What kids movie has no right to be as good as it is?

What kids movie has no right to be as good as it is?


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Put that thing back where it came from, or so help me.




I was floored by Coco. Turned it on as a take a nap on couch movie and here I am totalling invested in the story and tearing up


I was pleasantly surprised that my 7 year old son loves Coco and watched it on repeat for a long time. I thought it might be a little to deep and emotional for him to be into, but he loves it!


Homeward Bound. Live action talking pet movie shot mostly in the woods with limited human interaction. If you didnt get emotional when shadow returnes home, you have no soul


When Chance bounds over the hill, I start crying. By the time Shadow limps over the hill, I’m sobbing. I’m 40. I’ve been crying at this ending for decades.


Holes. 100%. Nearly flawless movie.


In 5th grade I read the book, and immediately afterwards re-read it with my parents. We all loved it. The movie is an excellent adaptation, largely thanks to the screenplay having been written by the author.


Don't forget the ridiculously good casting.


It's one of the most perfect book to film adaptations ever. They only missed Stanley losing a ton of weight at the camp, but like that makes sense, can't do that shit to a child actor


> They only missed Stanley losing a ton of weight at the camp, but like that makes sense, can't do that shit to a child acto The director actually made a conscious choice to ignore the weight of Stanley, because he realised that it would be incredibly damaging to the health of whoever they cast. And Shia was brilliant. But other than that, it's nearly exactly a word for word remake of the book. And that is what makes it so brilliant.


Yeah sorry, that's what I MEANT to come across lol But yeah Shia lebouef was great, they all were. Perfect casting. I really wish more book to film adaptations would be more faithful to the source material


Everyone else in this thread is listing of Disney and Pixar movies as if they weren't expected to be good, but Holes really is the best answer to OPs question. Live action kids movies have been terrible for the past 20 years unless they were harry potter. But Holes really defies the genre


Treasure Planet - Classic literature meets science fiction interpretation that I found delightful and would watch again and again.


I was obsessed with this movie when it came out... I was 15 and so was the main character, and I think I just felt his loneliness and uncertainty about his future so deep down in my soul. It's so hard for kids to deal with that feeling of not belonging and not living up to the expectations being put on you. It felt like the movie was kind of panned upon its release and nobody around me seemed to like it... plus being into animation/Disney movies at age 15 felt so uncool. But this movie basically helped me decide that I wanted to be an animator and make movies and tell stories that could help other people feel less alone too. Now I'm an animator/animation director, and it feels so fitting. It's also really uplifting to see that people appreciate this movie now, even though it got such lukewarm reception when it first came out. It gives me hope that the stuff I work on that isn't as well-received or popular right now might still be reaching people in unexpected places. One sincere kind word about a project I work on still outweighs a hundred bad reviews.


the song " I am still here" was the anthem of our emo group.


All the mice movies: An American Tail (+ Fievel Goes West), Secret of NIMH, The Rescuers (+ Down Under). I lived in NY for a while and was horrified by the thought of having to kill a little Fievel. *Edit: Never watched The Great Mouse Detective, but I’m thinking I’m gonna have a Classic Mice Movies day and watch it!


The great mouse detective is the best Sherlock “adaption” change my mind


Ah yes.. the Disney movie with smoking, murder, alcohol, inebriation, a whole ass strip show... classic Disney.


Matilda Danny DeVito and Miss Trunchbull are great.


Matilda is such a classic. I remember always trying to move random shit with my mind after watching it as a kid. Never worked and still doesn't but it's worth a try everytime


The Sandlot.


Somebody once said why The Sandlot is so good: it's not about winning, it's about being a team. That speaks a lot to this movie and why it's so damn rewatchable.


Heroes get remembered but legends never die.


George in the jungle, say what you want but Brendan Fraser was a big part of my childhood after dinner, especially in the mummy and the Mummy 2.


We taped George of the Jungle off the TV on VHS (with all the ads) and one of the news anchors in the ads became one of our favourites because he was almost part of the movie for us. He said something like "well now from George of the Jungle, to George in New York". Turned out he was high all the time on the news and got fired for it. He's clean now, I just looked it up. Love you Darren from TV3, wherever you are! Kia Kaha!


Yo I think we taped the same movie on the same channel at the same time!!!


Hook Way better than any children’s movie I can think of besides Princess Bride or the Neverending story. Robin Williams Opposite Dustin Hoffman with Bob Hoskins and Julia Roberts, all playing characters like it was the most fun they’d ever had.


Whenever I see that “Oh there you are Peter” scene I get teared up.


That kid that's still inside all of us. It hits home even more now.


Not to mention Dante Basco who would go on to voice Prince Zuko in one of the greatest animated series ever made


Tangled. It perfectly shows off emotional manipulation, and the songs and art are fantastic. My only critique is that we didn’t get to see the aftermath of Rapunzel coming to terms with her trauma, but it’s understandable given the time restraints and target audience


That relationship with her "mother", omg. I was watching it and the gaslighting and victim blaming and emotional abuse and it just spoke to me and my life. It made me really happy to watch her get free.


Labyrinth. David Bowie is amazing, and that is some of the slickest puppeteering I've ever seen...


A Muppet Christmas Carol is the best version of 'A Christmas Carol.'


No cheeses for us meesses!


It absolutely is and IIRC some literature scholars consider it the most faithful (in spirit) mainstream adaptation of the story


It probably helps that Michael Caine treated his role as legitimate theater and wouldn't dumb it down or add unnecessary slapstick humor to try to cater to kids and family friendly audiences.


Back when I was teaching (special ed, very small academic focused private school) I put A Muppet Christmas Carol on when the three students I had that day couldn't agree on a movie. They all groaned and moaned about it, but their options were movie or I *make* them some school work... so they watched the movie. After 15 minutes they were all completely absorbed. They ended up absolutely adoring it and have asked to watch it again several times.


“Light the lamp, not the rat! LIGHT THE LAMP, NOT THE RAT!!”


“And Tiny Tim…who did not die!”


The best part of this is that’s it’s taken right from the novel! I read it for the first time this year and laughed out loud when I got to the line. Here it is on my kindle. https://i.imgur.com/utAegxG.jpg


We watch it every Christmas. The music is so good!


“One More Sleep ‘til Christmas” should be a more popular song on the radio during Christmas time.






The scene of Kermit/Bob with Tiny Tim on his shoulder coming down the lane home singing is one of my favourite scenes in any film.


'Tis the season to be jolly and joyous...


This is the movie hill I die on


Marley and Marley! wooooOOOOO!!!!! The best thing about having my own house was I was in control of the TV at Christmas. no F1 replays, no sports results. I could watch muppets Christmas carol all i wanted


My favorite detail is that they named the 2nd Marley “Robert,” effectively making him Bob Marley.


I tweeted Michael Caine after I watched it (as every year) last Christmas. I can’t fathom just how much effort he put in to playing that perfectly. He is the living embodiment of the ‘better actor’ scene from Wayne’s World 2


He actually stipulated that he would only take the role if he could play it straight as if it were all classic actors.


This is why Michael Caine is an amazing actor and I love watching him.


Ratatouille, remember watching it as a teen and loving it and now I can appreciate even more of it, the designs, the animation, and the fact that those Pixar folks made us cheer and love a Rat. Also school of rock is just amazing how good it is, the soundtrack is one of the best out there and all the children acted amazing and what to say about Jack Black, he is just great every time


I love Jack Black’s speech to the one girl who was self conscious about her weight, and saying that “Aretha Franklin is big, but everyone wants to party with Aretha!”


Wreck-it Ralph


“I’m bad. And that’s good. I will never be good. And that’s not bad. There’s no one I’d rather be than me.” I was in tears laughing when this came up in the very beginning. Bad guys anonymous?!? I mean, freaking genius. Hysterical. But man, when it comes up at the end…wooo, I was a sobbing mess. Amazing how those arcs work.


Just because you are bad guy, does not mean you are bad guy


Hell yeah. When Ralph wrecks Vanellope’s car…that is the most emotionally complex moment I’ve ever seen in a children’s movie.


yeah it was so fucking grey. ralph did it because he thought it was the best course of action despite knowing it would make vanelope sad and angry. vanelope knew nothing and took it out on raph wich was obious since she saw what he did. it was like. so fucking realistic in terms of emotional response and reaction.


The goofy movie smacked while I was a kid. And even more so now that I’m a grown ass man. Edit: glad to see I have this in common with so many people. You all are the goats. Also thanks for the awards.


The soundtrack in that movie is A++


I 2 I is a fucking jam.


I found a Powerline concert t-shirt at a target once and didn’t hesitate to buy it.


My Powerline shirt is the shirt I wear to all concerts now.


I2I and Stand Out are permanently on my workout mix.


I was an assistant manager at a movie theater when it came out. I could get my family into movies free, but I had to go with them. When that movie came out my little brother *begged* me to take him. I brought him, my sister and my mom, thinking I'd duck out after a few minutes & shoot the shit in the office with whoever was working. I ended up watching every minute & absolutely loving it. My mother, a woman now well into her 60's, *still* loves this movie to this day. She pulled out her old VHS copy when we were there for Easter & we all watched it. It 100% holds up over time & I think it's one of the best father/son movies I've ever seen. Edit: Thank you for the gold kind stranger!


It showed a side of Goofy I never had seen before: a serious one. "I'm *grown up*, dad! I have my *own* life now" "I *know* that! I just wanted to be part of it!" That line I will always feel.


I always fucking died when Goofy held Max’s stuffed bear in the sequel and sobbed. Resinates with me because I just moved out from my childhood home and I know my mother is just so so heartbroken (but happy for me of course). I’m her only son and we recently had to say goodbye to our dog so it just feels like an empty house for her. (She’s still with my dad, she’s just missing having me around).


When I left for college many years ago I returned home to find boxes of my favorite snacks and cereals and stuff like that. I asked my mom why she kept buying it and she just said “if I don’t I’ll cry at the grocery store”. Now that I have a 15 year old and we went to look at colleges a few months ago….I get it.


I graduated from college 15 yrs ago and just now realized (probably) why my parents sent care packages of all my Favorite Things every couple weeks. Brb I need to call my mom...


As a kid: Why can’t Goofy be cool and just let his son go to the concert? As an adult: Why can’t Max see that his Dad just wants to spend some time with him?


Man. I’ve seen that movie a hundred times. I’m now a dad and that line just hits different now. She’s turning 13 in a couple months and I’m really starting to feel that reality.


The Goofy Movie taught me how to love my dad.


Ferngully. It's a masterpiece in my opinion. Edit: thank you for the awards!!!


"My name is Batty! My logic is erratic, my brain's all static!"


Humans don't have tails! THey have big big bottoms that they wear with bad shorts. And they walk around going "HI HELEN!" Price check on prune juice Bob... Price check on prune juice..


Robin Williams was iconic


All Wallace and Gromit films are fantastic. But A Grand Day Out was made on £10,000 and you can tell, not because it's shoddy but because not a single movement of its clay animation is wasted. It's perfect. The amount of time and effort that that film must have taken baffles me.


The ending of A Grand Day Out brings me to tears of delight. Even hits harder with age and experience.


It's a box, that doesn't talk, and yet you can feel every emotion it's feeling. When you see it skiing up and down and the simple pleasure it's expressing it's just wonderful.


And they inadvertently saved Wensleydale cheese to boot


The Wrong Trousers was always my favourite. It's the fact that the Penguin's "chicken disguise" is apparently effective that gets me every time.


The high stakes chase on a Hornby train set through the living room as well


There’s something so unbelievably satisfying about the way Gromit rapid-fire lays the track while he’s travelling at full pelt!


That and the scene where Gromit cuts out the eyeholes in the empty dog food box


Meet the Robinsons


"I have a big head and little arms. I don't think this plan was very well thought out" my family loves that line and use it whenever a plan is not working out.


"Why aren't you seizing the boy?!" Is constantly said in my house


Cool binder, Goob! *They all hated me.*


That's my favorite line in any movie ever.


You can stay up for days with no side effects! AAAAHHHH! 🤣


It's literally such a perfectly complex story, it all ties together in the end, it's so fricking sad, it deals with childhood trauma, healing from trauma, growth, omfg it's so good. No one knows this movie. There are zero faults, none.


I wish this was more popular. It was really stellar with a surprisingly deep story line. What it takes to be a family and how that family (or lack there of) can shape not only a person, but the whole world. Deeply underrated.


Treasure Planet


Heavyweights. That movie is hilarious. Edit: Thanks for the award, kind stranger. Hi hi hiya!


Oh look: a deli meat


oh shit, I'm finally relevant Thx for the awards. To celebrate, we will be going a a 20 mile hike.. there will be no food, no water.. this is a cleansing hike.


Nobody's seen more butts than you Uncle Tony!


Judd Apatow, man. Can't beat it. Some of my favorite movie quotes are from Heavyweights: "Attention campers: lunch has been cancelled due to lack of hustle. Deal with it." "I did not send you to go-kart camp!" " Don't put Twinkies on your pizza! " "Never let anyone sign your checks!" I need them to make the final movie in the Tony Perkis trilogy. Edit: The sequel to "Heavyweights" is "Dodgeball", for everyone asking.


Jerry Stiller's delivery on "Never let anyone sign your checks!!" is one of the funniest lines ever said. I also love when the bus driver pulls up and opens the door and says "I'm looking for several portly adolescents".


You mean Pat Finley? I recognized him from the Camp Hope promotional video.


"Buddayyy!!" "BUDDAYYY!!!"


Lunch has been canceled due to lack of hustle. Deal with it.


Get off the scale


Congratulations, you’re the fattest boy in camp


Small Soldiers from 1998. still holds up and still fricking awesome


I haven’t even thought about that movie in years.


Lilo and Stitch


I watched this again recently as an adult, and I realized it’s a story about an older sister trying to keep her family together with some aliens thrown in. Had me crying throughout the whole thing. Much different than how I remembered it as a kid!


Yeah it’s really really heavy. Like they even got Lilo’s acting out and tantrums from trying to process losing her parents right.


And Nani’s room has lots of awards for surfing, implying she gave up that career to take care of Lilo.


Yep. I was lucky to have both of my parents happily married into my 30s, I have to imagine that movie hits hard for anyone who grew up without them.


My husband, who does not get emotional over movies, couldn’t watch it. He didn’t actually lose both parents, but his dad died suddenly when he was 9 and the loss crushed his mom. He can recall years when his mom was almost always in bed crying. His brother basically raised him from ages 9-14 because their mom had become a shell of her former self. He cried watching Lilo & Stitch. I have never seen him cry over any other movie, ever. I think it just hit too close to home for him.


Pudge the fish controls the weather. She has to feed him or it will rain… her parents died in a car accident in the rain.


I can't feed pudge the fish Tuna! Do you know what tuna is!?




ITS FISH! If I feed pudge tuna, I'd be an ABOMINATION! I was late, because I had to go to the store, because all we had was was stinking TUNA!


And Nani never tells her to stop acting childish or she's being ridiculous.


When Lilo is afraid Nani got fired because of her Nani says it was actually because her boss was a vampire wanted her to join his legion of the undead and Lilo says "I knew it." It means Lilo has said it before and Nani listened and remembered it. She knew exactly what to say at that moment to both comfort Lilo and validate her world view. Now I'm tearing up


All the little details make that movie amazing. All the antagonists are trying to do the right thing. Cobra Bubbles wants what is best for Lilo, and is sympathetic to Nani but can clearly see her struggling. He didn't criticize getting the dog, only saying it needs to be trained. Lilo needs stability, not another source of chaos. Grand Councilwoman was looking for an excuse not to kill 626. He didn't choose to be a weapon of mass destruction. Gantu was trying to capture and contain what is essentially a biological weapon. (He was an asshole about it, but to the galactic federation humans are listed as a food species. So having Lilo as a snack makes sense.)


Also Lilo tells the guy Nani has a crush on that it’s because she thinks his hair and butt look nice and he only gets bashful about the hair comment (because he *knows* his butt looks great).


She says it's fancy?


Nani is the older sibling I never was and the parent I want to be (someday).


My wife and I have some contact with the foster care system (in a volunteer capacity), and yeah--this movie hits way harder now. Nani is a goddamn saint, but she's clearly in over her head in a world that isn't set up for her to succeed. The scene where she accepts that Lilo is going to be taken away and just holds her absolutely wrecks me.


Aloha O'e (the song she sings to Lilo) [adds another layer](https://www.songfacts.com/facts/queen-liliuokalani/aloha-oe) of heart wrenching to the scene too. Composed by the last queen of Hawaii and she sang it to her people when Hawaii lost its independence. The writers for the movie legitimately added a whole lot of culture into the film in terms of the native Hawaiian experience.


IIRC some scenes which commented on the casual racism and dehumanisation of native Hawaiians by American tourists were cut after it raised some Disney executives' hackles. The scenes weren't anything drastic or dramatic and mostly jokes at the expense of the insensitive tourists but if they'd kept them in I think it would have only added to the emotional core of the film.


Every time that damn duck makes an appearance I lose it.


He’s named Stitch so he can stitch the family together 😭😭 Edit: thanks for the awards! Took me years to figure this out as well Edit 2: it has been brought to my attention that Lilo also means lost in Hawaiian. My mind is blown once again


20 years of trying to figure out why that name, and now the truth bomb finally drops for me. And in another 10 years they'll probably stitch a live action movie together.


They fucking better not. The live action remakes have been hot, wet garbage and there's no reason to shit all over *Lilo and Stitch*.


Stitch is literally my favorite character of all time. I can practically quote this movie by heart. Even the 3 sequel movies and the TV show were amazing. Also, fun fact, Chris Sanders wrote and directed Lilo and Stitch (and voiced stitch). He left Disney and went to work for DreamWorks and wrote/directed How to Train Your Dragon, which is also mentioned in this thread. Before Lilo & Stitch, he also wrote Beauty and the Beast, Aladdin, and Lion King.


I absolutely love the music, too


I can’t believe no one has said it, but I personally love The Prince of Egypt. I’m not religious but that movie is so well made.


The Soundtrack is fantastic !


I get mad chills at Deliver Us


Same!! That first run that Ofra Haza delivers!?! *chills*


RIP Ofra Haza 😭


I bought the soundtrack from a bargain bin on a whim, because I remembered the movie being passable. I was not ready for the epic tunes. I've seen the movie maybe three times in my life, but I can sing along to every song if i want to.


[Take 4 minutes and watch 'Through Heaven's Eyes' performed live](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a50HfPVpMZY). Absolutely incredible voice.


The Angel of Death scene is so good. Simultaneously beautiful and terrifying.


It's great, it's subtle and yet not at the same time, with the sighs/ last breath. That and the burning bush scene always gives me goosebumps.


MEF pointed out the similarities of the Israelite children being slaughtered and Moses having to witness his God do the very thing he was distraught over his adoptive father doing. It doesn't get depicted often, but PoE shows how it devastated Moses and I always appreciated that.


And also that he had to inflict that pain upon his own brother, who absolutely adored his son. One thing I found rather gut-wrenching was Rameses' vow coming true: *"And there shall be a great cry in all of Egypt! Such as never has been, or ever will be again!"* Later, you hear the wails of all those Egyptian mothers echoing through the night.


The animation is awesome


The music had no right to slap as hard as it did. “Playing with the Big Boys” and “The Plagues” are so fucking good!




Deliver Us is my favorite song from the soundtrack.


And it was informed by a surprisingly high (for Hollywood standards) amount of good historical research! For example, "Playing with the Big Boys" represents both the Egyptian religious worldview and the religious warfare narrative (that a lot of people miss) in the Exodus account very well, especially for such a short bit.


And the churches who had history in it all approved. Leaders from Christianity, Jewish, and Muslim faiths all took part in its authenticity. Though it was later banned in a few Muslim countries as depictions of Moses who is considered a prophet are not allowed.




"I'm doing *horrible* things to that man. I don't want to get into it, but lasers and spikes..." *"Please, no! Not the lasers and the spikes!"* "You know the drill." *"OH, NO! NOT THE DRILL!!!"*


"Shut up, you horrifying abomination of science!" "Wait, me?" "Oh, no not you Roxanne. I was yelling at my... mother's urn."


"I decided to pick something a little more humble.. Megamind! incredibly handsome criminal genius and master of all villainy!"


“Ollo?” “No, sir, it’s ‘hello’.” “Oh. Hello? (Like that?)” “Yes.”


But who will save...*Metrocity*!?


Oh youre a villain alright... just not a super one. Oh yea? Whats the difference? PRESENTATION! This scene is just so good


I read somewhere that they paid an inordinate amount of money for the rights to use that music just for the inside joke that Megamind would play those songs without paying royalties because they are the most expensive and that is what he considers to be evil


My favorite scene is when Megamind hides in the invisible car. Titan rips of the door of the car. But Megamind isn't inside. He looks at the door that is still invisible in his hand. The invisibility wears off. Megamind *locks the door


I freaking love this part. It cracks me up every single time!


"We love you Metro Man!" "And I love you random citizen!" Makes me laugh every time


I love the part at the end when everyones cheering for him and he pulls his raygun out and says "get back you savages", and the girl says "its okay, he's just not used to positive feedback"


No villain is complete without an extremely extra and over the top entrance


There’s a webcomic I used to read that said the difference between good and evil was often just perspective, and fashion sense.


“Can someone stamp my frequent kidnapping card?” *Fake laugh* “You of all people know we discontinued that promotion…”


What confuses me is what the prize of that promotion was, like you get kidnapped 9 times and on your tenth Minion would bring you a free Starbucks drink?


I would not be surprised if that was exactly it.


I had never heard of this movie when my brother gave me the DVD for Christmas when I was about 25. I just thought, "Hey, he forgot to get me something and picked up some random DVD at Best Buy. That's fine, it's the thought that counts." No, turns out it's one of his favorite movies, and I realized why after I watched it. What a gem.


You dare challenge Megamind!


There’s not enough room in this town for two supervillains!


Oh you're a villain alright, just not a super one.


Oh yeah? What's the difference?


"PRESENTATION!" *Welcome to the Jungle rocks out*


There is no Easter Bunny, there is no Tooth Fairy, and there is no Queen of England.


And i love you random citizen!


"I'll just pack my thing and go" always cracks me up


I still say “Ollo” when I answer the phone because of this movie.


My dad's entire vocabulary changed overnight after watching that movie lol It rubbed off on me too so now I say shit like "ollo" and "shool"


Came here looking for this. You were right, I was… less… right…




I've said it before: It’s seriously Will Ferrel and Brad's Pitts best work. It should not be this far down


Such an awesome movie, this gets my vote. It was overshadowed by something else at the time and that wasn't fair.


Up. I am an adult man and the opening sequence just broke my heart. I sobbed like I haven't in a very long time.


I feel like everyone forgets the scene where Carl looks through the Adventure Book, I feel like that is more emotional than the opening. Carl believes that he didn’t get to take Ellie on the adventure she wanted only to realize that their life was the adventure and she wouldn’t trade it for anything


“Thanks for the adventure! Now go have a new one”


The music alone still gets me. That first time the main theme really slows down and gets somber still gets me misty-eyed. It sets up the rest of the movie so well, too. They spend the first five minutes emotionally devastating you to get you on Carl's level, but that lets you appreciate his rediscovery of joy and adventure all the more.


I hate to call it a kids movie, just because it's animated, but then it has a flying house and a talking dog. It really does have something for everyone. And boy is it fuuuunny! I love that opening scene so much, by far my Pixar favorite and one of my favorites overall.


Shrek 2


and just a hint of LUST


This is Reddit. How did I have to scroll down this far to find a Shrek film listed


The Fairy Godmother singing “Holding Out for a Hero” while Shrek, Donkey and Puss in Boots are storming the castle (with help from friends) is one of the greatest cinematic moments of our time. I will fight anyone who says otherwise. (Edited the song name.)


Yep. That cover always reminds me that 'I Need a Hero' is actually a *tango*. You can dance the tango to it. Now everyone go talk to your fiancee and start practicing.


I even got a little sad when the giant gingerbread man fell into the water. That cover of I Need a Hero might be one of the best covers in ANY movie.


One of my favorite parts is when the castle guards are arresting Puss In Boots. One of them pulls out a bag of catnip like it was pot, and Puss says "It's not mine". I was in college at the time and I remember a lot of the audience my age laughing at that scene.


In the same scene Shrek (or donkey?) Gets pepper sprayed by the cops, but instead of pepper spray they use a gigantic fucking table pepper mill. The whole scene is absolutely packed with jokes


Don't forget the police chasing the suspect on the *white bronco.*


I lived through the OJ chase and trial and loved that reference too. That whole scene was great.


A cinematic masterpiece