A love letter to short, soft or small guys!

A love letter to short, soft or small guys!


Hello and thank you, I needed this today :) Checking in: short, 28, single, have trouble expressing emotions to those closest to me, just turned down by a crush yesterday, and shamelessly trawling for virtual headpats :D


Keep going, friend! There's someone out there for you. In the meantime, I'll happily supply the headpats.


Thanks! May your day be wonderful and your future even better!


consider every upvote a virtual headpat! I just gave you one!




Tenks :) may you find all the headpats you need in the future!


Dude it's awesome you even got the courage to take your shot ! It's hard but don't get demotivated !


Trying! Appreciate it!


(((Hugs))) from an internet mom


Thank you!!


I also have trouble expressing my emotions, so even though it's coming from an internet stranger, I'm proud of you for taking that risk! The pain you're experiencing now is real, but it will make you stronger for next time. I'll happily give all the headpats you're willing to take :)




Thank you!!


Chin up king. You’re crown is slipping. *5’6” dude myself


This really helped to see. As a 5'7" guy, I can confirm, shorter guys are easier to hug. And its nice to see someone who likes soft boys. It's just hard for us these days because most people want the big burly tough type


There seems to be so much emphasis on height, especially when it comes to online dating. I really don't understand it. I'd never want to pass up the chance of meeting my soulmate just cause he's under 6 foot.


Because everyone knows that being 7'4" makes you an absolute ladies man


Obviously, I mean it's general knowledge that being over 6'5" makes you a player


Basket ball player


Big baller


Shot Caller


20" blades on the Impala


Absolutely, I mean it's common sense that being over 5'6" makes you half a foot less than dateable.


I can't tell you how many times I got knocked back trying online dating because I'm 5'7". I was in great shape, business owner, varied hobbies and I'm generally pretty chilled out. I actually found it seems to make less of a difference to women in real life than when they see the numbers on a screen. Gave up on the online dating in the end. I've been married 5 years.


The number does seem to be weirdly significant on online dating apps, although I have also dated guys who were the same height as me and were somewhat self-conscious about it. When I was more active on dating apps, I would literally put "I don't care how tall you are" in my profile description. I'm glad to hear you found your person!!


I used to date a woman that was nearly 6' years ago. I felt like Rod Stewart, which makes me sound well old, which is accurate


As a 5'4, straight 41M who has done online dating, I get it. Most straight women envision a tall handsome man they can look up to. I don't like it, but I get it. It's just the way it is.


**I'll admit,I love seeing a tall gal with a shorter dude.**


I'm 5' 4" and I love same height men. I don't feel comfortable with taller men. Shorter men do something for me, it's my thing. A really good height for me is 5' 4" to 5' 6". My last 2 relationships were 5' 4". I just love it when someone is the same height as me. No awkward manoeuvres, adjustments. No reaching on tip toes. Kissing someone the same height is awesome. It just feels right to me. It makes me melt.


Username sorta checks out.


I don’t get this mentality at all. I literally dated a little person once for a few years. He was great. My husband is only 5’4 and I love cuddling in his arms at 5’0. We fit perfectly together. I’m also a fan of the little bit softer kinda guy. But most of all kindness matters. I pay attention not to what a man says but what he does. And for me that’s how I determined if someone was worth my time to date. I definitely chose a keeper because were 10 years out and still really in love. I hope you find you find your happily ever after friend.


I don't see why anyone would pass up the chance of meeting their soulmate just because of their height.


I’m a 5’11 woman and one of the best casual relationships I’ve ever had was with a 5’6”ish small, soft (like literally, his hair and body hair was so soft) man. We were just in sync. We’d spoon all night and take turns being the big or little spoon. We were more of a friends with benefits type thing (neither of us wanted anything serious at the time) but I would absolutely spend my life with a man like him. That guy was swimming in women too, because he was just genuinely a good person and women like him.


Being little spoon as a dude absolutely fucks. And anyone that says they don't like has either never been little spoon or a liar.


I'm a short girl and I love to be the big spoon so i can pretend I'm a jetpack


You're right, Jetpack is the correct term.


Every man I’ve been in a bed with loves being little spoon so maybe that’s just like your opinion, man


My husband is taller than me and loves being the little spoon. Lol.


We're short now?


Always have been


Well, as long as you got rid of that yee-yee ass haircut you're good.


Then maybe she'll quit hanging out with that brain surgeon or lawyer or whoever she's been fuckin with


I’m not saying it




Eh probably depends where you're from. I wouldn't consider that short. But I'm from an area mostly filled with Asians and Mexicans, so 5'7 is a solid height around here.




It's so cliché, but confidence really is the biggest thing. Not everyone will even see flaws -- or see them as flaws -- without the disclaimers I've seen a lot of my less confident male friends make. You seem funny and comfortable with yourself and I hope you allow yourself that in-person, man.




I’m 5 ft 7 or 8 and I hate hugs and suck at them :c


Don't do that, don't give me hope


Sorry, this hope is non-refundable!


Lol! Reminded me https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=QZpUwCIxndI


I'm not clicking it it's not worth the risk


You're right. Don't do that


Can you click instead?


Done it, I even searched for it, it's a clip from Scrubs btw


I feel like your living but here it goes...


If I wanted to rick roll i would do exactly what i wrote lol


Phew you were correct


My husband is 5’6” on a good day, rocker of the Dad Bod. I still find him very attractive and I’m convinced he’s a fine catch! I’ve dated men over 6’ before and also found them attractive, but for me height or lack thereof doesn’t make much of a difference. I will say I prefer snuggling/hugging shorter guys, but that’s just my preference.


You are a beautiful person, OP, this made my morning :)


Awww, thank you so much!


You articulated my sentiments EXACTLY. Wish I had thought to share this myself. I do not understand the draw of masculine men, big men, tough men. I find them off-putting, intimidating, and supremely unattractive. This is not meant to say those kind of men arent also attractive to others - but just that I personally am not attracted to them at all. I have found that I have many other female friends who feel the same way as I do. I wish there were an easy way to find gentle, kind, sensitive, tender men. They are THE BEST.


It's interesting, too, how big, masculine men sometimes have this ideal of exhibiting protection. I get it, and it's cool and all. But I am not with the most masculine man. We're both nerdy, creative, and nurturers (he's even a nanny!). I feel the most safe with him than I have with anyone. His form isn't intrusive, but boy is he smokin'. I love him so much and he's not, in many ways, the stereotypical "masculine" man. But he's perfectly masculine in all the ways that matter. Loyal, loving, understanding, and an excellent example for children. Edit: we also joke around that our roles are a bit swapped. I, as the woman, understand cars, don't wear makeup, and am an all-around tomboy, as some would say. He loves to cook and be in the home. But he's perfectly masculine, and I'm perfectly feminine where it counts.


I’m jelly af




Look up Flynn from Tangled’s design process! They originally had a burly muscled character, but after a focus group with women they completely redesigned him to slim, large eyes, and a gentle appealing look.


Gotta drop a link to those resources, friend.


Yes please. “Flynn Rider redesign” on google didn’t yield any results


[https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Flynn\_Rider#Characterization,\_design\_and\_analysis](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Flynn_Rider#Characterization,_design_and_analysis) [https://www.belfasttelegraph.co.uk/entertainment/film-tv/news/tangled-directors-hot-man-meetings-28584728.html](https://www.belfasttelegraph.co.uk/entertainment/film-tv/news/tangled-directors-hot-man-meetings-28584728.html)


yeah, i remember there was a video talking about flynn (or should we call eugene), he was designed to be like a combination of handsome male celebrities, and had a focus group of women to help decide his design.


It's tricky, but you CAN find your soulmate online. I did.


Me too! Playing a supremely goofy video game with a chat room.


Thanks. <3


I mean everyone has their preferences but you don't have to accounce big men are "supremely unattractive" they have feelings too and some might be reading this


Thats ok, there are those of us who love the big guys too. My preference is for big strong guys. Not the over muscled ones, just ones who can uh... pin me down.. :D As someone into BDSM it is easier when I feel I could be overpowered. But I have had significant relationships with shorter softer guys. The right match for me is more mental the visual. But really there are people out there who will be into pretty much any 'type' of person. Just the amounts vary.


This is such an important conversation. The reality is there is someone out there who is looking for what you've got to offer .... someone, for everyone. ( ok, sometimes they're hard to find, but they are out there) Men can and should be just as able to cry and show emotions, and express themselves as women. Sometimes, their vulnerability is really sexy too. Men should also hear compliments and encouragement, and guidance towards kindness. I find it difficult to give men compliments. They think its a come on or think I'm a nutjob. But I'd like it to be different. I'd like to be able to say hey, nice shirt, or love the haircut, or you're a really good dad to someone, without it being weird.


Oh man, I feel this exact way. I'm so attracted to guys who will let me see their vulnerable side. It feels amazing to be trusted with it. It's a gentle and quiet kind of confidence I can't get enough of. Last year I took classes in a heavily male-dominated field. 95% of my classmates were guys. There was a bit of a dudebro atmosphere for sure, but I can hold my own fine. I made great friends with my tablemate. He was a quiet, kind and thoughtful guy a few years younger than me. His eyes absolutely lit up the first time I complimented the work he had done. I could tell how much it meant to him. I made an effort to compliment him regularly after that. Boys need affirmations, too.




I agree, my husband is definitely not the traditionally very masculine type either. He doesn't like sports (he's a computer programmer, as a hobby and job), and he has soft hands, and just overall soft and moist skin, which I am jealous of (meanwhile I use hand lotion multiple times a day, and my face is dry with some acne, meanwhile my husband has soft and perfect skin without doing anything!). He has almost no chest hair, and his arms and legs aren't that hairy, and I love that. I'm 5' 6", and he's about 5' 8" or 5' 9" or so. I love that he isn't very tall actually. Our legs are the same length (since I have a short torso), so we walk at the same pace, and can kiss and see our faces when standing easily.


Also owner of the Husband model with annoyingly perfect skin (and beautiful eyelashes-how dare he?) I felt this same sentiment yesterday as he was busy in the kitchen baking break and I was wrist-deep in washing machine repair. Yet, the balance works perfectly for us and I wouldn’t have it any other way!


Used to date a guy that was like 5’2”Hugs were hysterical because he just ended up in my cleavage. Sure I couldn’t put my chin on his shoulder, but I could put it on top of his head and that was just as good. He was a little guy so I could wrap myself around all of him. I’m 5’8” I did end up married to someone taller than me, but he’s under 6’ and honestly it never made any difference to me. He’s a soft boy emotionally. I’m not sure I’d even want to go near a “manly man” it’s such a turn off when it’s like pulling teeth to find out what’s going on with a partner.


Well damn now I want me a soft cute boyfriend to cuddle up to and make out with


Right?! :D They're really wonderful.


I keep imagining soft in physically soft... hey wait BTW also realised it can have a third meaning.


I'm with you!! I love soft spoken voices, gentle demeanors, sassy humor, cute squishy dad bods, glasses and puppy dog dark brown eyes. Short/tall/exotic/muscular/etc doesn't matter you're all awesome!!!


From a 5'4", 23-year-old trans man who struggles to feel "manly enough," thank you. I feel like being so short is part of what gets me misgendered and it's so disheartening. But I'm just trying to be my own kinda man, so it's nice to see there's appreciation for us vertically challenged guys.


So much appreciation! 5'4" can be every bit as attractive, handsome, sexy and/or desirable. Keep being awesome!


(((Hugs))) from an internet mom


Thank you for this. I’m the mom of 2 small guys and it is heartbreaking to watch what they get put through. I just want them to be healthy and happy, but man....other people spend way too much time trying to get in the way of their happiness. So tired of people belittling smaller men. Just like skin color and sexual orientation- it can’t be changed. Like I don’t know wtf people think short people are supposed to do? The short shaming has to end.


It's the worst how short shaming is just socially acceptable. I'm 5'4 so I grow up getting the worst of it. Hopefully your boys don't have too much trouble with it going forward, it really just comes down to how they are able to handle it.


I'm sorry to hear that. Please keep telling your boys they're perfect as they are ♥


It’s only as big of a deal as we make it, in my experience. As I get older, I realize that while there *was* ridicule and disregard for me because of my height growing up, the vast majority of the disconnect I felt because of my size happened in my own head. As soon as I heard that first snide “shorty”, everything else sounded like “shorty” and I’d start assuming that everyone was thinking it when they weren’t. And so, my posture fell to meet my stature, literally and figuratively. I think the way out of this mindset, at least for me, was to recognize the judgement for what it is. Once you take the masks off, it becomes a lot easier, because you have to worry less about “does *this* person judge me for my height?” The body shaming brand of judgement comes from a place of personal insecurity, and the best way to treat insecure judges is with careful empathy. Be kind to them, show them that *I’m* comfortable around *them* and okay with who *they* are... but don’t spend any more time around them than I need to. Because I can’t count on them to reciprocate that energy, even though I hope they do. There’s plenty of people who express their insecurities in healthier ways, and they’re more fun to hang around.


The love of my life was about 5'8" (he didn't like it when I said he was closer to 5'7" lol) and I'm 5'4". We fit together perfectly. He passed away 4 years ago & I know I'll never find that same feeling again. Even rocking a dad body, damn i found him sexy AF! I'm young-ish and have been seeing a great guy for awhile. He's taller and it just isn't the same. Like OP said, the hugs, kisses, snuggles, all of it was much better when we fit. ❤


Im sorry for your loss. Dudes with a bit of belly are amazing. I'm glad they are getting more recognition. Not everyone needs to look like Adonis. I'd much rather be with someone who loves brownies as much as I do.


I'm 6'1" and I've always wanted to meet a woman taller than me who feels this way.


Makes me wish I was shorter, man.




Also, yes. Height can be an issue. I was, I think, an actual foot taller than my fiancee. All kissing was an issue of back and spine.


Maybe check out r/rolereversal Plenty of women who feel the same - Men need love, softness and encouragement too. You sound like lovely, lovely soul OP. :)


Also r/gentlefemdom (can be NSFW)


Hahaaha yes!!!!!


That looks like a fantastic subreddit. Thank you! ♥


Agreed! Short, petite, emotional men are my type. I’ve never been attracted to tall, buff, “macho” men. We exist!!!


As a woman, height means zilch to me. I have crushed on a super duper bone skinny guy my own height, a guy about 6 inches shorter than me, married a super pudgy bearded sensitive guy, dated a crazy tall muscular swimmer, etc. The one thing they all had in common? They were smart, interesting and engaging. Hugs to all y’all - men are awesome.


I can only plug this bid for short guys. I am six foot four, or like a 190-some centimeters if you prefer. But no judgment of short guys, you are where you are. But more here for the idea of guys being more real with their shit. Even the 6'4", muscled, tattooed guy here wants to sometimes just talk and maybe in cry in someone's arms. And I am proud of that. I am glad that there are so many women cool with that. I can't speak for gay men, but I understand it exists in that community too. We do have emotional lives, we have gentle spirits, we do want to cuddle, and we do cry. That is very manly of us, and it is helpful for women but ultimately on ourselves to fix that. I say that and get a lot of "not a real man" comments, but I've had a lot of "real men" literally cry on my shoulders at AA meetings. I have literally put a Glock at someone's head as a threat. So I think I am good at "badass," but I am way more for letting us be less badass and more "my day was terrible, can I cry on your shoulder" masculinity.


Absolutely. It doesn't have to be one or the other. Being a big tough guy doesn't mean you have to denounce softness and vulnerability.


I like to think I am both. I am an intimidating feature on appearances, but show me a kitten video or someone crying and I will fucking lose it. I work as a mental health therapists of sorts. I need to talk to someone. I think this is all "real masculinity" which is already a lot of junk b.s. from the get go.


I like to think we're in the middle of redefining what "real masculinity" is and what it can be. The classic idea that someone is going to show up at my door and revoke my man card because I cried at the beginning of Up is bullshit. I'm six foot tall 200 lbs of mostly muscle (age is softening me up a little 🙂) guarded with my emotions in public, been in violent situations, and have a traditionally "real man's" career. In passing I'm about as masculine as it comes I'm also a stay at home dad of a little girl and boy who I spend most of my time teaching feelings to. I have absolutely no interest in professional sports. I cook for my family every day. I come up with elaborate stories for the characters in my rpg video games I read fantasy and sci-fi novels. I cry, rarely but I do. So am is "real man"? If so why? The first part the second part? Both. It's almost as if I'm a fully flushed out human being 🙂 I think there is value to the "traditional" masculine characteristics. My "toxic male" violent tenancies have protected people. My recklessness let me run toward dangerous situations to help. My adrenaline junkie mentality helped me keep calm in perilous situations where others were losing their shit. But changing dirty diapers learning how to cook a goose trying to braid my daughter's hair or openly weeping when I see suffering around the world that I can't do anything to help with doesn't make me less of a man Knowing how to be soft and kind and gentle makes you more of human, which pretty sure it's a key characteristic of being a man. I ranted...


That all sounds like, and maybe we ought to define it as "real man shit." When you talked about braiding your daughter's hair, that got to me. I used to braid my sister's hair in the day. I never felt put down. I did it because my sister can't braid her own hair, and I can put three strands together. I think we just need to get rid of "man shit" altogether. Whatever you do, if you are doing it for a reason, it is real.


I think it really is a measurement and gender problem. But, yeah, I have actually threatened to kill someone with a handgun to their head before. But I also really would like to be held while talking about my dad being hospitalized for a rare, paralyzing illness. Those are not mutually exclusive nor should they be. It's a horrible feature of our definitions of manhood.


Guys who fall upon less extreme examples, I love you too. Maybe your boss yelled at you or your family pet died, and you hope your girlfriend will be a shoulder to cry on. I support that without question. Men need that, want that, and ought to have it. And always ever send me to a guy who thinks they are too manly. I am not exactly candy cane. I am bigger, stronger, with more fights, and more punch, and I say men can and should be gentle, emotional, and kind. We absolutely should be that, and if you are not that, I am a big dude who will seriously freak you out. :)


Do I want to ask about the handgun situation?


This genuinely made me smile. I am in a position where I am too short to be considered tall and too tall to be considered short. So I don't really know how to feel. But I am not that masculine, so it gives me hope that there are woman liek you out there. Thanks for the kind words


We're definitely out there. If you're comfortable with yourself, it'll shine through. You're so very welcome.


My husband is the same height as me. He was the first guy I dated who was my height 5ft8. Although I do love that we can be either spoon without it feeling awkward, height honestly has never mattered to me. Having someone who wants to do the same "indoor kid" activities with me, wants me to pursue my own interests and can own his feelings was what I was looking for in a spouse. I hope you find your person.


I'm the same height as my husband too, somewhere between 5ft 6 and 5ft 7. I absolutely love being the same height, though height itself has never been that important to me. To all those looking: there's people out there. Do what you can to improve your confidence if need be. Part of what attracted me to my spouse was that he accepted himself. He has goals; he wants to improve X,Y, & Z, but he doesn't beat himself up when he fails. He knows no one, including himself, is allowed to speak negatively against my man. I join in hoping that all y'all find your people.


Exactly! My husband has always been this effortlessly cool person and I had to go through a lot to figure out myself. I had to do a lot of accepting of myself before I was really ready to find him. He knew I was his person immediately too. Now he's stuck with me, mwa ha ha. Also happy cake day!


Oh my god you’re perfect. Please, keep doing you. There needs to be far more of you in this world.


Awww thank you so much ♥ That's so very nice of you. Have an amazing day.


It means so much to guys like me living in a world where we’re shunned for being more vulnerable. So you’re really a bright spot in all of that. The body positivity too! That is often something that leaves guys out of the equation, so I’m grateful for that. And I hope you do too!


one of my best friends is a short guy (very short) and i’ve always had a little crush on him, ever since we met. he’s a great, beautiful person who’s far too hard on himself. a good soul


You should tell him.


we tell each other often, in a roundabout way! i’m a fan of shades of gray in friendships, i’m not interested in a relationship with him or anything like that. i’ve just always been attracted to him and loved him with all my heart.


Damn, I'm 4'8 at 20 years old (medical problems when I was younger stunted my growth) and I feel like I'm a decent guy but it seems as though I get discounted as "not my type" before most girls even talk to me. It's nice to hear that there's those out there that don't do that. Now, if only I actually knew someone like that IRL lol.


:( one day! Personally I care way way more about personality etc than any sort of appearance!


Second this! I can't connect with men that stare over the top of my head. Tall guys are annoyed by everything from a high-placed lingerie-drying pole across the top of the shower enclosure to where they sleep in bed. I've dated non-tall men who've been snuggle sized and dreamy, yet they come with so much baggage from being abused I haven't been able to get close and ended our relationship. My rascal Auntie used to say "They're all the same height, lying down."


Your auntie could have made a fortune on t-shirts and bumper stickers


Yes, we have [an anthem.](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HQliEKPg1Qk)


Oh true!!


Yes! Short, soft, gentle, soft-hearted, sweet-eyed men are the hottest of all time to me. I love kissing the corner of my husband's eyes, brushing his hair, tracing his soft skin, and gazing into his eyes while we snuggle. I love being the big spoon. I love how easy it is to quickly wrap my arms around his shoulders/neck and kiss him hard. I love watching cartoons with him and making art and looking at flowers and marveling at mushrooms in the woods. My ex was also on the shorter side, slightly shorter than my husband, and I swear shorter soft men are the best cuddlers and have the gentlest eyes. When I was younger and dating around casually, over time I was involved with several other short men. I dated a couple very tall guys and some more in the middle, and while I love everybody for the person they are regardless of height, it was the short men whose physical presence I enjoyed the most. It's just what I prefer, it's what brought me the most comfort and peace. I have heard other women say they prefer the presence of tall/big men because it makes them feel small, precious, and delicate. I see so much beauty in vulnerability in my partner, delicacy, softness. I don't need them to lack that for me to feel I have it. I personally feel more beautiful when I see softness mirrored back to me in the one I love. I can feel small and precious alongside another small, precious little critter. We're just two small little mice in the woods together. Not to get into anything too inappropriate, but there is something incredibly sexy about a usually gentle, calm, shy, demure, small, soft guy getting really turned on. I can't imagine anything making anyone feel sexier than being the focus of the passion of someone who is usually shy. All this is assuming the guy is also respectful, thoughtful, cares about people more vulnerable than he, open minded to new perspectives, and not sexist or bigoted. I feel like there's a Gentle Giant Energy (GGE) that anyone of any size can have, I suppose like BDE. Short, soft men can be bigger aggro sexist douchebags than the biggest swolest guy, and big strong dudes can be the gentlest and kindest. My personal sweet spot is just the short, soft men with GGE that let me take care of them too.


I'm not sure if this will help any guys but I'll try! - do not be upset if your height starts with a 5!! I'm a 5ft1 girl and my sweet nerdy boyfriend is 5ft5. I think his height is perfect. I struck gold imo. Personally, if a man's height starts with a 6 he's much too tall for me. I'm actually intimidated by tall men, and the thought of the physical disadvantage that I'm at turns me off completely. I also prefer men on the less muscular side. Just average built short men are the best. I realise that my specific tastes are not exactly "normal", but please remember that there are plenty of girls out there that are turned off by the "chad" look. I didn't find my bf, he's the only one I've ever been with, until I was 20. Been with him ever since.


Another benefit is walking together side-by-side with strides that match.


You had me at forehead kisses


Few things are better than forehead kisses, IMO


Eyelid kisses are the best.


Oh my god yes!!’ Thank you!! I’m sure this’ll get lost in the comments but I completely agree and hope all the boys reading this gets a little happier. Although I can’t say much because I’m 5’3, I totally prefer softer, nerdier or just nicer boys- I’ve never understood the whole hunk or bad boy type. Pls don’t be insecure if you’re not 6’5, or you’re not the ‘ideal’ body type- a lot of women really aren’t into those things just like a lot of men aren’t into women who look like models 24/7. I won’t go into detail but things like little body hair, no beard, being ‘short’ (short usually really isn’t that short, but obviously the expectation seems to be 6ft+) glasses, nerdiness, being emotional- all very attractive in my and some others eyes :))))


What an excellent addition. I agree 100%!


I'm 5'2 and I really needed to read this. Thank you


You're awesome. Have an amazing day!


I prefer short and stout guys. They're just so cuddly and cute! We call them pocket bears in my corner of the gay community.


That's adorable! :D


>pocket bears I love it


The shorter the man, the taller the crown


As a 5' 6" Bi dude, I feel like this is fake... but I hope it isn't.


It's not. I promise. It really really isn't. I think you're pretty darn great.


My husband is 3-4" taller than me (I'm 5'6"). I've dated much taller men and there are so many (naughty) things that are easier with a smaller difference in height.


Thank you... You made my day


This is nice to hear, thank you. I'm a pretty short guy (5'2") and from what I can see too often it seems height is really important for women. People are allowed to have their preferences and it doesn't make me feel bad about my shortness, especially because I know there are people like you out there.


You're very welcome. It does seem important to a lot of people, but there are definitely also those of us who don't care at all about height or even prefer guys who are short. I'm glad you don't feel bad! Keep being awesome :D ♥


I know women like this exist out there. My wife is one of them. Male 5'6" 135 pounder here. I'm not so much emotionally soft, but it helps that we can share sweatshirts and whatnot.


I am all about the shorter men. I like being the big spoon sometimes!!


Guys with soft masculine energy >>>>>


i cri :,)


Thanks, mom


5’-4”, can confirm: short guys are designed to be the perfect cuddle buddies, and they require fairly small amounts of room on a bed as long as they’re in decent to moderate shape. Cons to short guys: often need a ladder to reach things at the top of a shelf.


As someone who is almost all the things you describe, this means a lot to me to hear. I get really self conscious about my height and physique and feel like some people overlook me because of it. Thank you for saying this! It really helps put some of those insecurities to rest.


I’m a 5’6” guy dating a 6’ woman. She stands behind me in pictures, sometimes with her head atop mine. I get to be the little spoon on cold nights sometimes. We both have adult onesies but I like to wear hers because they are bigger. I enjoy this. She calls me her little bunny.


5'1" on a good day Been on 2 dates in my entire life 27 Single AF I did need to hear this


31/F who can confirm that I feel the same way! I don’t really have a preference one way or the other for height but man do softies make me melt.


This will probably drown here but I second OP's opinion. It always saddens me when I see a boy that wishes he could be higher. I am very short and I prefer guys my height. So please never believe in some ridiculous standards. You are good as you are and someone is looking for you.


I needed to read this. It's been about ten years since I first started hearing it, but "you're not tall enough" still hurts plenty.


My eyes are getting all watery


As a 5’4 18 year old guy, cheers, means alot


Damn , i needed that . I am very short 5'5 , and well , I didn't think that I'll be able to find someone who will like me , because of my height , face and insecurities related to this . I still don't think that I'll be able to find someone , but at least i know now that there's that little chance . Thank you for helping me with my anxiety .


Joke: Did you get paid to write this or are you that one in a million? Anyways, thanks for making my day with your kind words.


Haha. The world kind of sucks right now. Just trying to make a few online strangers feel just a little warm and fuzzy on a boring Monday. You're welcome!


honestly if we're pointing fingers I'd blame romance movies along with teenage girls... mix those two together and you get a lot of introverted/unconfident young males with a need to over exemplify another area for their lacking height which carries on through adulthood.


THIS! i love short boys <3


I'm 5'10" and my husband is 5'7". Our height difference never even registered with me or bothered him or me. I loved seeing this post because it described my husband to a T. I don't really have a type, but if I did this probably describes it best. When we first started dating people loved to point out our height difference. We were both secure enough with ourselves that people's rude comments never phased us. We've been together 17 years now and that's because men who are secure enough with their masculinity to be vulnerable sometimes make GREAT husbands.


There are pictures of my 5'7" grandmother with her arm draped over my 5'3" grandfather's shoulders. They were married over 40 years until his death and she never remarried, though she was an attractive youngish widow. From their loving example, I never considered height when choosing a partner


This!! I’m 5’2” and I wish I could be taller so more men would be smaller than me


5’10 F and I LOVE short guys, and sweet soft guys, and quiet guys. OP nailed it.


I know you said you're 5'7, but are you really that giant lady from the new resident evil game?


Oh, I wish


I'm kidding but good on you for liking the guys that dare to be different. You're a good person. Stay healthy and stay safe.


I use to date a girl shorter than me. And i am 5'6. Not tall obviously. But hugging her, watching her push up to kiss me, i loved picking her up. God dam! It was just a beautiful feeling. Plus she wore her glasses. Nothing like taking them off and telling her... Her eyes are beautiful.


I am not short but I am thankful for your post. I am 30M and while I've always been sensitive and emotional actually being able to connect with and express it is a recent endeavor that has me worn out. I am learning to be myself which is amazing. I can't wait to find other lovely people who are open and like this as well. Thank you! I hope you have a wonderful life.


Leaving yourself open and vulnerable, even just with yourself, can be really tough. I'm proud of you! And thank you. You too!


**What a sweet post. I agree,I like all heights, dad bods, etc. Being a shorty myself, there is such a thing as "too tall" although when I was much younger I preferred the taller dudes,now not so much.**


Thanks for this! I have hope lol


I'm around 5'2, but I usually to round to 5'3. I needed to hear this. Thank you.


You're welcome. You're awesome. Have a great day!


Ahh thanks


This is so nice




I’m a 5’0 girl I also prefer shorter skinny dudes! It just feels too weird with big muscly dudes, I don’t like feeling super tiny.


I'm 5'6". I dated a woman who was 5'1" for two years. About a year into it she told me it was a good thing we didn't meet online. When I asked her why she thought so, she explained that she would've never responded to me online because I wasn't 6 ft tall. 🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️


Actually, I envy smaller guys. I'm 6'0 and built like a linebacker, but I've always wanted to be smaller and date someone large.




I always see these posts but it always just makes me feel like no matter what I do I'm not right for anybody, you know? I've literally never had an actual relationship my adult life and I'm almost 30. The only one I've had lasted 1 week and turned out I was being used for a fetish due to a medical condition.


I never cared how tall a guy was. I always joked that I would never date someone who could see the top of my refrigerator.


That was beautiful. Please post this on r/rolereversal too. They will appreciate this so much !


I think all different kinds of men should be accepted so it’s weird to me that this thread has revolved into being disgusted by muscular guys or whatever. It’s kind of like guys making fun of skinny girls when people talk about thick girls, it’s just another side of the same coin


Uh, as a short guy don’t mistake height for any personality traits. Plenty of tall, emotionally weak men out there. And vice versa. And I don’t mean weak as crying... But it’s great to know you like the short ones, many don’t.


Omg, this is so wholesome. Thank u woman, ur so sweet and kind! :)


Much thanks for posting this miss. I'm sorta really masculine up until the point that i just cant be anymore, and then next thing I know I'm either crying my eyes out, or wishing i could, and my throat just doesn't let me speak until i prepare it to. Oh and right, I'm just about 5'9" or maybe a half inch taller, I always used to wanna be a bit taller, but I'm getting more accepting of it for sure. I just hope that some day i can be soft without acting like some child. And again, Thanks Ms!


You made me cry a little. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I didn't know how much I needed to hear something like this, expecially in the way you put It down (you truly have a gift with words). From a 5.7 italian shortie, thank you very much


As someone who's friends all got taller than him, Its really nice to hear this