What's the worst injury that still affects you today?

What's the worst injury that still affects you today?


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Um, being sexually assaulted by my gynecologist to the point that I am not physically a virgin anymore, but was prior, because the evidence was, well, extensive and extreme and I worry about my future sex life because of it and I’m turning fucking 30 in a month. FML


Obviously your trust with medical professionals is shot but I would seriously suggest getting yourself examined thoroughly by SOMEONE so that you can prevent any long term damage


It is. I’m working on it through therapy. Thank you. I am definitely looking for a good OBGYN but the midwife I was seeing just left the area so that sucks too because she was so kind and wonderful and I know a few other people who plan to travel the two hours away to still see her, so my neighborhood speaks for itself I think.


That is absolutely awful, I'm so sorry that happened to you. Healing isn't linear! It's okay to take awhile to recover from stuff like that, it's complicated and scary. Were you able to get them fired?


Same thing happened to me couple years ago during a smear check. Way too rough, I screamed at her to get the duck bill thing out. I left in tears. I wrote a letter of complaint , her reply was her denying everything. To take it further would have meant court with her word over mine. It didnt go to that, I felt particularly powerless due to the nurses, doctors, all being related, almost a family run practice. I knew I'd have chance and dropped it.


I’m so sorry. The office denied everything when I immediately reacted and she fled the room. It’s so disturbing that women won’t protect other women. I would never want even my worst enemy to experience this.


No, I didn’t pursue anything and I really regret it now but I didn’t know what was even happening at first until a nurse came in and tried to say I had just started my period. I mean the “covering it up” thing is the worst part really. She was too rough and she knew it. She left the room immediately and I never saw her again and she left the area shortly after.. I am working through it in therapy but yea, it’ll be a lifelong issue unfortunately.


I'm so sorry, that's awful. Don't feel bad for not reporting! You did your best. You deserved better than that. I hope the road ahead of you is as smooth as it can be ❤


Thank you so much for your kindness. :)


Oh Honey, I'm so sorry this happened to you,. It was gross and cruel and unfair and monstrous, and I hope they go to jail forever for it. Wishing you loads of healing and happiness in your future. {{{HUGS}}}


Thank you 🌷🙏




I threw out my back a few years ago and have to be careful for relapses. It's already seized up once since. I'm in my mid 20s


I hurriedly moved a case of water about 5-6 months ago and threw out my back. It’s been tender ever since. I’ve been doing yoga off and on and I feel like this has helped a bit.


Look at the bright side, how’s your front? Sorry about your pain.


Sorry, my front?


Your front, meaning the other side of your back.


I am currently recovering from throwing my back out last week. I have thrown my back once every few years in the Fall for the last maybe 10 years. Why Fall I have no idea. It blows.


Same happened to me when I was 15 and it keeps coming back every couple of years. I am ending my 20s now haha and it has become less frequent, but still a weak spot of mine. Need to be very careful because of it. Exercising and strengthening the muscles work to prevent it from happening often! BUT be really careful because wrong movement during exercising can also cause it to happen again :(


Yep! Exercising helps, buy it has to be done just so. Glad yours has become less frequent


I just got off Workers Comp for throwing out my back. Lots of Physio has helped so far, thank God, but going forward I'm super nervous about throwing it out again.


I was hit by a drunk driver fourteen years ago (I was also driving a car) and I will have back pain/issues for the rest of my life. Overall I do alright but I can't do some things and some days are indescribably painful.


Drunk driver story's always makes me so mad


They should be not allowed to drive ever again.


My uterus ripped during an emergency c-section and since then I always get really bad cramps on my period.


A UTI that wreaked such havoc that my bladder was permanently damaged and weakened. 13 years later and I'm still in the hospital because of it roughly 3 times a year.










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I got bit in the face by a shih tzu when I was a toddler. I still have some faint scars around my right eye as an adult and my eyelid muscle is slightly weaker on that side.


I would not leave my bed for days at a time while I was in middle school due to anxiety and depression. I became weak and my posture was greatly worsened. I still have serious back pain on the daily and have to go to a chiropractor constantly.


Separated both shoulders skating roller derby 12ish years ago. (Didn’t tuck my shoulder for hits, bad habit). Have to hug a pillow when i go to sleep on my side so my shoulders don’t scrunch together, which makes me really sore. Pretty sure both rotator cuffs are screwed, too.




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I got a few. My now-husband and I were at a house party with a bunch of his friends. They're all "well past the point of making good decisions" drunk, I'm completely hammered off my ass. Anyways, someone breaks out a grappling hook and some rope. No one exactly remembers how this went down, but "hrrdrr we should totally test this out" was apparently a group decision, so we all went upstairs. All eyes landed on me, because something something SmolPerson^TM and they were a bunch of tall mofos. Anyways, got me rigged up easily enough, went out a 2.5 story window. My end held up, but whatever AC unit or radiator they had mounted it to, didn't hold, and it followed me out. Competely destroyed my left knee, broke my ankle, got a decent concussion out of it, and came within about a foot of getting brained by a AC unit or something (idk, drunk AF and it was almost 20ish years ago) that was the size of me. Running's still an adventure that takes way more prep than it should. ... My old man was an abusive drunk asshole when I was growing up. Got cigarette burns all over, because "hrrdrr if your daughter gets mouthy use her as a fn ashtray" was something he frequented. Also thanks to him and weaponizing busted beer bottles, my face kinda looks like Anakin Skywalker and Tom Berenger from Platoon had a bastard child who turned out to be a girl.


Jesus Christ, are u good?


Lmao yeah I'm fine. I still run/am active etc, I'm just late 30s with a old woman's stretching requirements afterwards etc. After that it's just being fueled by spite, black coffee and sometimes whiskey. .......and the whole "I got Anakin Skywalker and Sgt Barnes' face" part fucked with my confidence for a long time, nowadays I'm whatever about it and have some fun with it.


Broke a window and cut some tendons in my hand about a decade ago. One of my fingers still doesn't work. Good thing I never dreamed of being a pianist I suppose.


Horse flipped over on top of me and crushed the muscles in my leg. I have a lot of chronic leg pain because of it.


I have a TBI...traumatic brain injury. My ex abused me. It's caused a lot of mental and physical problems.


I dislocated my knee cap a few years ago and was really busy at the time and never made getting to the dr a priority. Now 5 years later my knee dislocates randomly and hurts more often than not. Dumbass move.


Similar here: a bad sprain that has been with me for 15+ years. I did get to the doctor initially, to x-ray it, but never had a follow-up visit because my knee _almost_ healed. Running and jumping are still out of the question because it can sprain or dislocate randomly, I have to be very careful with other sports activities like stretching and squatting, and wearing anything but flats/sports shoes for more than a few hours means several days of joint pain afterwards. But hey, my knee predicts the weather!


I had a kidney and liver transplant. Everything is fine but my back. It’s aches really bad at the worst times. It feels really warm on my back on the lower right side like a palm size spot. It’s weird


I self harmed in my teens and now I have scars. Its not physical but it affects me because I go to the beach less...


When I was 7, I was hanging upside down the monkey bars. I was about to do a flip but I slipped and fell on my back. I was in gymnastics so doing a flip wasn’t difficult. After falling on my back, I’ve had trouble breathing. My asthma got worse. I have to use an inhaler everyday. I have to inhale deeply or I feel like I’m suffocating. I have been to many doctors but no one has been able to help me. If I am running or dancing or doing any kind of physical/strenuous activity I have to have my inhaler with me otherwise I would pass out. It’s been years and yet I still feel my chest is constricted.


Oh wow, almost this exact same thing happened to me, I also did gymnastics to boot! Worst thing is that I absolutely love running, but can't do it for more than a few minutes, even with the inhaler - and I'm in great shape. I had a nurse tell me that she had the same issue, and after a long process of going through drs, was told she had to "relearn" how to breathe deeply/use her diaphragm more, because she was in a constant state of hyperventilating. Not sure if thats what we have but it was very interesting to hear.


I haven't been on a see-saw since I was in 3rd grade and it hit my crotch area. I haven't been on one since.


Oh, I have a story for this one. In high school I did crew and after each practice, 8 of us carried the boat up the hill to the boathouse. Well, one of my teammates was an aggressive idiot and constantly tried to piss everyone off. We were on a very steep incline with me and her at the bottom with two others on the other side. She yelled SNAKE and everyone panicked, dropping the boat. I didn't drop it (it was brand new and $50,000) so it fell on me, crushing me against the ground. Spinal compression, pinched nerve under the scapula, minor concussion from being hit in the head by the boat's rigger and a one inch gash on my leg from a screw. 3 months of intense PT and two years of slight rehab. Lost range of motion in my right arm and have chronic pain in my neck and shoulder. It's been nearly 10 years and it still affects me. I screamed bloody murder until the men's team assisted. The girl admitted there was no snake, she was just bored and annoyed the other girls weren't talking to her. I quit the team when she threatened to shoot me for crying over the injury and making her look bad.


You should have sued her. F that girl man. Wow.


I got kicked in the chest by a horse. He knocked the wind out of me, I thought I was dying and blacked out. My ribs still hurt when I drive long distances.


I was sitting with my legs hanging over the tailgate of a pickup. I got distracted while it was reversing and my leg got. Pinned between the truck and a wooden fence post. It was the day before my 11th birthday. My calf detached from the bone (got hit on my reflex area and my leg didn't have anywhere to move), my growth plates were diminished, and I still have no feeling on a certain part of my knee. I'm 39 now and have been under chiropractic care for 20 years. I still get back flareups on the regular (because one leg is shorter, keeping me misaligned). I also have a very debilitating back flare up from time to time (usually after "fight or flight" scenarios).


I have fracture deformities in my lower spine due to an abusive ex. 25 years later I still can't stand or walk for more than 10 minutes without severe pain. I've asked a couple of doctors about it, and they said there's nothing they can do.




Small accident, when i was a teenager. Fell of from a bike, had hit the wall with the shoulder, which impacted the spine... which is still playing a major role even after 2 decades.... permanently damaged a part.


Physical injury: Lower back injury from a gymnastics unit in middle school PE. I had to under go a few months of physical therapy and I had a doctors note that got me out of PE for over a year. It was great. Mental/Emotional injury: Sexual abuse. That stuff doesn’t go away and affects every. single. aspect. of my life.


I broke my coccyx falling down the stair six week after having a baby.....5 years on still not right


Hot oil burning almost my whole lap and leaving a huge scar. It's been almost 20 years but I'm still so self conscious. I love short skirts but anytime I wear them, I conscious of the fact that someone is staring at my scar. So for me, it's mostly superficial.


I severed a tendon in my left pointer finger by accidentally breaking a cup in my hand Thanksgiving weekend 2020, which required emergency surgery to fix. Only have 80% use of that finger now (which was best case scenario for that injury). It doesn’t affect me a ton, but just little things: that whole hand’s natural resting position now is with the fingers halfway curled up (due to the splint I had to wear on my whole hand/arm during recovery) and it will get stiff if I leave it that way too long; I usually drive primarily with my left hand on the wheel but now I have to switch back and forth because that hand gets tired/stiff; I can’t open twist off glass soda/beer bottles because I don’t have strong enough grip with that hand anymore, since that finger is critical for grip strength; my two-year-old, like any toddler, will grab an adult’s finger and pull it so they will follow him and he will inevitably grab my bad finger and YANK, which is very unpleasant. So yeah, nothing life-altering but it still affects me daily. I’m also worried that it will affect my ability to do water sports; I didn’t get to do any this year because I’m pregnant, but one of my favorite summer activities is kneeboarding and it requires a very strong grip to hold the rope/handle…


Broken tail bone and posssibbble torn rotator cuff. At the very least I damaged something around there but I’ve been reluctant to get it looked at because I’m being a child about it lol.


All my injuries have been pretty minor but if I have to choose one, I'd choose my jaw. I've dislocated it twice playing rugby and it still locks into place sometimes and makes eating chewy things difficult.


I tripped over a cord one winter almost 10 years ago someone left out in the snow. So I didn't see it. I hit the pavement really hard and landed on my hip. Took weeks before I could walk normally again It still hurts sometimes, especially with walking or cycling


Can't decide whether it's depression or when my last protegé trapped 2 of my fingers in a door.


My genes lol. My muscles aren't right, and my hip problems were neglected as a baby which is the reason why I have serious problems today. I also probably have hip dysplasia that the doctors missed (if treated as an infant it gets 100% healed, but isn't possible to fix later in life, for this reason every baby is checked for it. They wondered about me but in the end did nothing so thanks a lot) so instead of an easy pain free life, I do not have that. It is especially fun combined with the muscle thingy.


I broke my pelvis twice when I was younger (15 then again at 18) It was always frustrating to deal with but now that I'm about to have my second child this is so painful and such a hassle. Talk about NEVER being comfortable


Not really a serious injury, but I started ballet lessas an adult and it really ruined my knees. Like, they feel like there's swelling inside the joints... Kind of squishy and tender. And, according to my doctor, that's pretty much what it is. It comes and goes, depending on what kind of strain I put on them, but it's just really annoying.


I fell off my horse when I was 10 and hurt my ankle badly. We lived over an hour away from the nearest hospital/doctors so my mum didn’t bother taking me I just had to hop everywhere for months. It’s never felt “strong” since. I always roll/twist it and in December I stepped in a hole getting off the quad bike in long grass and badly sprained it again but I kept working and suffered through the excruciating pain. It’s still painful to this day and I also re-sprained it in July. 19 years on from that first injury and it still gives me pain. I’m going to the doctor to get it checked out soon and get physiotherapy. I was standing in the kitchen the other day making dinner and after standing for a long time it was so sore I couldn’t walk on it


Three herniated discs in my back, L4, L5 and S1, full sciatic nerve involvement. It happened while tearing down drywall. It will never fully heal, back injuries seldom do, my life will always have some level of pain, and frequent physical therapy is something I require. I have good years and bad years. Surgery won't fix it either. This is my life for the past 21 years.






Sustained a serious brain injury, thanks to cancer, that led to a handful of weeks on life support, and some lengthy impairment. Processing issues are pretty much resolved now, but there are still a few hunks of probably dead bone marrow that ache, and a skull plate/shunt that occasionally still itch. A subsequent heart rate restriction, which lasted for a few years, also threw a wrench into my career.


Fell down the stairs months ago. Screwed up my knee and ankle. Knee is fine, ankle is getting there. Still can't wear pumps without wobbling all over the place. Good thing I love flats, heh.


Slipped on the ice and broke my ankle. One surgery later I have screws holding my ankle together and I have minimal range of motion in it


Broke my ankle three years ago. I have to get regular cortisone injections (those are miserable, btw) to even have a little bit of function in the joint. I’m in constant pain. I’ve gained weight because my amount of exercise diminished so quickly. The weight gain makes the ankle hurt more which makes it even harder to exercise. Vicious circle.




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I'm lucky compared to other folks in this, but my ankles. I fucked them up over and over during those fun drunken college nights, and now every once in a blue moon they'll just give out on me. Over the ankle hiking boots help


Flew off a snow ramp while sledding as a kid and landed directly on my tailbone, knocking the wind out of me. My lower back has never been the same. Sometimes I can feel something is out of place and can "pop" my tailbone back into place.


Growing up with a narcissistic father with borderline and in a cult. I don’t know how I’ll ever completely recover from it all - I feel like I have emotional relapses from it all the time.




Yes, my father has borderline personality disorder and NPD and has been officially diagnosed as such.


Thanks -reinstated


My left knee subluxated 1-2 (sometimes more) times a month from when I was 10 till 20 or so. I was given exercises to do and if they even slowed it down it did not seem like it. Today my kneecap moves side to side instead of up and down, grinds, and last year I messed it up so badly getting shit out of the attic that I could barely stand up for 2 months. My PT thinks it is EDS and I agree, but haven't been able to get testing or further treatment due to the pandemic (my area is small and rural and peaked far after restrictions were lifted, which means that when I could have gotten help elsewhere I could not here, and now it's not so bad). I'd add, though, that the psychological damage from having a leg that can and would randomly collapse, set back progress, and cause tremendous pain any time is just as bad as the physical pain. I'm scared of falling. I'm somewhat scared of stairs (as it happened more than one on them, and my parents were weird about me going up and down stairs as a result). When I was in junior high, I fell so regularly that other girls would just come over and laugh and kick me for my random collapsing. I'm terrified of having to walk on snow and ice. I want to learn to ice skate but I'm positive I would permanently disable myself. tl;dr--have a hypermobile knee and am absolutely terrified of anything that might aggravate it.


Broke my finger on a t shirt and it still hurts sometimes.


A misplaced intramuscular injection severely damaged my ulnar nerve. I lost use of my hand and arm completely for about 3 months, then it took close to a year to regain some level of functionality. It’s been 12 years and my fingers are mostly numb on that hand and my grip on that hand is noticeably weaker. Luckily, it’s my non-dominant hand.


I dislocated my right elbow 2 years ago and it still gets really painful from time to time. It also hates anything that vibrates - as I found out yesterday, a lot of power tools are just too much for it. The pain and resulting instability go away with rest and kt tape, so it's not the end of the world.


Being assaulted at age 8 and the emotion damage led to valuing my body less in relationships since :(


My ex decided he wanted to do anal in the middle of us doing regular doggy and the trauma to my ass made a tear that never got to heal properly because, you know, I need to use it for pooping. So now it hurts and bleeds almost every time I shit unless I'm "lucky" enough to have fountain-butt.


Emotional toture


Had a spiral fracture of my tibia in 2018 at roller derby practice (X-ray pic in my post history) and had a rod put in. I usually can’t even go for a grocery run without limping by the end of it. Hoping to get the rod removed in the next couple years.


Hard Flacid/ pelvic floor injury


Beaten in the head with a crowbar. Short term memory problems, a tic when I'm tired, tinnitus, and it cracked my jawbone which got infected and gave me osteomyelitis, which gave me sepsis and my brain was affected.


Falling off of a toilet seat, all of my weight landed on my left ankle.


Giving birth three years ago still messes with my digestive system. A herniated disk in my neck is one year later just starting to improve.


Not the worst but i broke my finger doing gymnastics when i was 11 and even today i get random horrible stabbing pains out of nowhere in that finger.


I got into a car accident and I have lasting nerve injuries that won't go away, disc bulge touching a nerve. Suffice to say the person I was before is no more and I have to live with limited things that I can do.


I closed my foot in a steel gate 7 years ago. No breaks, apparently no signs of arthritis. I’m in pain most days and I have issues with my knee and hip frequently because of it. I work a physical job and am on my feet 12 - 16 hours a day.


Mine affects me mentally, i got an ACL tear and had to stop working out. Because i workout to avoid depression, after the injury i fell into a really really bad depression, then i gained weight because of reduced activity, then started abusing laxative in attempt to control my weight but now i cant 💩 without it lol. Honestly i never knew that the injury could lead to something this bad, and I haven't even gotten the surgery yet, because i dont want to be bedridden.


Vocal Nodes as a singer. Lost my voice for 7 months. I sneezed a little to hard earlier today and slightly lost my voice.


I messed up my back and shoulders by working in hairstyling. Only 2 years of school and 1 year of work and it got fucked up


I was thrown around pretty badly by a security guard at my university dorm. Dude was 6’5” and big and I was tiny. He thought it was funny to pick me up and drop me and also trip me and I fell on the same hip a lot. It’s twenty years later and I’m still in pain whenever it rains and/or I’m on my feet too much. I also still have anxiety attacks.


My ex purposely hurting me. He pushed me to a state where i was so numb and i ended up with dissociative disorder.. it’s such a terrifying thing to live with but hey at least i’m still here.


Tl;dr: Ankle. 6 pins, a plate, tendon anchor and cadaver parts trying to rescue my cat. My medial malice aka my ankle where it meets my leg was shatterd after a domestic violence incident. On top of LOTS of mental trama. My ex-fiance and I had decided to part ways after 8 years. I was coming home from work (still have a high visibility vest and ankle support boots on) and was sitting in my car waiting for him to leave after packing the last of his things. He's done and leaves so I go inside. It's trashed and he unplugged my wifi (I don't have a cell so I use wifi and my house phone to talk to anyone) so I'm plugging that back in when all of a sudden the front door bursts open. He's "taking the cat" (that my brother gave me and i've raised from a kitten - he was almost a year old.) He grabs my cat carrier, I say "not your cat carrier let alone your cat" and I take it away. He then runs around trying to catch the cat. I grab my house phone, announce that I'm calling 911 and follow him outside. Before he's even in the car I am sitting on the hood, my legs dangling off the side. I don't even remember having time to look down at my phone before he floored his vehicle without giving notice. He's going so fast and after a Second I realize he's not slowing or stopping. I lay on my belly and he suddenly breaks.... I go flying and "land" I'd guess 7ish feet from car. I uncontrollably roll until I lose momentum. He backs up and drives off. My house phone is too far away at this point to call anyone. I'm in the middle or the road yelling for help. My neighbor yells "I'm calling the police" and all I can think to say is "yes please he stole my cat!" I tried to get up to walk but my leg kept collapsing, I gave up when I slipped in the leaves and landed in the small ditch outside my property. The house phone was working here so I called my own help. He drives back around asking if I needed help...I say fuck off. He says "I hope you broke something bitch" In the end he didn't go to jail or have to pay any sort of reparations or fines. He got out of it because there were no witnesses. In the police report he claims he was "coasting" and I "jumped on the vehicle" and he hit the break. That's when "I fell off and broke my foot." When I reported him to his Insurance, I had to get the police report to file and realized there WAS SORT OF a witness. The neighbor (one who called police) had a statement that claimed she seen his vehicle leave "very fast." I still got denied compensation. Insurance argues he claims "after I had fell off is when he left fast." But I know he is lying so he either got his own F.O.I.A request (very tedious and against his character to do) and seen the police report or the insurance told him what she said to some extent for a decent rebuttle. because him knowing when to say he sped off to twist a witness statement seems unlikely for him to achieve by himself. He got to keep the cat because initially first responders said we've "been together for so long they can't sort out any belongings." Then when In court for my order of protection, I wanted ofc my cat and also the 2 mos rent he skipped out on. He claimed my cat "ran away." Judge didn't say much about it and as for compensation they don't "do thoes sorts of things" in op court. Made sure HE got back all of what he claimed was his though... same judge also asked me "how do I know he did it on purpose?" I have 6 pins in my leg, a plate, and cadaver parts and an anchor in my tendon. Spent from March till July in a wheelchair untill I was forced to go back to work 2 weeks after walking again. I first realized I miiight have ptsd when an aquantiance of mine said his cat had kittens and he would bring them down If I wanted to see them. I spontaneously broke down for like 15 minutes in front of 3 strangers. I still can't walk properly, have chronic pain, have trouble doing things I enjoy.


Getting hit by a truck while crossing a crosswalk. Broke my femur, foot, and fractured my pelvis in like 5 places, concussion too, of course. I already had what felt like a 60 year old back and knees, but getting hit by a vehicle really does a number on your body. Now my unaffected knee cracks constantly, and my affected knee is still numb in certain areas and it’s painful to do any type of kneeling, lunging, squatting, etc. so a lot of exercises and yoga poses are out of the question now. Also, TMI warning⚠️ !!! but having sex when I’m on top is ridiculously difficult and leaves my legs feeling like they’ve been snapped in half at the knees. And you can forget doggy style unless I have a huge pillow for my knees. I also never got to finish physical therapy because covid-19 cut it short and to finish it, I’d have to pay out of pocket which is complete bullshit.


Knee injury. Once they're broken/torn, they never go back to 100% :( I am super active and end up with some related injury/issues every few months


Cracked collarbone


I've hurt my knee 4 times and have had to have multiple surgeries. The first time basically made it more likely to happen again. So now along with dealing with a knee that is painful frequently, bad balance, and lower mobility I'm that joint, I'm also in fear of hurting it again pretty much constantly.


I was kicked in the chest while on the ground about 6 years back. it messed something up with my never/ rib. I have trouble taking a deep breath now. it's just a part of my life


a broken heart


Deez nuts.