Is Liberal Democracy Being Undone by Liberalism?

Is Liberal Democracy Being Undone by Liberalism?


I don't like Liberals TM. But i have to admit it's not Liberals that are the problem. It's leftists. It's not Liberals going out there toppling statues. It's radical leftists. The problem with liberals is that they refuse to call those groups out.


It’s a new form of dictatorship that holds free thinkers as the enemy that has to be erased


Liberals feed off of the energy of the radicals on their flank and really the only difference between the two is temporal. The centrist right always shuns its right flank instead of looking to them for inspiration and vigor thus we drift ever further leftwards as a nation. At this point I have nothing but distain for the "conservatives" that occupy our media environment because they are all cowards that deeply desire acceptance from the left and think if they submit to their euphemisms perhaps they will change minds. In reality all they do is provide the left with useful idiots to point to and say "hey look, you get your say, we aren't shutting you out".


Liberalism used to be in the leftist court because conservatives opposed some basic stuff based on old fashioned, often religious values (anti-gay, pro-policing morality, more likely to be ethnically and culturally tribal, etc.) Now that liberalism basically forced conservative-minded folk to accept that stuff (at least legally) and become more libertarian, it seems it is actually the centre right defending classically liberal values while the left becomes authoritarian. Basically, it went from the centre-left being the bastion of liberalism to the centre-right. It seems likely that whichever side is losing culturally embraces liberalism as a bulwark against the excesses of the other side.