Look, this is cool. I just have concerns about cleaning it, dust build-up, mould, the spiders, it’s a fire hazard…

Look, this is cool. I just have concerns about cleaning it, dust build-up, mould, the spiders, it’s a fire hazard…

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All hail the glow cloud.


Wow, I haven't listen to WTNV in seven years. I totally forgot about the glow cloud.


All hail.


Tell me more.


Do not approach the dog park.




Are you thinking about the dog park?! You made need to be taken for re-education. The dog park does not exist.


Welcome, to Nightvale.


And now , the weather


*furiously mashes skip forward*


Oh come now. There’s songs I really like from the weather


I listened to that podcast and it made me feel like I was at that place where I was almost falling asleep and my mind was wandering and thinking about crazy dream stuff, but I was wide awake.


What is this podcast you speak of?


It is [Welcome to Nightvale](https://www.welcometonightvale.com/). It is like listening to a TV show or an old timey radio show. I have not listened a bunch, I caught it right in the middle of the series and it felt fine for my commute LOL. It is a deep podcast that can double as background noise. It is pretty trippy, full on sci-fi fun. EDIT: Honestly, I am shocked to see such a solid following in the wild.


Really is doing great things for the school board


All hail Carlos!


And his amazing hair


And his perfect teeth






Honestly the end result looks pretty cool. Although I wouldn't want to see all that in the day time. I wouldn't actually do it like everyone said.


I thought this too, looks cool in this shot but during the day it might look like white mould or fungus coming in through the walls


Yeah it really does. If anything, I'd do this in a basement or a home theater or something


or get multiple layers of black out curtains


Have it added to special panels that can be flipped for normal walls...or just make all your walls out of led panels.


Embrace it. Turn the lights to a slow pulsating green and brown.


if u noticed the second clip was during the day the windows got some blackout cover on them


maybe useful for a school play though!


Hear me out - small cupboard or room with no windows. Put PC and desk in there. But a web of RGB strips on the ceiling and put the wool on the web and you've got yourself a sick gaming room. Add those short white Christmas light strings and you can make aurora borealis with stars.


Drown it in resin


That'll give it that soft fluffy look


Just like grandma used to make


mmm crunchy, crunchy, poisonous cotton candy.. all the cool kids want some


Or take glass wool instead of cotton. \*scratching back furiously\* \*cough\*


Nah man, using asbestos is were it's at, make sure you paint it with lead paint too.


That way it will fill the air with a slightly sweet taste. *taste the rainbow*


My previous solution stands ;D


Looks like they didn’t seal it either. That’s gonna be a big problem down the road.


Also don't forget a splatter of concrete for longevity.


Attach a dozen velcro strips to the ceiling. Then hot-glue the mating velcro strips to your cottong wads. Stick them up there. When it all looks grimy and shitty, remove the cotton wads, throw them away, hot-glue some others, and stick those up there. My guess is that you might have to do this once a year. You'll probably get bored of having this on your ceiling before your second cloud-switchout.


Made something similar. It gets super hairy really fast if you have pets.


As someone who grew up with 5 cats and a dog the pet hair struggle is real I don't think a single school uniform was hair free. (She isn't a crazy cat lady just works at the vets and rescues them when needed.)


I mean I may be a crazy cat lady, but 5 doesn't seem too bad, especially if there is proper care. Once you get into the double digits I don't care how good you care of the cats, it just too many cat Edit: says me with 1 cat. Bf has 3, and that too many cat for his house


I take that back, it's one specific cat that make it too many cats. The other two are chill


You have hair on your ceiling from your pets?


It's everywhere. There's no escape.


It's been three days since we made the mistake of opening the front door. The hair has overtaken the first floor of the house. It's almost to the stairwell landing. I look out the window. Hair covers the street. The hair. The hair is still rising.


As the hair slowly makes its way into our souls, I remember the words my father left me right before it overtook him: "Well this is a *hairy* situation I'm in!"


Which Junji Ito story is that


Uzumaki if you replace the spirals with cat hair, which tbh could have been the inspiration. We’re currently packing to move and the hair.. it’s just everywhere.


We have a cat and just bought a [Dyson V7 Animal vacuum](https://www.walmart.com/ip/Dyson-980105982-V7-Animal-Extra-Cord-free-Stick-Vacuum-Sv11-248400-01/478828058?wmlspartner=wlpa&selectedSellerId=2123&&adid=22222222228282321906&wl0=&wl1=g&wl2=m&wl3=341273857435&wl4=pla-670605628766&wl5=9061181&wl6=&wl7=&wl8=&wl9=pla&wl10=113148653&wl11=online&wl12=478828058&veh=sem&gclid=EAIaIQobChMI7abC1cyI8QIVywaICR10mQ_pEAQYAiABEgLbKvD_BwE&gclsrc=aw.ds). Absolute game changer for carpet, rugs and couches. EDIT: inserted a link


I read this in Gandalfs voice...


There are tumbleweeds of cat hair in the farthest parts of my basement, which they are not allowed in. There truly is no escape.


Our last dog died a year ago yet somehow we're still finding dog hair in the weirdest places... It's not like we don't clean, we don't have carpet, we have young kids and a couple asthmatics in the house... It's just it gets *everywhere*.


Our dog died 5 years ago and we’re still finding hair


Cat hair is like...it is light enough to float everywhere and if there is the tiniest bit of static or texture on something it will stick like crazy.


You'll open a new package of butter and BAM, cat hair. How? Magic.


cats do whatever the hell they want, and so does their hair.


Spite. It fuels cats, as well as their hair.


My cat sleeps on my face, my eyes are filled with cat hairs


have cat, can confirm.


Had an optometrist remove one I couldn’t get out. I love my little buttheads so much though so idgaf. I’m usually gagging out dog hair at least once a day as well.


Oh my gosh. One time I hang out with my cat lady friend who had an army of ragdolls, in the hight of their numbers (8, mama cat had kittens) she had a cat hair ON HER EYE BALL while we were having lunch. I asked doesn’t it hurt? She said I got tire of picking em out of my eye.


I will say I always remove mine. I’ve only had one once that I couldn’t get out, which is when I went to the optometrist. Thankfully my Maine Coon only sheds like twice a year and the other two don’t have hair fine enough to get trapped in my eye all.


Got one touching up against my ear drum once, probably from my pillow. They couldn't get it out without specialized tools, I'd have had to go to the ER (couldn't afford it at the time), so instead they gave me numbing drops and said it should work its way out eventually. My cats are lucky I love them


Hydrogen peroxide mixed with warm water will help. I use that to flush out my ears because of health issues. It pulls stuff like that out. I had one of the long fine ones come out of my sinus cavities using a neti pot too.


I'll keep that in mind! They told me not to flush my ears (I'm really prone to ear infections), but if it happens again I'll mention this and see what they say.


I am too which is why I flush with hydrogen peroxide. I currently have an ear infection and that’s what I’m using as well lol. Small world!


Between the cat hair, dog hair, prarie dog hair(albeit not a ton of that) and people hair. Theres never ending battles with it everywhere in the house. I don't even bother trying to keep hair out of my food unless its like people hair or really thick dog hair. Theres no use. It sticks to the dishes, to the dish towels. Nothing stops it.




I do. https://imgur.com/g6TxIqb.jpg meet Petunia


Troll physics: How to float: Step 1: get 2 cats Step 2: strap both of them to your feet Step 3: jump Step 4: float


i dont get it but i want to really bad


So, since cat hair floats in the air, you just have ti strap some cats to you and since they have cat hair then you will be able to float


this is what i get for not reading previous post lol


I prefer the infinite energy machine: Get a cat. Butter some toast. Strap the toast butter side up to the cat's back. Drop the cat.


Have you ever been swimming in an ocean or lake, if so you might’ve noticed that sand gets swiveled up as you move around. The same thing happens to pet hair.


I hate sand. It is coarse and gets everywhere.




I have 2 dogs and I have dog hair in my fridge. IN MY FRIDGE.


Have you never had pets? I have a golden retriever, and I find hair inside things I'm fairly sure have been sealed for 30 years.


usually hair would just float around in the air, been to my friends house who has 3 dogs and 2 cats, hair was fucking everywhere


If you have a ceiling fan running, go stop it and look at how much pet hair it's accumulated. Stuff gets everywhere, man


Seen the ceiling fan of a room with a black cat. Legit looked like it had soot on it.


Especially if you have a ceiling fan. Husky hair gets absolutely everywhere.


I remember finding a tuft of my husky's hair over a year after he died.


Rainy cloud mode activated


Just use asbestos, it's fireproof.


we need a less effective asbestos so it's less murder-y. I propose we make it less spiky and call it asworstos.




LED lights, I don't think there is a real danger


There isn't. Just a regular redditor being afraid of his shadow.


This would be really cool to do for a party or something, with the intention of building it to be removed after a day or two.


I don't think anyone is seeing the paper it's being glued to instead of directly to the wall. Looks pretty easy to take down.


I was thinking fun temporary installment for a classroom or hallway


I was thinking dorm room. Temporary, just up for 1 or 2 semesters.


It is cool, but they really should have tried to find some non-flammable material for that.


You can get non flammable toy stuffing. I have no idea whether that’s what they used but it may be.


It looks like poly-fil, which is not flammable, so you’re probably right.




Yeah, pretty sure it isn't flammable because it's pure asbestos.


Also cloud walls/ceilings is one of the listed uses for Polyfill on its label/store pages lol.


There’s one thing I can think of but I think it leads to mesothelioma


You too may be entitled to compensation.


I have dieabeetus


Aw shit, you got the betis?


Last night I struck my wife. My wife's been dead for 12 years. Who the hell did I hit?


That'll teach the dog to dress up as your wife and walk on his 2 legs.




That exists?!??


It's reddit are you that surprised?


Can't wait to make this once I get myself a bionic lung


Hey, the artist is doing asbestos they can


That looks like poly fil which is polyester and inherently flame-resistant


Ok, good. It's great looking and safe to use then! That's all you really want out of these things.


You can get white fibreglass insulation, but its itchy.


Maybe wool, but it doesn’t clump up as well as cotton does.


These are LEDs and do not require heat to produce light. They don’t heat up in the old school incandescent light way, and are not a fire hazard.


Having anything flammable on the ceiling is still a fire hazard because it can cause a fire to spread a lot faster and you can get trapped.


The same can be said for literally any flammable object...............


you're right, but legally, the person above you is right and relevant


Caution fire retardant may cause cancer.


LED strips really don't get hot. This one looks to be on a loop, so getting hot is even less of an issue .


Leds not going to be much of a fire hazard


Wait till people in the comments talking about fire hazards learn about Christmas trees


A properly watered Christmas tree isn't nearly as easy to set fire to as cotton-balls glued to a wall. Test for yourself - grab a few cotton-balls and just touch it with a lighter. You're right that a dry Christmas tree is a major fire hazard and will burn spectacularly - **if** the fire catches.


I know. I just rarely see a properly watered Christmas tree.


> I just rarely see a properly watered Christmas tree. Same. However, I find even fewer people properly water their cotton-ball-lighting-wall-ceiling-decoration-thingy.


I water mine! I like the rain cloud look 🤣


I guess is a good thing this isn't cotton balls or even cotton...


Right, because holding a lighter against a cotton ball is exactly the same thing as low-voltage, insulated LED strips that barely get above remove temperature.


I’d imagine holding a lighter to a Christmas tree wouldn’t be too safe either...


My wife and I make cloud lights. If you do it right, it doesn't make any mess at all, and the leds don't get hot enough to catch fire. Spiders don't seem really interested on it either.


Could you please share the technology you use? Materials? Tips on assembly?


We usually start with a paper lantern, and a power cord with an Edison (American standard) size light fixture on the end. Both can be found at Amazon. Any LED light will work, one with a remote, or one that's wifi smart bulb. Then, use loctite spray on the outside of the paper lantern, and apply poly-fill to the outside. You can use other things as the base, but this makes it a pretty quick cloud that you can hang anywhere in a room. We made about 50 awhile back for friends and family, sold the rest. Some people didn't like the multi-color bulbs, but were able to swap them out. We usually preferred a Bluetooth speak led multi color bulb, about 15 USD on Amazon, so it'll work as a Bluetooth speaker as well, and the light will vary its light levels with the sound if you want. I've also seen people just glue poly-fill straight to led strips similar to this video, but those tend to be bigger and more permanent. Maybe with a plywood back it would be better. But using a paper lantern also ensures any light inside has room to keep cool. LED bulbs stay cool anyway, but better safe.


LEDs don’t create flames lol


I literally just finished making one in my house. Looking at the comments section y’all an echo chamber that should do some research on the materials people use before assuming it’ll start a house fire.


Which LED's did you use? The only ones I've seen all light up at the same time, and can't give this cool effect.


Look at addressable strips such as cx2802, they are used for ambilight tinkering projects


Oooo awesome, thank you!


The poster who mentioned the LEDs is also correct. And to just add clarity, LEDs give off very little heat on their own. And it is generally advisable to put strips on a timer so you don’t have them on all the time, just like Christmas lights. (LEDs still being a safer choice). That being said, I personally went with the Govee light strips. They are one of the best choices next to the Phillips light strips but 1/3 of the price. There are many different makes and models out there, so doing some research can go a long way on finding the right light strip for your project.


It’s sick af so it’s worth it imo, if I don’t burn to death from that than I’m not using it enough


Is there a thing like a fireproof version of this? Because it looks very cool, but not to die for


It’s Poly fil and is naturally flame-resistant! Polyester just doesn’t burn unless you hit it with like a flame thrower and even then it’s more like a slow melt. OP just assumed it was a fire risk, I guess because it’s fluffy? You can buy it in 10 lb boxes and you could probably get by with just one box.


Also, LED strips don’t get too hot!


Close to not even hot It would be another case if it was normal lightbulbs


You both raise very good points, I'm sure there won't be another 137 replies about how this is dumb and that person should be ashamed of themself for putting others at risk for ???? Reasons.


Like not even slightly above room temperature lol.


You can make them with paper lanterns by glueing the cotton to the outside of the lantern away from the light source. And it makes a 3D fluffy cloud instead of a hairy ceiling


Someone show me an incident of a led strip catching on fire. It works on such low voltage i dont think its that plausible.




there's a reason we make curtains with flame resistant materials: even if they aren't necessarily going to be near fire sources, they are still a risk.


The problem isn't necessarily just the LED strip. They've basically covered their ceiling with kindling, if anything nearby catches on fire, it will spread through that rapidly. A potentially tiny fire very quickly becomes a 'burn the house down' fire.


Except that’s not cotton, it’s polyfil, which is a non-flammable polyester based toy stuffing.


Oh okay, didnt think about it in that way.


Just mix it with powdered asbestos, no more fire hazard.




Unless you plan to clean or replace it often, I have nightmares on how filthy that will get, especially on humid days


This is actually pretty cool


I see this as being a somewhat temporary installation. Once it starts to look bad, or you're bored with it, you just take it down and do something else with the lights. It's cool enough looking in my books to give this a pass on to much criticism.


There's gambling and alcohol. And it's in our dangerous warehouse. And it's a school night. And Hooters is catering... should I go on?


Why are you the way that you are? Honestly, every time there's something fun and exciting, you make it not that way. I hate.. So much about the things that you choose to be.


I used to work maintenance for Rainforest Cafe, they have silk plants on the walls and ceiling that need to be cleaned once a quarter with a vinegar and water solution. At least there we had concrete floors that we could squeegee the water off.


You have too many concerns except the fire hazard one


What's the fire hazard ? The led strips barely get warm, and are insulated. Why would that cotton ever be more likely to catch fire more than your bed or sofa ?


That’s what I’m thinking


Redditors love to complain about and ruin everything. I think they get off on it. EVERY SINGLE comment is mentioning how much of a fire hazard it is, everyone thinks they’re original and know what they’re talking about lol.


But a fabric substance on the walls is a fire hazard. Thats why i have no pictures, macrame hangers, plants, tapestries, posters, jerseys, faux plants, streamers, wood cabinets, bookshelves, display shelves, pillows, couches, chairs, coffee tables, or side tables in my home; theyre all fire hazards. /s


Yes I actually don't own any clothing whatsoever and my entire home is made of solid steel and glass with no fuel sources whatsoever.


Every Fucking Time


Living in Australia, everything is a concern 🥴


Nah dust for real


That explains the concern for roommates, aka spiders


I'm in California and the first thing I thought about this idea was the fire hazard! Then immediately to the dust. Im glad you came to discuss this from last week because its been driving me nuts since I saw it and also I was trying to make sure my teens didn't see this idea because they both have these lights in their rooms. It looks cool but is actually a really bad idea.


Arizonan here. My first thought was scorpions could hide there


If he lives anywhere warm and wet, they are all justified.


That's not even a concern really. Polyfil is non flammable.


That fire hazard is legit concern. Actually saw one but I'm just too lazy to translate to English(from Malaysian).


It looks like polyfil, which is a non-flammable stuffing, so it’s probably okay actually.


And LED lights produce very little heat.


Awesome for a party, then take it down.


This is the only diwhy I've seen that is actually mildly interesting instead of down right stupid.


Looks cool in the dark with the lights on. Tacky as fuck during the day.


That’s the coolest room lighting I’ve ever seen


At least the fire solves the spider problem


It's a fire Hazzard only when the spiders build up.


I mean LED lights are very unlikely to start a fire so i dont really see the fire hazard unless theres already a fire somewhere in the room.


Yeah I think it looks cool but have the exact same concerns. I live in Louisiana so the mold would be the biggest one for me and then probably tree roaches getting stuck in it. Cool for maybe a night or two but it seems like so much effort. I will just buy a galaxy night light.


Dust maybe. Spiders probably not in polyester fill. Mold, again not likely in polyester fill unless your house is already damp and full of mold. Fire hazard probably not if you use fire retardant polyester fill. Let people enjoy a neat project for a few months before they get bored of it.


We actually did this for prom in highschool, my highschool was poor so we couldn’t buy the prom kits that a lot of other schools get so our juniors rigged up our own in the gym. When I was a junior we did pretty much exactly this, it’s honestly pretty cool but it doesn’t look great when it’s not dark.


those are led strip lights, they shouldn’t get hot enough to cause a fire.


Yeah I'm sure OP is very fun at parties...


It's being glued to paper which is attached to the wall somehow, I don't think this is meant to be permanent, and in that case I think it's neat


It's an art installation... and it's frickin sweet


mould is the leading cause of deaths you’re right


You seem fun


I am so fucking confused by everyone claiming fire hazard.... Yall have no idea how LEDs work. Bunch of kids itt


No more of a fire hazard then my kids dirty room


Doesn't have to be a fire hazard if you use asbestos like real men