What will you do if Zombies come to eat us (Creative Answers only)?

What will you do if Zombies come to eat us (Creative Answers only)?


Eat them back BRING IT ON!


*pants pants* I would.. hate that.. yes!


Kneel down and wait for my brainstem to be devoured, then merge with the infected hive mind.


Gardening, as one does.


I'd stay inside for a week or so. If the water was off I'd probably spend some time wishing I had a 10 gallon bucket with a seal-able lid to poop in. Not very creative, I know. Is what it is. Flesh that's no longer being protected by an immune system = zombie. Ever seen how fast dead eyes disappear? Fuckers would all be blind in days. After a week or two (if that long) they'd just be piles of blind, insect infested, bacteria ridden, decaying meat. Dead flesh doesn't respond well to changes in temperature, bacteria, or insects. Zombies shouldn't be super concerning, all in all. Clean-up after, though ... oof. On the bright side, if enough folks had become piles of stanky goo, there would be lots of loot up for grabs. *After* the zombies is when I'd get creative.


i'll tell them to stop.


Eat my own brain before they can.


Harpoon, shark cage. Amateur dentistry that I learned from a hell crow, he said caw caw run over the jaw with your truck caw caw- good advice thanks bird. I'd rent the prettiest ones out for bottle caps. 5 bottle caps gets you an hour. You can buy to own for 250 bottle caps. Past 3 months usage can count to the purchase price (50 paid in to this one, 200 more and it's yours to take home, you can have a free cardboard box to carry it in, do NOT TAKE OFF THE GIANT FOAM SPORTS FINGERS- if it scratches you...not my problem ) I'd donate all my bottle caps to charity though. I'm evil, I'm good, I don't know I'm just passing the time. Nothing should go hungry, well except the sexy zombies of course. Don't feed them after midnight, I almost forgot that rule.


Attempt to cultivate zombies that eat other zombies.


I'd be safe because I don't have a brain.


Chainsaw repair service and testing venue


My folks have a farm. I think we'll be fine


I’ll be ok. I like in a hipster suburb full of vegans.


Three words: Wetsuit, duct tape