This MFer got me to read as a kid and inspired my love for the outdoors. RIP Gary Paulsen

This MFer got me to read as a kid and inspired my love for the outdoors. RIP Gary Paulsen


aw dude that fucking sucks. i'll never forget the vicarious satisfaction I got from reading Hatchet as a kid


“I hope the tornado hit the moose”


The first novel I ever tried to read was "the conch bearer". I got bored like 2 chapters in and I can't remember anything about it. Only a feint image of a bus for some reason. I should start reading more. I masturbate and play video games too much.


It was always a featured book at my elementary school library. Such a great read.


I can literally still remember holding this book in my hands in 4th grade. Amazing book. RIP


His name is Gary Paulsen.


His name is Gary Paulsen


Based book


damn you guys read this so early, grade 4? in canada i read this in grade 7 lmao. we are slow I guess


I'm from canada & also read this in the 4th grade


hmm interesting. my grade 7 teacher was a weird old guy so maybe that has something to do with it. cant remember what we read in grade 4 tbh


Depends on the school. When I was real young I went to a private Catholic school and we read the book in 3rd grade. After I finished 6th grade I moved and started going to public school and I remember the same book was on the required summer reading list for kids entering 7th grade. Gave me a bit of an idea of the private / public school divide.


All i remember is the triumph from finally catching the fish, but then the utter dismay of finding out what the fish were eating.


I always think about this book, and the passages about mosquitoes. Just swarms of them basically bringing the character to the point of exhaustion from blood loss. Crazy.


I think it's one of the sequels he's getting interviewed and asked what the worst part of his experience. At first he wants to say the mosquitos but then he thinks about it and says the hunger. Not knowing when your next meal is going to be.


Did anyone not read this in elementary school?


I did not


This was one of my favorite books as a kid.


i still have this book on my shelf, I'll reread it when I want a trip down memory lane


man I hella got D2R brain rn i read this fuckin title and was confused for a good solid while because I was like "magic finder? what the fuck is OP talking about?"


all i remember from this book is that he had diarrhea and vomited at the same time. i remember enjoying reading it though


Fuck, this is just making me nostalgic for all the times I used to love reading as a kid. Now, my life's just filled with work, and social media hellscape...


This guy's books are quintessential American boyhood adventure fantasy. Wilderness survival, American frontier and mountain men, sailing, post-apocalyptic guerilla warfare, going native in an alien world. Loved his books as a kid, truly RIP.


I remember from the hatchet series, the dude finds a survival kit at the end, some random person finds him and he offers him a meal. True sigma grindset. Rip.


The one detail I remember is when the weather is so cold at one point that his spit turns to ice before it hits the ground.


The description of the protagonist drinking an orange soda will never leave my brain


Remember how GOAT The Hatchet was, then how absolute *dogshit* the alternate timeline and sequel books were?