I don't understand why BF3K gets that much hate when it is a very upbeat album.

I don't understand why BF3K gets that much hate when it is a very upbeat album.


My first listen I wasn't really into it TBH. I was a little disappointed. But every KG record is its own experience, and that's what I appreciates about them. I grew up in the golden era of thrash metal and ITRN also didn't blow me away at first listen, so I put B3K on repeat all yesterday and now I'm in love. There's a lot going on here musically that's easy to overlook, and the tone of the album is really unique and almost delicate. Like a butterfly.


Very well put, exactly my thoughts (even the ITRN album)


You pretty much always fall in love with a Gizz album after many repeats because you come to realize just how much is put into every song. Like, 15-20 passes and you'll still catch something you didn't here before, and it's never a little something it's always a "holy what"something.


Is that what you appreciate about KG?


I'm fucking floored by it but I can easily see someone not vibing at all with the album's style if they don't want that type of energy in their music.


Exactly. It's not that I hate the album, or the upbeat nature of it, I'm just generally not a huge fan of music that leans more poppy/electronic in feel. There are still a few songs on it that I like, Black Hot Soup is actually a banger, but most of them I'm sort of ambivalent towards. I think the big reason people's feelings come across as hateful is we're a fanbase that has been truly spoiled. Every album from 12 Bar through Rats Nest was fucking incredible in my opinion. KG I also had mixed feelings towards, LW was better but those both, by and large, stayed towards a style of music that I tend to enjoy more. BF3K was the first album where (to me) it felt like the approach was shifting further away from that blend of psychedelic rock, jazz, blues, funk and garage rock that defined their sound from FAFYL through Fishies. Rats Nest definitely moved heavily towards thrash metal but I was more intrigued by that than I am BF3K because I'm a big metal fan. TL;DR l: It's not a bad album, just not really my vibe while all their previous releases have been. So opinions may come across a little strong because it feels like a large stylistic shift that not all of us are excited about.


I’m sort of the opposite where I like the idea of the album, I just feel like the execution is lacking something


Exactly my feel, I find the album okay, it's just not impressive at all for me.


I personally find the synth aspects weirdly basic. The tone is just not pleasant for me. I was expecting way more modulation/crazy effects and sounds when they advertised a modular synth based album. I have only a small rack and it’s ridiculous how much you can make with just a few pieces of modular stuff. Simple isn’t bad, it’s just really not my personal vibe when it comes to electronic stuff. I love the insane shit dwyer is pumping out that is sometimes total electronic chaos, and I guess for some reason I was hoping butterfly would be more in that vein.


Thats exactly my feel, I was listening to it today and it sounds like they use pretty much the same setting on their synth on every song.


Not trying to be condescending but it’s definitely not the same setting - like all Gizz records there are motifs that are repeated throughout the album but it’s more of a throughline then a straight up repeat of a same setting across the songs.


You're not condescending at all, I think I might have been a bit harsh with my opinion, I just felt like it could have been more diverse, but I still like the album and I still got my french variant in the end :)


That’s the thing with synths tho - you can make an infinite number of different sounds/tones and styles with them and most actually do lean more chaotic when you’re dealing with modular synths so to me it’s more impressive to dial in some clean dancey tones across an album that are, IMO, mostly all bangers. Also something to consider is all the crazy time signatures they use and programming sequences in those time sigs they use that are complex and yet still slap like dance grooves is, to me, quite impressive. Using arpeggios like that seems simple but is actually pretty difficult. Just my opinion. I love how much they can genre bend and still sound like King Gizz at the end of the day.


Did you know the Snooker champion Steve Davis plays modular synth?


Lol that's a good random fact, it's been foreverr since I've thought about snooker




Rats Nest is the only album of there's that I actually hate.


Damn that’s sad. Rats nest rules, especially live!


Agreed. Their Rats Nest tour was one of the best (if not the best) live show I’ve seen. So good.


It's not my taste of music. It's actually what turned me off of Gizz since it was the first album I heard from them.


Fair enough


Agreeeeeed. It's my fave


For me it’s MOTU. Well not really, because I don’t *hate* it, but I really hate the voiceover bits. The only reason it annoys me so much is because musically it might be my favorite Gizz album


The voice-over makes the whole album! Especially the Han-Tyumi monologue in the closing track, soooo good. It surprises me that so many people are against it. I wonder if it has to do with the general consensus against it causing people to be preemptively closed off


I mean, I listened to it the day it came out and basically had the same opinion. I didn’t consult reddit about it or anything haha. Not trying to yuck anyone’s yum and if you like it that’s great. I just find it annoying.


I didn't mean you specifically. I just wonder if that contributes as Ive seen that sentiment endlessly repeated. It doesn't muck the yum, it just adds to the kinship I feel when I run into someone else that loves the narration :D all good.


I hate bringing up fantano and doing that whole meme cause I love the dude and he’s entitled to his opinion, but I think him going so hard on the voiceover shit really did affect opinions at large I too love the narration. It’s such an experience, really unique. I never get tired of going down that journey


I’d love to see an Altered Beast/Alter Me suite live so I don’t have to hear the voiceovers. But KEXP will do for now lol


Completely agree


I’m opposite where I’m not into metal (still like Rats Nest tho) and this type of music intrigued me much more, much more my style and the type of music I aim to create.


It doesn't seem to be that hated imo


You're also on the gizz subreddit. We're all suffering from stockholm syndrome. Me personally I love B3k


>We're all suffering from stockholm syndrome Most subreddits in a nutshell.


Sort these discussion threads by controversial


By pure virtue of you needing to go into controversial it kinda disproves OP's point doesn't it. If it was unpopular, these opinions wouldn't be getting downvoted.


It’s not unpopular, just controversial, which the band predicted it would be. Also, there’s a comment right below this one that currently has 18 upvotes that says it’s their least favorite Gizz album. Also somewhere else in the comments with 54 upvotes that doesn’t like it at all.


Maybe people should stop downvoting anyone who didn't literally cum all over the album cover? Then you wouldn't need to sort by controversial to find differing opinions.


Yeah I've never understood someone who's literally just saying "I personally didn't like the album that much" getting downvoted. My dudes are just sharing their opinions like everyone else. You don't have to upvote them, but fuck off if you want to downvote them


isnt downvoting also sharing your opinion just silently? votes ain’t that serious .


Downvoting is *supposed* to be for low quality comments that don't contribute, not just posts you disagree with. Misuse of them is where Reddit gets it's reputation as an echo chamber.


Isn’t the point of reddit discussion? Down voting without engaging stifles discussion, I’ve seen it develop as a trend here over the last few years. It’s the reason I barely come to this sub anymore - virtually no critical discussion on anything, just a consistent hum of implicit agreement. It’s dull.


There were some negative feedback on the official FB page of the Gizz and in lot of fan groups. As a friend had pointed it out to me: KGLW fans are the only fanbase that complains about new KGLW stuff for sounding too much like KGLW. It would be if Metallica fans would be angry about a new Metallica album by sounding too much like James Hetfield, imo.


Even so I think the overall sentiment is very positive. This is by no means an objective measurement but [as of right now on rate your music](https://rateyourmusic.com/artist/king-gizzard-and-the-lizard-wizard) it's rated higher than KG or LW, and it's their 7th highest rated album. Obviously early reviews are dominated by huge fans so the score is going to drop some, but it's definitely less divisive than sketches or even fishies.


It's my least favorite gizz album. I still like it a lot.


Not sure why you’re getting downvoted. Your comment is still very positive! This is the only album that’s held my interest since Poly, and I knew they’d put something out that I was into again, just a matter of waiting. Thankfully it’s never a long wait!


It's still very much Gizz tho - the motorik drums, interesting guitar scales, weird changes, vocals, etc. It's a phenomenal representation of their overall style, in a more synth based package. I'm all about it, but at the same time, I could also why it wouldn't click with some people. But that happens with a lot of their genre based albums. A lot of people here also complained about KG & LW - which imo is some of the most "Gizz" stuff they've done.


Replying to you because you mentioned the scales: A majority of this album uses the pentatonic scale (5 notes, common in eastern Asian music) which I personally think is beautiful, but can also give it that "poppy" sound which a lot of people seem turned off by. I will say this album is certainly very "mainstream" by Gizz standards and I think that's a lot of what has turned people off. The thing is, though, "mainstream" Gizz is still so far outside the realm of typical "pop" music (though I personally dig some pop, specifically Dua Lipa). They even said it's going to be polarizing among fans and I think it's fair to be critical instead of just saying "GIZZ GREAT; EVERY ALBUM GREAT" Though to clarify, this album is an easy top-3 for me with Poly and FFF


Imagine someone listening to B3K as their intro to gizz and then they just throw on Rat’s Nest expecting the same vibe


Basically the experience of the people who got into Gizz with FFF.




We all have to learn somehow 😂


I think Gumboot Soup is a good album for this kinda thing. Quite a mix. The Great Chain of Being is followed by The Last Oasis haha.


It's one of my top albums for that reason!


My introduction to gizz was Sense----->Planet B Thought spotify was glitched or something when that came on lol


Talk about musical whiplash


Somehow I think the album titles would give away the difference in tone😂


Kinda what happened for me, MOTU was my intro and after I listened to the album, Tezeta came on and threw me for a loop lol


I don't hate it, when I listen to it it undeniably sounds well written, but it just doesn't click for me. Granted, I got into King Gizzard with Nonagon listened to ITRN a shitton when it came out, so B3k just isn't up my alley sonically. Stu did say not everyone is gonna like it, so whatever, I'll still be here for the next album.


After not liking KG and LW, BF3K is def a jam


I’m glad I’m not alone. I’ve tried getting into KG and LW multiple times, but find it lacking compared to their previous albums.


They felt kinda rushed and lackluster. Microtones are awesome but I felt like these albums were just microtone fanbase filler. That being said there are a few songs I'll go back to.


I enjoyed the albums but the best tracks were the final ones off of each album. The hungry wolf of fate and KGLW go so hard. The screeching guitars in the hungry wolf of fate give me chills every time. I don't love the new one but it's good background music. I'm excited to see what timeland will be like.


I'm in the camp of not liking it at all but thats just because I don't really enjoy that style of music, I knew it wouldn't be for me after the first three songs. I'll wait for the next and be excited for the folks who like this style in the meantime


That's like me with thrash metal-- Rats' Nest isn't really my bag, but who the hell am I to take that away from anyone?


See to me this is how gizz fans should try to roll unless you really dig complaining. It's a good outlook. I'm not a thrash guy, so MOTU and Rats Nest don't do a lot for me. But I hear why fans of the style dig em, and when they came out I was just like ok, this one's not for me, but by the logic of Gizz (always changing) the next one will probably be more my vibe. Ain't no time to hate


Did you like the previous 2 albums?


Oh yeah, really enjoyed KG and LW on first listens and have grown to like them even more


I'm with you. This one doesn't do much for me, but I appreciate the creativity. I find that with my absolute favourite bands (Phish, Medeski Martin and Wood, Gizz) there is sometimes music I don't like to listen to, but I always like that they're doing it and pushing themselves in new ways.


Nice Medeski shout, hell yeah


If there’s hate for it this is the first I’m hearing of it. But you know? Good. An innovative band will get hate.


I personally don’t care for any of it all that much. That being said I can’t imagine someone HATING it. Once again, they’ve made an album completely unlike anything else in their discography. It’s super unique and honestly fun as fuck. It’s not MY style of music but I really appreciate them making music they clearly enjoy making. It’s happy music, and you’d be a fool to try and take that from anyone.


>that being said I can’t imagine someone HATING it I saw someone here the other day seemingly comparing people who like B3K to people who like listening to farts lol. There’s definitely people out there who don’t appreciate that not everything Gizz puts out is going to be everyone’s cup of tea


Bruh I saw that too. What a tool. People just live in their own little worlds and if the album isn’t a solid 10/10 for them, it’s trash


From what I can tell a TON of fans gravitate towards their heavier / harder rock stuff, which is to be expected with Nonagon and Mind Fuzz usually being what people listen to first. There's no problem with not liking the album, but don't call it bad because you don't like it. That's a whole different discussion.


I think they could have made a full synth album with minor and major chords. I think it being all in major makes it sound very tiresome very fast for me. My favorite song is blue morpho because of that mix of major and minor melodies. Also the intro to black hot soup is so good but then the music develops with major chords again. But I understand why they did it. But I think there is soo much potential to a full synth album like the one I described


I mean some people just don't vibe as hard with upbeat positive music. It's nit bad music just not your thing.


It took me a very long time to warm up to K. G. and with L. W. I still rank it near or at the bottom in my tierlist of Gizz albums. BF3000 on the other hand clicked instantly and is such a breath of fresh air after the last few (relative) disappointments. That being said, there are many Gizz fans who found the band with their heavier stuff like Nonagon, MOTU, and Rats' Nest, so it's not altogether surprising that some might be put off by the style of BF3000.


Dang I’m the exact opposite of you ahaha, K.G AND L.W I loved and this album just flopped for me


As much as they're known for their microtonal stuff, I think they'd already done their best work with FMB. Just found many of the songs on K. G./L. W. boring and not particularly fresh. BF3000 is just so feel-good for me, big sucker for electronic stuff too.


Without a doubt BF3K is fresh af, nothing they’ve ever done has sounded like this and I can agree K.G L.W definitely sounded the same but in my eyes it’s the same album just in two different albums if that makes sense, yeah FMB is definitely some of their best work yet


I love all the microtonal albums, but I’d put FMB behind KG and LW.


I feel the same way. I did enjoy some of KGLW but i think what made it a little boring to me was that they kept the same desert sounding theme throughout all three while i was hoping it'd be 3 microtonal albums that were going to be all completely different themes like their usual albums just in microtones.


I agree, just felt very samey by the end. Some of production on K. G. wasn't as clean either.


It reminds me a lot of Weens album "White Pepper." A lot of ween fans dislike it and prefer their weirder stuff because its so poppy compared to everything else they made while some fans absolutely love it and see it as one of their best albums. With bands like King Gizzard and ween who genre jump constantly from metal, punk, folk, etc. you're bound to have a good bit of disagreements on which albums are good or not. (Btw if you havent listened to ween definitely listen to ween)


Absolutely, I dont expect those who came to Gizz from say Infest the Rats' Nest or Nonagon to be 100% on board with Paper Mâché Dreeam Balloon or this new one lol. I've been meaning to check out Ween actually, any suggestions on where to start?


Definitely check out their projects "The Mollusk" and "Quebec". If you're into live stuff you should watch their dvd "Live in Chicago," The full thing is on youtube and its probably one of the best shows I've ever watched, just love the energy. Just be prepared to be at least a little bit confused because they get weird sometimes. Also keep in mind they genre jump a lot but not in the same way as gizz. Gizz usually has albums dedicated to one style but ween genre jumps within each album often times making every single song a completely different thing. All that being said, they're easily tied as my favorite band with gizz because of their energy and ability to do literally anything


I second all this, and it’s the same here. We’en are absolute legends. In my view they stand out as a ‘country’ band but their range is incredible. I’d also agree with those two records being among their top, too. Look out for Fiesta, Blue Balloon and With My Own Bare Hands on La Cucaracha, Never Squeal on GodWeenSatan…fuck, so many I could add to this.


🦀 Ocean Man 🌊




What I love most about KGATLW is how dynamic most of their songs are, and how nicely their songs tie together with great transitions. And I feel like this album has pretty much none of that. Every song has a very stagnant, simple melody that I couldn't even call catchy. Typically after listening to a new Gizz album I'll have a few of the songs stuck in my head for days/weeks. I've listened to this one 3 times and nothing has stuck with me. I couldn't whistle the tune of anything on B3K if you asked me to. On top of that, the percussion leaves a lot to be desired despite a few poly-rhythms, and the vocals are at chipmunk levels for the entirety of the album. I enjoyed the album when I was very high, but otherwise it honestly felt like I had to force myself to listen to the whole thing. I still love Gizz, and can't wait for their next work, but this one is just not for me I don't think.


I couldn't have had a more different experience from you. I think it's not for you and it's just best to move on.


>it's just best to move on Lol oooh ok Mr. gatekeeper! I had already mentioned it wasn't for me, but thank you for acting like the usher for this thread and basically telling me to "leave" (in quotes because it's a fucking reddit thread)


Bro i was never trying to gatekeep. I'm was just trying to agree that it's not your thing and that we should move on without hate. But you stay classy dick


It's okay to not like an album that a band puts out. This shouldn't be a controversial topic imo. Respect people's opinions and discuss


I don’t usually enjoy synth based music, but this to me is the best of their past 4 albums


Yeah K.G. And L.W. Were complete let downs to me. They both just sounded like FMB b-sides. ITRN was pretty good, just didn’t really feel like Gizz to me, felt like Motörhead. I’ve been a fan since the year of our lord 2017 and it seems like after that year their albums got more redundant. This new album reminds me of the old Gizz I missed.


I think that's just your opinion. As a thrash fan i found Gizz through Itrn and i found it to be one of the most unique and memorable thrash records in years and i still go back to it. K.G and L.W are also full of great songs, K.G.L.W is a catchy stoner doom outfit which i love same with Hungry Wolf, Minimum Brain Size, Ontology and Intrasport are absoloute earworms, Static Electricity is fun and catchy, Ataraxia has one of Gizz's best melodies imo and Honey is just a super fun chill track. I found there to be a ton of stuff to love.




For real, when a band's output is so diverse in genre it shouldn't be a surprise when people have strong preferences towards and against certain albums. ITRN might be my favorite album of theirs but I could absolutely imagine Gizz-loving psyche-rock fans who don't immediately cotton on to thrash metal


I love this album so much. Idk if it’s my favorite because idk how I’d love another album more than ITRN but I love this album a lot.


I can’t speak for those who don’t like it - but I believe likely that it’s the additional chipper indie pop vibes that are so different throwing people for a loop . I had a very major moment with Merriweather, lonerism/currents in my life and so much more that I’m hearing here so it was a knockout home run for me. The initial response on Indie heads to this was very positive (for the most part) which I thought was awesome. https://www.reddit.com/r/indieheads/comments/nwp20o/fresh_album_king_gizzard_and_the_lizard_wizard/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=ios_app&utm_name=iossmf


Welp, I dont like it but I hope they wont be done experimenting.


Feels like everything since Fishies has had a fair amount of backlash lately. The wheel keeps turning, really. They put out so much music that not all of it will land and not all of it will be as impactful to as many of the fans as some of it. Personally, I think this is by far their most boring album because I'm not very into sparse or poppy music like this. Doesn't mean I hate the band or have some sort of vendetta against the album, just makes me more eager to hear what's next.


Fishies definitely seems to be where this trend started, although Sketches got a ton of flack back when it came out too. The more chill stuff seems to be what doesn’t really land with a lot of people, which I guess makes sense since a lot of people originally came on with the heavier stuff like Nonagon/Ratty Personally I’m getting used to it, not really as surprised when I see this anymore. I feel like we’ve had this discussion every time an album comes out for the last few years at least. Tons of “why is this album getting so much hate” even though the answer is always “people like different things”. It was especially exasperating when KG first came out after years since FMB released of people speculating and begging for more microtones, only for it to devolve into tons of “it sounds too samey!” and then “why do people hate this album so much?”. The reality was that since albums like ITRN had come out in the time since FMB, there were people who weren’t as huge on microtones meanwhile the microtones fans were just happy to have their wishes granted. I would say that if you (the readers, whoever you may be) enjoy an album, don’t let other people ruin your enjoyment of it. If you like it, great, how other people feel about it shouldn’t matter as much


Not a huge fan but I respect it


Because it’s different from most their stuff. Which is somewhat of a logical fallacy due to them releasing albums of different genres once every 6 months lol.


Not to mention the people listening to their music are listening to them for different reasons. That’s the magic of King Giz, theirs music for almost everyone. If you don’t like one album try the next. That being said I love this new one it’s one of my favorites.


I bet in a year when you go back and listen to it, it won't feel that way anymore.


As someone who really loves Quarters and Sketches, I’m not entirely sold on this album, I think Shanghai is probably my favorite, but I feel like most of the songs, while very well produced, lacked the complex jazzy songwriting that I gravitate too


My partner, who generally I can’t listen to gizz around, managed to get through half of the album before she said “wait is this king wizard lizard?” and happily listened to the rest of the album. :) I also got her into Babe Rainbow recently and she’s demanded that we go see them if they tour here again. :)


Had I not totally loved indie/indietronica growing up, I would’ve probably disliked this album after the first listen. A few of the songs reminded me of stuff from Grouplove and The Naked and Famous.


I love the album, if people hate it that’s fine. But what’s not fine, is people saying it’s their most accessible album.


Which KG album would you consider to be more accessible?


Gumboot soup is what comes to mind first these days honestly . But is a difficult question.


It’s subjective based on preference, obviously. Some I’d say pmdb, some maybe rats nest. If I had to say “commercially,” I’d probably say KG is more accessible than BF3K but only marginally so.


Question of the year


Personally, nonagon infinity. It doesn't go too far outside of garage rock and the album sounds the same pretty much the whole way through. It's not pop, but I don't think it would be off putting to most people. Then again I might be completely wrong


FFF, Gumboot, PMDB


I didnt really like most of the melodies in the songs, but its good to know they are starting to try new stuff.


I think it’s aiiiiiight. I really like Shanghai but everything else was pretty meh to me. I wish that take were ok with most gizz fans but apparently I have to chain myself to a chair and relisten until it clicks. I got lit up in the kgatlw Facebook group for going against the hive mind but at this point I’m convinced the band can put out an album of their own farts and the fan base would be elated.


Fart album when


One side can be farts the other side can be queefs. It’s album of the year after you listen to it 57 times trust me


That would be their most divisive work for sure


Feel the exact same way. I really like Shanghai but it feels like all the songs sound so similar and aren’t all that catchy for a pop album. I really wanted to like this album but I just can’t get into it.


Pfft. It’s a 9/10 album. There’s literally one pretty average track, the rest is pure fire. Different fire from what we’ve become accustomed to over the last 4 years (F4F aside) but good different


Completely agree.


Which one is the average track for you?


For me it’s blue Morpho but instead of average I really really dislike it. The “bllluuuuuuuuuuueeeee morphhhooooooooooooo” just gets on my nerves haha Love every other song to pieces though


I can understand how that can get annoying haha


The only song I really don’t like is Catching Smoke, kinda generic imho


Appreicated it, but didnt dig it on the first spin. Liked half of it on the second spin, a few spins later and Shanghai is one of my favorite Gizz songs. B3K isn't a genre or vibe i would normally listen to, but after getting used to it I think it's one of the prettiest albums ever made. The only song i still can't get into is Killer Year. Overall, in a normal mood, I enjoy this album. But if I'm looking for an upbeat poppy acid feel, I'll crank this one with headphones and vibe.


I’d put this alongside Fishing for Fishies and Brunswick as the albums I can put on in the background, but get bored with when actively listening. Every gizz fan has that favorite album and I’m waiting for Poly to be surpassed as their best album for me.


it’s how gizz sees dream pop. not how everyone else sees it. and that’s what’s amazing about it.


I think maybe if you’re not thrilled with BF3K you should eat some mushrooms, sit in the sun next to a body of water and try once more I mean if you’re into that sorta thing


1. Just because something is upbeat doesn’t mean it’s good, in reply to your title. 2. This sub has been sucking the album’s dick for 48 straight hours.


Exactly. I like upbeat, poppy stuff. I just didn't really think this was well-written or produced, and it didn't work for me at all after the first listen. Hopefully my opinion will change -- but just because it's in a certain style doesn't automatically make it great.


Since when does an upbeat album immediately deserve praise just for being upbeat?


I honestly think it's just okay. There are some parts of tracks that slap but overall I'm not that into it. I'll keep listening when I have the chance because I know it will grow on me as it becomes more familiar. It's very soft and airy and complex, so I'd only listen to it in certain situations. I'm glad everyone loves it though, the community is great. But I'm just like meh, it's fine.


The metalhead in me cringes at it but the father of a girl in me wants to headbang to it


The thing I love about King Gizzard is their diversity. To hear something new and different is exciting to me


It's okay. The album has its very good moments but overall, with few songs from KG and almost whole LW, it's not that much of a ride. But it's my opinion and I like gizz when they do bonkers stuff like sketches, motu, itrn, etc.. These last two albums sound too safe. I love their weird songs because they push the music and listener to a different space (rattlesnake is fucking bullshit and genius at the same time). I don't get such strong feelings from latest releases. I think the transitions in songs are just okayish. Anyways, I still love every goddamn album including these last few and I will continue to listen to them. However, Calvacade from Black Midi is my AOTY right now.


I mean, both Stu and Joey said it was going to be a divisive album. In glad that knowing it didn't stop them from releasing it. Personally I really like it, but I understand if someone doesn't. It's what we get for liking a band that's known for trying out different stuff.


My main wheelhouse for music is generally electronic, and while I do think this is their best in a few albums, it doesn’t reach the highs of Nonagon, FAFYL, or heck, Gumboot.


My fave post-rat's nest


It's totally irresistable! Shanghai, Dreams, all the way to the end is just great


Do you think all upbeat albums are good? I've heard way too many shitty upbeat albums.


do that many people really not like it? i mean personally i'm more into their heavy stuff but i was vibing the fuck out to b3k last night


I disliked KG and LW and everyone acted like I murdered their family. I thought FMB was awesome, but those other 2 albums just didn't do it for me.


I love every song, only thing I feel is that black hot soup is just a bit too long


I’m heavy vibing to BF3K; I love Shanghai.


My first reaction to this album was more of a culture shock than anything else. This album was so drastically different that I did not know what to make of it. The only songs I can think of that come anywhere close to the sound of this album are Acarine, cyboogie, and Intrasport. But after a few listens I now love this album.


I'm really sorry to hear some people aren't liking it, I'm LOVING it now I've listened a few times. I think this is my favourite since 2017, the repeating motifs, references back to poly... Ah man it's so juicy


Their worst album by a looooooong shot IMO, I don't really understand the love for it. Really boring melodies, the tracks are all largely the same, ghastly chipmunk vocals . The band are also really losing the knack with the transitions. It's a far cry from how Poly, Sketches etc. flowed. I largely love the band's output, even the albums I don't like so much I still feel are good albums in their own right. But this album I'm struggling to find anything positive. Even at its best moments it's no better than say, some of the middling songs on Gumboot Soup. I don't know if maybe I'm getting bored of the band in general, the multi genre approach, use of transitions and motifs used to feel very novel but now it's all coming across as repetitive. You can say "ah well the band are doing something different each time!" but it's increasingly all becoming very surface level. Aside form synth arpeggios there's not much different the band are doing here. Same polyrhythms, folky guitar riffs, same "we're going to repeat the name of the song and that will be the chorus.". People are praising the band for bold choices but there's nothing that bold about an already quite melodic band who have done poppish albums, doing a poppish album. But I guess aside from that, again the melodies and songs are just, not that good. I really like PMDB which is a very poppish, upbeat album (yeah lyrics are kinda grim but I really gloss over lyrics when I listen to music), because it has good melodies and well written songs. Nothing in Butterfly 3000 is drawing me in the same way, I'm afraid to say. I've never actively disliked any of the bands output this strongly before.


For me, I remember when iiymf came out and I was just like what the fuck why has noone thought of making an album like this before. And every album that followed after that I was just in awe of how creative and fantastically written and produced the songs were. Since KG I've thought they declined. iMO kg and LW was just making otherwise lazily written and boring songs sound interesting but adding in microtones, whereas fmb really harnessed microtones in a way where they just added an interesting nuance to already well written songs.


I felt the same about KG. I recently listened to the Automation demo and it sounds awesome. I find it weird that the band decided to leave it out of ITRN, but then reused the lyrics on one of their blandest melodies, in an album which did not have a story/concept like ITRN. KG + LW feels like it could've been one tight album like FMB, but for some reason, the band decided to leave in all the half-baked melodies and lyrics to make it two albums.


It’s pretty fantastic. Such a good album. I love pop albums though so yeah. Just wait a month and we’ll have an album with another completely different sound. That’s what’s so great about Gizz.


Yeah it’s not like we have to wait three years for the next album. There will probably be another one pretty soon


I guess so? I've just always managed to find some enjoyment from any of their albums but not this one. I really just don't see what's special about this one. I think I need a break from the band/fan groups, my social media is totally awash with butterflies and at least 10 accompanying music videos in coming weeks aren't going to help.


Are you me?


Quite possibly


lmao why are people downvoting this


I'm not sure, I thought it was a mildly humorous response.


I feel the same way to an extent, I appreciate the idea of it, but I think the execution is a bit off


Kinda, yeah. I didn't expect myself to love it or anything but idk if maybe the band should have gone in a more ambient direction?


I'm really sorry you don't vibe with the album. I personally kinda saw it coming. BF3K is basically just an entire album built around the sound they did on Superposition, which I know a LOT of people hated. They'll probably drop another album this year so hopefully there will be more gizz projects you enjoy in the future. Personally I loved it, but I'm also a sucker for Tame Impala / Beach House type vibes.


Superposition, yeah that was literally my thoughts. An album built from one of the band's weakest tracks . . . without the killer horn section! I mean I'm glad people like it I suppose, maybe even a bit jealous! Disliking one album out of 15+ isn't bad though, despite their flaws I enjoyed K.G. and L.W. where people poured an, understandable amount of scorn on them (they're quite flawed but at the same time have some exciting production and they work better when viewed as a swansong to what the band had built upto that point). Apparently they have a jazz album in the works, likely whatever Made In Timeland is I'll probably enjoy that, whether it's some harder fusion or more loungey stuff like Sketches.


People don’t like superposition? This is news to me.


A portion of gizz fans tend to sway towards the garage-psych style a lot more. It's the same reason why Sketches got a lot of hate. But the other half of gizz fans have a broader range of style. Stu even said himself that this album will split people's opinions so I'm sure they expected this reaction


BF3K sounds like a King Gizzard collab with Kevin Macleod to me lol


FMB is my favorite gizz album. I *liked* KG and LW quite a bit. But I like BF3K *more* than KG and LW. Definitely. It's a total knock-out, up there with the likes of Float Along, Gumboot, Quarters. Album of the year so far, for me. If you don't like it you don't like it. But I have a feeling the next year or so will see a *lot* of unreceptive listeners of today grow into and come to adore this one.


The only thing I don't like is how all of Cavs' fills sound exactly the same. Someone pointed it out to me now it's all I can hear.


I don't hate it or think its bad but its definitely something I will never listen to again


On the whole I think the album is pretty disappointing, especially given how much people hyped it up. It has a handful of good tracks but the idea of a synth pop record is kind of ruined by poor execution and static song-writing. The synth lead drowns out the other instruments, some of the melodies are obnoxiously simple and poppy tending to rely on the same pentatonic scale throughout the album, some of the lyrics are uninspired and forced and theres not much variety to be found within the songs themselves. The best song on the album is, imho, the title track which bucks the trend of the other tracks with more heavy drum fills, a more buried atmospheric synth and more powerful lyrics. It's just a shame it lasts less than 3 minutes. Hopefully, if the band revists electronic music, they can make more developed songs like that one. Its far from an awful record, i'm glad that people are able to enjoy it (even if to the point of hysteria) and we will probably get another album soon that sounds nothing like it :P ⏳


I agree, there are some great songs but they are few and far between. The album is *good* but definitely not great and I've come to expect more from the band. Hopefully this isn't a trend


don’t know what you’re talking about, most seem to be enjoying it. even r/indieheads is loving it


I didn’t like it first listen but it’s grown on me. Besides the first song I think the rest is 10/10. I also disagree with the “most accessible” thing they said.


I don’t hate it, I just dislike it, it’s a very happy sounding album but it doesn’t make me very happy when I listen too it, infest the rats nest puts a massive smile on my face while this album did the exact opposite


I think there are a lot of people who think Poppy songs equal bad music automatically. These people are called lame asses.


MY fav album since poly. Truly hits the spot for me!


Yeah. I’m blown away by it. Can’t wait to see it live.




I think this is a pretty unfair generalisation. I'm a big metal / prog metal fan and became aware off the band around the time murder of the universe came out. Just because my primary listening is metal doesn't mean i can't appreciate other genres or bands mixing it up, i dont think that statement needs further ellaboration.


I said yesterday that Yours is the weakest opener and after like 10 listens it's one of my favorites. I feel like this albums gonna grow on people


It’s because people expect another nonagon or MOTU when in reality in my opinion that’s not beneficial to there records rn because they needed this album in there set. Also Stu mixed and I’m guessing recorded a lot of this by himself so the final product doesn’t sound as good as it would’ve. Although he is pretty good at what he does. In my opinion butterfly 3000 is what they needed and what I needed listening to them and it’s actually really good after a second listen. First listen I questioned it because there’s not much guitar happening but that’s what I love about Gizz is expirimentation and going against the norm so a true Gizz fan will not dislike this record lol.


Like most good albums, there are tracks that are forgettable. "Dreams," for example, feels like a filler track that was included to perhaps help "Blue Morpho" really stand out due to the contrast. Otherwise, it's a damn fine piece of work. I really like how they took some of those intriguing instrumental breaks from Chunky Shrapnel and molded them into full blown songs. Again, "Dreams" might not have fermented in the creative juices long enough. Or maybe I need to give it a few more listens. fwiw I dig the album because it reflects the KG's joyful performance. It makes sense that this would be an album that emerges from experimentation while on the road.


This is album is great, everything they put out is great. Amen


I prefer their heavier stuff (Nonagon, MOTI, ITRN) but still didn't hate this album. Catching Smoke and Shanghai are both phenomenal songs and about half of the rest I liked.


guess it just feels kind of cheap and it didn't really have most of the gizzard charm that is in their music that I like maybe I'll just re-listen to it


its such a chill album, being mad at it is like hating a waterfall


Sounds like every other pop band out there now but that what people like so whatever


Wait this album is getting hate? I have only heard great things.


I don't think people understand what sequences are. This is an album made up of midi loops and sequences they recorded from home. You don't have to like it but the people complaining about repetitive lyrics and "uninspired" tracks just don't know what the genre they're talking about is. Personally this is a huge comeback for the band in my eyes, I lost a lot of interest during the KG/LW days.


Crusty angry bois the lot of them. OPEN YOUR HEARTS!


I was really disappointed with KG and LW, I think B3K is fucking great.


I'm sure I'll get turned on to it eventually. I remember not vibing with Rat's Nest when it came out but now some of my favorite songs are from that album.