I love it. I really do. Moon brought me to tears tonight on a drive home.


I wanna see sum- what’s y’all’s favorite track of the album (right now as you’re reading this)? Throw in a justification if you want. Mines Ok Ok part 2, shensea absoulutely kills her shit. Pure souls is a super close second


Hurricane, Off The Grid, Pure Souls, Moon, Jonah, Remote Control, and Ok Ok Pt. 2


keep my spirit alive


24 or jail is my favorite track so far


A real funny story, and I swear it’s not made up; This was the first hip-hop album that my girlfriend continuously requests for after I first played it. She can vibe to hip-hop, but never once, since we went out, has she ever chose the genre when given the choice to select music. Out of curiosity, I wanted to hear her thoughts on Drake’s CLB (due to the current hype). She told me to stop the album after the fifth track as it gave her a headache.


Happy for your girl but maybe she just got a headache lol yesterday I tried to listen to range brothers by baby keem and got a headache too, today went back to it and shit slaps


No, I skipped on some details for brevity. But, confirmed, at minimum, that she doesn’t like CLB. It was around maybe the third time that I played CLB that she admit to the headache and told me to stop. She never said anything previously because she thought I liked the album. Her reasoning for the headache from CLB was the tempo / rhythm. It’s too monotoned and the beat seems to never drop when she expects it to. I think the album made her subconsciously frustrated. Dang, I’ll give Rage Brothers another shot then haha


Does anyone know what “Donda I’m wit your baby when I touch back road” means in the Jay verse on Jail? I have no clue


With Dondas Baby he means Kanye. And with touching Back Road he means that he is putting his Finger down the Yeezy-Anus. This Theory gets further proof from Amber Rose statements about mister Wests poophole. Respectfully 🙏🌊 Enjoy the Rollout ⛷


It means that he’s gonna be with him when he dies and watch over him as long as he’s alive.


Am I the only one that hears similarities between Simple Things by Nas and Keep My Spirit Alive? Both of the tracks are some of my favourites from each album.


And Kid Cudi - Show Out sounds like Ye - Ok Ok


Soooo- y’all still not admitting that this version of hurricane is ass compared to the ant clemons version?


best thing about not listening to leaks is u don’t get disappointed with things like these


I like this a decent amount more, and I've loved OG 80 degrees since it first leaked.


no no thats just a fact


I gave this album a real honest try. I listened to it front to back about 6 times and I’ve concluded that either I’m old and out of the times or that the excessive use of auto tune and lack of the “Kanye” heart that this album is not good. What ever this man is going through in his personal life is affecting his ability to create music and I think he needs some time to self reflect in an honest and humbling way. It’s no fault of his own. With that much fame and money, anyone would change drastically. I wish him the best and I hope his future projects have more substance than this. Jesus lord was a good track though


Yeah it’s not for everyone, I think there are some real highlights though and he’s definitely doing better now than he was in 2016 at least


Gives stony TLOP vibes as far as how it’s assembled I love it thought I love TLOP and I think he nailed the Christian themes he was trying to achieve in JIK! Ilove this album aside from maybe 2-3 tracks there’s really not a skip for me, hope everyone has enjoyed Donda as much as I have !


I gotta say Junya is a god damn banger. & that sample of doo wop was amazingly unexpected.




Stop saying Remote Control isn’t a good song. It makes me butthurt as fuck because it’s such a banger to me damnit


The melody is corny, but I’m starting to enjoy it too




Nothing wrong with that, I’ve been grooving to the melody


This is one of the rare albums where on certain days I gravitate to a group of 4-5 songs, and on other days it's another batch of songs. It may be messy overall, but that's the beauty of it. There's so much thought and care put into each song and you can feel it more with every listen.


You've captured exactly the way I feel about the album. Over the few re-listens I'll completely change what few are my favorite given my mood or feeling fresh comparatively to the other tracks. Pretty unique album to be able to achieve what would normally require me to change a playlist.


Still absolutely blasting this album. Maybe my most favourite album from yeezy since 808’s


I've listened to Donda a lot now and I'm disappointed overall. It's too long to really digest ever in one sitting and for some reason, the production seems so flat. Like the whole thing sounds like it's in black and white soundwise. I don't know if that's a mixing issue, but it sounds exactly like it did when i listened to it during the live stream in a stadium. i thought with the album, it would sound way better in headphones than it did live, but it sounds exactly the same. I love the songs that everyone loves - remote control, jonah, off the grid, hurricane, and jail but Ok Ok and Junya and Heaven and Hell just seem sort of lazy. Believe What I Say is amazing but sonically it doesn't really fit the vibe. Kanye is my favorite rapper of all time and I think this is step forward from Ye and Jesus is King, but it's still not up among his best. It's a bummer.


Did they update the mastering/mix? Seems like it goes harder on first listen in a while today…. 🤔🤔🤔🤔


Drake = Entertainer Kanye = Artist


entertaining who lmao


lil girls


I’m not gonna lie, when I heard it at first, I thought it was a masterpiece. I listened to it the next morning to realise it is still an absolute masterpiece.


Dawg what is the point of "Tell the vision" ... Seriously 😭😞


?? because now it's Philippe's for the steak ??


1.Moon is a total vibe. I wish it was longer. 2. Come to life is a soundtrack I want at my funeral. 3.Fivio and Jay Electronica are tied for verse of the album. 4. Remote control and tell the vision need to get cut. IMO


So I kinda hated it at first. But it’s growing on me. I like it more than ye but still less than JIK. But I went from feeling like it was a 2/10 and now feel like it’s more of a 6-7. My biggest issues remain feeling like most of the features add nothing to the track/overall project and the fact that it’s the usual snapshot of Kayne’s life and mind atm and right now his life and mind are at an extremely low, ugly point.


Bro this entire album feels different when you’ve lost someone u cared for and now you having regrets


Donda is changing my fucking life


The line is “I’m tired of coke, I need Gatorade”, change my mind.


https://twitter.com/staythenightman/status/1436089846506864640 >I love that no matter what anyone thinks or says about donda as an album in general literally everyone can agree fivio foreign has one of the best verses of 2021 on off the grid


**Tracks 16-23 are THE HEART of this album**


13-23 and we have a deal


anyone got a link for life of the party with Andre 3000


Wack ass beats. Repeating wack ass beats. Silly sounding auto tune. Nonsensical vocals. Weak lyrics. Non existent album art is just a black screen? Kanye hasn’t been relevant in years but what the fuck is this trash? 0/10


I say this as someone who considers his first 3 albums genius. This album is trash and the man lost his damn mind ages ago. He did a 3 hour podcast with joe rogan. Go listen to that in all of its outer space lunacy and TELL ME that Kanye isn’t certifiably insane. Kanye used to be great but turned into dog shit and I will die on this hill.


they hated Jesus because he spoke his opinion


You are white bitch shut up


Racism has no place in music. Don’t do this anymore, dawwwwg


I men it's kinda true and in all good faith, this album gives nothing new to the artistic scene/world. 90% of the job is the production, 10% is the music


The album is poor, but even a bad album from Kanye is always compelling.


Does anyone think the line “tell me how auntie been” on come to life is a call back to the auntie with no shoulders from hold my liquor?


I thought she was the auntie that every holiday, nobody eating her food.




24 is my therapy for the week. Maybe the month


Album is so terrible


The album gets better the more you listen confirmed


True I wasn’t super crazy about it at first but I haven’t stopped listening for a few days now.


I scrolled through a few threads and all of them said its a bloated mess with 3-5 good tracks. So I didnt hear it tilll this weekend but goddamn me it has some of Ye's best tracks. Jesus Lord might go down as top 5 kanye tracks and ngl teared up at the call from Larry hovver


I hate the way God Breathed starts, but it might be my favourite song of the album anyways. The line “It’s okay to not feel okay.” hit me so hard. The album in general continues to deliver what I love about Kanye: an ability to make songs that sound so completely different from anything anyone else is doing right now. He can make bangers, and he can make songs that take me on a fucking sound journey. I never know what’s next with him.


24 is absolutely mesmerizing. This guy Kanye out here convertin


Most insane out of body experience


This album needs an uncensored release if I'm ever going to revisit it in it's entirety later down the line- I just can't see me digesting in full. Some fantastic tracks are on this album, great features but I am totally removed every time instead of hearing "fuck" I hear _____. It feels like I'm walking along down the street and someone or something just grabs my collar and yanks me.


This isn't that good of an album. There are some incredible bangers here, but maybe only 5 of them if that. This is the problem with 27 tracks on an album. The quality goes down and down with that added quality because ratios.


Fr it’s alright but way overrated


Lol just coming back to this comment and didn't realize so many people were upset with my opinion. This isn't a very good album. Recency bias I guess.


No, this album is disappointing. Like imma be real; i'm not a fan of rap in general, but someone suggested me some Kendrick Lamar and *holy shit* this is what I call art. Almost 90% of what makes it "good" is the production If you haven't seen better than trash, you'll think a premium trash is awesome (not saying he's trash, that's an hyperbole)


For me, Kanye is one of my all time favorite artists. Since Pablo things have really fallen off for his music.


Couple people here think it’s good bc Kanye’s names on it


No child left behind is so magnificent holy ****.


I like Hurricane but I miss the original snippet from 2018 with the original instrumental and Kanye's voice on the hook. It's tough I just went back to YouTube to listen to it. At least he did replace himself with my favorite artist on the hook so it's not too big of a deal ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


What is the best 3 track run on the album?


Remote Control, Moon, Heaven and Hell…for me…for now…it’ll likely change.


come to life, off the grid, jonah imo


Off the grid Hurricane Praise god


Believe what I say over praise God for me


Yeah definitely but he was saying 3 track run so it has to be in order


Oh word


This by far


Hurricane brought me to church, but Jesus Lord brought me to the altar.


Feel like no one has been mentioning Jonah and Believe What I Say. They were two of my favourites off the album


Anyone else here love Off the Grid… but absolutely hate Playboy Carti doing his random 3 year old moaning sound? It makes me hate the first feature verse. Otherwise.. such an amazing song


Yes! This song would be perfect minus that first verse. I’m still playing on repeat. As soon as that second verse hits 🤯. Kanye’s verse is his best work in years.


it will grow on you, also when you listen to Carti's other songs you will realise he doesn't sing for lyrics he sings more for a vibe, naturally you won't like carti on a first listen


Alright here's the list folks: off the grid, hurricane, junya, remote control, moon, heaven/hell, new again and come to life. 8 absolute certified bangers. Fuck me kanye does it again after again GOAT


Tbh his 2nd worst album but it's decent. A lot of drawn-out songs and a lot of ideas all over the place like Donda being referenced inconsistently. Moon is a top 10 kanye song though. 5/10 overall, I miss the pre Jesus Is King kanye but at least he's somewhat happy now


When is that stem player comin through??


The piano instrumental on Come to Life is so good, a highlight of the album for me tbh


Let's be real, Donda sucks a big dick. Everyone be rationalizing trying to fool themselves shit's gold but the shit's shit. No one will be bumping Donda in 6 months time cause if you listened to this depressing shit for 6 months you would've already Cobain'd yourself smh


Seems like the truth hurted lot of folks here


Nah ur wrong




Lmfaooooo 😂


CLB has 61 on Metacritic and Donda has 53 Looks like that has settled the debate.


Who cares what metacritic says?


Metacritic is a company that takes *every* notes from numerous sites and make an average. Which means it's from numerous and numerous and numerous critics, not one. So yeah, they're pretty reliable.


Scrapping Cudi off Remote still has to be the worst creative decision throughout this entire "rollout"


Agree, i love Cudis verse on remote control.. Been playing that version non stop over the past couple days.


I think Metacritic lost credibility a while ago, as did RT. I think Fantano got it right with a “light 3”. Also, it’s popular to rip on Ye so people are doing that in the reviews. A lot of them, IMO, are not objective.


I think you replied to the wrong comment


It’s so baffling


Right, I'm beginning to think it had something to do with Cudi being on CLB lmao


I thought the same thing. If someone tweets Cudi and it gets enough impressions he could respond. It has to be related.


Donda is well done


I know I shouldn't, but I like 'Jail pt 2' more than 'Jail'. Manson's voice adds so much to the chorus that I cant even listen to the version without him now.


Would love a mix of the two. Chorus is better and Jay’s voice is amazing.


Every single listen this album gets better


Every day I listen the more I enjoy Like I thought that a few song could have been cut but now im like the whole album gets played. Like i felt JiK was his weakest album (in that every album prior was a classic while JiK felt average) felt that on first listen this was similar to JiK but this albums so unique, it just feels heavy and gets me imagining life in so many ways. What am I trying to say is its another classic kanye album for those who love a lil sip of juice, headphones and gaming after midnight OFF THE GRID HITS SOOOOOO HARD


Listened to the very first listening party and it sounded far from finished with a lot of filler songs and since then the album was 100000% improved on for me and its album of the year for me. Its got everything JIK and Ye was missing for me while still having meaning and thought behind the music




Hi Drake how’s your kid doing?


Out of curiosity, where there any of u guys who disliked this and now it has grown on u? Did u comment ur dislike when it came out? What do u think it now?




Fuck. This is heavy man. Wtf.


I listened to the album for the first time while on the influence of mushrooms (first time) and I had never felt something like this before. Especially when Moon played. Such a surreal experience.


Really not the same vibe, but like *really not*... but I listened to *The Dark Side of the Moon* yesterday on mush and it was unbelievable It was my 7th time, but know that mush do 90% of the job and even the most trash thing will sound good, cuz it makes you appreciate everything that you wouldn't appreciate at first


Exactly, I have now listened to Donda sober, and a lot of songs are good but not everything sounded as good as on mush.


Been waiting a while before I feel I’ve heard it enough to comment but I have to say I’m enjoying this more than any other album since TLOP. Maybe even MBDTF (although nothing is as perfect as that) Jail is the obvious initial standout for me, I think I even prefer part 2. Believe what I say is a great use of a sample that will get a lot of people into the album too, after a few listens they’ll realise how good the rest is. Off the Grid and 24 are others that I didn’t realise were amazing until a few listens in. A bit like Self Control on Blonde I suppose. 24 in particular is just beautiful. I’m sure I’ll feel different in a few days. That’s the power of a great album. It’s just too much to take in a single listen. I hope rushing to give their hot takes last week after one or two listens has had a chance to dig deeper.


Ok add Jonah to the list now. Fucking banger.


Idk. I could sit here all day and say I love Kanye and religion is great and his message was strong. But the reality of it is, I sat there and listened to nearly every track with a straight face, emotionless, and at times almost annoyed by what I heard. Maybe I'm not getting it. IMHO 90% of it sounded like some random shazz I'd come across on SoundCloud.


Can’t get enough of Off The Grid. Always amazes me how he can craft such a banger