Economy go brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

Economy go brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr


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"The greatest enemy to a nation is itself"


How many dictators does it take to turn an empire into a union of ruinous states?


It's a disgrace what you did to your own people.


Your daddy beat you like a dog and now you're evil!


Your from Georgia, Sweet Georgia and the history books unfold ya


As a messed up motherfucker bent in the mind


built a superpower but it paid the price


With the endless destruction of Russian lives


You're the man of steel, I spit cryptonite


Big dick, mystic, known to hypnotise


Who built a superpower but he paid the price


With the endless destruction of Russian lives


It's a disgrace what you did to your own people, your daddy beat you like a dog and now you're evil


It's a disgrace what you did to your own people.


Two. The first to kill the monarch, and the second to rule with an iron fist after decreeing that the first dictators corpse will be lacquered and preserved on display for all eternity.


Damned Russians, they ruined Russia


Well really, a Georgian ruined Russia.


Nah the USSR was shit long before Stalin


> long Not to be pedantic but the USSR only existed for roughly 2 years before Stalin took power.


It was dead on arrival.


You Russians sure are a contentious people.


Ты теперь мой враг на всю жизнь!


To be fair Russia was even more shit before 1918. It’s basically always been shit


Let's be real, it still is.


You say that, but Soviet Union nostalgia is really common here in Russia. Eastern Europe is another story tho


Well soviet nostalgia is quite common among older Lithuanians, who were born around the 50's or 60's. They like to point out that dispite the soviet occupation life back the wasn't as bad as some in the West may think, and it really got worse after Lithuania gained independence.


Nostalgia in general is common in old people. Everything was better back in the day.


Except it kinda was. The Soviet Union was at its peak around that time, a decline followed it and then an absolute freefall. The dissolution gave way to some of the most widespread poverty, homelessness, alcoholism, hyperinflation ever seen in human history. You can even see it in their crime and mortality statistics; shit was happening over there, especially in Russia. Anyone who has lived through 90s Russia cursed Yelstin and cursed Gorbachev. The people don't miss Communism, they just miss the stuff, the safety, and the economic umbrella they had under the Soviet Union.


Human history knows much worse cases of each problem You brought up, but you're right - transition times were rough, but to be honest economic downfall of eastern block started in late 70s and 90s would have been rough even without political change. Oversimplifing - system fell becouse it got bankrupt not went bankrupt becouse of it's fall.


> and it really got worse after Lithuania gained independence That is true for all the former Soviet republics.


it doesnt have to be rational though, people who were children during it probably think they liked it. its a very well known bias


I feel like nostalgia is responsible for a lot of the world’s problems, but at the same time it’s one of my favorite drugs.


Except that somewhere between 55-70% of Russians believe that ending the Soviet Union was a mistake. https://www.russiamatters.org/blog/polling-suggests-soviet-nostalgia-isnt-going-away Though if that means "We miss the Soviet Union" or "We miss being a Superpower" is a huge debate.


Well, despite whatever else it did, the Soviet Union did raise Russia from an agrarian feudal farming society to an industrial and military superpower in just a few decades - it's no wonder there are still people who praise that.


Except British, French, German, and Austrian intelligence was all in agreement that Russia's rise as an industrial and military super power was 20 to 30 years away under the Tsar in 1910. Imperial Germany analysis was pretty spot on that with Russia's population and national resources, once French engineers build enough railroads and factories, Russia would be unstoppable. If you read Austrian and German diplomatic cables on the eve of WW1, Russia's inevitable rise as a military and industrial super power is the reason they are pushing for a world war. To paraphase, "The Day (WW1) is better now than later." If anything, the Soviet Government delayed that rise as it isolated Russia (no more French and British allies loaning money dirt cheap to build railroads and factories). The Soviets would have to wait until the Great Depression and a bunch of bankrupt American businessmen were willing to do business with Stalin as Soviet funny money was better than no money.


We'd see a much better Russia if Alexander II wasn't assassinated.


That, and after all the excitement of Revolution, Stalin, and World War II died down, it actually became a pretty good place to live for an average person. Yeah, it wasn't USA during the heyday of the 1960s, but the standard of living improved dramatically and almost everyone (from the doctors and engineers) to the lowest janitor was at least somewhat comfortable.


Depends, average daily caloric intake in Russia has dropped since 1991 so in the food department they appear to be worse off if i am to believe this article http://euromaidanpress.com/2017/02/06/russians-consume-700-calories-a-day-fewer-now-than-at-the-end-of-soviet-times/


Also, mortality rates skyrocketed after the USSR dissolved. Life expectancy dropped by 20 years, and suicides rose. Material conditions were better under the Soviet Republics and that’s just facts.


Khazakastan, home of Borat


I was searching for this for way long than it should have




Where is Finland? Or doesn't it fill the requirements because it stayed independent?


Finland doesn't exist r/finlandConspiracy /s


Is that legit sub?


It's satire, first post when sorting by top of all time is origin of this


Well we did lost half of our population in the 1930s because of the starvation


especially Germans in Kazakhstan


And Uzbekistan Edit: and Moldova


ITT people ~~forgetting~~ not giving a fuck about non-european soviet countries.


Right? I was gonna say, way to skip over central Asia.


well for the most part Central Asia was a better place to live under the Soviet Union than it is now, largely because of the dysfunctional governments that have seized power since. whereas eastern europe, especially countries that joined the EU, are far more prosperous than under the USSR


Actually Kazakhstan despite only having one president since independence has been doing really well with getting their country put together


yeah, I think Kazakhstan is the one exception and they’ve developed steadily since then. however the rest of the -stans have barely developed since 1992. when you watch the youtuber Bald and Bankrupt as he travels through places like Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan, everyone he talks to wishes the USSR would return because their new governments have done such a poor job


While not a Central Asia country Azerbaijan has been doing really well too.


Similar to Kazakhstan, it's not that hard to build a livable country with tons of oil and authoritarian leadership.


I think Azerbaijan is a unique case due to the Azerbaijani homeland being split between two authoritarian states where one is doing remarkably better than the other.


That really depends on what time and what place in the Soviet union you compare modern Central Asia to. Kazakhstan in the 1930s? 50% you're gonna starve to death. Major city in the 1960s? You're at the peak of the USSR and life is good.


He did say he missed some more


U missed Moldova


Moldova? I 'ardly know 'er!




“It’s all western propaganda” is the number one argument for people that defend the soviet union


“The aral what? Oh that was probably some small lake or something, the cia probably did it.”


I just watched the other day an in depth documentary of what the fuck they did. Was too upset to sleep.


Can you give a tldr?


The Aral Sea was a very large lake, 4th biggest in world, it had a tiny bit of salinity but it was drinkable, fish lived in it, etc. Some ruskie once said it's an useless evaporator because the water doesn't go anywhere from it. Cretins parroted it later on, and kept diverting water from the rivers that went into the aral sea and into irrigation for cotton farm, within a decade and a bit, it's mostly gone, what is left is incredibly salty and toxic because of pesticides that concentrated into it. The few locals that remain have the highest count of cancer per population in the world, as well as #1 dead births. Oh and also on one of it's islands, now rocky outcrop, is/was a russian military installation where they weaponized plagues, coincidentally bubonic plague keeps popping up in that area, since now there's no sea to isolate the island.


I had only heard about the evaporation, jesus


Really similar thing happened to Tulare lake in the 1920s. California. America's 4th largest lake right after the great lakes, with a thriving salmon and tourism economy. But apparently it was useless, so they kept diverting. Now it's a dusty lake bed covered in houses.


Come on man, I was upset plenty with Aral Sea.


[A timeline gif from 1960 to 2014](https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/9/9f/Aral_Sea.gif) That's due to irrigation canals to make cotton farms go brrrr.


they Dried up the 4th largest lake on the planet while trying to divert the water for agriculture.


What’s the name?


[I think it was this one. Calling it a documentary was a bit too much, but I found it plenty informative.](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xEIt4OojA3Y)


"Capitalism is destroying the environment" People still don't understand that sustanaible devolopement has nothing to do with economic system, and more about the conscience of the people about it. Per example NZ is the 3rd most capitalist country in the world and is known for its eco friendly politics. In fact *economic nerd moment* if we went frol neo keynasism to more austrian school type of capitalism, (from consummism to save based economy), earth would thanks it (and most of population IMO)


The 3rd most capitalist country in the world? How is that measured?


>if we went frol neo keynasism to more austrian school type of capitalism, (from consummism to save based economy), earth would thanks it (and most of population IMO) that's BS mate. I hope you didn't watched that 'Keynes Vs Hayek Rap Battle' . Austrian school is a joke among economists, it doesn't rely on empiricism. and "Neo-Keynesian" has nothing to do with consumerism.


I honestly can't tell what was propaganda. My parents lived in the soviet union and liked it. Idk if they believed the propaganda, or if I believe the western propaganda.


The short answer is probably both and neither. They probably were influenced by Soviet propaganda. They may have also genuinely had reasons to like the Soviet Union. You're probably influenced by western propaganda. You also probably can see a lot of the actual flaws with the Soviet Union. The thing is it's a lot more nuanced than an entire country being entirely good or entirely bad. And most of the propaganda on both sides has some amount of truth in them, even if it's pretty heavily distorted. To be clear, I'm of the opinion that the Soviet Union overall was pretty bad. But the extent of that depends a lot on which time you're talking about. And even though there are lots of failing and even straight-up evils in the Soviet Union, they did enough right that it's worth examining those things as well


"It's communist" is the number one argument of people defending capitalism *it's as if people don't have the skills to Diffrentaiate things*


wow its almost like all extremists experience some sort of partisanship and we shouldnt look at it fro 1 side


You think it's extreme capitalists that use the "it's communist" argument? That's the go to for anyone right of center for why socialism or communism is bad.


And the ccp


As much fun as the making fun of teens who think the USSR was good joke is, I have never actually encountered anyone who has said the USSR was good, and I’ve been studying Russian history for the last 4 years


I’m a Russian major and I had one professor who had more good things to say about the Soviet Union than bad. She spoke of it very fondly and said that she thinks it was a better, safer place when she was growing up compared to today’s Russia. But most of my other professors (who were also from former Soviet countries) weren’t so keen on the Union.


To be fair, the USSR had aspects of it that were generally better than the current state Russia is in. Overall, the USSR is worse, but it’s not wrong to praise the good aspects that the USSR had. *Cough cough* infrastructure


Either you are lucky and dont live in post USSR country, or you are lucky to be surrounded by normal people. As for me, i am unlucky in both of them, i have seen way too many people who weep about fall of "Great Dzerzhava".


Lol so the people who actually lived through communism miss it? But you know better


My coworker liked some aspects of it. He said you wouldn’t have to work as much and education was free, and they wouldn’t give out Masters/PhD scholarships unless there were enough people to retire on a field to prevent unemployment in those areas. I don’t think it’s realistic to expect one thing to be better than the other like they’re black or white. There’s a little bit of good and bad in every economic system and lifestyle.


I think this is the fairest point which, at least in the US, is sort of lost on the general population. Everything is so black and white here with no nuance in the political discourse which is why you can just scream communism or socialism and everyone panics. And I think/hope it will get better because younger people(even the 14 year olds this post mocks) are willing not to blindly let that fear influence then


Not to mention that very few people in the states even know what socialism and communism are. Even Biden is labeled a socialist somehow and that hurts any ability at discourse on the subject.


Right. “Communism was bad, so the only option is unfettered capitalism! There’s no middle ground!!”


That guy definitely has his head in a correct direction


There was apparently a real sense of community between factory workers, and everyone was guaranteed employment without having to compete for it as much as in a capitalist society. A big part of it is just people being bad with handling change though, nostalgia is a bitch


I know a lot of people who miss the state socialist period in China. China has experienced a tremendous amount of growth in real wages, but a lot of people still rely on programs from the agrarian reform. A lot of people in post state socialist countries miss stability the communist days meanwhile they live in dictatorships just as bad as before while not having any of the social welfare of the old dictatorship. Why would you love modern day Uzbekistan when you remember Uzbekistan but with public housing.


> Why would you love modern day Uzbekistan when you remember Uzbekistan but with public housing. Bingo.


Also, it was not like the transition from URSS to Russia was made with people in mind, the transition was also very shitty by itself.


Yeah the transition made Russia even worse than before for a couple of years. while for Estonia, it was awesome, iirc Estonia had a more radical transition, total liberalisation, their first PM was some sort of Milton Friedman fan. and yeah EU must have helped too.


> Yeah the transition made Russia even worse than before for a couple of years. [I wouldn't call 12 years "a couple of years"](https://nintil.com/the-soviet-union-gdp-growth/)


okay, a decade. nice article btw. but still it's kinda ridiculous to compare GDP of a non-market economy with a market economy after 1991.


Well economy did collapse, state disintegrated, not much could be done better in transition even with benefit of hindsight


I can only talk for the GDR, but the points you've mentioned apply to the post-unification melancholy. The GDR, like most other Eastern Bloc countries, was an authoritarian shithole where saying the wrong thing to the wrong person could get you into real trouble due to the vast amount of confidential informants. It also lacked many *luxury* goods. But if you kept your mouth shut, it provided you with a secure, if somewhat simple, life. After the reunification, many of the former GDR businesses either couldn't compete or were thrown to the capital interest sharks. So essentially, many east German people traded a socioeconomically secure life for vocational insecurity, exploitation, unemployment and/or the economical desolation of whole cities and regions. Many of the younger generations fled this comparatively barren wasteland for one of the few cities in the East that still somewhat offer a decent economical situation of simply went off to the West.


> many of the former GDR businesses either couldn't compete or were thrown to the capital interest sharks. I know a few people who made it big by buying and selling factories, land and assets in East Germany in the 90s. Some of them aren't proud of it, some other are happy because they made a lot of money. But in most cases they will tell you that they were the final nail in the unemployment coffin of those regions.


It's a still debated subject but it appears that modt East Germans didn't even want a reunification with the West but a reformed GDR with more freedoms, less surveillance but still socialist.


I think even Putin has acknowledged the sentiment when he said "Anybody who does not miss the Soviet Union has no heart. Anybody who wants it back has no brain." Other than the Baltic states, the prevailing wish was for a reformed Soviet Union to emerge, not 15 independent states. There just wasn't a good way to replace it and maintain the borders, common market, etc.


The biggest part of it is people missing their youth. There is this Russian joke: “-Grandpa, why was Stalin great? -Because back then my dick got hard!”


There's both people who miss it and people who are happy it ended.


What I understand is that many people who grew up in the USSR and got used to navigating that system (which tended to be more about political merit) were suddenly thrown into another system (which tended to be more about productivity) that they had no skills for when the USSR collapsed. It isn’t an issue of post-Soviet society being better or worse - it’s more about being an adult and suddenly having years of experience be mostly useless. You’d be nostalgic too, regardless of whether you’re in a technically better society now. Disclaimer: Not a resident of a post-communist nation, but I have studied them.


Here, in Romania, I met a decent number of people that miss communism, but actually dislike the USSR


I kind of get it though. If the ussr was all that you were used to for a long long time, you will probably miss quite a bit about it, even if you recognize it wasn't good.


The only evidence I have is from watching bald and bankrupt on YouTube, but it seems like every older person he asks miss the old soviet times.


Most of the people that remember the ussr didn't experience Stalinism, and that was by far the worst stage. The end of the ussr also hurt quality of life in many areas. Changing almost everything about the government caused instability and economic downturn.


Well, even Putin said “Whoever does not miss the Soviet Union has no heart. Whoever wants it back has no brain.”


> [In Armenia, 12% of respondents said the USSR collapse did good, while 66% said it did harm. In Kyrgyzstan, 16% of respondents said the collapse of the USSR did good, while 61% said it did harm](https://news.gallup.com/poll/166538/former-soviet-countries-harm-breakup.aspx) So I mean, some people are saying it, at least opposed to the wasteland the former ussr is now.


I mean, yeah. That's kind of what happens when the rug gets pulled out under people's feet in record time. The Soviet Union was awful, but probably not as awful as it vanishing overnight with a shout of "SWIM BITCH!"


To be honest Russia (before 1917) and Soviet Union at least granted some kind of stability and peace to Caucasian region. (Which was quite unstable due to religion and ethnic conflicts)


They ended hundreds (thousands?) Of years of famines also. Also committed countless imperialist atrocities and possibly intentional genocide. Turns out they did good and bad things, like most countries/people and reducing anything down to good/bad is reductionist and an attempt to ignore lessons of the past and the chance to learn from them.


saying a collapse did harm doesnt mean it was good...


It means it was better than it is currently, as I said in another comment, it's childish and naive to reduce anything down to purely good or bad and avoids any attempt at learning from the past


In middle school I was a hardcore tankie and kinda did believe it was good, but I was also a dumbass 13 year old tankie so I wouldn’t listen to myself


It's usually just a way to attack people who don't mindlessly repeat actual propaganda. Sure, tankies who blindly idolize the USSR do exist, but 99% of the people who supposedly "praise" it are just refuting things like the black book and other outright false claims, or dare to acknowledge certain positives.


People seem to forget that communism turned Russia from an irrelevant backwater peasant monarchy, to a the #1/#2 most powerful industrial nation *in like 50 years* & most of the bad things about Russia started before the USSR & continued afterwards


Though in essence i agree that the leap was truly massive , though i would mention that Russia had 4th largest GDP before the war (which would drop back to nowhere when taken per capita), though mostly taken in grain production (massive grain exports from Poland and Ukraine, and generally amount of food needed to sustain such population) and state supplying arms and hevy industry.


It wasn't communism that did it, it was industrialisation which isn't, at least directly, linked to communism.


I don't really think imperial russia would have been capable of doing anything as radical as industrialization even close to as fast as the communists did.


I’ve encountered plenty


I know many elderly (and sometimes middle aged) people who miss USSSR, my mother being an example. It's quite common for Russians to miss USSR, especially some of the older ones.


Join any socialist group on social media. Tankies are the worst.


You can quite a lot of them on Reddit too... I mean, you can defend communism as much as you want, but denying that the USSR was an oppressive authritarian hell hole is just stupid


I once encountered a guy on Reddit who defended the deportation of Eastern Europeans to Siberian GULAGs. He said they were all nazis and deserved it. When I said members of My family were also there, he said that they were probably nazis too. Sad.


That's...Just so pathetic and sad. Why do people identify that strongly with a disappeared country? And why admitting that it wasn't perfect is such an unthinkable thing? Sorry for your family, by the way


Yeah I'm a socialist but definitely don't think the USSR was great. I don't think it was quite as bad as US propaganda suggests, but it wasn't great. We can do better!


Yeah, most socialists/leftists dont the Soviet Union as one of its mist glaring flaws was its secret police and foreign imperialism being on par with the US, with little difference in methods used. What they, and me, usually do is dispell the "Black Book" hyperboles about how bad it was. In the end it wasnt that different from the US that it was idyllic for a part of the population and utter shit for minorities, just that instead of one party, you get 2 parties to choose from.


It was much worse than in US. While in Us you had racial problems ect. people here (Poland) had big economical problems, huge opportunities problems and much more. While it wasn't just starving on the streets all the time, any kind of luxurious items (like shampoo) were almost not avaiable. Central planned market had so many flaws.


Here in Latvia Poland was viewed as an exotic and luxury country, I'm not even talking about East Germany which was seen as an absolute dream. As for behind the wall we couldn't even dream about it...




To say that USSR had comparable living conditions to US of that period is a very large leap of logic.


You telling me you’ve never encountered Tankies before?


> Whoever does not miss the Soviet Union has no heart. Whoever wants to restore it back as it was has no brain.


I've seen mannnyyy tankies here on reddit


Yeah you missed like all of central Asia.


My mom actually lived through the Soviet Union and Russia after the fall in Moscow from 1970 to 2002, and she vehemently defends the Soviet Union, which is to be taken with a grain of salt, since she lived in Moscow. Despite her tiring fanaticism about western propaganda, her viewpoint taught me that the USSR wasn't a hellhole to live in, even for her grandparents in the countryside, and people just went about their lives, able to feed and enjoy themselves, and it was nothing like what the west said about the Soviet Union (ie dark and grey hellhole with no fun and awful living conditions). Nowadays, though, she's just a shameless supporter of ~~Putin and the Chinese government~~ anyone America doesn't like, but I put those aside and still love her


She sounds like the white people who talk about how the 50s were better


That's a very accurate description. Moscow got EVERYTHING. It got all the supplies while everywhere else had to struggle. My grandma had to travel from Ukraine to Moscow to buy goods that were MADE IN UKRAINE. People who had it good lived in Moscow and usually were connected to The Party, and/or supply lines. Want some meat? You better make nice with the owner of the local meat store. Want better meat? Make friends with the owner of the store. No friends no meat. Corruption on all levels.


I hate these fucking American assholes who think that Putin Is a good president No joke, ive Once saw a bunch of people on instagram talking about how living in Russia would be better than America


We hate them too


And when you point out anything that contradicts their beliefs, they call it "Western CIA propaganda"


My father was a warm and mighty bear. And we are his 190 million orphaned cubs. Russian cubs. Georgian cubs. Armenian cubs. Estonian cubs. Lithuanian cubs....




What plane crash? THERE WAS NO PLANE CRASH.


As Ukrainian, can confirm.


My Polish and Ukrainian friends are the most powerful voices for why I will never support communism.


With an artificial famine as mean of genocide. No wonder the country don't like this time. (except the commies who think that the holodomor was either due to natural causes, was caused by kulaks or didn't happened)


> (except the commies who think that the holodomor was either due to natural causes, was caused by kulaks or didn't happened) or "it just nazi-made propaganda". Such idiots exist too


let's also not forget a sprinkle of "they deserved it"




Am Afghan, can confirm


As an estonian who grew up in estonia during ussr occupation... fuck those guys.


Hold the fuck up. You literarely just reposted my meme, motherfucker. Fuck you. But at the same time more people will see my shity message so thanks i guess? Still fuck you.


My condolences


My friends parents had to deal with the horror of the Soviet Union, he’s from Moldova which was apart of the Soviet Union


oh my god, as someone who's family comes from Azerbaijan, and speaks Russian its the worst when those kids at school are like, communism was great. then I just tell them stories from my mom and dad, I probably didn't change their mind but they shut up for a bit.


Ikr i have an uncle (married into the family) whose family was deported to Ukraine (from azerbaijan) and he grew up there. The stories arent too pretty, when he does talk about it. Most of my family got to stay in Azerbaijan but my parents dont really like to talk about it.


I mean that’s not entirely true, even millennials that are communist don’t support the USSR. They say that that wasn’t the real communism. The people who actually support the USSR are called “tankies” and other communists hate them.


Communists say it plain out wasn't communism. Period. Communism is stateless. Like, read wikipedia's definition of communism. The USSR was socialist, that's what the country called itself. It wasn't USCR.


Specifically it was Stalinist, which has practically nothing at all to do with Marxist values like economic democracy.




Browse Twitter for an hour and you’ll see plenty. I’ve seen someone with an anime style Joseph Stalin with the Snapchat hearts filter as their Twitter banner... On second thought, maybe don’t get on Twitter.


I went on twitter recently for the first time in about 10 years and holy shit what an absolute mess. Its got the worst environment out of any social media I've been on recently. I was on it for about five minutes before I had to give up.


You can find people who support anything on the internet tho, that doesn't mean that's a popular idea. Search the most depraved thing in the Twitter search bar and you'll find someone who likes it.


Actually in Romania everything was great until Ceaușescu(the Romanian communist party leader) started to oppress people mostly starting in 70'


I am romanian, it was great for about 3 years until they consolidated power, then the authoritarian hell started and only got worse as time progressed. That one time Ceausescu went to North Korea was objectively the worst thing that could happen to us. NOTHING was great about what happened. The only arguable good thing he did was move large buildings/churches around and made wide boulevards (mostly for that megalomaniac ego he had and his need for grandeur), but everything else was just misery.


>I am romanian, it was great for about 3 years until they consolidated power, then the authoritarian hell started and only got worse as time progressed. That one time Ceausescu went to North Korea was objectively the worst thing that could happen to us. NOTHING was great about what happened. The only arguable good thing he did was move large buildings/churches around and made wide boulevards (mostly for that megalomaniac ego he had and his need for grandeur), but everything else was just misery. The urban renewal of Bucharest was hardly a good thing, those wide roads are awful. The Metro is really nice though.


Metro is nice, but the widening of the main arteries, wile initially done for grandeur purposes, proved to be very useful after the collapse and we could actually buy cars AND gas for them. Imagine how bad the traffic would be without the boulevards.


“Everything was great until it wasnt”


Underrated comment


I hate to break it for ya but oppression was already a thing long before Ceaușescu came to power. It's not like there were free elections or freedom of speech. Like pretty much everywhere, communists in Romania hated intellectuals and anyone looking slightly like a bourgeois. There's a reason why Maniu died in Sighet and not in his own bed, and he was hardly the only one killed by the regime. Sure, the cult of personality and the 80s rationings were Ceaușescu's doings, but the communist regime has been oppresive from the start.


Finland, Afghanistan, Mongolia, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Iran...any more?


Finland wasn't part of the U.S.S.R or a puppet of it.


Ah time for [ole reliable](https://www.pewresearch.org/global/2011/12/05/confidence-in-democracy-and-capitalism-wanes-in-former-soviet-union/)


Hungary did better under communism


As a Ukrainian,i will agree


Great in terms of what? Social benefits and military strength? Than yes. Great in terms of personal freedoms and choice? Than no.


it's funny how this sub talks about Stalinists, it shows that they clearly have never had higher education because there are like 3 people like this per year at uni. Actually, a lack of education explains a lot of this subreddit


This sub is 90% male, 90% from the USA, and 90% under 19yo. The lack of education from the age and nationality is gonna be huge


My grandparents always say that "It was better in the soviet union". Tbh the Lithuanian government is pretty untrustable...


I'm 🇧🇬


I'm from Georgia and my grand parents always tell me how life was better during soviet years. I know it may be nostalgia or the fact that the 10/15 years that followed the soviet union's fall were the worst they have seen


Kazakstan, Uzbekistan, Kyzergystan, Tajikistan, Mongolia(kind of)


This is a repost, and I've written the same comment under the original post. Nobody sane unironically says that the Soviets were good in hindsight. You are attacking a strawman. And "someone on the internet said it" dosen't count, people say all kinds of shit on the internet they wouldn't say irl.


I mean y'all can say what ya want but the Russian empire was much worse.


There was a poll/survey with the result being that the majority of Hungarians think Eastern Block Hungary was better than their modern day Hungary https://www.pewresearch.org/fact-tank/2010/04/28/hungary-better-off-under-communism/


[When 77% of USSR citizens voted to keep the Union together the same year it collapsed,](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/1991_Soviet_Union_referendum) but it was obviously a terrible place none of the citizens wanted to be in...


i love how they try to convince people that actually lived through the soviet regime and hated it that it was actually paradise and a utopia


B-b-but you had everything for free and everyone had a job!


we pretend to work, they pretend to pay us.


Tbf everyone did have a job. It was just not the best job. It was symbolical, just to say - yes this person does have a job.