Zachary Levi on the set of Shazam 2

Zachary Levi on the set of Shazam 2


How come no one knows how to use a camera??


I have a feeling i’m going to like this more than the first one…


Zachary Levi e Rachel Zegler juntos em novo vídeo do set de \#Shazam2: Fury Of Gods. *** posted by [@DCverso1](https://twitter.com/DCverso1) [Video in Tweet](https://video.twimg.com/ext_tw_video/1402653764641767434/pu/vid/640x360/cd-gFemAcvFa9OZo.mp4?tag=12) ^[(Github)](https://github.com/username) ^| ^[(What's new)](https://github.com/username)


I'm so glad that they decided to go for a longer cape.


And the split Cape theory is false


He has this object in his hand again. I wonder what this is ?


It’s a portable fan


Man that cape is disappointing. I was hoping they’d keep at least that touch of the classic costume with the short, over-one-shoulder cape. One reason I loved it was that it was unlike the cliche long superhero cape, like they gave him in the New 52.


I prefer the majestic look of Shazam, not just in his bigness but just like most DCEU heroes they just have this godly aura about them. Only time I got it from Shazam! was in a promotional picture that was slightly color graded so the suit was slightly darker. Not that I wanted the suit to be darker but it worked with the padding in that picture so that it looked amazing. Superman's cape in the DCEU is just the best. I mean, compare him and Thor/Vision/Dr Strange. Only Mysterio had something close to it. Sadly Shazam had the same problem. The only scene in the MCU that was proper cape magic was when Thor gets Stormbreaker in Infinity War, but that scene was deleted and only shown in the trailer. Boy am I sad that wasn't shown.


See, probably my biggest problem with DCEU Superman’s outfit is his cape. It’s so much longer than just about every other Superman’s capes. His cape is usually around calve/ankle length but Cavill’s drags on the ground behind him like a cloak, something that’s more befitting Batman and not Superman in my opinion. Instead of it sitting so heavy it just drapes and sits on the ground I like to see it billowing even in the slightest breeze, helps it seem that much more light-hearted and akin to the character. As for Shazam, I much prefer his older costume as it’s more unique and whimsical, true to the nature of the character. The illustrations of Alex Ross in particular make him look so regal and godly, like the powerhouse he’s supposed to be. None top Alex Ross’ portrayal of the character in art from my eyes.


I agree that Alex Ross' portrayal of Shazam is regal. It was actually what my mind went to when replying to you. But it made me also realize how much you need someone to have his physique and body to be able to pull of a suit like that. I also just don't think it would translate very well into the DCEU. As for Superman I feel like Zack Snyder has made such a point of having Superman's cape flow at all times. Just walking it's up there, if it's just standing still it's usually when he lands. It's always so big and flowy, the scenes in my mind go to standing and talking to Lois before the kryptonians arrive and pick them both up. Or saving the people from the flood in BvS, of course the scene where he's walking on the glacier and when it comes to JL it would be coming out in the black suit for the first time.