I feel like the headline should be "87% of Canadians..." rather than saying "Majority", which can be generalized as anything more than 50%.


That would be too one-sided. They always need to make every issue look like it's 49-51 so they can cover the fight between the two groups. False equivalency is the centrepiece of modern media.


Well said.


Agreed! "Vast majority", at least. Although I'm guessing the title is deliberate clickbait. I found this part surprising: > Even more — 87 per cent — felt wearing a mask was a civic duty because it protects others from COVID-19 while 21 per cent felt it was an infringement on personal freedoms, a decline of six per cent from July. The Venn diagram for that one has a (minimum) 8% overlap.


Page 18 of the report says: Do you wear a mask, because wearing a mask protects others from the virus, the obligation to wear it is a civic duty? 87% did say yes I will take it as a good thing.


Does anyone know what the % is in the US?


Surprisingly, not too bad. Granted, this was a month ago. [Pew Research Americans Wearing Masks](https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.pewresearch.org/fact-tank/2020/08/27/more-americans-say-they-are-regularly-wearing-masks-in-stores-and-other-businesses/%3Famp%3D1)


I was suprised too. A lot of people who dont like masks are just really loud. America is doing really good in a lot of places.


I try to stay home as much as possible, only going out for groceries. When I go to the store I don't ever see people without masks. I think people have accepted it at this point.


You haven't been in the Central Valley, CA. I got states for wearing my mask by the 70+% who REFUSE to wear them. Here in the San Francisco Bay Area, it's the opposite.


That's the problem with America right now; our worst citizens are currently our loudest. It's like going into a classroom of 30 students and 3 students are yelling and cutting up and bullying and thinking "that entier classroom is crazy." It can feel that way when the crazy parts are the loudest.


That also applies to the less than 40% who want religious extremists on the SCOTUS.


I haven’t really been following this angle of it, but is there any speculation or proof of foreign governments being involved in driving the COVID denying, anti-mask movement?




It's majority that's for sure


While many people wear masks I still see people everywhere not wearing them properly or around their chin AND not distancing. Seems like people just use them as a ticket for entry into mask-mandatory spaces. So its not surprising that many provinces are seeing 2nd waves.




people are legit selling LACE masks. ugh


Make COVID sexy again


Aw yeah baby spread it


"Speak moistly to me, baby" Justin Trudeau, prolly




take my upvote and get out


spread now or spread later, baby?






Already seen it. Seen a guy wearing a lace thong over their face... disgusting


I've seen a couple people wearing panties on their face. If they put the crotch part over their mouth and nose it's not too bad, since that part is at least double-layered. Assuming they're clean panties, anyway.


Ok that's enough internet for me today.


If they are dirty that will make them triple-layered


Just draw the mask on your face, saves money and reduces the apparently tremendous amount of effort it takes to wear a mask. Win-win.


Saw a teenage girl in Walmart wearing just an eye mask. Like a costume masquerade mask.


The virus can't infect you if I'd doesn't know who you are. That's what the masks are for.


I saw a dude in one of those mesh masks at the store the other day.


Was he wearing a matching cut-off mesh shirt?


They're called Juggalos.


And those stupid little plastic mouth covers that are just completely open on top like hello do you understand AIRBORN. Also the ventilated ones, they don't filter the exhale....... So it's 90% useless. Because the most of the function is to keep you from spreading germs.


those stupid plastic ones with the top open are what they wear at my post office! it drives me NUTS. how is that protecting anyone??


Someone came to work with that but our work supplies us with 2 disposables per day and gave use each 3-9 washable cloth masks depending on f/t or p/t. Immediately I was like "what are you doing?" lol. So he went and go the reusable on.


I wish more places issued masks like that.... like health care offices and hospitals....


I run a bar. The bylaws are specific about face coverings. Don’t wear a proper mask and you have to leave and run the risk of the fine. People are stupid.


Oh yeah, people sitting on the train holding their mask in their hands. There's been zero enforcement


Thr worst is seeing them wear it on the platform and take it off when they get on the train. Like wtf is so wrong with you.


Wow, the complete opposite of what would be a more ideal compromise if they don't like wearing it for long periods at a time (I can relate, I've been in the office more and more lately and it is relieving to take it off for like 5 minutes once an hour, when I go out back for a vape).


This one lady who comes to my store wears it so the top of the mask is pretty much at the line of her mouth Meaning her nose is out and same with the edges of her mouth


Kick her out?


Have you asked if she's a mouth breather?


Idk where you live but I’m in Montréal and I swear I have yet to see someone not wearing the mask on the metro or bus. Couple times people were not wearing properly (nose uncovered) and they got told by others to pull it up


I think people who have been following the rules are getting pissed off. There is going to be more violence this time around if they don't start enforcing the rules.


And some people are probably enjoying the fact they can piss people off by not wearing their masks.


Gotta love how we have to stick it to your fellow man instead of a virus. Probably cause the virus doesn't have feelings, or that everyone forgets that while one person doesn't make a dent, a thousand do. Probably the former though, let's be real.


My father is sadly one of those. He gets mad when he sees people in masks and stopped speaking to me because I wear one. No great loss.


Your dad is a hypocrite if he puts on pants in the morning lol


It's depressing that things have come to be like this. It's ridiculous that many people get so bent out of shape that they choose to complain about their perceived lack of freedom and ignore health precautions.




Does your brother also call liberals snowflakes?




thats because there is a medical exception afaik on the TTC. I honestly dont believe their is any medical condition in the world that prevents someone from wearing a mask.


Would [this ](https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Antisocial_personality_disorder) count?


The only thing I could imagine, that wouldn't also completely bar you from going out at all, would be severe PTSD related to something over your face. Like say you were gagged during the traumatic event. But that's got to be super rare.


Anecdotally, the train that I ride in Vancouver (Canada line) is 100% proper mask usage for the past week. I would assume the expo line and millennium line are utter disasters as usual though.


im in ontario and ive only seen 1 person indoors without a mask at all. i have seen more not covering their nose though which is frustrating. but by far most people are wearing them properly here.


Pretty sure mask-mandatory spaces aren’t driving Canada’s second wave, rather people deciding that their own homes are no longer a place where the virus transmits is the issue.


Ya, my parents are getting lazy at times, inviting one or two friends over at a time or go to friends places where they're the only guests. Sure, it is a small gathering, but when you're spending 3 hours indoors talking loudly / laughing with 30 different individuals in a month you're definitely increasing your risks a ton. And they're health conscious people, wear masks when out and about, know the facts, etc. They're just getting lazy.. They blame the increases on schools and college kids but eventually those increases will find a way into our home I'm sure..


Yeah, it seems like as we get more used to it, people seem to think the rules don’t apply to them. They think “oh it’s just a couple friends” but that kind of thinking is common enough that it’s contributing to the problem.


I think the only way to be survive is to be healthy. Because at this rate the whole country will be infected. I am going to start working out again after a long break


I don't know where you live but plenty of places are allowing gatherings of up to 50 people indoors.


There are definitely other factors, for sure. I just think the lack of effort in public spaces reflects attitudes toward the virus, generally speaking.


Special shout out to the maskless dude picking his nose at the Eaton Center last month, I truly hope the disgusted look on my face was conveyed through my mask and was a wake up call but I doubt it was.


Right, but you could ask at /r/accidentalkubrick


I was at a Costco in Winnipeg. They hand out free masks. 1 in every 5 people was wearing a mask and everyone was sardined. We did this second wave to ourselves.


I agree, I certainly feel more comfortable in a store where everyone is wearing a mask


It's great fun going to a hardware store where nobody is wearing masks, not even the employees, and feeling judgemental stares from all the middle aged men there.


Ah the Alberta special


I'm in Prince George (northern BC) but yeah... it's basically Alberta up here.


Former PG resident. The Hart is more Alberta then Alberta.


Oh yes we love it here in hick county😂😂


I went to BikeZone last week and none of the employees wore masks. And in Home Depot most employees had it around their chins


Report the business to health services, they can get shut down. They'll get their shit together when they get that call.


There's no way they will shut down Home Depot in this city. It's critical infrastructure haha


Yeah probably lol but they get fine for repeated violations and business do not want that lol. Also it would take multiple for closure to be on the table. They would probably get their shit together from the threat.


If there's no mandatory mask mandate what would calling health services do?


EXACTLY what I was thinking after the fact. It's because where I live there is mandatory mask and I just went straight to that mindset. So my bad.


Was at west Edmonton Mall yesterday (huge mall). Saw buddy with a mask over his chin and when I mad eye contact he visibly got mad, probably would have flipped his shit if I said anything. I literally view these people as monkeys, trying to withhold their "alpha male" status, angry at anyone who tells them they're not doing the intelligent thing.


You sure it wasn't the direct eye contact? I know most wild animals HATE to be stared down


Old man at a gas station yesterday had a cough with very audible congestion. No mask. Employees don’t tell him to leave. He probably thinks he’s doing the world a favor. This is in Texas


Texan here. I fucking hate it here.


The craziest things I see are couples walking together and big macho man thinks he's a tough guy not wearing a mask and his girlfriend walking next to home wearing a mask correctly.. just doesn't make any sense to me.


In Sri Lanka, security guards that work in malls/shops tell people to fully cover themselves, otherwise they won't allow them inside. It's the same with Ubers and taxi's.


Security guards in the US get assaulted for that


A security guard in Michigan denied entry to someone for having no mask. They came back with relatives and executed the poor guy from behind.


What the fuck.




Our local mall here in the Philippines also does the same thing as the Sri Lanka guards. America, what the fuck.


No kidding. I wanted to say that it's not like that here in Canada but there has been some crazy Covid-related aggression. :(


Yep, the brainwashed fools that to this day say "how are we going to have a second wave if the first one never existed".. I even saw a bumper sticker with that same quote.




Show her a chart of average deaths over like 10 or 20 years then ask why there's a massive spike in 2020


They either completely ignore you or say something like "Doctors purposely inflating deaths for extra money." I've honestly given up trying to change people, it's genuinely not worth the energy.


Second wave? You guys managed to finish the first wave? Serious question. I read an article about "US facing second wave" and it's maddening that anyone thinks we ever actually finished the first wave.


The US has become a frightening place to me. The aggression and entitlement is out of control by so many the last few years.


Fish, rot, head down, etc.


Agreed, I want to move up north to Canada or a European country so badly but I'm not valuable enough yet to have any realistic chance of landing a job remotely and immigrating. It's rough down here (especially in the south)


I have the same feelings in the Midwest. The hostility had impacted quality of life before the pandemic, it’s even worse now.


I was supposed to be at a three day music festival this month in Chicago, once I had my refund for the hotel I came to the conclusion I don't really ever want to travel to the US again


My old man use to take me there often for a ball game or a road trip. I wish I could do that with my own kids but its too nuts down there now. :( I love yall still!


I hope someday soon you will be able to bring your kids and enjoy games like most of us did when we were younger. I’ve heard our issue is drugs. Some say gun violence. Some say it’s political. I say it’s a mix of all three fueled by a lack mental health services and lousy unaffordable education. It’s sad but I refuse to believe it will stay this way. Brighter, safer days will shine again.


In my city of a million plus people, we got to a point where a day with more than 5 new cases was a bad day.... Now we're actually back up to a point where it is wise then it ever was, 90 new cases yesterday which is an all time high.


Same city I think. Sitting in my office now (critical function job) hoping my coworkers with kids aren't bringing it into my workplace.




Ah. That makes sense somewhat. So more of a "things getting even worse" than "things going from good to bad" type of wave.


Yes, when you see the number of cases decline for a certain period without a pattern of upticks, that's considered the end of the wave. When the cases start to rise consistently again, that's the start of a new wave, which is what we're currently seeing in Ontario. Ending a wave doesn't mean no cases whatsoever, or a total halt in cases for a period, it just means being below a specific number of cases consistently.


The Atlantic Canada Bubble has worked out really well, and practically everyone I see when I go out for errands in Halifax is wearing a mask: https://i.imgur.com/7aidqb7.png


yeah we had a good run of chill infection levels. We are in a second wave, for sure, but it's very manageable and it's almost entirely from breakouts that are mostly contained- you aren't going to really catch it walking down the street anymore, it's nice.


I totally agree, and I once even said a person that his mask should be on noise. Dude corrected it and again moved it down after a few steps. Even the highly "educated" people in my neighborhood doesn't seem to care much about it


I’ve had customers pull down their mask in order to HEAR me.


That one is new to me. Smh


Not to me as a food service worker. Gotta love how instead of talking louder and clearer, people just talk low and look down towards their phones or whatever


So many people pull down their masks to speak louder... smh


Turn the music down, I can't see....


Haha thts hilarious.


American here. The front page photo on the NY Times website yesterday was of a *U.S. Senator* (Lisa Murkowski, R-Alaska) walking down a hallway in the Capitol with her mask covering her mouth but not her nose.


Hey, thanks for the state/party designation information. Her name was familiar, but you saved me a google.


Education won't cure selfishness


You can spot those people from a mile away. Same ones that don't cover their nose.


I admit that I am guilty of not always wearing my mask when I am walking outside, but I do try my best to distance myself from others who are also out and about. Still though, that does not excuse my mistakes as I should try harder to keep my mask on.


And yet, americans appear, also by poll data, more likely to wear masks than canadians. https://www.ctvnews.ca/health/coronavirus/how-canadians-and-americans-are-responding-differently-to-wearing-face-masks-1.5013802


I agree with majority of Canadians


I fucking hate wearing a mask. It's hot and uncomfortable, and it's inconvenient, especially when you realize you've forgotten one and have to double back to your house to grab it. But, it's my civic duty. That's the perfect way of putting it. I wear a mask every time. -Montreal


I got some of those Korean kf94 masks, and I legitimately enjoy wearing them. They make me feel safe. They actually also protect you from infection, are pretty comfy and look cool. They've completely ruined regular cloth or surgical masks for me. You should check em out.


Where did you find them?


https://behealthyusa.net/ The site is a fucking chaotic mess, but it's legit. They're in NJ. The Dr. PURI and BOTN masks are the real deal.


I'll get some from Canada tho. Thanks anyway!


I keep some in my car and my purse just in case I forget to grab one from home on my way out the door.


Yup, one of the first things I did when I bought a box of masks. I grabbed about 5 to place in every area I might be. Car 1, Car 2, desk at work, desk at home, etc. I have spares + extras for anyone that forgot theirs.


And you're doing a pretty good job of it! I moved to Montreal earlier this year and visited home (Toronto) in August and it gave me anxiety because many Torontonians had the mask hanging below their nose, or not at all. That said, I just moved to Outremont and I'm getting a bit of anxiety with the demographics here that enjoy congregating in large numbers.


I know who you’re talking about friendo. Your anxiety will eventually turn into full on loathing. They are the fucking worst. 🤫


It's okay to dislike a horrible cult.


As someone on the other side of the country I desperately want to know who you’re talking about


There's a huge Hasidic Jewish community here. They generally have large families, enjoy going for walks and scooter rides (taking up the entire sidewalk) and gathering together. That's all fine, but it's anxiety inducing to see 20 kids come out of a house and congregate the sidewalk. You could be walking and 4 kids zoom by on bikes and scooters. Montreal's legal limit for people gathering indoors is 250 but because of the Jewish holidays coming up, they wanted to impose a 50 person limit on them. It's hard because they were badly affected in Brooklyn, and I believe here as well. An Israeli friend of mine said they're a reason why there's a second wave in Israel as well.


'Fucking hate'? How do you describe something you dislike that isn't trivial.


Like if you stub your toe? Easy, “literally dying”


But what if you're literally dying? XD


"I'm leakin' dawg"


Eh, that's just a flesh wound.


*'Tis but a scratch*


Barely an inconvenience


Super easy


I'm from rural Canada and live in Montreal. "Fucking" is a very neutral adjective/adverb. If I said that "I really hate wearing a mask" that would honestly convey a stronger sentiment.


I love wearing a mask, people can’t see like half my face and I think it looks cool


I quite unexpectedly like wearing a mask. I feel like it's safe and snug and I'm not as freakishly paranoid around other people. I am also really insecure about my face so covering half of it up makes me feel so much less anxious. I really thought I wasn't going to like it.


weirdly enough I enjoy wearing a mask , it makes me feel less shy in public spaces and much more relaxed and safe, not just in a medical sense. Although having to ask people to repeat what they just said so much does suck and negate some of the effects.


The shame of seeing other people with them on, especially elders, helps. I didn’t always remember at the beginning of all this, but after having to hold my breath as I passed seniors a few times, the weight of my actions(or lack thereof) started to sink in. Would never be able to forgive myself I hurt someone’s grandma. Working together and considering others is what makes this country a tight place to live, no reason to stop now.


You are a nice person.


Nailed it. And without the pretentious tone, and/or finger pointing that's happening in some of the other posts I've read here.


How hard would it be? A huge majority of people here in the Philippines wears a facemask with a face shield. We are basically a third world country who voted for a Trump Clone who permitted a 200 Billion Project, during a pandemic where he announced we have no money left, to dump white sand on a 500 meter stretch of a beach in the capital. Hell, we can't even stop China from getting our territories and we elect questionable politicians who are dumber than a sponge and yet we do believe in wearing face masks. This is a country who can't afford PPEs and a decent salary for its medical frontliners and can't have a decent internet for online education and yet we cover up when we go outside. Yeah, we also have dumb politicians who does not believe in masks and also that nincompoop who knew he had covid and yer did not quarantine and even accompanied his wife to give birth.




Culture is a big part. Asian cultures generally are more tight-knit, family unit based. Western cultures tend to be more individualistic. The mindset affects how you think in relation to your responsibilities to others.


Its community based. Some places have a stronger sense of community than others. I might be okay with this virus but I worry about the community. Not everybody are community oriented. America is definitly not. They are a country of individuals. Canada likewise has many places where people think they're the most important people. It seems to increase with prosperity. They tend to covid things whereas places with less prosperity band together to form stronger networks and community solutions.


Meanwhile in US people are screaming about their rights


Don’t worry, plenty of us Canadians are doing the same thing. These articles highlight a large number of Canadians doing the right thing. There are also an awful lot that don’t follow these guidelines in major cities. They cry foul at the same PPE measures.


Yup, there was a local (Kelowna) video recently about a Karen screaming about her constitutional rights when a store in the mall wouldn't let her in without a mask.


Yup, I have family who have specifically said articles like this are fake news. Since they're part of the minority who doesn't believe in masks, they believe the portion of the population that doesn't want to wear masks must be much larger than it is. It doesn't help that the people they surround themselves with all agree with them. They've even passed around info about places that either don't require masks or don't enforce their own mask mandates. I haven't seen any of them since March and it makes me sad..


I think we all have family members like this, it seems. My fiancée just showed me a horrifying screenshot today of something a very close family member shared on Facebook recently about their beliefs. I am fairly certain I will tell her she is no longer welcome to my wedding which could have a very large impact. She is recently married to my father.


That's no fun. The Wedding political bullcrap. Sorry to hear it but you are 1000% making the right decision.


Always about their rights, never about their responsibilities


We got the same people in Canada Except it's worse because they idolize Trump. A man they could not vote for in Canada and doesn't hold political office in Canada and a man who would shit on Canadians if it meant his base or politics would benefit.


I think a majority of Americans also think that it’s a civic duty [3 in 4](https://apnews.com/9126a38ef22c244f9ca18f9584061f8d) Maybe no one used the term “civic duty,” but the sentiment is there.


3 out of 4 support masks, and even a majority of Republicans support them. So Canada isn't that different at 83%. The news/Reddit groupthink is making it seem like it's a lot more I guess, creating divisiveness and whatnot. [https://apnews.com/9126a38ef22c244f9ca18f9584061f8d](https://apnews.com/9126a38ef22c244f9ca18f9584061f8d) See, these assholes are even downvoting facts, would rather feel like there are more dumb people to feel superior to. :D


But... US dumb canada smart?


Someone once framed it as that Canada's the average B student. We didn't respond particularly well, but ended up getting praise entirely because we're sort of cruising with rather minimal effort whilst everyone else is either hated for being nerds, or coming apart. Seems to be a good analogy to me.


Well, Canadians actually took the advice of the government and flattened the curve during the lockdown, while the US has its first surge basically blending into its second surge, and has a significantly worse death per capita rate. https://www.cbc.ca/news/world/covid-19-us-canada-death-rates-1.5553168 https://www.cnn.com/2020/09/09/opinions/us-canada-covid-19-bociurkiw/index.html https://www.vox.com/2020/5/4/21242750/coronavirus-covid-19-united-states-canada-trump-trudeau Americans need to wear masks. Many of Canada's provinces have reduced their cases so much that they technically could get away without them, but are still wearing them. Yes, there's a difference. It's not that Canada is some beacon of light, it's that Canada does a lot of pragmatic things a first world country should, while the US has a weird streak of nationalism that prevents them from looking critically at themselves. It's why you still don't have universal healthcare when every other first world nation does as well. When you're criticized, it can't be a knee-jerk 'FUCK YOU! USA! USA!' response, hey? Sometimes other first world countries have genuinely good lessons for the US to improve upon. But if you always think you're the best, you're never going to be able to acknowledge the areas in which you could use improvement.


The US absolutely has problems, but I think there is a perception from the outside that we're some kind of a third world shithole, and perception from the inside of the US that every other western country is some kind of superior utopia. Neither is true.


Eh, US is about the same Canada. www.pewresearch.org/fact-tank/2020/08/27/more-americans-say-they-are-regularly-wearing-masks-in-stores-and-other-businesses


Canada doesn't have a president making it into an ideological issue. People can be manipulated anywhere any time, we are just the ones under duress at the moment.


Here in Texas people swear the government is trying to control them so they don't wear it. Also because covid is a "hoax" ... Bunch of idiots here


Oh we have our share of them here. This virus has really exposed the mentally unfit all over the world. I watch them closely from afar.


The ones who say otherwise are on /r/Canada


I fucking hate what that sub's become.


That's a nice national subreddit you got there. It'd be a real shame if a bunch of alt-right fuckwits came and took it over.


I'm not entirely sure "they" are in/from Canada. I have a friend who works for a security Firm in Germany and the misinformation campaigns are staggering... Because they really do work to weaken foreign states.


/r/Canada shares mods with old MetaCanada mods, Canada’s stupid version of T_D. Also admitted white supremacist(s). Perhaps some users are American or foreign, wouldn’t be surprising, but we have our own homegrown dumbasses, and some of them moderate the sub. They allow comments from users about government tracking conspiracies and stupid ‘muh rights’ arguments about covid restrictions.


A famous American once said: Ask not what your country can do for you - ask what you can do to fuck over your country!


What's a civic duty? -America


Isn't that the shit that comes out of a Honda's tailpipe?


Canada, please consider annexing Michigan. We could use some Canadian style civic duty over here.


No, annex MN please. We are basically already as Canadian as ir gets in the US, why not go all the way?


We hear you MN. You'll be the first.


We've discussed it amongst ourselves and have agreed to annex anything north of latitude 41°41'N




Edit: I initially used the wrong graph (1st graph on avoiding crowded public places). I have fixed it to use the correct graph now (2nd graph "wearing face mask in public places"). The latest survey shows that 80% Canadians are wearing masks, vs 77% of Americans, a negligible difference. But Reddit will keep feeding the narrative that Canadians are wearing masks while Americans aren't. https://i.imgur.com/e3HzWSn.png https://today.yougov.com/topics/international/articles-reports/2020/03/17/personal-measures-taken-avoid-covid-19


As an American, it is our civic duty to look out for our fellow man.


This stupid teenager walked into popeyes the other day no mask on. Everyone looking at him w the stink eye. Guy gets to the counter and the employee says where is ur mask? I expected her to tell him to leave and come back when he has one on. Nope. She says please don’t forget it next time. Wtf not how to enforce a goddamn thing. No mask on GTFO. Simple as that. Improper mask on GTFO. No exceptions. Im tired of people abusing the system. This isn’t new anymore folks. Forgetting your mask is not an excuse. You are just an asshole.


“Patriotic” Americans don’t really have any sense of civic duty. The concept is incompatible with “my rights!” It’s truly fascinating to see how during a global pandemic, certain cultures place large value on doing right for their neighbors and society in general and others place value on only themselves and their wants.


You won’t believe this but the majority of Americans say this too. Is the loud horrible minority that disagrees.


dont the majority of americans say the same? you need much more than a majority for it to work as a national strategy


Same for the US, but Reddit wouldn’t want anyone to think that. https://apnews.com/9126a38ef22c244f9ca18f9584061f8d


Pretty sure a majority of Americans say that, too. The assholes get all the press. [Yeah, 90%](https://thehill.com/homenews/news/504688-nearly-90-percent-of-americans-say-they-are-wearing-masks-in-public-as)