Ryanair's in flight menu is only available in the app so if you didn't download it on the runway you can't see it

Ryanair's in flight menu is only available in the app so if you didn't download it on the runway you can't see it


Why order in-flight food while you can eat the life jacket?


Did you pre-order the safety equipment tho? Looks like no oxygen mask for you


"You just lost your oxygen privileges"


“Are you threatening me, Master Attendant?”


The fire marshall will decide your fate


I am the fire marshall.


Not. Yet.


It's suffocation then.


Captain Flibble is Very Cross!!


you just gotta open up the snack cubby directly above you to get to that delicious oxygen mask.


Probably tastes better than Ryanair food


This guy gets it


Life jacket from Ryanair is probably printed on a sticker on the chair in front to prevent it gets stolen.


That’s kinda dumb on Ryanair’s part. They depend on robbing people with their onboard prices. People will buy even less if they can’t see the menu.


Yeah pretty uncharacteristic


I bet they sell a physical menu, or make you buy things at a premium without the app.


Now introducing premium in flight WiFi to download our app- only $100 an hour


Rounded up! So 5 minutes counts as a full hour. And the timers resets when you disconnect.


*proceeds to have a timer to turn off the Wi-Fi for 0.01 seconds every 5 seconds*


This is how it felt on my last international flight. Free 30 minutes of Wifi every 4 hours I think, but good luck getting more than two or three pages loaded before it timed out.


Perfect! We’ll market it as “Jet Lag.”


Ha, see now this is funny if you know Ryan Air


Ryanair somehow manages to perfectly recreate a London night bus at 30k feet.


Mate I've seen some things on a night bus before


[We all have, bruv](https://pyxis.nymag.com/v1/imgs/76e/a9a/8573967ca7cf64b132f1bb66d740d31ac3-01-the-twilight-zone.rhorizontal.w700.jpg)


Do they still charge you around $100USD per ticket if you didn’t print it yourself before going to the airport? That was the case 10-ish years ago, and thankfully I read the fine print and was prepared. But I’ll never forget a family of 5 in line ahead of me who didn’t know about it, and the father was so devastated he started crying. It was horrible. I wish I hadn’t been a poor college student at the time and could have afforded to pay the $500 they owed.


Their unofficial slogo: "Ryanair, we're a real shower of bastards"


I prefer Lyingair.


Yes they fucking do.


Yeah and they change the cabin bag size now and then to make you pay for check in. The tickets have really confusing wording on as well, so unless you fly with them regularly you will get caught out. Also the staff have massive chips on their shoulder too, last time I went with them (there was nothing else available) they did me for £50 at the gate (may have doubled the ticket price) and when I muttered "well this is great" or something under my breath the lady hit back with "WeLl WhY dOnT yOu FlY wItH bA tHeN iF yOu CaN aFfOrD iT?!' Damn, chill bitch


It was about €40 and usually you use a digital pass now on your phone.


Looks like it might be down to an affordable 20EUR now to find your assigned seat. /s


The app is free and there are no in-app purchases. I know, I was shocked too.


Yea but in-flight wifi isn't free is it? Or am I wrong. I haven't flown in 10 years


Ryanair doesn't even have in-flight wifi (at least in all the flights I had with them, there wasn't). However, knowing the way they make money (next to nothing on tickets, exorbitant amounts on completely everything else) - if they had, I'm sure it wouldn't be free.


Apparently [they started in-flight WiFi at the end of 2020](https://www.google.com/amp/s/simpleflying.com/ryanair-smart-phone-ordering/amp/) ***specifically so they could offer ordering through their app.***


>internal WiFi solution So not really what you'd imagine under wi-fi. It's just an internal network (~~ethernet~~ intranet) you can use to download and use that app, not connected to the internet.


As someone who sold B2B Internet solutions for a long time, I would like to point out that most airlines actually use ViaSat (or a competitor) as an outside connection for their in-flight WiFi... Even the ones who don't allow unfettered outside access. Basically, their firewall blocks any apps and websites except for their approved list. It's far cheaper for them to use ViaSat and connect to outside servers than it is to add a server for each plane and run a closed network (especially when it comes to updating content like movies or menu items) - plus, it allows for e-payment processing and downloading of apps like the one in the OP.


I didn't know that, that's interesting. So they can basically have access to the whole internet, just block everything but the app? Then it has potential for them to sell access to the normal internet too, in the future, without much costs (since hardware will be already installed).


Exactly - and, often airlines do exactly that... For instance, [American Airlines lets you pay for access per-flight, or monthly. ](https://www.aa.com/i18n/travel-info/experience/entertainment/wi-fi-and-connectivity.jsp)


In flight entertainment is absolutely served from a server on the plane. Streaming media over satellite internet is very expensive. Every in flight wifi system I've ever used has clearly had an on board server, as media works even when internet is unavailable (e.g. over the ocean) and has info like tracking the plane's location etc. The satellite internet connection couldn't support 100 passengers streaming simultaneously.


GP never said that IFE was streamed over satellite.


By "internal network (ethernet)" I think you mean "Intranet" not ethernet. Ethernet is a type of cable/plug.


Wouldn't work with apple devices or Androids that aren't set up for allowing apps from anywhere. It would HAVE to connect to the internet to access the Apple/ Google app stores


I would imagine once you connect to the network and open the browser instead of taking you to a normal splash page it opens a web app


What about ads?


That's what I was thinking, I'm betting there's ads and it asks for access to your contacts the second you open it.


How hard do they ream you in their privacy policy?


They probably can't be bothered to prepare the avocado toast: "thats just the coffee? Alright then..."


Oh looks like you need onboard wifi that will be a 100 bucks and a kidney


Or an unblocked Tor node. I've used Tor to bypass in-flight WiFi on many occasions. I haven't had much luck with VPNs or DNS changes. I do hear, however, that MAC spoofing is a solid strategy.


Airberlin food prices were much worse. And they'd serve you something extremely spicy so you'd need to buy water as well :D But at the end they'd give you that lindtt chocolate. Seems they had millions of debt with lindtt just for those :D


Why do you think they went bankrupt?/s


I haven’t been on many long flights, so i usually don’t eat on the plane . But i flew with ryanair a few times and everything was alright ( i didn’t order any food i think , just some water ) . The tickets were also pretty cheap


Well. Ryanair can’t survive with just their ticket prices. They are only advertisement. They make their money with hidden fees and on board purchases. And they run quite good with it. They were the worlds most profitable airline before the pandemic.


They probably cheaped out on the experience design (i.e. they didn't do it, because some middle manager thought it was too expensive) and now they're losing a lot more in revenue in a different department, but it's ok because it's on a separate balance sheet.


Pretty much every Ryanair passenger has the app already for their boarding card. Although it seems dumb, any passenger who wants to see a menu already has it on their phone. I'm a strategy analyst in aviation.


Ryanair wants to make flying be more like taking a bus, and I don’t see anything wrong with that. Fun fact: the safety instructions are glued to the seat so people don’t steal them as souvenirs making it cheaper because they don’t need to be replaced as often


They depend more on their extortionate pricing for seats / luggage. Absolutely disgraceful, would never use them again unless I was going on a weekend break with no luggage, and didn't give a fuck where I sat.


Not sure why everyone loves hating on them. They are without fail always the cheapest flight and everyone knows everything extra costs extra. They don’t try to hide it.


Honestly, weekend trips with just a carry on are great and I'm glad to have the option to pay less for it.


Don't understand why it's 'disgraceful' It's not like they hide it. Their flights are like a bus. Hop on, hop off, dirt cheap. They meant that when I was a student, I had nights out in Berlin for less than a trip to see my parents a few hours down the motorway. Would I like allocated seating and a checked bag? Sure. But I'd rather they offer those as extra charges for people who want to buy them, and let me save my cash. If I'm going for a longer trip I'll pay for a bag. But meanwhile, at least in non-covid times, I'll keep using them as a great cheap way to see more of the world.


100% the public drives the price of airfare. People flood to “cheapest” like flies to honey. All the fees are laid out, however obnoxious they tend to be.


People complaining about Ryan Air will never be happy unless we have 100% first class only for free and also no planes because of pollution.


>People complaining about Ryan Air will never be happy unless we have 100% first class only for free in Eastern Europe we had trains like that


I suppose the only class would still technically be first class.


Sounds like Spirit Air in the US. An absolutely miserable flight experience, but it's the cheapest ticket you can find. They definitely gouge you if you don't know what you're getting into though.


From what I've heard, Ryanair is much worse with nickel and diming than Spirit


I’ve taken Spirit a couple of times as a kind of Plan B when other flights didn’t work out. Even with the $75 “please treat me like a human” package it was still $100 cheaper than my other ticket. It’s kind of a hilariously barebones experience, and it really is a flying bus - with all the people you’d expect to see on a metro bus.


The only time I’ve flown spirit a lady got arrested for smoking in her seat. She was apparently trying to hide the fact that she was smoking by hiding the cigarette under her seat between puffs. I’m flying it again in august so hopefully something equally weird will happen. I’m flying personal item only so they’ll be getting nothing extra from me. TBF, on a United flight we had to return to the terminal because a lady bit a flight attendant so it’s not just spirit that’s full of weird people.


If you book through the Ryanair website it's not as bad, but if you book through a third party website there's no indication that you will need to pay for seat / luggage. I totally understand it's a great deal if you're going for a weekend break, but if you haven't travelled with Ryanair it can really catch you by surprise and I fully believe that's intended.


Booking through third-party websites for pretty much any airline is almost always a bad idea. Flight gets cancelled, or need to make changes? Then you have to haggle with the website you bought the ticket from and not the airline directly. It's just so many moving parts and so much can go wrong. Only time it can somewhat make sense is for certain complicated itineraries involving multiple airlines (say, if your trip starts at a small airport only served by Air France, but you are flying to a small airport in the U.S. only served by American, when American and Air France are not partners and don't normally sell tickets on each other). In that case, while you could book the tickets separately, you have no protection if your first flight is delayed and you miss the connection, but at least if your trip is all on one actual ticket number you'd have some protection. But anyway, that scenario is by far the exception. I'd say like 98% of the time it makes the most sense to just buy direct from the airline.


Yup. Travelled with Ryanair for the first time a few yrs ago. I was used to "higher budget" long-distance airlines like KLM (this sounds really rich-kid but really we just went to see family across the ocean once every 3 yrs and no vacations inbetween) and now I was figuring out through very vague rules and exceptions if I had to pay for my small suitcase, and was I allowed a small bumbag or no? I didn't want a 60 euro fine after "saving" on a plane ticket. So I did exactly what they wanted me to do, buy more luggage weight to be safe. Felt like a right idiot but didn't want to risk it.


An added bonus when booking through their website is that you get a free sightseeing of how websites looked in the early noughts. You also get the mini game of finding all the hidden add-ons that are checked by default. It's truly a delightful experience, and not at all Kafkaesque.


The thing is their fees are awful and are intended as a cruelly expensive trick not just an "additional service" at a reasonable price. Need to check a bag? That's 100 euros. Didn't do online check in prior to coming to the airport? 100 euros. Never flying with them again.


That's literally the entire situation they're intended for. If you're going away with a big family, lots of luggage and all want to sit together, then the service just isn't for you. That doesn't make it disgraceful. It's like if you wanted to go across town but didn't want to pay £50 for a taxi, so you took your entire family and two weeks worth of luggage to a bus stop, only to not be let on because it's full. It sucks, but it's not really the buses' fault that you didn't plan ahead.


TIL that adding baggage AFTER already having booked your €5 ticket is €59,99 What


That's not the half of it. You also have to pay for baggage on your return flight as well. The way they lull you in is a real scam. My girlfriend and I had a really shitty experience with them, it went like this: 1. Wow, these flights are so cheap, let's go with Ryanair. 2. It's getting close to time to fly, and we just received an email to book our seats / baggage. No worries, let's do that. 3. Woah, we have to pay for seats? Okay, I guess that's no big deal, we'll just pay a little extra to sit next to each other. 4. Wait, we can't bring any luggage unless we pay (I believe it was £75 per suitcase) this is getting expensive, but whatever. We've come this far and we can't go without suitcases.. 5. Wait what.. pay for seats on the return flight as well.. that means.. 6. Yep. Pay another £75 per suitcase on the return flight. Suddenly those budget tickets are getting VERY pricy, and tbh we would have been better off going with another airline. I will say however, if you're going for a weekend break and only bringing hand luggage on board with you, it would work out very cheaply.


It’s 2021, anyone should understand that you cannot fly first class with tons of baggage and free drinks for 4,99€. You want cheap? You go with Ryanair. You want comfy? Plenty of other companies. But you cannot blame Ryanair to offer cheap flights that allowed people to afford travels that otherwise the would never had.


Not saying Ryanair isn't a shitty company but what did you expect when you're buying a ticket that costs 10% of the price of another airline? All of that is probably more or less clearly stated while booking.


So they're the Spirit Airlines of Europe.


You can just say "budget airline"


Southwest is a budget airline and they include 2 free bags. Not all budget airlines have to be garbage.


but Ryanair redefines budget, tickets cost like 8 -30 euro




To me it's a different through (along with yours). Ryanair is a garbage airline, but the prices can get dirt cheap compared with their competitors so you just have to grab it. The flights generally don't last more than 3 hours, you can get food at the airport, arguably at better quality, and generally at better prices prior to the flight. If you use this airline because of the prices, or because you're simply too poor to afford anything better, why would you buy (or even care for that matter) their on-board services for a relatively short flight that will cost you as much as the entire flight did.


I flew with them last year, they had menu in on-board magazines, app and on paper if you asked. It makes no sense for them to not give you the menu if you don't have an app.


Outrage > Logic You want OP to just ASK for a menu?! When they could pretend that’s not an option and get that sweet internet points?!


Not only *not bad* design. GOOD design. There’s no need to add paper to the world, and no one really wants to use non-sanitizable materials that are shared by every passenger until they fall apart. There’s a BRIGHT YELLOW sign that you will see the minute you sit down advising you to download the app, too.


At least they didn't put it in r/assholedesign like everyone else does.


No to mention that per OP's photo, they literally put a message right in front of your eyes from the moment you sit down to tell you that you need to download the app. While on the ground, while everyone has their phones out.


It took me 90 min to book a flight for 6 people once because I had to enter all passport numbers, dates of birth, names, and email addresses in one session. Their session time-out was ridiculously short and if it timed out I had to enter all the information again. On first try, I asked everyone one by one to give me the information (we were all in the same room). On the last try, I had all the information ready in a text document and just copied and pasted it and I barely made it. I think they improved their website since then but back then it was the worst booking site I ever experienced


It's a covid thing. Many restaurants have axed traditional menus and only have those digital menus accessible by internet so they can avoid having to sanitize menus constantly or having to print paper menus that they would have to dispose of and replace every time. Those both also have a risk of not being properly handled because workers either don't have time or are negligent. You can still dislike it but it does have some logical reasoning behind it.


however insignificant they are, it is still a weight they have to haul around every flight to carry printed menues. less weight = less fuel consumption. they probably make more by carrying them though then without


Its also another thing to wipe the vomit from, another thing to remember for the crew anothe, another thing to clean up between back-to-back flights.


That's an idea. Print the menu on the vomit bag.


I know you just puked but *how does something smothered in gray sauce sound*?


Just have a website like menu.ryanair.com. You can even make the plane host it locally. If they have wifi that is. Haven't used Ryan air personally.


In that regard they probably waste more fuel/money from the lower conversion rate of people not buying stuff but still having to stock it.


I never understood how weight like that could end up really mattering on a flight. I get that even ten pounds less on every flight is at least a little bit of money saved, but anything they try to do to save weight is wildly irrelevant when the weight of the passengers and their belongings is so highly in flux. Like, the total weight of everyone and all of their belongings could easily vary by a collective thousand pounds from one flight to the next, just by random circumstance of the body weight of the passengers and what they've brought on the flight.


Do you need a menu to order a water though?


That will be £5, unless you want a cup, then its £6.


And twice the fee for a _fresh_ cup.


"Non pre-used eco grade b cup" you mean?


It's not like other companies have honest prices. Honestly since the time lufthansa permanently lost my luggage, I mostly travel without, so if I can save some money by not having one, it's totally fine by me.


No. Just floating water pouring directly on my mouth, please.


Stole words stright from my mouth...


Open your mouth and try not to spill any while the flight attendant pours it in


To be fair, if you're flying Ryanair you probably dont want to splurge on over priced food.. I did love Ryanair though.


Got hungry on a Ryanair flight so decided to buy the safest thing available. A cheese sandwich. Turns out that “sandwich” was some kind of bread-mixture microwaved in a plastic wrapper. So I got a warm steamy slightly moist sandwich thingy that costs me probably around €7.


How did it taste?


Like bread microwaved in a plastic baggy


Ah, they must have a partnership with Applebee's.


Welcome to White Castle!


Ryanair have dealt with current events shockingly and were refusing to refund passengers for cancelled flights.


I requested a chargeback through paypal and after they didn't reply to paypal's requests for two weeks, paypal did refund me. No answers from ryanair though, even after they hung me out to dry for 45 days twice.


> Ryanair have dealt with current events shockingly and were refusing to refund passengers for cancelled flights. whereas luftansa… also didn't give me any money back! WOW :D


I don't think they operate in the US but that's against the law here. Some airlines will act like they can't refund you by offering vouchers and discounts instead. But if you demand it they have to refund you for a cancelled flight. Do they not have a similar law in the EU?


Of course we do, under the CE 261/2004. That guy is talking out of his ass. If a flight gets cancelled with no alternative offered by the airline, or if the alternative flight has a difference superior to 5 hours compared to their original flight, passengers can request a full refund to the original form of payment, or reschedule however they like. You call the airline and request a refund. As soon as the request is processed, the money is refunded. No bureaucracy, no paperwork. source: used to work as a customer service rep for an European airline.


My experience with Ryanair is that they will offer you a trivial portion of the refund immediately over the phone, but if you want to claim your full refund under the regulations (and live outside the UK), you must submit your request by paper letter to their HQ. I had to help some Slovenian friends go through this process a few years ago. Seems like the regulation requires them to provide the refund, but doesn't necessarily stop them from making it inconvenient as hell (meaning most people take the easy "here's 10%-ish of the money back) option.




I had a significantly delayed flight a few years ago and decided to go through the compensation process because it was worth like €1500. It took at least a year to get through with emails regularly being refused because their inbox was full and often receiving documents that needed to be signed and returned *before* they had even sent them ("dated incorrectly"). Honestly not worth going through for any flight on a budget airline because there are better ways to spend your time


That's absolutely not the case. If your flight was cancelled without any "protection" given, or in case you were offered a flight with a difference superior to 5 hours from your original one, you call your airline and request a refund. Money will be refunded to your original form of payment, if that's what you prefer. No paperwork, no foreign language. source: Used to spend days requesting refunds for passengers, working as a customer service rep in an European airline.


Sounds like a pain. You think merely the threat of it would be enough to make them give a refund.


Isn't that illegal?


Only if they weren't able to accommodate the passenger in another flight with a difference of less than 5 hours of the original flights. If the flight as completely cancelled you will be refunded. e.g. You have a flight tomorrow at 13:00, that is cancelled. You are reassigned to another flight on the same day, but leaving at 17:55. Not a full refund.


Sometimes ryanair is the only airline going from where you are to where you need to go.


And here I got cranky (didn't complain) about finnair not serving alcohol or other non-complementary drinks on my flight to Amsterdam. I wanted to spend money and wasn't even given the option :(


That's probably the least annoying thing about Ryanair, aside from their ticket price.


Oh this ticket to Italy is only €15? Are you bringing a carry on larger than your wallet? €50. Do you want to guarantee you have a seat? €50. Did you forget to print off your paper ticket? €50.


Or you can just bring a normal sized backpack, take your randomly assigned seat and use your mobile boarding pass. Sounds more than reasonable for €15.


That sounds like taking personal responsibility tho


If you follow the rules & check the terms & conditions, you are fine.


Crappy design is Ryan Airs trademark tbf


Their colour scheme makes me feel sick


It's the LIDL of airlines


The airplane hangar of grocery stores.


No way, Lidl respects humans. Ryanair is the worst.


It's on purpose. It makes it feel cheap.


Ik right, but it's so yucky


Actually a lot of cheap brands logos are designed to look cheap, so that people will feel like there has really been saved money on everything the company does, to make it feel like it’s the cheapest it can get, and make it look like a great deal for you.


4D chess


Exhibit A: "No Name" brand. They're packaging is entirely yellow with black text, and the product will literally just be called whatever it is. Ex. "orange juice", "apple slices", "hot chocolate"




It’s a Canadian brand, products sold in Canada are required to have English and French on the packaging…


That sounds like it makes sense. Does anyone know of a study i can read the basics about or search a video about it on?


As an American, I've flown Ryanair exactly once, and the fact that they play victory music when they land is much much more concerning than not having a menu*.


The victory music is when they land early, not for landing safely.


So if they crash the plane halfway through, the victory music still plays?


Yep. There's an iPod and amplified speaker in the black box for just that purpose


As a Ryanair Cabin crew I just wanted to say that we were distributing magazines before covid but now not anymore to reduce contact and spread of the virus


Spirit airline has an app that you use to watch movies in flight. You also can't download while in flight.


Pretty sure spirit air is in cahoots with the city of Las Vegas. Both times I’ve flown spirit (purely because the tickets were literally $500 cheaper) I flew through Vegas and had my second flight to my destination cancelled with no rescheduled flight available for up to 2 days.


I mean it's not exactly a 5\* restaurant... you want crisps and a coke? there you go, that'll be £20 please


Ryanair makes United look like the Rolls Royce of airlines.


Ryanair makes Spirit look decent. The yellow seats in Ryanair make it look disgusting.


Bruh its Ryanair what do you expect


I use the app for my boarding pass, most people do now


Yeah this really isn't crappy design. Given the business requirement to remove paper menus from the cabin, what do people suggest as a better option?


Glass menus


Made by Fracture!


If your family photos aren’t made of glass, you hate your family.


Haha. Was this a Conan O'Brien Fracture ad? It feels like it.


Ryanair charges you £30 to print a boarding pass, so I garuntee almost every other person on that plane has as well


They only charge you if you need to print it at the airport. But yes, definitely more of an incentive to use their app


“Can I see a physical copy of the menu please? “ “certainly Sir that will be £50 please…”


trust me, you don't wanna eat Ryanair food anyways. take it from someone who wanted to try their cheeseburger


They make Rustlers burgers look like fine dining


Isn't that just for covid? To avoid unhygienic use of paper?


They've had it on the app for ages, way before covid. They certainly used to still carry paper menus, they just encouraged the use of the app rather than hand out a menu to every passenger.


Southwest offers free streaming of movies through their app. Better download it before takeoff or you’ll need to buy their internet service.


Good news - found out on a recent Southwest flight they changed this. Movies and TV now play through your web browser like Safari. No app required. They still recommend it so you get the push messages about boarding at the airport.


I'm pretty sure it was southwest, I didn't have the app after takeoff and I already lost 4g, but their wifi let's you download the app even if you don't pay for the wifi


I don't know when the change came, but it did make sense in light of the first COVID-19 discussions about hygiene and surfaces, where many restaurants replaced their menues with QR-codes and apps. On the other hand you are right that the timing when you know you need the app and when you are able to download and install the app might be not very good design.


Good job no one wants Ryan Air’s so called “food”


This may be a candidate for r/assholedesign since it seems possibly intentional


Classic Ryanair!


Not needed, if it goes down you're all gonna die


Dont most airplanes have onboard wifi that anyone without credentials can download the app to get credentials? Thats how most major airlines do it. Granted, I havent seen Ryanair or really heard of them so idk.


I have flown several different airlines (easyjet, british airways, ryanair, TAP, Iberia) from england to portagal/spain, so short haul flights not one had inflight wifi.


Onbard wifi isn't a thing with UK airlines, unless you're going long haul.


Don't think Ryanair is a UK airline but yeah point still stands


Ryanair barely have seats. You're lucky if you get a pilot.


Imagine if you could only preorder through the app.


I just ordered something online and to track it’s delivery status I have to download an app called “aftership”


I was flying on Delta not too long ago, and they made announcements that they may be reassigning seating for weight distribution, so everyone needed to download the app, figure out their log in details, and keep refreshing their phones to see if they've been assigned a new seat. I figured if they actually cared, they would tell me my new seat number when I board.


I've seen urinals that look exactly the same picture


But how do you use it then even if you did download on the runway?


The Nando's in my city does not have their menu posted, just a QR Code that you need to scan with your phone. My cell phone is too old to even read QR codes. I really hate this trend where your own personal pocket computer is trying to solve problems that never existed.


Are we not going to talk about the drawing of the man putting the life vest over his head? I've always been so wound up by it!


Yes me too! Also the ones where it looks like the arm comes straight from the chest like some sort of alien.


I’m surprised they don’t have slot machines on the seats.


You know you can just ask staff for the menu right... Yes, really, they have them. I'd actually say, good design. You're clearly informed to download the app when you get in and if you somehow forgot, you can always ask for a menu. So in the end, less paper wasted.


Fuck that Ryan guy.


Yes well, When I see anything related to ryanair I just set the bar as low as it can get


I haven't been on a plane since 2004 and I thought we'd have some kind of internet on-board by now? I vaguely remember listening to an ex-coworker probably ~8 years ago talk about watching YouTube on her Alaska Airlines flight, but maybe she downloaded the videos to watch, lol.