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Bruh i fr thought they just kissed and bam pregnant


I thought all dogs were boys and all cats were girls.


I didn’t know things were supposed to go inside. I thought adults just humped each other.


i thought women swallow c*m and a baby comes out of the vagina. much like eating food and poop comes out your butt.


That 2 people have to like each other to have a kid


When I was very young, I used to think that being gay meant you thought the other person was the opposite gender even though they weren't. So two gay men both thought the other one was a woman, but in reality they were both men. I'm not entirely sure how I rationalised it, but again, I was very young lol


Haha so funny :D Imagine this "misunderstanding" revealed at some point in the relationship. I remember that there was an openly gay character in a popular soap opera and my friend had asked her mom what does "gay" mean. She had answered "it's when two men love each other". My friend told me this, and the next thing I know I explained to other kids that "gay is when a man loves a woman". Yeah, almost got it but not quite.


Had a school nurse tell us in a Worth The Wait assembly that butt plugs were to keep your shit inside because you ruined your sphincter from anal sex.


Seems an odd thing to bring up in school... Guess the nurse knows best... On a totally unrelated note what was her name


Nurse Stevenson just a school nurse not a day in day our nurse. Never learned her first name. She was wrong, of course. They were trying to curb a practice that I learned of in the late 90’s and is still being done by kids which is to do anal sex so you can remain a “virgin” which is a much riskier practice in an already risky population.


Well I did not think that's where that was going, thanks for the explanation :)


No problem. To anyone who may see this anal sex is not a safe alternative to vaginal intercourse. Without proper lubrication which the anus can’t produce the friction can cause micro-tears in the walls of the anus making very easy entry points for sexually transmitted organisms. It is much riskier for STI versus even unprotected vaginal intercourse. Always use condom.


I played "doctor" with a boy my age in kindergarten and got caught and in trouble by the babysitter. When I was in grade 2 or so I asked my mom about being pregnant and basically said when a man and woman's private parts touch...I freaked out thinking I was pregnant.


Girls have a pp which is just a little smaller and c*ndoms Where pills




Just the usually. The female needs to become fat to have a kid xD


I thought the kiss from when you got married made you pregnant. Seeing some movie where a lady was screaming in labor made me wish I'd never get married lmao


I thought tampons were shaped like door wedges and you walked them in. Didn’t realise they were absorbent.


Maybe not quite what your looking for, but once my mom told me the story of when I was born, but somehow young teen me thought she was telling me the story of the night I was conceived, which made it all horrifying “I was getting ready to join your father in bed and all the sudden I felt water rushing down my legs” Teen virgin me, “oh god please stop” “And I knew then, my water had broken and you were going to be born” “Ohh fuck thank god!”


that girls also have a dick


I though that 2 men can have kids together, same thing with the other gender


That a vagina was a front bum and resembled a bum.


At 18 and with my first girlfriend I thought she weed out the same hole as vagina lol didn’t even know about the rest of it


i didnt even know the word or thing existed until school i just thought u just got summone out of thin air and ur patrents chose u