40+4 and still pregnant

40+4 and still pregnant


I think it’s super interesting to plug dates into [this](https://datayze.com/labor-probability-calculator)! Within the next 10 or so days, you’ll have a super snuggly newborn! Hang in there. Laying on your belly after delivery is a special treat. Bending over to tie your shoes without feeling like you’re gonna die. Teeny toes and fingers. Hope that’s helpful encouragement. 😂


Oh it so is LOL! thank you 💕


Tomorrow's my due date and I hear you! I can't even imagine ANOTHER WEEK hope your baby shows up asap :)


41 weeks today so all the sympathy my friend. My first came at 40+4 but my second stayed in till 41+4 and at this point all I am hoping is to have this child before 42+4. The waiting sucks, and it is so uncomfortable but I promise you will get thru it and it will be worth it in the end no matter how it comes about. Good luck!


I really hope your oB doesn’t let you go past 42 weeks. That’s super dangerous for baby.


Even going past 41 is super dangerous.


Yeah. I am more of a fan of 39 week inductions. I had a very successful 39 week induction. I will be asking my oB and midwife about scheduling 39 weeks again if i don’t go into labor before then.


So will I. I don’t want to go anywhere close to 41 weeks


Hang in there! I was 41+1 when babe showed up. The waiting is miserable so I won’t pretend it’s not - I’ll just say eventually the baby comes and you’ll be on your way to recovery and mamahood. Wishing you a safe and healthy delivery!💕


I was 41+1 with my firstborn too!! Now I’m 36+3 with baby #2 and I cannot fathom how I managed to make it so far past due date last time… oh well, if I did it once I can do it again if I need to right??


Exactly! You’ve got this. My baby had to be evicted via emergency induction due to low fluid.🤦🏻‍♀️


Oh man! Hope everyone is okay and healthy now <3


Thank you! He’s now 7 weeks and the best thing to ever happen. The love is real.


thank you! I need to stop letting myself that, eventually, this baby has to come out LOL one way or another. <3


I'm 40+2 and feeling this! I'm a FTM and my provider will let me go to 41 weeks, but after that, I'll have to induce. I don't really want an induction just because I'd like to have my labor start slow (whereas I've heard pitocin ramps up powerful contractions right away), but I'm SO tired of being pregnant. Here's to hoping labor starts soon for you and me!


I was induced with pitocin at 41, and it actually took forever for things to pick up at all. Everyone’s different I guess 🤷‍♀️


Ugh I definitely am right there with you I’m so sorry. Praying for a speedy safe delivery for all of us ❤️


41+1 and I feel you. I feel so stuck and restless. I’ve also been super nit-picky with my poor husband… I’ve got nothing to do other than nag him about stupid shit. I need the baby to arrive!!


I'm 39+6 and I was about to post something similar. Omg I am so ready for this baby!!!! I've seriously considered drinking castor oil, but I'm scared that it will hurt the babe. Tomorrow I'm calling my doc and begging for an induction or a membrane sweep or SOMETHING.


it'll give you the runs more than doing anything to babe, and the runs may not even get you into labour


The blob comment is perfect. Same for trying to roll in bed. I'm 38+3 and ready to get this show on the road but I can just sense mine going to be late


38+3 and ready to get his baby out too. I begged my OB to induce at 39, I can’t take it anymore.