Good lord, It finally happened.

Good lord, It finally happened.


When it happens to me I immediately swing my legs out of bed and put my foot flat on the floor - usually makes it stop. You have my sympathy- they are awful!


This is the first time its happened so I had NO IDEA what to do other than push down on it. I will have to try this if it happens again!


If you can't get your feet to the floor - toes to your nose! Flex your foot as much as you can to stretch out the calf muscle. I had a similar experience as a teenager and it would return whenever I relaxed my foot for a couple of minutes but it was bearable as long as my foot was flexed and eventually it subsided.


Yes this too is also effective!!


I tend to shut out the horror of these and forget when I wake up, but they are insanely awful! I agree if you can flex your foot - for me upwards - this really helps relieve them. I have actually yelled out at night when I got one so bad I thought the pain wouldn’t stop. Never had this at night until pregnancy!


I used to get them all the time as a teenager and this is what worked for me! I'd get out of bed and pace around for a few minutes, and that usually made them stop.


I had a chronic issue with this in high school. I used the footboard on my bed and would force my foot flat, it worked pretty well for me! Maybe an option if getting out of bed fast enough gets too difficult.


It works, but it sucks to much to do, just a heads up!


I used to do that pre-pregnancy. They would wake me up from a dead sleep and I'd leap out of bed and force my knee straight and foot flat and it'd go away with a few seconds. Not sure how that'll work when I'm huge and have to roll out of bed. Time is of the essence to get rid of the cramp!


Yep. Walking it off is usually the best cure, as counterintuitive as it seems!


Had my first Charlie horse since high school ish at 39 weeks pregnant and I can confirm by the time I got the inertia to get my legs towards the floor I was already whimpering in agony. Plus carpel tunnel hands meant I had no strength to grab my legs. Practice your Charlie horse maneuvers before you need them!!!


> Plus carpel tunnel hands meant I had no strength to grab my legs. :( I'm dealing with this too, it's so hard.


I have to STOMP my foot on the floor for it to go away!


This worked for me too, or even foot flat on the bed and press down. It stretches out the muscle maybe?


They suckkkkkkk! One thing I learned is to actively pull your toes towards you. You can't contract both thr muscle in the front of your leg and the back if your leg. It usually helps calm it down a little! Less stress on the muscle than forcing the stretch.


I will do anything to ease it faster next time! I kinda just had to take it and wait for it to pass because I didn't know what to do. Horrible!


This is solid advice and definitely works. Although, waking from dead sleep I always forget this and end up rolling around in agony for a good 10 seconds before I remember what to do. lol


That's what I do too.


I had a few myself. Ouch!!! When it happens try tilting your toes up, like pointed towards the ceiling. It helps!


Thank you!! I'm definitely taking notes! I never want to experience that again 😭


How does this pain compare to labor? Because when I get them and wish I could remove my leg, I feel like there’s no way I’ll be able to cope with an unmedicated birth!


Ah but that’s a great example of how you CAN cope! They’re horrible, right? But then they subside. You breathe. You move on, remember the physical movements/massages that improved the situation a bit, and bam here you are! Having coped with unmedicated Charlie horses. Labor works that way too (tho obv feels different).




I hear drinking more water helps! I always keep a bottle of water beside me at night but the balance of drinking enough and waking up to pee every 2hrs is tricky! I never get a full nights rest over it 😩


They are the worst! If they're in your calf, bend/stretch your foot back towards your shin. I also got them in the arches of my feet (fun!) In that case bend your toes back towards your shin. For me it works like 95% of the time. The other 5% I just writhe around and die.


I definitely relate to the writher and die part lol! I pretty much did that today. I will 100% be taking some of the advice from here for next time (hopefully there isn't a next time 😭)


I get these far too often, and have had them so bad it damaged the muscle! I had a limp for a week. It was horrible. As best you can, catch it early, and flex your foot while you straighten your leg. Try to do the opposite of the contraction of your muscle (extension lol). That usually cuts them off for me!


I had my first two this week! My claves are still sore from them! They are awful.


As if pregnancy wasn't already uncomfortable enough ughhhhh!


My god I’m terrified of this happening! My fiancé has also told me my legs get stiff or they twitch a lot when I’m sleep or just have random spasms. My dad had RLS and we would laugh so much when his legs just randomly did what they wanted to, and he would always complain! I understand you now daddy😭😭


That's exactly what my husband describes! He said they tense up and twitch. Apparently, I also pressed my feet against his feet but because he liked how it felt (like a little massage) and didn't think anything of it, he didn't bother bringing it up til over a month later! I'm like....really? I could've brought this up to my Dr sooner! Still love him, though hahaha


I have been waking up every night to about 4-5 throughout sleep and it’s been very hard. My poor husband keeps waking up to me in utter agony for a few minutes and I’m just exhausted


Oh no no no no!!! That's actually hell on earth! I hope maybe some of the tips and tricks on here can help you out!


No Charlie horses from me but I have high arches and every so often, if I stretched my legs, my arches would cramp up. Omg it's the worst.


This makes me so nervous for whenever my husband and I finally conceive because I already have a tendency to get Charley horses in the middle of the night. So much so to the point where my body wakes me up IMMEDIATELY as soon as my muscle begins the twitching. I have an entire method of dealing with it while still half asleep. I literally roll out of bed, legs first, then (with my torso still resting on the bed) I stretch out my calf and force my foot flat to the floor. Usually works and after a few minutes I crawl back into bed gingerly, trying not to trigger another one by bumping the sore spot. Tis a struggle. 😭


I pray you get away without any whenever you're pregnant! I mentioned being out of breath because I'm 32wks pregnant and let me tell you, getting up and rolling out of bed mid Charley Horse is not so easy 🥲


Thank you, I hope so too and I'm so sorry you had to experience it 😢 rolling out of bed when pregnant in general probably isn't an easy task already, but doing so while in agony and trying to make the pain stop is definitely a feat! I hope you don't have to deal with it any more for the remainder of your pregnancy!


Oh man these are the worst!! I was getting them high up in my thighs in late second and early third trimester. The very first time, my husband woke up to blood curdling screams because there was no amount of flexing that would make it stop and it was my entire medial thigh! After him desperately asking me "WHAT DO I DO? WHAT DO I DO?" and me screaming and finally getting out the words "GOOGLE SOMETHING!" he came back to the bedroom with a soaking hot towel and threw that thing on me like he was putting out a fire! Luckily, that immediately eased the pain. We figured out a better system to apply heat without soaking the bed after that! Overall hydration and religious magnesium supplements have made those a thing of the past in late third trimester.


I’ve noticed for me if I don’t take a magnesium vitamin that day, I will for sure get a Charlie horse cramp at night


My levels are fine BUT I'm thinking of asking my Dr if I can take them anyways. Aside from the leg cramps, I'm hoping it'd help with my RLS


I take 400mg nightly. Helps with sleep, constipation, and muscle cramps. It’s a small dose and you’re not going to take too much. If you did, worst side effect is diarrhea. I order mag in the hospital all the time and regularly order grams of it for patients. It’s a benign supplement.


Walk it off that's what I do


This happened to me one night and my husband woke up thinking I was in labor bc I was yelling so loudly. Ouchhhhhhh


The secret to getting rid of those type of pains is to stretch your leg out and it'll go away within seconds


Mine stopped when I added extra iron and colace, maybe ask doc if that could hurt anything? I know you said your levels were OK and Def don't want to overdose it


I could cry for you right now. 😭


I forgot about those! Wow pregnancy pains are already fading from my mind, that’s crazy! (Baby is now four months.) I used to get up out of bed, stand with all my weight on the afflicted leg(s), and lean forward a little like I was about to go skiing, or like I was leaning into a strong wind. Works faster than pointing toes up alone for me.


I used to get them a lot in high school, and I’ve had a couple this pregnancy too. But I had one during my current pregnancy about two months ago that was the absolute worst I’ve ever had. Usually I’m able to straighten my leg, point my toes towards my face, and make it go away. But this time no matter what I did, it wouldn’t stop. It was so excruciating that I went into full blown panic, which woke my husband (it was 3:00am). Even while giving birth to my oldest I don’t remember pain ever sending me into such fight-or-flight desperation before. Once I was able to gasp out to my hubby what was going on he started massaging my leg and it FINALLY stopped, after what felt like an eternity but was probably no more than 5 minutes. Still WAY too long for a Charlie Horse though.


Omg 😳 im scared…I’m prone to them as well


Luckily it DID go away after massaging it. Yeah it felt bruised the whole next day but after that it was like nothing happened. Which doesn’t take away from how much it hurt at the time, but hopefully the fact that it’s temporary helps?? Also I haven’t had any since then and hopefully it stays that way.


I always wake up in a panic due to not understanding what happens. Luckly my husband is alot smarter after being waken up and saves me when I go: au au au help help help aauuu


They're AWFUL. The last one I had made my muscles tense up to the point my ankle locked into place. I managed to hold my husband up with just my foot without trying because my muscles absolutely would not relax. That one hurt for a few days after. I'm still scared to stretch my legs too far because I don't want to accidentally cause another. 😟


The first this happened to me I was a kid and seriously thought I was dying. Lol


When I feel it coming on, I pull my toes toward my knee. Stops it every time.


I had one so bad it bruised. Literally the muscle spasmed so hard it broke a bunch of blood vessels. Hurt to walk on it for days.


The only reason I've avoided it so far is because I try not to point my toes downword but I've felt the tightness as I almost pointed my toes so I move my foot into a flat position. Maybe it'll help you too good luck


I make mine pass by trying to stretch the muscle the other way, it stops immediately. I think that's why people put their feet on the floor.


Never experienced how bad they could be until pregnancy. The usual stretch your leg straight and pull your foot back to get it to go away just doesn't work. I woke up a week ago with both calf's spasming and could not get it to go away. When my calves finally relaxed I was stuck with the sorest muscles for a few days, and could not walk properly. My own fault, I felt my calves getting tight and meant to stretch them and just didn't. I feel stretching and massage has really helped though.


I literally read this last night before bed and it happened to me in the middle of the night!! Luckily it was only for about 15-20 seconds, but man, they are so painful.


I started using a topical magnesium sulfate cream called magsol and it is amazing. YMMV but it's decently cheap so might be worth a try.