Idiot in a bus

Idiot in a bus


“It’s a delight to travel with us”




They’re suggestions


More like guidelines


Lines? Where we’re going, we don’t need lines.


He was probably DOING lines!


It's a guide John, it's just a guide. Edit: remembered the quote wrong


Partially deaf customer service- "How would you describe your experience today?" "It scared the life outta us" "Gotcha"..."It's a delight out with us"




Ahh, South African bus and taxi drivers....


So anything goes then?


You have no idea just how much ‘anything goes’


It looks like traffic laws are more of a suggestion


The law is more what you call guidelines, than actual rules


Aye, and it only applies for those who sail the asphalt seas.


People don't get stopped for this fucking nonsense?


- South Africa - Enforcing traffic laws Pick one lol


What happens if you choose enforcing traffic laws?


You won’t be in South Africa


>What happens if you choose enforcing traffic laws? This is what happens: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W2pOZVyvGhc


What on earth did I just watch. Those were cops shooting?


Then you aren't in South Africa


People will call you a square, and you'll never get to sit at the cool kids table again.


Yes and then you pay a spot fine. ie slip some cash with your licence when asked for it.


They do get stopped but the police are more interested in getting a bribe then holding anyone accountable or stopping it from happening again.


You've never been to Africa have you?


Been to Nairobi, you can’t even begin to describe the traffic.


And yet, you just *did* begin to describe it… ;-)


I can’t be the only person who read that in the voice of Captain Barbossa.


~~suggestion~~ words on a piece of paper that nobody cares


When you call traffic lights Robots, you know there's confusion on the road.


Had many similar bus rides in China. Going up a mountain on a blind curve at about 60 MPH passing a new car every 10 seconds, just blaring their horn so people would know we we’re coming.


Like Miami but with less gunfire?


This is South Africa. Gunfire remains applicable.


Oh I'm sure I'm just kidding but also not because Miami is [fucking insane](https://www.miamiherald.com/news/local/community/miami-dade/article164353717.html). At any one time there are likely more guns in the cars on the road than people.


"Everyone in Florida drives according to the rules of the place they came from" --Dave Barry. That said it's been almost 20 years since he said that, so there's been some standardization. Everyone now uses the turn-signal protocol of New Jersey, the keep-right discipline of London and the vehicle roadworthiness standards of Cuba.


true - source: 30 years in South Florida...


Floridaman agreed


Yes. I found driving in SA pretty nice, behavior of most drivers was comparable to Europe or the US but bus/minibus drivers are FUCKING NUTS


When I was in Tanzania, they called the mini-buses “flying coffins”


They fly?


Pretty much anything can fly if you're bad enough at driving it


I seen a horse fly


Go on......


I seen a dragon fly


I’ve seen a fruit fly


Get a load of this Dumbo.


Right before transforming to coffins


Was driving in SA on holiday behind a pickup with like 4 kids in the back, 14 or 15 year olds.. and just as I was saying that driver was an idiot he went over a bump and 2 of the kids just fell out. Seemed like they thought it wasn't that abnormal as they got up and walked back to the car and got back in.


This is my nightmare driving on a freeway behind those bakkies with people on the back. Besides how they stare into your soul, if they fall out I won't be able to stop in time.


Haha, now that you mention it, they DO look at you like that.. forgot about that


In SA they will literally drive on the pavement in traffic jams.


For those confused by translation, in the US, "pavement" would refer to any area that is paved with asphalt or concrete, such as the surface of the road. In the US, it would be strange to drive anyway other than the pavement during a traffic jam. The other option would be driving off the road and through the grass. (Which I have seen a couple times) In some countries, "pavement" refers specifically to the pedestrian path, aka the sidewalk.


I was going to the airport in Cancun this one time, there was bumper bumper traffic. There was unpaved shoulders, lots of uneven dirt. This bus, full of people goes off road, pulls onto the shoulder and you can see the whole thing rocking back and forth. I think it was going to pitch over, thankfully it didn't.


Times have changed


Reminds me of Jamaica. Literally every mile some crazy fuck guns around traffic almost getting in a head on collision. And I'm not exaggerating here lol. Also is what is crazy is the amount of honking at each other for shitty driving there but I didn't see any actual road rage of people yelling or brake checking. It's like honk because you were an idiot then they move on with their day. Really crazy to see the difference in just driving customs lol.


Rented car in Jamaica for 2 weeks. Crazy is right. After a bit you get used to it though. The worst is the people passing on blind corners with schoolkids walking on the side of the road with no sidewalk and a stone fence right next to the road...no escape.


Yeah the crazy drivers mixed with their roads makes it sketchy. I took a bus everywhere. Not sure if that was more or less scary than being in control of the vehicle there lol.


My experience on a bus in Jamaica was that lanes don't matter. What I would think of as a two lane road was easily 3 and sometimes 4 if the shoulder was in decent shape. I was so stressed out that for the return trip I scraped together $300 and hired a Cessna to fly me back to the airport.


Sounds like you got the true Jamaican experience. Money well spent amiright?


8 years old - I was in a bus crash in Jamaica. Hit another bus, head on. The outside of a hairpin bend / blind corner. After the crash, we just continued on with half the front dragging


You're saying after that kind of crash, the front didn't fall off? That doesn't sound very typical.


Well there is legislation. No cardboard, no cardboard derivatives. And we were towed outside of the environment


What's the minimum crew requirement?


Why would there be one? There's nothing there


South african taxi drivers are more likely to draw a gun on you if you try anything in protest of their shitty driving. Buying confiscated guns cheaply from corrupt police officers is after all just so easy. Weirdest thing I ever saw was a minibus taxi - still full of bullet holes after a big crossfire gun fight and loading passengers as if it were completely normal.


I was in the passenger seat of a car in Jamaica, hot as hell out and no a/c. We've got all the windows down and I've got my arm leaning slightly out of the window. Driver says/yells "get your arm in if you want to keep it" as we are pulling out of the parking lot. After the first couple of passes, I stopped counting how many times that left side almost got "touched up" by passing cars/vans/busses in either direction! As bad as rush hour in a taxi in Barcelona...


They actually swing around the corners in the opposite lane on purpose so that they can see each other then they swing back at the last second. They drive this way on purpose because of the steep cliffs and blind corners.


Oh I thought it was Lesotho


Understandable, since ‘Bokamoso’ is actually a Sotho word and the infrastructure would likely be similar since Lesotho is basically within SA.


Funny because in Hungarian it means "ankle-washer" :D


Lol how is it pronounced? In Sesotho and Setswana it’s pronounced like [this](https://youtu.be/SLz_B9kFj2I).


Basically like this if you click the little sound button on the bottom left: https://translate.google.com/?hl=en&tab=wT&sl=hu&tl=en&text=bokamos%C3%B3&op=translate Minus the weird intonation and spoken at normal speed of course. Hungarian can stick words together like this to create words beyond imagination, so the point is, this word was probably seldom used by anyone.


Lesotho's infrastructure is generally MUCH worse than that of SA. Perhaps comparable to our worst provinces at best (e.g. Eastern Cape).


As someone originally from Eastern Cape — ouch lol. But also, true. I just meant that maybe the general look, in terms of the lines, driving direction, surroundings etc, may look like Lesotho. Even Eastern Cape has some smooth roads on the freeway at times.


Number plate is Gauteng Province.


My parents are from Pakistan and I visited.. holy shit, the wagons (as they call them - basically a Toyota 15 seater van) and they race each other on the highway to get to the next stop first. It's wild


Puts the NYC taxi driver stereotype to shame.


Yeah at least they can never really exceed 40mph.


Just watched a top gear repeat where they compare taxis and they noted that South African taxi buses (Hiace I think) are known for their aggression 😳


Indian ones are worse...


As a bus driver, I can say one thing for certain: What. The. Actual. Fuck?


As a car driver, i can say that I definitely would just let the bus pass. The real WTF is risking your life by playing chicken with a much larger vehicle.


Yeah, they're all assholes really - just let the fucker merge, don't risk everyone's life because of the principle.


This was my thought as well. Yeah the bus driver is a douche, but the fucking passengers are probably 50/50! Just let them over!


Foreign countries do this all the time to the point even cops do it, try it in the US though and you're fucked


The cops man. Saw one run a red light yesterday and almost hit another driver. They regularly drive above the speed limit with no lights and sirens — Metro (traffic) police and SAPS alike. It’s so annoying. Whenever I see Instant karma videos I get envious as well, because they rarely do anything if someone speeds or does nonsense in front of them. Unless they’re specifically there to stop people. At least where I am in SA.


>They regularly drive above the speed limit with no lights and sirens — Metro (traffic) police and SAPS alike. >they rarely do anything if someone speeds or does nonsense in front of them South Florida cops be like that too, though they usually like to wait and go after the speedsters instead of red-light runners, I think the worse offence they go after gives them like bonus points or some shit like that I forgot what. They can also be bitches. Motherfuckers sometimes tailgate me cause I dont wanna go 5 over the limit even though Im in the middle lane out of the way from people turning, like I just wanna cruise man Im tired and ya lights are blinding meee!!! Sometimes, no matter how small the road is, some of them will be lined up for no reason other than standing around talking. Tell me why I go down a dark road with them on it for one of them to aim their flashlight directly in my face, but I think I was able to assert dominance by staring at it and not crashing.


The tailgating, the bloody tailgating! Like I’m trying to follow the law and not go above the speed limit and the dude whose job it is to enforce/uphold the law wants me to speed lol. I also wasn’t in the ‘fast lane’. Seems they’re bad everywhere lol.


I think that’s called entrapment and it’s illegal to do in the us. Not a lawyer


I don’t think they do it to pull people over in SA, at the very least I’ve never seen or experienced that. They’re just being idiots.


Had a cop try to pull that stunt on me over here in UK.. i was doing 25, in a 30 and the cop behind me w/o lights on, was so close i count count his mustache hairs in the rear view.. if i tapped the breaks even slightly i'd be rear ended.. so i sped up to 30, and as soon as i did so he flashed light telling me to pull over. He asked me how fast did I think I was going, and replied calmly, at first i was 25, and then an idiot driver behind me forced me up to 30, and would he like to be CC'd in when i send it to his bosses. he let me off with a verbal warning, telling me that when i see a cop behind me, i should pull out the way to let them through. I also had this recorded. The Staff Sargeant didnt like it when i rocked up with the recordings and summons to court for said officer. Nothing came of it, sadly.. ACAB exists over here too.. they gave him a paid week off, and told not to do it again, and i got the warning taken off my official record...


Oy, that sucks. At least the warning was removed. Never thought they’d do that just to give tickets.


They have to get a certain amount of tickets per week or they get told off.. so the dirtier cops will try and entrap you into a speeding fine. I have a "friend" thats a traffic cop, and he says his partner is the type to sit near bumper-to-bumper and then bump into the back of you, and claim you rolled backwards at lights.. Easy 3-6 points on your licence and your insurance company raises your rates.. though he got shafted hard recently when he tried to pull the stunt on a lawyer's tesla, that has a backwards camera.


> I have a "friend" thats a traffic cop, and he says his partner is the type to sit near bumper-to-bumper and then bump into the back of you, and claim you rolled backwards at lights.. Isn't that gonna backfire the first time you bump an automatic car?


Its in the UK.. very few of those around


In the DC area you’re not a real cop unless you speed minimum 15 mph over the limit and run every red light


Yesterday on Grayston Drive an idiot in a Polo cut me off without using his indicator. The metro police stopped him :) Truly made my day.


That’s great to know! I rarely see them doing anything. Only once when someone was speeding, on of those fast, undercover cars (GTI I think) chased him.


You might want to be more specific than uh... "Foreign countries". There's a lot of places in that category, and a lot within that where you'll also get detained by cops for pulling bullshit like this


It's true! Only the US has effective traffic law enforcement - in *foreign* countries it's a free-for-all!


Visiting Brazil multiple times, I've been in a few vans and buses. At a younger age everytime they did it I thought it was fun, being an adult now, if I go back I'd be scared as hell.


I've had the same experience, though in India.


Yep. In Sri Lanka, my local contact explained me the only rule on the road is "bigger = somewhat have the priority". I've been inside vans almost coliding at 90km/h on dirt roads because both of them thought they were in their right when crossing a single way bridge. They. don't. give. a. fuck. One of the most frightening driving experience I've had. Rural Russia come close.


Indeed, it's a free-for-all here in Sweden. Like Mad Max-level driving. If only we had US law enforcement here.


>If only we had US law enforcement here. Too many "no go zones". Nothing can save Sweden now from their liberal hell-hole. /s because Reddit


As a bus, I do declare.


'Notha bus driver here: Also What the fucking fuck? And in that slow ass chassis and engine combo bus too.


Bus wanker.


Anywhere but the pavement!


I'd rather be a bus wanker than drive that piece of yellow shit.


I hope the driver was reported


Unlikely. See it fairly regularly. Maybe 1/10th of bus drivers. Closer to 40% of minibus taxis drive like this when they are in a hurry.


In what country?


South Africa


Ah, well there goes my drive to share this video with the company


Yeah, this is extremely tame compared to the chaos that's allowed to take place there.


So I've heard lol, just imagining the complete lack of interest in such a "minor" issue on their end


For real. My old boss is from South Africa. Man, the stories that guy had about the shit he's seen...


And thank you for traveling with Bokamoso


I don't know wich country it is from but in Hungarian Bokamosó means Ankle Washer


Otto Mann, dat you?


"My name is Otto, I love to get blotto!" Or my other favorite: Martin: ...we should have been at school 10 minutes ago. Otto: Uh oh, better fasten your seatbelts kids. Lisa: We don't have seatbelts. Otto: Well then just try to go limp. [Floors it]


Desert Bus IRL


While you're joking during Desert Bus for hope 4(5?) there was a race between the game crew and a real life bus doing the drive. The real bus won.


Its a speedrun strategy


The bus is at fault, but the silver car seriously could not just swallow their pride and protect the lives of 70 people by slowing down a tiny bit?


Seriously, this was on my mind the whole time. The bus shouldn't have even started this manoeuvre, but if he's going to commit to it then the silver car can just dab the brake for two seconds and nobody has to deal with the situation for any longer.


Your suggesting it would be safer to lower your upper body down to the brake pedal to dab on it for two seconds?? Steezy af but mad dangerous lil dude. I approve


This reads like lines from an Eric Andre ranch it up skit Sup melo. Steezy af but mad dangerous lil dude! Wanna hit this ranch.


Not swallow your pride, just save your own arse from the kamikaze pilot coming over ready or not. Would you really want that moron behind you?


Well said. If he’s in front of you, at least you can keep your eyes on him and keep your distance from him. Honestly though, it seems almost like that silver car was trying to force him into a head on collision just because he was being really stupid. I mean I would’ve been pissed at the bus as well, but it’s one driver and many innocent souls.


And being pragmatic - Do you think that bus driver would have a head-on to avoid hip-checking you into the guard rail?




Happy to read your post. Good to know not everyone has suicidal tendencies.


Thank you! The bus driver is clearly the idiot but those cars definitely didn't help. I see multiple idiots here and many innocent passengers.


Pick and choose your battles in life.


Ah, good ol South African driving!


That silver car should have slowed, although I know it's not their fault. The bus could have 40 or 50 innocents on it, all at risk because of the idiot driving it. The car has to make the situation safer, and maybe get the driver sacked later.


My thoughts exactly. If someone is being an idiot and doing an unsafe manoeuvre just get out of their way, slow down to let them pass. Who cares if you're in the right, it won't stop you, or others, being any less dead in an accident.


Yeah slowing down and letting some asshole pass costs me nothing.


I mean not slowing down could very well cost you. That car could have easily been involved in a crash that bus got in


After all the safest place to have a dangerous idiot is far away.


Graveyards are full of people who had the right of way


I always use a motto of “you maybe right, but you will be dead right”


My Uncle Billy always used to say it like "You may be right. I may be crazy. Oh, but it just may be a lunatic you're looking for."


Turn out the light, don't try and save me.you may be wrong for all I know but you may be right. Say hi to uncle Billy for me


“Here lies the body of Michael O'Day. He died defending his right of way. He was right, dead right, as he sailed along, But just as dead as if he'd been wrong.”


I drive all night for work and I live by that sentiment.


I even think OP should have been farther back, it made me pretty nervous.


Ye tbh I'd be keeping the hell away from that whole situation!


It think when people film, they get closer to danger for a better shot. Pretty dangerous...


Yep me too. Came here to say this.


Especially when said idiot is playing with the lives of what could be over a dozen innocent kids.


Yep, but even without passengers, that's a big bloody bus that's messing with you... just let it pass.


One that is obviously piloted by someone who does not have others' safety (including your own) in mind


Yep. I was always told that sometimes you gotta drive for other people


I believe this is called being a chauffeur


It's not even about just the civilians in the bus. There's other people driving around you, *YOU* are driving next to the imminent crash site. You're going to die if you drive like this, sooner or later. Or you're going to get someone killed.


Yea if bus gets in a head-on, silver is going down too.


I kept thinking the video was going to end with them being run off the road because the bus driver decided he had to merge back immediately.


Yea I don’t care if I have the right of way. Just let them merge back in. I’m not going to die for it or get someone else killed for it.


You can clearly see the car started to race him at the exact moment the bus was next to him. Fucking asshole.


The silver car was alongside the bus that was in a fuckin turn lane. Had no reason to even be looking for the jackasses signal that he was about to run them off the road, and the big visible signal was behind them


What turn lane? I may not know much about the road laws of the country in the video, but at the start of it there was one solid line on the left(which most likely means no overtaking) and intermittent(does sound right in English?) line on the right. The turn lane appears only a after a few seconds in to the video.


Play it again and watch the lines. The bus does start doing a legal pass over a dotted line. Then drives over a double solid line, into a double yellow with diagonals (legal equivalent of a literal physical barrier), into a dedicated turn lane (you can see the arrow), and back into yet another double yellow with diagonals, and finishes it up by trying to run the silver car off the road merging back in from a lane going the opposite direction Granted I'm going off US traffic lines, but I was under the impression traffic lines are largely universal. But you did make me watch it again a few times, and honestly it's worse than I thought


In india you'll need a subreddit called r/sanepeopleincar


Sane *persons* in car, with the full Indian accent and enunciation of every letter in the word persons.


An aggressive idiot in a bus. A stubborn idiot in a car. And finally a curious idiot following them. The bus driver is an idiot for obvious reasons. The car driver in front is an idiot for not simply slowing down to let the bus pass, these games are dangerous. And the one filming is an idiot because when the other idiots crash you're not going to be able to react in time at that distance.


Their following distance isn't complete shit and the driver isn't the one filming. I agree I'd definitely slow down to give wide fucking berth.


This driver should be in jail


If you lived in places like Africa/India it's a fairly common occurence. Im sure some other places too. The buses in South Affica do ot less often, but minibus taxis tend to drive wildly (maybe 40/50% of drivers will do so under time pressure).


Yeaaaaa I think it’s time to call Mr. Bokamoso and let him know he’s got a drunk bus


From 2018: “ Social media users have been trying to report the bus driver for reckless driving. While most were angered by the driver’s actions, others, however, also pointed out that those who took a video of the bus were also over the speed limit.” https://www.google.ca/amp/s/citizen.co.za/news/south-africa/crime/2054643/watch-bokamoso-bus-drivers-narrow-escape-angers-social-media-users/amp/


What in the goddamn fuck are these lanes


Just a two lane road (so one each way) with the occasional turn lane on a country that drives on the left side of the road. Nothing crazy


I think, based on other comments, it’s South African trafic shit.


Lol are you role-playing as the bus driver or are you genuinely confused?


It's a 2 lane road that widens up for a bit, then narrows back down. The reason it widens up is the intersection where they want a turn lane. The reason they want a turn lane is so people turning don't block the traffic behind them. Is this not normal where you live? :/


Perfectly normal. Some people are just shocked things are different in other countries.


They're called traffic lanes. *Usually* people keep their vehicles within the painted lines on their respective side of the road


Usually there’s a LOT less paint on the road.


Basically, he illegally overtook both times, welcome to South Africa. This doesn't happen often with bus drivers...




I was just looking for this comment. If you see a fricking line of traffic and someone like a bus is passing you..maybe ya know .let him pass you and not kill people?




That's horrible. 🥺 Well, this is enough Reddit for me today. Damn, how tragic.


Flappy hood


Buses on SA are so terrible sometimes. Putco was the worst, but haven’t heard too much about them for a while.




Bokamoso Haram suicide driver.


Jesus Christ. I thought he only cut you off at first, but it just kept getting worse.


That's a new level of stupidity, risking the life of all his passengers


Surprised the car ahead kept on the throttle, that looked sufficiently volatile that lifting off would easily be warranted, just let the maniac have it..


If someone's doing something reckless like that I slow down, let them get over, and keep my distance.


Man, when I see crazy shit going down like this I don't fight it or get angry, I get the fuck away. Slow down and let them go or pull off to the side of the road altogether for a few minutes. Fuck that.


Love how the girl in the beginning was more prepared to brace for impact than say just slow down for literally 1 second. Same with the front car, head on collision literally right next to me, yep. Slow down 2 miles an hour for 1 second, nope. This isn’t a professional sport.


Honestly the car in front should have breaked a little to let the bus get in front. Better have the danger in your view in front of you than next to you out of view in the oncoming lane.


>Better have the danger in your view in front of you than next to you out of view in the oncoming lane. I'm not getting this logic. I agree the cars should have let the idiot bus in just to avoid anyone else getting hurt from the idiot bus. But I don't follow the logic of it being better having the danger in front of you. Now the idiot bus is in your direct path and is much harder to avoid if it hits something while being an idiot bus, and you're stuck behind it with that worry until traffic let's you attempt to get out of it's wake while it probably does more idiot bus maneuvers.