Games have taken place in worse conditions. Dean Jones lost like 7kgs batting in the heat in Madras in the 80s. On pitch temperature has been above 40C pretty frequently during the Perth and Adelaide Tests over the years.


Yea the second day of the Adelaide test was crazy hot this series. Definitely over 40 real feel.


they take more drinks breaks and umpires discretion will be more leniant on slow over rates.


??? I use to work in that heat all day, it ain't an issue for a fat arse like me. Why would it be for an athlete?


Look at how often players stop the game becuaee they “need” new gloves. Malan and head seemed to face about 20 balls per pair of gloves before calling for new ones.


Is this a serious question? What did you do outside? Even a physical job isn't the same as literally running around a whole day.