I love every last one of you

I love every last one of you


This is wonderful. I particularly think your statement, "you have a voice," is important. I was so quiet when I got in the "real world." Everybody else had this brash confidence and seemed to know who they were (of course, they were all figuring it out too). But I was super scared to speak up. We need to encourage one another to use our voices. The world needs each and every human.


This is lovely thank you so much I needed to hear that <3


This is so sweet <3 I know I can always use this kind of encouragement. I’m 24 now and I still find myself thinking that any time I succeed at something or even if I’m just invited somewhere, it’s just because whoever decided to reward/invite me did it out of obligatory pity for “the poor homeschooled kid.” That’s how it felt at birthday parties with my church friends growing up, and I’ve never been able to shake that feeling. So this helps. Thank you <3