In your experience, can you maintain a healthy pregnancy weight and stay fit even if you started out in bad shape?

In your experience, can you maintain a healthy pregnancy weight and stay fit even if you started out in bad shape?


I was in exactly the same place and am now 34 weeks pregnant today. I only gained 8 lbs all pregnancy - I just ate healthfully and worked out and it seemed like my body used my pandemic weight gain in lieu of gaining extra pregnancy weight.


Yeah?? this gives me hope lol.. Thank you and Congrats, you're almost there :)


I was the same, gained 15 pounds my whole pregnancy and was 10 pounds lighter than I started when I gave birth. I was close to overweight when I got pregnant though and wouldn’t recommend that to someone on the lower end of the BMI scale.


Yes, ideally if you are overweight you gIn less weight over the course of pregnancy. Your body knows what to do ☺ Wishing you a comfortable and happy pregnancy.


Thank you so much <3 Yes, hopefully it works out that way. Going to eat less Wendys this time around ha.


I was the same. Started pregnancy at a higher weight than I'd like after gaining 15lbs in the past few years. Wound up gaining ~12lbs during pregnancy and at 2 months PP I've lost ~20lbs. YMMV, but I did my best to make healthy choices (helped that I craved fruit, and then later was diagnosed with gestational diabetes and had to limit carbs) and be as active as I could stand (lots of fatigue).


Same with me. I had gd and shortly after my son was born I was down 25 lbs from my pre-pregnancy weight. It was miserable during the pregnancy but it’s been nice since. Now if only I can curb my breastfeeding snacking I’d be good to go lol


I did the same. I am only up 5 pounds. My metabolism always really ramps up in pregnancy, but I ate super well my first and most of my second trimester. Now I’m so big I just eat little bits of what seems good and will not cause indigestion. I had gained a lot thanks to the pandemic, and I was not happy either. I had a baby March 2020 and by the time I got pregnant this time, I was heavier than when I left the hospital last time. I blame it on the nightly glass of wine, honestly. And just trying to live life during whatever this apocalyptic crap situation is. Anyway. Don’t diet, but eat tons of veggies and fruits and such. I walked a lot in the first two trimesters.


Same here! I gained about 20-25 lbs over the pandemic. (Am 5'3 and was about 135-140lbs before the pandemic; pre-pregnancy I was about 160-165lbs). I am almost 30 weeks pregnant and have only gained 8lbs. In the last month I lost 1 lbs. My midwife isn't worried about it. Baby is healthy and active.


Same. I was also concerned about this because I got pregnant at my peak weight. Then I lost 11 lbs in my first trimester due to nausea. Never threw up, I just could barely eat because food was disgusting. I’m now at 32 weeks and I’m only up 5 lbs from my pre-pregnancy weight. Although it helps that, besides the raging sweet tooth, I mostly crave healthy foods.


I lost and then regained to make a grand total of 3lbs gained. I’m very overweight, so it was encouraged.


Well it’s not quite the same, but with both of my pregnancies I gained most of the weight during my first trimester and basically gained nothing in the third trimester. I did yoga both pregnancies but more intense workouts during my second pregnancy and I have to say that I felt a million times better the second time around. I think if you just eat healthy and exercise the way you always did, you should be fine. Mentally it was very difficult for me to gain all that weight and look like a whale. Of course now I look back at my pregnancy photos and think that I looked just fine and cute but at the time I hated my body. You can do it and you will be able to lose the weight afterwards with some dedication. Try not to focus on it (maybe buy some cute pregnancy clothes instead - that was my consolation)


Thank you.. and good for you for doing yoga! my first pregnancy I did nothing and felt gross and gained 40lbs. This time around I was hoping it would be different..lol You're right, mentally, its rough seeing yourself that way.


You can! I got pregnant over New Year's after a big holiday slump ... tons of eating and drinking, and I had quit the gym months before. Then I was horribly sick my whole first trimester and couldn't move. Like you, the thought of piling 40 pounds on top of a body I already didn't like was weighing on me (no pun intended). Once I was able to move again in my second trimester, I restarted workouts and relatively healthy eating. I'm pretty short of breath so my actual workouts don't compare to before pregnancy, but at this point I feel just as energetic and healthy. I worked up to 3x/week plus hiking, which is about as active as I've ever been, period. It's my due date tomorrow and I have gained exactly the low end of recommended weight gain, which scared me so much at first, but it's not what I was afraid of. I still wear the same size bras, underwear, and leggings -- I just have a giant baby belly. I feel optimistic that I'll lose the weight after delivery because it's not fat (at least, not much). Most of all I feel really comfortable and secure in my body which I didn't before pregnancy.


Wow thats so admirable. I find that so inspiring.. I hope I can be like you haha.. You must be so proud of yourself!! Sounds like you will lose the weight no problems since you stayed active.. All the best to you and your sweet LO <3


Thank you, the real reward is just being active and I am proud for getting back to it and hope I can keep it up afterward!


This is really comforting


I started out a few pounds overweight (~150lb at 5’4”). I was in the process of losing weight and was hoping to lose a bit more while TTC, but I got pregnant quickly. I was regularly exercising but fairly light exercise - not super fit or anything. I’m now at 32w and I’ve gained ~20lb and continued with light exercise when I can (less consistent than before). I generally feel pretty good & healthy! I have definitely gained some fat but nothing excessive, as far as I can tell. Sharing this as a positive anecdote. 🙂 That said, SO much is out of your control in pregnancy. Some people can only eat fast food or candy or whatever, and you just do what you need to do to survive. Some people retain tons of water and see lots of scary numbers on the scale. Some people eat pretty normally but their body just hangs on to everything. You can always lose any extra weight later if needed - don’t stress too much. 🙂


Im the same weight as you were starting out! Also in the process of losing weight, or was..lol.. But yeah thats good to know, thank you!!! you're so right. I retained SO much water and so did my mom when she had me, so I think a lot of that is out of our control. Congrats, not long to go now for you:)


Omg twinsies! Haha :) I started out the pregnancy being like "oh my god, gaining 25lb seems INSANE. I'm going to be SO FAT" but I promise it's very different from regular weight gain. Admittedly it's still still been a trip in terms of body image, but even so I feel SO much better, healthier, and fitter than when I was 170lb and *not* pregnant (at the peak of my COVID-induced stress eating - haha). Good luck!! :)


I’m 170 and terrified. I’m about 20lb over my recommended BMI. I’m hoping the lack of wine and Starbucks will help as those were a bit of a stress crutch for me during the pandemic!


Ah sorry, I didn’t mean to be rude!! Lots of people have very healthy pregnancies at a higher BMI!! I also 1000% relate on pandemic food crutches. Mine was potato chips with French onion dip. Pre-COVID I ate that like once a year, then suddenly I had to buy it every time we went to the store 🤷‍♀️


I didn’t detect any rudeness, don’t worry! I already had body image issues and I’m just really nervous about it. We definitely had comfort treats from the grocery store during the pandemic, especially when it was so hard to find anything! Stuff we normally never eat like a box of brownies and frozen tater tots. My husband was making brownies every night after dinner for a while. It was fun but now I feel like I’m stuck with my pandemic body plus baby weight for another year. I’m thankful to be pregnant but it’s bumming me out.


I started my pregnancy right around 200 and well above my recommended BMI. I’ve been really surprised how smoothly everything has gone, since I heard a lot of things about high BMI being risky for pregnancy. Also I lost ten pounds from the intense sickness of the first trimester, and I’ve since gained that almost all back, but haven’t gone above my starting weight (I’m at 32 weeks now). I don’t know how common this is, but I feel grateful that in terms of body image it hasn’t been nearly as difficult as I thought it would be.


If I can just hang around my starting weight by the end I’ll be happy. I’m sorry you were sick! I’m really glad to hear it’s not so bad.


Thank you for sharing this! I'm 5'4" and 143lbs. I just got down to a barely healthy weight and I'm afraid of loosing all of my progress. I feel a little hopeful now, thanks


If you can, eat healthy and work out. If you can’t, morning sickness, exhaustion, etc. give yourself a break. Most doctors will tell you that exercise is great for your pregnancy, baring any complications, so start now. Eating healthy is always good for you, but again food aversions and morning sickness can hinder this and eating something is better than nothing. If you want to count calories, ask your doctor how many you should be eating each day and try to stick with it. Just as an FYI, every woman gains weight differently during pregnancy. Your body is going through crazy changes. Seriously, your blood volume doubles, your ribs soften so they can expand, your organs are being shifted around, and your growing, feeding, and supporting a life. So you can workout, eat perfectly and still gain 40lbs. Focus on being healthy, not your weight.


I am sure there are people who got into better shape when pregnant. But better shape doesn’t always mean a lower weight! They may get more cardiovascuarly fit or stronger (building muscle usually adds weight). But I think it’s a crapshoot whether this will be possible for you. I was in great shape before pregnancy, exercising 60-75 mins/day, averaging 12k steps. I have made exercise a part of my daily life for years, and yet during pregnancy I’ve felt so exhausted I am barely averaging 7k steps (and that’s almost all from walking, I barely run anymore and haven’t done barre/weights/pilates since may). Some people just have a rougher pregnancy than others.


Yeah, thats exactly what I meant, I dont necessarily care about the weight factor, its just all the uncomfortableness of having 5 chins and having to adjust my pants when i sit down lol.. But youre right, it just seems to be harder for some people or some people just naturally hold more weight eh. With my son, I looked huge. The doctor thought I was going to have a 10lb baby.. but nah it was just me and he was normal..lol


Yeah I have seen that pregnancy is like the most idiosyncratic experience. I feel like your overall health and lifestyle during pregnancy can bear almost no relation to yourself pre-pregnancy, and it’s impossible to predict how someone will feel. If I were you, I would try tracking macros and focus on increasing protein intake (and minimize carbs but not obsessively), while doing as much walking and other light exercise as you can manage.


No matter what happens, definitely talk to your doctor and be honest about how you are feeling. That said, in my experience, I chose to throw all body image issues out the window and I truly DGAF about what my body looks like right now because I care solely about the babies. It’s truly been so freeing to just know right now I’m eating “for three” and staying within my doctors guidance, body shape be damned. I can work on appearance after they are born.


Are you having twins ? That’s beautiful


Yup! Two little baseballs in my belly right now.


Not trying to discourage you but just offering my experience. I was at nearly my heaviest weight when I got pregnant and considered overweight (by BMI - which I have issues with but leaving that aside for now). I was so sick first tri that I lost about 8 lb. I could eat air with a side of tater tots. My appetite came back 2nd tri. I’ve been eating close to my “normal” with admittedly more treats than usual (ice cream etc). Probably been following the 80/20 idea regarding food. I have also been working out at least 5 days a week (cycling, weight training, yoga, and walking 3+ miles on days I’m feeling more tired). but still at 26 weeks I am up 20 lbs from my starting weight (or 28 pounds from my first tri low!). I know a good amount is from water since I’m visibly puffy and can’t wear many of my shoes. Going into this I had hoped to gain 25 lbs max. It’s not in the cards for me. Sometimes your body does what it’s going to do. I will say I feel pretty good despite gaining more than I had hoped.


Hey, thanks for sharing. That doesnt discourage me and actually you brought up a really good point. You're doing everything right (and actually youre doing WAY more than I ever did with my first) buttt so much of it is out our control (thanks genetics!).. I'm glad you're feeling good, and it sounds like it is water in your case! All the best to you and LO <3


You could! I was never overweight or truly unhealthy during mine just really short breathed. I made the decision to eat healthier and do gentler exercise throughout the 9mos. Lots of waking, gentle weight exercises (until my baby belly got in the way and had to readjust) and lots of prenatal swimming classes. But given with COVID you may have to do it on your own sadly depending on your cities restrictions. It can be done! :-)


Thats admirable! it will be tough with my toddler hanging off of me this time, but not impossible. I just find the fact that you stayed active the entire time so impressive. I lack motivation.


I wasn’t very fit (had gained Covid weight already when I got pregnant) but I was able to only gain like 25 lbs all of pregnancy and then lost about 15 in the first week. That last ten though, uggggh.


Thats very reassuring. 25lbs is great, and I would be happy to only gain that much. I also lost the weight very quickly the first time around, but would be nice if it wasnt 40lbs still lol


Yeah since I’m already overweight they hammered home not gaining too much. I was really worried about it in the beginning, but by some miracle I was able to pretty much eat what I wanted, walk occasionally and not gain too much. My OB was happy and I was happy!


This is how things are tracking for me thank god. 31 weeks 22 lbs up. Very high BMI, so had some extra tests and one growth ultrasound already. Kiddo is estimated to be 58th percentile for weight and I am so relieved. Was so amazed I would just get full and not want to overeat all of first trimester - always had trouble with that prior to pregnancy. Craved pretty healthy stuff then too. Now my sweet tooth is back, but I’m trying to keep making good choices and walk a little more again now that the humidity is easing where I live. And I’ve kept up with my one piddly weights session a week so far haha.


Sounds like youre doing great, and baby is healthy :) my first pregnancy i gained like 10lbs in the first trimester from overeating! I just kept eating bland foods to try and get rid of the nausea.. ill be smarter this time I hope.


Ah yeah, I guess you definitely have to give yourself a break if you have nausea though! But good luck to you! The biggest thing that has helped me in my whole journey, the couple years I did it, is keeping a good attitude and not letting myself shame spiral. Easier said than done, but hopefully the hormones will be in your favor this pregnancy! I was lucky not to have nausea, but that 12 week span I was such a picky eater, which I am not by nature! Things I was obsessed with weeks before just sounded so gross. The only “unhealthy” thing I craved in those 12 weeks was bacon cheeseburgers and still I could want one all day, finally get it, eat half and then just boom. All desire to eat gone. So wild to me since I’m already back to catching myself “well a few more bites won’t hurt” when I am already full (and about to give myself crazy heartburn!)!


My doctor has no problems with me losing weight during pregnancy. He said as long as it came from me eating better and working out and not from me limiting my food intake some weight loss was fine since I started out overweight. I lost like 5lbs one month. I gained it back tho lol. But all in all, I’m 34 weeks pregnant and I’ve only gained 7 lbs total. Hoping to keep it that way.


I completely agree with your doc. I just didnt want to say that and have everyone freak out, but of course that makes total sense. 7lbs wow! You must feel great, and congrats :) you're almost there!


Yes I do feel pretty good. I gained 40+ lbs with my firstborn and I was struggling to tie my shoes and go up stairs by now. So far I can still do those things without much trouble, so definitely an improvement. I mean I’m still big and exhausted but not as exhausted as I was last time.


I was at my heaviest I had ever been before I got pregnant. I gained 15 pounds and now 3.5 weeks postpartum I’ve lost the 15 pounds and more (thanks to breastfeeding).


I started out my first pregnancy at a weight where I wasn’t exactly happy. I wasn’t overweight, I just wasn’t happy to be where I was. Anyway, I only gained 18lbs that pregnancy, and the literal second my son was born I was back to my pre pregnancy weight. Within the six weeks after birth I actually had lost around another 10 lbs. I’m pregnant again, second in a year, I’m now almost in my third trimester and I weigh what I did with my first right when I found out. I am not purposely trying to not gain weight, I’m just small normally, for some reason this pregnancy seems very small compared to my first even. I was worried this second pregnancy I was going to blow up like a blimp, especially getting pregnant 4 months pp, I have not. But keep in mind your body is housing a baby, everyone is different, baby’s position can also effect how you look, and you can always lose the weight afterwards. Being pregnant two years in a row has definitely hit my self esteem where it hurts, but I remind myself I am literally creating life.


I only gained 12 lbs with my daughter and I think it mostly was just changing my diet. I didn’t eat super unhealthy before becoming pregnant, but I also didn’t really pay attention to what I was eating. Once I was pregnant I paid more attention to the snacks and meals I was eating and looking at things like carbs, fats, and proteins. I also drank way more water. I honestly didn’t really work out, but I did try to go for walks. I’ll say it mostly was my diet that changed and not as much exercise.


Yeah? are you naturally small? I eat healthy, I just dont move at all so I think that will be my issue.


No, I’m 5’2 and was 166 before pregnancy and before delivery was 178 and then after my daughter was born I was a little under 166 I believe. Moving is definitely important, but I think activities like yoga and walking will be good! I never ate unhealthy, but paying attention to exactly what I was eating definitely helped too


good to know, you're right, I need to take up Yoga or something.


I think the fact that you know you want to be healthy during this pregnancy means you’ll be successful!


Going for walks would likely be a huge plus for you then. When I was in my third trimester last time, I walked laps in a pool and it was awesome


Not me, but my friend ended her pregnancy at the same weight as she started. By eating better and being more active. So it is possible. You should do it under the guidance of a doctor of course who can help you achieve this. And typically they recommend you not start any intensive exercise that you weren’t already doing before pregnancy, so you should start slowly and work into it. Good luck, I felt like a new person once I lost my pregnancy gains 😊


As with non-pregnant life, you can't go wrong with eating well and exercising. That being said, your body may do whatever the heck it wants in pregnancy. In my first pregnancy I started out at 220, and steadily gained throughout, ending at 250. I did not eat particularly well or exercise much beyond walks and yoga. I had a healthy baby, and no maternal health issues either. I'm 33 weeks now with my second, and I started out around 230lbs. I'm currently 240lbs, and I've only gained the last 5 lbs in maybe the last 6 weeks. I've got s big belly, and everyone around me says I've lost weight (like you can see it in my face). My diet and physical habits are much the same as with my first, if not a bit worse. So far, baby and I are both in good health with no concerns. All that being said, your body/baby is going to take what it needs. Because I'm not doing anything differently, I can't say why I'm not really gaining weight this pregnancy. It's just different. 🤷🏼‍♀️ Like you said, don't concentrate too much on the number. Eat and exercise as well as you can tolerate, and any weight you do or don't gain will more than likely be what your body needs.


Yes. I started off overweight. I’ve continued to eat pretty normally and at 26 weeks I’m up about 8-9 lbs.


I did! Between fertility treatments and binge eating my feelings I had gained a lot of weight. Eating healthy during pregnancy I ended up losing weight. By about 25 weeks you could see my face was getting thin and my arms and legs were toning up. At 36 weeks I had only gained 4 pounds. The last two weeks though I gained 20 from fluid which quickly went away after I gave birth. I left the hospital weighing about 25 pounds less than when I had got pregnant. Breast feeding helped me lose another 20. I gained a chunk back when I stopped breast feeding though. My doctor would ask if I was eating healthy and wasn’t concerned at all. I also ended up with gestational diabetes. My baby was 6 pounds 10 ounces.


Just wanted to say thank you for posting this question! I'm in the same boat: I gain 15kg over the pandemic. I used to be quite active and struggled with long covid and mental health, so exercise and eating really suffered. Felt very guilty starting pregnancy at such a high weight. I'm only at 7weeks, trying to eat healthier now and work out, but also trying to accept that some weight gain would be inevitable and that growing a human is more important. Hoping for that breastfeeding weight loss everyone talks about!


I started with a higher BMI, so was advised to not gain more than 15lbs. Well, I’m 29 weeks, and have lost 7 since pre-pregnancy weight. Not intentionally, but while pregnant I’ve naturally been eating smaller meals, and with a recent gestational diabetes diagnosis, I’m eating less carbs (not low carb), so those two factors have kept my weight in check. Also since I obviously haven’t been able to indulge in boozy Sunday brunches, I’m sure that’s contributed as well! Since baby’s growth is right on track, OBs are not concerned about weight loss. But, give yourself some grace, flexibility, and non-judgment. First trimester can be rough, and I was not eating normally at all (couldn’t stomach veggies, meat, etc.). That went away around 14/15 weeks, and I was able to eat more variety after that. Good luck!


Actually, depending on your beginning weight and eating habits, you can lose weight during pregnancy and it be perfectly healthy and safe. Not near as much as you can while not pregnant though. I’m currently 28 weeks with twins and have only gained 7 lbs total. This was an issue I had early on because it was a surprise pregnancy and we weren’t trying. I was really focused on my health and weight because I wanted to make better decisions and to be able to teach my daughter to make better decisions with food than I did as she grows and to teach her it’s most important to be healthy. I had lost over 20lbs and when I found out I was pregnant I was terrified I would gain it all back. I talked to my OB in depth about how to adjust my meals and what to focus on most to keep weight gain as minimal as possible. I also see an MFM solely for the fact of it being a twin pregnancy. They take measurements every 4 weeks and everything and everyone is measuring perfectly. Staying active helps too. Especially later in pregnancy. You don’t have to go to a gym but even just getting outside for a walk helps a lot.


My experience is not specifically weight gain but due to the pandemic I was extremely out of shape and feeling gross compared to pre-pandemic. (My main avenue of exercise, dancing, stopped since studios closed.) when I got pregnant, I started working out with weights because giving birth can be a marathon and I didn’t want to go into it in the worst shape I’ve been in years! :) It’s never too late to not feel gross, and getting in shape will also prepare you for labor and being a parent!


Thank you so much for the encouragement <3 youre right about it being a marathon haha.. Weights always makes me feel less tubby too.


After helping my friend carry her 2 year old around, I definitely need to start building more arm muscle!


Everyone's body is different. I put on 5 lb after the holidays and 5 lb more after my mom passed away from stress that put me up 10 lb over my normal weight when I found out I was pregnant in January. I still put on the 35 to 40 lb that is normal in pregnancy which in my head has me up 50 lb from normal. Believe me I understand being uncomfortable in your skin I have felt so not myself and so not sexy it is upsetting at times but I keep reminding myself that my baby is healthy and I feel better too. I am eating well (watching calories and recommended fats for pregnant women) I am exercising every day (prenatal yoga and stationary bike) and have done my best every day of my pregnancy. I am now at 36 weeks. I would hate for you to beat yourself up or feel bad about yourself if you are pregnant and you do put on the weight you're concerned about. So just keep everything in perspective. You will lose weight breastfeeding and after the pregnancy naturally too! Don't forget that.


I had no issues losing weight after my pregnancy, and breastfeeding probably helped, but it was during that I felt ick. Ima try and go in with a diff mindset this time, and I love that youve been working out everyday, wow.. That motivates me. Im so very sorry to hear about your mom <3 All the best to you and LO <3


Thank you ❤️❤️❤️


My friend got pregnant when she was overweight. She talked it all out with her OB and then started to eat healthier. She didn't gain a single pound during the pregnancy and got out lighter than she was in the beginning! As long as you're not calorie restricting I think it should be fine.


Same. My pregnancy was a bit of a surprise so my weight wasn’t great. I’ve actually lost over 30lbs since getting pregnant. I’m now 22 weeks. I was diagnosed as diabetic when they found out I was pregnant so I started treating my diabetes then. So between that (eating better) and nausea and stopping my psych meds... I’ve been losing weight my whole pregnancy so far and baby has been growing fine. My goal is not to lose weight, it’s to be healthy. I obviously don’t go hungry or anything. I just monitor my blood sugar. Weight won’t look same every pregnancy.


Yep! I lost about 15 throughout my pregnancy but my doctor was ok with it! Baby grew on track. :)


Yeah?? wow good to know! Nothing like a little baby to motivate you either :)


I'm 100lbs overweight so I am really not looking forward to gaining any more heh...it gives me a lot of anxiety really, but my damn nausea (still in first tri) seems to only respond to eating something and so I know I've been eating too much just to make the nausea go away.


I have a friend who was about the same and she had 2 perfectly healthy babies. Definitely get good prenatal care but just wanted to say it is possible.


I was heavier than I have been previously when I found out I was pregnant. I’ve been active and exercising moderately. At 20 weeks I’m about 10 lbs lighter than my pre pregnancy weight. My stomach has popped but my arms and legs feel more toned, my face slimmer. I’m eating well. Baby is doing great so far so I hope to continue to be quite active until it starts to feel taxing or uncomfortable. My Dr is very supportive and said to just listen to my body.


This is my third pregnancy, and I definitely started out in worse shape than my prior two, also thanks to the pandemic. Probably tipping into “overweight” territory, at least as far as BMI is concerned. I managed much better this time through probably the first 30 weeks not gaining as much as I did with my other two. Now I’m 38 weeks and my weight gain definitely picked up — but that’s as it should be for this stage. I’ll still come out having gained less than at least with my second baby. I honestly didn’t do much, I just lost my notoriously bad sweet tooth for the first two trimesters. I can’t do much in terms of being active as I have severe SPD; if I could have, I’d have come out even better I bet. Overall, I’m quite happy. So, yes, I think it’s definitely possible, if the stars align and pregnancy is treating you well.


Today is my due date and I’ve gained 20 pounds during pregnancy. I feel large, but I still work out most days (barre about 5 days a week, plus a walk every evening). First trimester I could barely get out of bed though.


I did a little bit. My hubby and I started eating healthier and exercising more the same week we found out we were pregnant. So for the first trimester I basically fluctuated and stayed within the same 10-pound range I started in. I’m 36 weeks now, and I’ve gained a total of about 20-25 pounds this pregnancy, which is around normal if I remember right. So while I definitely still gained weight I was able to stay in the proper range. Otherwise I very likely would have gained much more than I should have. Hope that helps!


Just came here to echo what other folks have shared to focus on being healthier (eating a more balanced diet + safe exercises) as opposed to weight gain. You could have two people with identical heights & weights eat and work out the same but end up with different results. You didn't mention BMI specifically, but I also personally think BMI is kind of a joke and not this grand indicator of health like some people make it out to be. At 5'4", 155 lbs pre-pregnancy I fell into the overweight category, but with consistently good blood work, 3-5 workouts a week, and a decent diet, I (nor any doctor) was ever worried about it. I'm now 20 weeks pregnant and have only gained 5 lbs, which I know will change drastically by the end. I've definitely indulged in sweets, but the lack of booze has certainly helped balance that out. Like most, I felt pretty terrible during the first trimester and started working out (reformer pilates classes) again last week despite not wanting to, and it has been so helpful for the soreness. I don't have the stamina/strength I used to, but I'm proud of myself for showing up and know that it's making me stronger. Since becoming pregnant, I've never felt the same as I did pre-pregnancy, but a good diet and exercise have been extremely helpful (go figure haha)!


I’ve pretty much stayed around my pre-pregnancy weight the whole pregnancy. I’ve eaten as healthy as I can, but really struggled through the first trimester and have spent a lot of time eating takeout in the third because of bedrest and hospitalization. I’ve had an overall really unhealthy pregnancy with lots of issues and would’ve preferred to gain weight but still be able to go for walks with my dogs or enjoy time with my family.


A lot of women lose weight the first trimester... Puking every day and food aversions will do that. If you follow a healthy pregnancy diet and don't just carbo load and eat sweets all the time, plus some exercise you should be fine.


Yes. Never been in such a bad shape as during this pregnancy and im gaining perfect despite eating everythibg i feel like and when im hungry. You will be fine^^


Gaining weight during pregnancy is not guaranteed. I weighed less after giving birth than before getting pregnant because my first trimester was sooooo rough that I basically lost weight for 3 months and gained it back over the rest. Probably lost some muscle too. But, that said, pregnancy is often really rough and if I felt like I needed to exercise and eat particularly right now (10w), I would probably have a mental breakdown for real


So far I’ve gained 8 pounds (I’m 23 weeks) and don’t want to gain too much more since I was already overweight and very petite. For y’all that didn’t gain much weight, any recommendations on diet and exercise routines that kept you in check?


I was in the same boat - had a few extra pounds thanks to the pandemic! I felt so nauseas in my first tri that I lost about 8-10 lbs which put me right back at my prepregnancy weight and I was happy lol. I walk the dog 2-3 times a day but I don’t do anything much more strenuous as I don’t have the energy. My diet has been higher in carbs than usual but honestly you will likely be forced to go with the flow of what your body needs! ETA I’m 18w now and maintaining/gaining small amounts.


I gained 30lbs during covid which was awful, and now I am 8 weeks pregnant. My doctor just said don’t gain more than 20lbs while pregnant and be sure to eat very healthy to try to avoid gestational diabetes.


I gained weight over pandemic too between just being quarantined and then hormones for IVF. So I too started off heavier than I would have preferred, yet both the fertility doctor and my OB said that gaining a little weight prior may have actually helped me get pregnant! Now at 28w4d pregnant, I’ve gained 23 pounds (just got weighed today) and my OB is totally happy with how I’m progressing. Baby is fully healthy and really the only areas that “bother” me visually now are the same as before I got pregnant. The only area I notice a little more, aside from the obvious giant belly and increasingly growing boobs, are a little weight in my jawline and some swelling in my feet and ankles. Bottom line, unless your doctor is concerned about weight gain, stop worrying, a lot of it will go away once you give birth because it’s temporary (the placenta, the baby, the additional water and blood weight). You’re creating a human life, give yourself a break.


Yes! Walking helped me LOADS. 10k steps a day…


First of all who said that losing weight while pregnant its not healthy?? I started my pregnancy at a weight i was working on to reduce, i went to a dietitian at 5 months and he made me a healthy meal plan. i was losing weight but the growing baby started to keep up and i gained only 7 kg until the delivery. My baby was born 4.550kg + the water + the placenta +the extra blood in my veins... The very next day of the delivery i weighted my self and i was 9 kg down, now 5 months later i am 16kg down. So no losing weight (properly) while pregnant does not effect the baby, the baby will take what it needs from you, the supplements the doctors give are not for the baby, it's mostly for you so you won't run out 😂. If you you have any questions i am happy to answer.


My pregnancy experience has been very different from what I expected. I belief I was experiencing grief before I conceived. We struggled to conceive for 2 years and I was burnt out from grad school and work. I was overweight and emotional eating in the evenings. My appetite changed early in my pregnancy. I felt full very quickly and my portion sizes changed drastically. I’m guessing that between the growing uterus and stomach fat, there wasn’t a lot of space in my stomach. I also never experienced ravenous hunger at any point in my pregnancy, so I was well-satiated with meals and occasional snacks. Rather than pushing myself to rigorously exercise, I made a goal to be leisurely active everyday - evening walks, swimming etc. My goals was motivated by my doula telling me this would help the baby get into a good position for birth. Fascinating for me, my emotional eating has completely stopped. It’s made me realize that I wasn’t doing as well emotionally as I had assumed at the time. I just don’t have cravings or urges to eat treat foods anymore. I was obsessed with Cheetos (no joke) before getting pregnant and I have no interest in them now. I’m going to explore this with my doctor after giving birth, because I’m curious if there is a hormonal component to this. So, I’ve never intended to lose or maintain my weight - I was really okay with whatever happened in order to grow a baby, but I’ve lost 10 lbs (probably more considering weight gain from fluid, baby and placenta) and maintained that loss for several weeks. Im now 34+ weeks and assume it will be about the same until I give birth. I’ll obviously keep gaining baby weight. I’m not saying this to suggest anyone else will be similar, or that this should be a goal for anyone else. It’s honestly been an intuitive process as my body has responded to pregnancy.


Actually just finished my pregnancy (2 weeks postpartum), and had this exact experience. Started out at an unhealthy weight, typical covid weight gain story, and came out of it much healthier. I gained about 10 pounds altogether and even lost some here and there, which wasn't intentional or expected! My first two pregnancies I gained much more, which makes me think it has a lot to do with physical activity. I stayed very active this time around, did yoga 3 times a week until my sciatica caused me to call it quits, and walked nearly every day right up until the end. I also ate balanced meals and made healthy choices MOST of the time, often pretending things like ice cream didn't exist. I'm not at a weight I'm exactly comfortable with now, but I am feeling good and have recovered from the birth as well as a tubal ligation pretty quickly, which I also think has a lot to do with keeping active during and after pregnancy. Feel so much better this time than my previous pregnancies!


I was heavier to begin with when I got pregnant and my doctor specifically told me not to gain any weight. I’m 16 weeks so far and haven’t gained anything. I’m not actively trying to lose but I’m more conscious about what I am eating…with the occasional treat because I am growing a human after all lol


I feel like I have gained a lot of weight in my pregnancy, but it's a twin pregnancy so I'm trying not to worry too much about it. I started out my pregnancy in pretty good shape overall, but I actually LOST almost 15lbs in my first trimester because I was just so nauseous all the time and had no appetite. I stopped running when I got pregnant, mainly because I was so nauseous, but I really regret not keeping up with it before my bump got so big that I can't really do it now anyway.


Definitely talk to your doctor, and even ask for a referral to a dietitian. I think it's a great idea to improve your lifestyle when you're pregnant, though you'll definitely want to make sure you're not doing too much. You want to make sure the food you're eating is nutrient dense, so some guidance is a great idea. Lots of others are recommending lots of fruit and veggies, which is very true and these are excellent snacks, but don't forget that pregnant women need protein and iron too. Calcium is often one that gets forgotten, even though the baby sucks it out of us, so many sure you're consuming dairy as well. My mom is a registered dietitian, and highly recommends pregnant women have 3 cups of milk a day, to help protect your bones (especially important if you have a family history of osteoporosis, which I do.) And be gentle on yourself if pregnancy is hard, and you don't hit your goals too. I have terrible pregnancies, and gain a lot of weight in them, but after I get back to being active and eating well. And I was able to keep eating well (healthy nutritious food) going through my pregnancies (though our meals were healthy, my snacks were less healthy lol), just not being active much at all. I didn't stress about it, especially the second time, because I was able to get back on it after, which I have. I also splurged on really good strollers and other outdoor gear, so I could be active in nearly all weather (definitely saved my sanity!) I also got into batch cooking, to make that chore easier. So I batch cook a BIG batch of something, then there's less temptation to eat out all the time, less quick trips to the grocery store when we needed something, and we'd always get treats (meal planning a full week of meals never worked for me before, where only planning 2-3 meals a week works WAY better.) If you're up for it, you can try this in pregnancy, but again it's okay if you're not. Oh and if you aren't up for it, I do recommend cooking sitting down. I'd do nearly everything sitting at my kitchen island, using my instant pot (it has a saute function, so I could do a lot with just it.) Just have to figure out a way to do these little things, that help a TON! Good luck!


Same. I started with an overweight BMI and I am currently at 29 weeks pregnant with about 10 pounds total gained. I worked out three times a week with a trainer all through my first/second trimester and ate much healthier. I was definitely tired but i was lucky not to have too much nausea. Some days my workout was walking, I tried to just listen to my body’s limits. I will say that weight gain for me was basically nothing for months and then suddenly I gained almost all 10 pounds within a couple weeks at the end of my second trimester. I’ve heard a lot it also can be genetic in the way your body responds to pregnancy. Like, lucky me I have a ton of stretch marks and facial pigmentation haha.


I actually lost weight both pregnancies, due to gd (gestational diabetes). Gained most of it back while breastfeeding though😂 you an totally have a healthy pregnancy, but it's important not to go overboard and make losing weight a priority.


This was me! I was 3 months pregnant when lockdown in the UK started. I was quite unhealthy and unfit but because off all the extra time I got when I was put on furlough I managed to get exercise in everyday and eat really well, sleep well too. So overall my health and fitness levels improved loads throughout my pregnancy. When I gave birth after loosing the baby weight I found I was a size smaller than before pregnancy.


Yes, in fact my midwife suggested I diet while pregnant. Only gained 11 pounds, mostly in 3rd trimester. Ate high protein, leafy greens, low/no sugar diet and drank 3 liters of water daily. Plus 2 mile walks and yoga every day. I was healthier while pregnant than I am now!


Great question! I am 10w+2 and I am upset because I started this off about at a 24 BMI (that’s right before I’d be classified as overweight) and my doctor said around 25 lbs would be good for me. I really don’t want to go over 20 though and I think 15 would be ideal. I just don’t want to be unhealthy. I’m 5’1 at 129 and I feel like a butterball. The heaviest o ever was was 140 (not pregnant) and I just looked and felt so unhealthy. I really wish I had gotten down to a healthier weight (115-120) before I had gotten pregnant.


I gained weight during the pandemic and out of stress probably. I didn't really mind, but I did feel out of shape and breath at times since I am working from home and not usually walking about like I used to. When I found out I was pregnant I started to take longer walks, eating healthier, and drinking tons more water. Nothing crazy. I began to lose weight right away and freaked out a bit - my ob didn't mention my weight though - around week 12ish I started to gain a visible bump and had a steady gain weight since, now at 29wks close to what my pre-pregnancy weight was. At my prenatal appointments measurements and weight for the baby have always been in normal range, but I technically "exchanged" pounds I guess. Pregnancy is still uncomfortable for me but I think it would have been worse if I had not made healthier choices at the beginning. Every body is different, so maybe for other people a light workout routine might work better though


I started at 215. In week 30 currently with a 9 pound weight gain. Usually I gain 40ish pounds so this is nice. I'm not swelling as bad.


Just do the best you can with eating healthy but don’t beat yourself up over giving into cravings or take a bigger portion every once a while. If you exercise regularly you can continue what your doing as long as dr oks it and you feel up to it. If not then just keep to light exercises like daily walks or prenatal yoga. Again only if you feel up to it.


I lost 30ish pounds in the first 20 weeks of pregnancy and I can’t explain physically or medically how I started at 180, dropped down to 150, came back up to 160 and am now sitting at 170. I told my doctor about this and because baby is healthy and is actually measuring ahead that there’s no reason to worry too much and it’s just how my body reacted to pregnancy 🤷‍♀️ I go for my glucose test at the end of the month


I’m 31 weeks and I’ve gained 3kg so far - the fetus is 2kg of that and then there’s all the other stuff that supports a baby. So I have lost weight. But I’m only doing it on a GD diet, fully managed by my OB and a nutritionist, to ensure I and the fetus are healthy. I am not exercising as I’m unable to, so it’s all about the food. I still eat a lot of protein, vegetables and dairy. But it’s basically no sugar and only limited carbs. Gestational diabetes…. It’s a pain in the butt when all you want is ice cream and cake, but it does help your diet!


It’s not always true that it’s unhealthy to lose weight during pregnancy. This is a blanket statement that doesn’t really apply- I lost weight during my pregnancy and it was perfectly healthy for my situation. Baby boy was almost 9lbs at birth, perfectly healthy. That being said, you really need to talk to your doctor to discuss what’s a healthy expectation for you. I definitely feel much better now than I did before my pregnancy because I’ve been more active and taking care of myself better. Even if you don’t lose weight, introducing activity and taking good care of yourself will definitely make you feel better in the long run!


I started my pregnancy at my heaviest ever weight of 118kg. I had constant nausea, loss of appetite and smell aversion for the whole 38 weeks. Lost 16kg while pregnant. Baby was absolutely fine thankfully, grew on schedule and was born at a healthy weight. I wish I had been lighter and fitter when I fell pregnant. I now have chronic hip pain that keeps me awake at night (a cruel irony as bubs is 1yo and sleeps through for 12 hours). I am slowly trying to clean up my dietary act and start walking now, as we plan to start trying for number 2 early next year and I want to be in a better place healthwise when we do.


This is my exact situation! I’m 8 weeks now but weeks 6-7 were hell in terms of cravings and general sluggishness. I would say to you, don’t beat yourself up if you give in to the cravings. But now that I’m personally feeling a lot better, my goal is to hit reset and get back on track with clean eating and my pre-pandemic workouts (with adjustments from my doctor, of course). Good luck!


As an obese woman, I had the same fears. But I ended up losing 24lbs (NOT RECCOMENDED) due to 1st trimester sickness, and now I'm still 12lbs under what I started at. My advice would be just let it go- it was hard because I desperately wanted to eat healthy, but when you're always sick you just gotta eat what sounds good and tbh what sounds good is carbs🤷🏽‍♀️ I'd say be mindful but also don't count calories and limit yourself if you're craving it your baby needs something. It can always be lost after giving birth 😊


I was almost “overweight” when I got pregnant. I have been careful to eat a healthy diet (without restricting) and stay active. I’ve gained 8lbs & I am currently 20 weeks. Which is different from my first. I gained 50 pounds with him. 🤪


I lost 20lbs after my son was born. I had barely gotten back to my pre-pregnancy weight before having the C-section at 35 weeks (because of pre-eclampsia). However, take it with a grain of salt because I was "obese" at the beginning of the pregnancy.


I was in the same scenario! IVF helped me gain 15-20 extra pounds and I couldn’t lose it all back before my successful embryo transfer. Doctor said don’t worry about it and just do the transfer because my BMI wasn’t too bad still. So I got pregnant and only gained 18-20 lbs, it wasn’t so bad. I could not eat an extra 200-300 calories a day as is recommended. I just ate healthy to the point I felt full (thanks to pandemic, I did not eat out a lot) and did gentle workouts almost every day (started workouts in 2nd trimester). I did overdo carbs in the first trimester but relaxed that and went higher on protein later and only ate a dessert 1-2x a week. 3rd trimester I’d have extreme hunger pangs and did bump up frequency of meals. I weighed myself daily to ensure I wasn’t going out of control. Delivered a healthy 7 lb baby and lost 20 lbs 8 days after delivery. I did get last moment pre eclampsia and HELLP syndrome so I was hospitalized for a full week after delivery so not sure if that played a part in the rapid weight loss.


I have pancreatic insufficiency and diabetes so it is *really* difficult for me to gain weight. I've spent the majority of my adult life between 105 and 115. Four years ago was when I weighed 87lbs and it's been a hard road back. I was roughly a buck twenty when I got pregnant, and I'm sitting at damn near 155 atm. I'm hoping that once I do give birth, (next few days) I'll end up around 130 as would be more appropriate for my body type and health problems. It just took the pregnancy to catapult me into a "healthy" weight bracket, and honestly I'm super thankful for it. It just blows my mind when I see some women gaining like 15lbs for the entire pregnancy and then someone like me, of all people, puts on almost 30 pounds like *that*. That kinda just shows me how much of a deficit I was running to begin with. The human body is crazy, man.


I worked out 3-5 days a week when I was pregnant and ate mostly plant based and still gained a bit over 35 pounds. Every body is so different! I did lose 20 of it one week postpartum though, I think it was mostly water weight/fluids! I’m 3 weeks PP and expecting the rest to fall off soon


I lost weight during both of my pregnancies (im obese) and neither me or my babies were unhealthy If you normally eat unhealthy and then when you get pregnant you make a switch and eat healthy foods, you are bound to loose weight That doesnt make it unhealthy though, your baby is still getting every nutrient it needs to grow and be healthy


Exercise is okay, but do NOT go into calorie deficit by reducing food intake. Nutrients are vital for your baby. Reducing food intake reduces the amount of nutrients you consume.


I put on just over a stone during the pandemic but due to severe sickness and not being able to eat a great deal I actually lost 1&1/2 stone in the first 15 weeks of pregnancy. In now 19+1 and I've only put on 1.5lbs as I'm getting my appetite and energy back. Mostly though I'm just being kind to myself with how unwell I've been so I'm trying not to worry about weight gain and just doing what my body needs.


I was working on losing weight just before I got pregnant. I'd actually lost around 10-15 lbs. Then got pregnant, proceeded to hold my exact same weight or lose weight due to constant nausea in the first trimester. I'm in my second trimester and very slowly gaining pregnancy weight but very carefully choosing which carbs to eat when. Carbs cause most weight gain, and baby doesn't need calories as much, so I'm focusing on balanced fat and protein intake as well as veggies and fruits, along with regular exercise. Seems to be working so far! Good thing my main craving is beef 😂


I hate to say it but you do sound a bit obsessed already with numbers and the scale. Trust me when I say you will gain weight. The baby, fluid and placenta all have weight. Its all part of pregnancy! I am 5'2" and have barley gone over 150 and I'm nearing the end. Yes of course you can maintain a healthy weight while pregnant💕💕💕 Also too horomones will be at play making your body change every week and that can make you feel out of control or give you the false sense of gaining. I would say don't weigh yourself and only do it w the ob or a nurse. You're going to have days where you feel bloated etc. I don't know where the idea ever came from- that you can't maintain a healthy weight while pregnant in the first place. Of course you can and it's only up to you my love. You're not supposed to eat for two, hoping you know that through and through. You will do a great job. Try not to worry and get some maternity leggings so if and when your shape begins to change (not necessarily weight) you have something to wear that'll make you feel sane, cute and comfy. **I should add that I started at around 140 and am up to 151 at 34 weeks


You won't gain as much weight if you started out heavier.