Waiting on my parents for nursery furniture they promised us

Waiting on my parents for nursery furniture they promised us


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I'd be annoyed too, don't worry! This is the main reason me and my husband have purchased everything ourselves, even though we go nearly broke after each purchase. I just never know if people are going to come through or not and I'd rather not rely on anyone for anything. I told my grandma when she asked that it would be nice if she could crochet me a baby blanket like she did for all of us grandkids and she agreed but then like ~4 months later suddenly messaged me saying she doesn't crochet anymore and that she would buy me something else. I actually cried when I got that message because I was taking so much comfort in the fact that our child would have something homemade 😭 At this point just drive to your parents' yourselves one day with the truck and some blankets and pick it up. They can't refuse you if you come out of the blue, right? Haha


Haha we almost did just that on Friday! But I very stubbornly wanted to give them the benefit of the doubt and give them a chance to bring it. And it really did seem like the stars were aligned and they were finally gonna bring it today. Aaaand then they didn’t, surprise surprise. I really do wish now that we had just found a dresser elsewhere but it’s too late to do that now, since my dad really did work hard sanding and repainting it for us. It’s just a really frustrating situation all around, and the closer I get to delivering this baby the more anxious I get about being ready in time.


I really hate when people do this. I’ve honestly just given up and gotten things myself. So unfair for you to do something on someone’s else’s time. I’ve been waiting for a baby shower gift for my son from my sister 😂that she promised me. My son will be 10 next month.


Omg that’s crazy late for a shower gift!!! Gotta love family right? As well-intentioned as they are… I feel bad because they were/are so excited to be painting it for us and everything and they wanted to save us the effort so that we could work on other things to get ready for baby. But I’ve just been so looking forward to having the nursery finished; I didn’t get to do much for my oldest due to our living situation at the time, and so I’ve really thrown myself into putting this nursery together. And not only do I have nowhere to put his clothes (including all his brother’s hand me downs) but I have no changing table either because of this, and we were also waiting to hang things on the walls until we had all the furniture in there to see what looks best where if that makes sense. So my nursery is half-done and stalled until they supposedly bring the dresser tomorrow…


Go get it, do it yourselves (get hubby to do it), it’s not something that can be continuously put off, particularly given you’re getting close to the finish line so to speak.