People who have attended open casket -funerals, how do you feel about them compared to closed casket -funerals?

People who have attended open casket -funerals, how do you feel about them compared to closed casket -funerals?


It’s less awkward when you take a peak in the casket when it’s already open


It’s really weird to have a closed casket where I’m from.


Same. Actually, here if it’s closed you know the person inside ended up in a VERY bad state.


Or it’s a kid


Actual serious response: The families at closed caskets have all been more visibly upset. As the son of *the* doctor in a small town, I have been to way more funerals than I should have. I have been to the funerals of people who died brutally painful deaths but left their upper-body and face mostly untouched and able for open-caskets, and I have seen those who have lost their-loved ones in instantaneous fatal car-crashes, that needed to have the casket closed. Everyone really wants the very last second to say good-bye, right until they start shoveling the dirt, or they put them in the crematorium.


In my culture wakes at the persons homes with an open coffin is the norm. A closed coffin would feel strange.


Way better selfie potential


Been to two. One was an 18 year old friend who died of an OD. It was upsetting and I only looked for a second. His skin looked orangish pink. Very surreal. The other was a friends dad who was in his 60s. I just glanced and didn’t really look. I leave it to the family or personal wishes of the person how they want their funeral handled. Personally I want to be cremated. If I attend an open casket funeral I show respect. But it’s my choice how long and or even if to look. For me it’s upsetting and not how I want to see someone I knew and cared about. I prefer to remember them how they were.


If the casket is open it should be situated so you have to make an effort to see it. I never want to see a dead body, but have been to wakes where the body is right there when you walk in. I think that is horrible.


I found it creepy and upsetting. The deceased persons face had been "glued" into place, as Morticians have to do....but it gave a very unrealistic expression that freaked me (and others) out. I prefer closed casket.


I feel like it's kind of morbid to show off a dead body, however it is tradition.


Only ever been to one, and it was someone I didn't know and hadn't met before. It was awkward. And it felt sort of invasive to the person who had died. Perhaps I would have felt differently if I knew them? Idk. I respect that it's different norms and traditions in different places. It's just my norm hadn't exposed me to it until that time so it was just different I suppose. When I die. I don't want anyone gawping at my dead body. Period. I'm dead. My close family can have time with me when I'm freshly dead before I go in the coffin and other than that, close my coffin. Please and thank you.