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When I was in high school, we had a history teacher make us watch a British movie called Threads about the aftermath of a nuclear explosion. Completely fucked me up for weeks- especially the scene where the severely developmentally delayed 12 year old daughter is gang raped in the same barn her mother gave birth to her in after the blast. The scene where the daughter gave birth to a deformed baby and didn't understand what was happening really got me. We also watched We Need To Talk About Kevin for psychology - same teacher. These were both when I was 15. Looking back, I'm shocked parents didn't complain...


Your teacher made you watched that in high school? Seems inappropriate. Not to be mean or anything... I'd worry about getting fired if I was the teacher.


The Girl Next Door (2007). Not the porn one, but the one about Silvia Likens. The true story is even more horrific than the movie. If you have a strong gut I suggest reading the wiki page on that poor child. Easily one of the most horrendous things I’ve ever heard of. Edit: thank you guys for the awards and comments, I’m sorry I couldn’t get back to you all, but I can still feel your shock to this story.


I watched this in high school with a friend, it’s the type of movie that just nothing good happens and just is so sad and horrific because it’s a true story


And they only covered *some* of the stuff that happened to her.


I've never heard of the movie but I decided to read the wiki page, thinking I have a strong gut. Absolutely awful. Got to the end, saw that Stephanie changed her name and lives in Florida. Hm. I live in Florida. Wiki also mentioned the county near me. I look up her name and Florida. She lives in the town over from me. Same age, everything. My gut feels weird now.


Holy. Shit. It’s insane to think that someone could get away with doing stuff like that and just go about their happy little lives like nothing ever happened, and then to learn you could walk right by them at a grocery store or gas station and not even know. My gut would feel weird too man.


They all deserved life. They got off way too easy. People selling weed are in prison longer than them.


I've looked it up. To say it's heart breaking would be an understatement....


There was only one other story like this that I read about and it was deeply disturbing. I can’t remember where it happened exactly but it was somewhere in Japan or China. Some teenagers essentially kidnapped a young girl and did the same type of things that happened to Silvia Likens. They tortured her to death for months and then (if I’m not mistaken) put her body in a big barrel full of cement. Since they were minors and connected to dangerous gang members they basically got off scott free. They destroyed the evidence by putting her in cement and the witnesses were too afraid to come out against them. I can’t understand why or how people can do this sort of stuff, and why they get away with it. I don’t want to understand.


Junko Furuta?


That’s the one. Oh. My. God! That poor child! Wtf is wrong with people?!?!?! 🤮


The story your referring too is from Japan and it’s probably the worst thing I’ve ever read either than maybe the toy box killers tape. I’ve lived in Japan for over a year and I think what makes that story about that girl even more sad and horrific is that Japan is a very safe/drug free society. It’s misogynistic I would say but it’s pretty safe and not much violence and there’s even like no talking on trains and nobody hugs or kisses in public. So for some reason this story is extra disturbing to me because there’s something about Japanese brutality that has always been disturbing to me. Like what happened in WWII with massacres and sex slaves and Japanese army intentionally starving other countries. The level of cruelty that has come out of Japan in the past feels very barbaric and emotionless. And what disturbs me about this story is just the complete lack of emotions or empathy whatsoever - to kill or Rape someone is one thing but to torture and rape someone for months (and she almost escaped at one point) in the most horrific ways then kill her it’s just so horrific


The fact Gertrude, her killer, schmoozed her way through and out of the prison system, with some inmates calling her “mom”, fills me with rage.


At least nearly everyone involved died shortly after being released. Damn near all of them died in their 40s or 50s for some reason.


Can someone help me figure out the title? All I can remember A man is in a glass? Room, maybe metal. People controlled what happened inside like acid raining from the ceiling, it freezing, the floor burning hot. At one point he could see into the next room/cell and I think it was his wife or girlfriend with acid raining down. I think they were interrogating him, maybe something to do with some kind of faction in the government. It was disturbing, I remember that, but I have been trying to figure out this movie for a long time so I could watch it sober. Edit it was the white chamber I'll watch it tonight to see if it was as fucked up as I think it was. Thanks for the help. The reason I probably have not been able to find it is because I use duckduckgo.


White Chamber


Is it worth watching? Plot seems interesting but imdb point is low so I'm not sure.


Well I can say for sure it's better than a 4.4/10


OMG I saw this as well and for the life of me I cannot remember the name…


"Dear Zachary: a Letter to a Son About His Father". Holy fuck that ending.


We watched that in Film Appreciation class in college. At least when you watch it at home your peers don't have to see you weep.


I don't think I've ever cried at any other movie, normally it doesn't bother me but I watched it in my bedroom as a teenager by myself and I went to go to the bathroom afterwards and my sister saw me in the hallway and she thought someone had died because I was a wreck. It's so much more depressing the way it is told like in real time


I watched this one right after a documentary about a woman that died in her apartment and no one found her until years after. The juxtaposition between the two people in these documentaries really messed me up. One was about a guy that was loved by all and the other a woman that would disappear for years and the people she knew thought it was normal and didn't keep in touch. It made this movie hit harder while watching it. I still remember think about what the cop said when he had the baby. It breaks my heart thinking about it.


I watched Dear Zachary as an attempted Pick me Up film not knowing anything but the title. I thought it would be a warm story about a kid growing up or something. I needed the pick me up because I'd just watched the HBO Show Oz's episode where they execute the special needs guy and his last words are something like "are we going for a ride?" That one-two punch of sadness fucked me up for weeks.


This is forever and always the movie that pops in my head for these threads. I give this so much more weight since it is a documentary and real fucking life. It truly fucked me up for days after I first watched it.


Seriously. It's been a decade since I've seen it and it still fucks with me.


Men Behind the Sun


But the director said it wasn't a real cat!


reading the wiki, it says that apparently the cat was covered in honey, and the rats were only eating that honey. It also got two fish after the filming


This is fucking hilarious taken out of context


Couldn't watch to the end. The fact it's a true story was too much. Switched it off after the scene with the little boy undergoing vivisection. Weird thing was it didn't even shock me, it just filled me with a massive dissapointment towards humanity that felt like a gaping black hole in the centre of my soul. Some things are so depraved that they transcend shock and simply drain all value in being human leaving you with an existential depression that makes you want to crawl into a hole and die.


Kids. It reminded me way too much of some people I grew up with and the shit we did. We’d figure out who the least responsible parent was on any given weekend and party there. One of my friends from that era is in jail for life, no parole, for murdering a kid. The kid’s parents asked for him not to get the death penalty, or he’d be on death row today. One of my ex girlfriends died this past January from a heroin overdose. Only me and one of my friends made it to 18 without criminal records. We’re both working normal jobs and happy today. It seems like everyone else I grew up with is utterly fucked nowadays.


I have no legs. I have no legs.


Holy shit! This was gone from my memory till this second haha... I have no legs! I have no legs! He definitely got straight to the point.


Same in Kids a lot of the actors really lived that life. One of the main characters committed suicide in his 20s


I just watched this doc called All The Streets Are Silent. A lot of the kids in that movie are in this doc, and they talk a lot about it. The good and bad of being a kid from nothing and then famous over night. Well at least famous in NYC. It’s a cool flick about skating and hip hop in New York.


NGL, this movie has a really bad influence on me as a 12-13 year old. I tried to model my personality off of these kids and it made me a total shit head until I was 18 or so. I tried so hard to be like Telly and Kasper, missing the whole point of the movie that they were terrible people.


Threads. It’s the most frightening film ever made. Also consider that it was released at a time when it was a very very likely scenario.


My dad was a sound engineer who worked on Threads. He’s said it gave him nightmares for *years*. Edit: He was involved in the post-production side of things. I’ve never heard him mention another movie he worked on- both before and after he did T.V and radio only. Movies like *Threads* are made deliberately to have an effect on you. He watched scenes in that movie numerous times as a part of his job. I would guess he saw it more times (although broken up) than anyone in this thread. I’m not sure how we got to a place as a society where being able to watch awful things and be unaffected is *celebrated*, but there we go. I’ve never watched *Threads*, and I don’t ever intend to.


Give him my compliments then. The way the film becomes progressively less filled with voices and more with empty wind and noise is one of the most haunting aspects of that film. A great deal of the movies impact is in the sound.


Damn, this just makes me want to watch the film badly. I gotta Google this movie up.


The fear of nuclear war plagued my childhood, this movie did nothing to help.


Holy cow! I wonder how the actors fared after. I can't imagine being involved with that nightmare.


I made it to the hospital scene and then decided that if the nukes ever start flying, the best thing to do is make peace with what ever deity or deities you may or may not believe in, then step outside and watch the fireworks.


Ha! I'm in Threads. Just as the bomb drops there's a scene in the city centre where a woman pees herself in fear outside Woolworths. At the edge of the screen, for a fleeting moment, a mum with child in a pram run away. That's my mum and I'm in the pram. My mum was friends with Barry Hines and he asked if she wanted to be an extra.


For a brief second there I thought you were going to say you were the lady who pisses herself.


Can you explain why it's so bad for us that have never seen it?


The first part is just normal british life, a couple who is about to get married, people working their jobs and focusing on their future. You see on the news that war is brewing in Iran and the soviets might intervene. As it builds up, you see the local and state governments focus more on what might happen if a nuclear attack actually happened. Peoples lives are still somewhat normal, but there is an uneasiness as tensions rise. Then it hits a fever pitch, and everything begins to fall apart and the likelihood of nuclear war becomes higher by the day. The characters, who didn't care about politics at all before, are suddenly face to face with the reality that they will be wiped out soon. Then it happens, and its unimaginably disturbing and shocking. The actual nuclear attack scenes are incredibly disturbing and *especially* the depiction of the days/weeks after is nauseatingly hard to watch. Sure, millions die, but what they don't show you is the tens of millions who are injured who succumb to infection in the weeks after. The hospital scenes are some of the most shocking scenes I've genuinely ever seen. The rest of the movie (the actual attack is less than halfway through) is focused on the survivors attempting to rebuild society. It is not pleasant. Life is endless hardship and suffering and disease and death. Its presented as a scientific, research-based view of how things would actually go down. They try to avoid needless dramatization. Its *very, very* interesting, but more than anything it is incredibly disturbing and hard to watch because of how realistic it all feels.


We were made to watch in grade 7 in 1984. I think it was almost like a ‘better prepare everyone for what’s coming’ type event. If I recall there is a scene at the end where the wife of the young couple introduced at the start of the film gives birth to a deformed baby or has my brain just created that scenario? I think it was pretty irresponsible to show it to school kids. Maybe two years later in high school a teacher made us watch The Day After. Was full on but Threads was worse.


I just watched the whole movie because of this thread. It’s not the couple at the end, it’s their daughter like 20 years after the bombs dropped. When she sees the baby she is about to scream and the movie literally ends right there. Holy shit.


I've only seen it in parts because it's so hard to watch in one go. Spoiler alert (well, it's an old film, but anyway): It's, realistically, how a nuclear attack would go for average people. There's no hero, no victory; no rise above the ashes and a hopeful dawn. It's a slow death for humanity as the government tries to salvage old technology to keep their power. Meanwhile, in two generations people forget how to speak, let alone read and write. It's hinted that nuclear fallout destroys our ability to grow food and reproduce. It's pretty bleak.


Basically it's a nuclear holocaust movie set in Britain and the movie starts off with the bombs dropping, but they're far enough away that everyone in Sheffield (I think that was the town's name) was alive. The point is that the war was bad enough that society reverted about three hundred years in time because all the electrics were gone along with running water and central heating and it was a mess. People had to resort to pulling plows in fields because the tractors and all other vehicles didn't work because the gasoline ran out. You also had diseases suddenly showing up like cholera because remember the whole not having running water thing? The movie advances twenty years and...everything still sucks. The windows that were broken by shockwaves in the initial blasts are still broken because there are no window factories running. There is no centralized government to fix things because London is basically a glass bowl that glows at night. Everything is now left to the individuals who are doing the best they can but yeah, when you are at that point, things won't run well. At the end a woman gives birth and the baby is deformed because of the radiation. Basically it's twenty years later and everything still sucks. There's no superhero coming down to save you. You're toiling in a field to barely survive while freezing in your house at night, you see your television that hasn't worked in decades while remembering your life in the before times, and you don't even have the hope of a new generation because they'll be deformed and mutated from the radiation.


If I read the synopsis correctly, the “woman” is a 13 year old girl, a surviving daughter of one of the protagonists. Just like, for extra bleakness


Oh shit, London was glowing still? I must have blocked that out :/


It's a brutally realistic depiction of an all-out nuclear war and its aftermath, focused on a region of Great Britain. This isn't a Mad Max style apocalypse type deal, it's about everyday people "living" in a nightmarish hellscape of a world. The plot summary on Wikipedia gives you an idea: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Threads_(1984_film)#Plot It's on Youtube in full, but as u/r4t0 said in their response to you, it's not for the feint of heart.


The US equivalent is called *The Day After*, which itself is pretty dark, but it looks like fucking Disney in comparison to *Threads*.


Another equivalent would be The War Game. It is an older movie from the 1950s that was actually banned for a long time due to its horrific depiction of the nuclear blast. It is well worth watching. Another brilliant film about nuclear Holocaust is When the Wind Blows. It is an animated movie based on a Raymond Briggs book and it follows an elderly couple preparing for and then surviving the blast but then slowly dying of radiation poisoning. It is horrific to watch.


I watched that when it came out (I was 12 and lived in Sheffield). I couldn’t sleep properly for weeks - scared the living crap out of me because it was a very real possibility at the time. The fact that I lived in the city where it was set made it even more terrifying.


I've seen a lot of crazy movies...a LOT. Irreversible, Saló, A Serbian Film, Lilja 4-Ever, Martyrs, The Road... But the most disturbing for me personally, was a war movie called Come And See. The heaviness lasted for days after.


Yeah… I’ve seen far more graphic and “shocking” movies than “Come and See” - but none of them had the sheer visceral impact on me. After it was over I didn’t feel like doing anything the rest of the night - and I was in a weird funk for several days. It’s an incredibly well done film, and I think the heaviness is appropriate for the subject matter - it’s not shocking just for the sake of being shocking - but damn.


“And when he had opened the fourth seal, I heard the voice of the fourth beast say, Come and see. And I looked, and behold a pale horse: and his name that sat on him was Death, and Hell followed with him.” Book of Revelations man. Hell of a way to name a movie.


When investigating before directing the movie, Elem Klimov gathered testimonies of Dirlewanger Brigade's deeds in Belarus. He chose to include only the mildest ones in Come and See out of fear that, if he included the worst, people wouldn't believe it and would accuse him of producing pornography, of exagerating just to shock people. It puts the movie into perspective to know that what you see in it, although horrible, is only the "mildest" of what happened.


Yeah, the Dirlewanger Brigade stories include a lot of… disembowlment.


Dirlewanger and his men were lucky a war was going on otherwise they would have all been sitting in a concentration camp or just facing a firing squad .


This is my nomination as well...brutal.


Cannibal Holocaust, especially the tortoise scene, it was horrific and not staged.


It gets worse. Apparently the director had to prove to a court that his cast were still alive and that he hadn't just put out a snuff film


Yea he had his cast sign a waiver that they would remain out of the public eye for like 2 yrs or something to make it seem like they really died


Demonstrated to the court with the actual actress how she was "impaled." (Bike seat)


I don't know, I think violently killing animals for shock value is worse than fooling people into believing other scenes that were fake.


I was gonna say this one myself. I used to own a copy of it, whenever someone would come over to watch a movie they’d ask what it was if they noticed it. I’d say, “you don’t wanna watch that movie… it’s super fucked up.” They usually wouldn’t give up until we watched that movie, then would get upset that I let them watch it. After I saw it 5 times and noticed the pattern I finally got rid of it. Fuck that movie.


LOL love how you ended up watching it 5 times


Back in the day (because I am that old) there was a video rental place near where I lived that was *rumoured* to do 'under the counter' rentals of video nasties. I asked the guy under my breath if he had any of these - nudge nudge, wink wink - 'special videos' available with a waggle of my eyebrows. He was outraged and told me that he only did decent and legal videos and how dare I even ask such a question! I slinked out of the shop with my tail between my legs...but the next time I went in, the shop was empty and he asked if I still wanted anything 'a bit dodgy'...which is how I ended up seeing terrible 5th generation copies of Cannibal Holocaust and I Spit On Your Grave. The 80's were a more innocent time!


A lot if fucked up scenes in that movie. The Green Inferno was childs play and nothing comparable to it


I love horror moves but the green inferno fucked me up. Never going near Cannibal Holocaust


Also, the film was originally thought to be a real snuff film with actual deaths of some of the actors and actresses, but it was later proven they were all staged


Important to note that it was proven to be staged *because the director was charged with murder by Italian authorities* and had to clear his name: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cannibal_Holocaust#Snuff_film_allegations


This is the one I was gonna say. The director played dead for like a full year after the release to add even more realism, and would later face charges of animal cruelty, among others. The music is so bizarre and random as well.


Oh damn nearly forgot about this, saw it when I was really young - too young - maybe like 11 or 12. Same friend who showed me it also showed me the pain Olympics and other snuff stuff. Probably some trauma imma need to deal with eventually lol


Ah the days of wild west aol searched. Where clicking a link on aim could get you three stomped penises, a beheading and an offer of primo lsd


Yeah, when i read that the tortoise scene was real i felt so sad and sick :(


Yeah anything involving animals is a hard pass for me.


Same, and it just gets worse as I age. I have to vet every move on “does the dog die” now or else I’m anxious the entire time




I watched Gummo on a shroom trip and I am regret.


This may very well be one of the worst combos I can think of


The spaghetti in the tub scene is one of the most disgusting things I have ever seen, and I can't explain why.


What happened with the spaghetti in the bathtub..? How bad can it be..?


The tap dancing scene in the hoarder house was pretty disturbing to me in a uncanny way


Gummo is great because it's like, disturbing movie lite. Not that the subject matter isn't heavy or anything, but it doesn't show gore in the way a lot of the movies on this list do. Something about the spaghetti in the bathtub scene has stuck with me.


Came here for Watership down. Surprised not to see it come up


That movie gave me nightmares. That IS NOT A KIDS FILM MOM!




According to the BBFC, they've gotten complaints about its rating every year since it was made.


Watership Down is in my top 10 of favorite books. The film doesn’t do it justice. If you’re into audiobooks, I suggest giving it a listen. It’s read by Peter Capaldi, and he does an amazing job. I made the mistake of listening to it on a road trip. Husband and I were both blubbering messes by the end.


Grave of the Fireflies


I was scrolling through the comments looking to see if anyone would mention this. I love studio ghibli films but this one just shot me in the chest.


Fuck that's so depressing...


Ebert called it one if the five best movies about war ever and deservedly so.


The Star Wars Christmas Special.


The grandpa Wookiee watching Star Wars erotica will stick with me till the day I die.


**excuse me**


Grandpa Wookiee watching VR porn while his family are in the same living room as him


the best thing about this is that anyone who hasn't seen it will be sure we're joking because seriously wtf it's all true, y'all, it's all cocaine and it's all true


I attempted to watch this movie, but gave up 5 minutes into the un-translated Wookie conversation at the beginning.


This man horrors




The Snowtown Murders. Just leaves you feeling sad and gross.


We Need to Talk About Kevin


The book is 10 trillion times better. Major spoiler: >!The book is written in first person from the wife’s point of view. It’s told as her writing letters to her husband, and you get tons of hints that something has happened to their relationship. A lot of times it sounds like he left her because he was angry with how “un-motherly” she is with her son, but the son acts very differently with her than the father. You can really tell the pain of her missing her husband and the life she always wanted with him. It’s not until the very end that you learn the son murdered his father and sister, then went to school, locked students in the gym, and murdered them. I’m usually great at seeing plot twists coming from a mile away, but holy shit I didn’t expect that at all. It was shocking and gut-wrenching. Her sadness and longing for her husband is truly palpable, and as the reader, you sometimes really hate the husband for not believing his wife and then leaving her. The build up to the end is stunning, and you’re left completely empty and devastated. Wonderful writing.!<


Reading that book was a downright harrowing experience. Pulled up so many complex emotions.


I usually describe it as "one of the best movies I never want to see again"


Ah okay so the “Requiem for a Dream” typa vibes?


I found Requiem easier to watch actually. This was particularly disturbing.


I'd just like to chime in and say it's not disturbing in a gross way. It's more of a psychological challenge kinda disturbing. The acting is phenomenal which helps the story hit really hard. Honestly, it's an extremely well made movie and worth a watch. It might be unsettling but it's a low-key masterpiece.


Last time I went down the rabbit hole of a movie Reddit wouldnt watch again I watched serbian film. I don't think I can go down that path again.


I read the Wiki. What. the. fuck?


I was going to mention this one as well. I was not yet a parent when I watched this with my wife but good god I wish I hadn’t. No idea what exactly it is about this one - but something under it all just does not sit well with me and I was just “I am regret” after watching it.


The Road (2009) The cellar scene f\*\*ked me up for a week


That scene for me was worse for having read the book first because I knew what was coming


That book is the only one to ever cause me to audibly gasp while reading it. You know what part I'm talking about ... toward the end >!when they come across the newborn baby in the stew pot!<.


That book fucked me up. I don’t think I can touch this movie.


My dad gave me that book and said “I just finished this. You should read it.” Right before he went in for surgery after a heart attack. Yeah, fuck all of that.


The movie isn’t as graphic as the book, but it’s still unrelentingly grim.


agree. unrelentingly grim and bleak more than horror, I’d say


Boys Don’t Cry. Great movie, but I would not watch it again.


I want to watch, but don’t know like sad films. Brandon went to the private Catholic high school I attended freshmen year.


Along with Million Dollar Baby, another movie that made me cry, Hilary Swank was awesome in her performance




I’ve heard Happiness is a pretty disturbing movie can anyone confirm and tell me if I should give it a shot?


Great movie. Disturbing sure, but easily re-watchable




This is one of my dads faves. I absolutely hate it. The chickens. THE CHICKENS.


That "baby" gave me nightmares for weeks


In Heaven…everything is fine…


"Oh. You *are* sick."


Pink Flamingos.


That’s a John Waters classic.


I was hoping this was on here! My friend bought it when we were 14 because of the case and it's now burned into my mind for eternity. I think of the chicken scene randomly for no reason and I hate it.


That was the one scene that disturbed me too. I had no issues with the singing anus, incestual fellatio, or eating dog shit scenes.


Martyrs, A Serbian Film, August's Underground Mordum, Sàlo - 100 days of Sodom, Nekromantik and Dumplings


Salo fucked me up. I was more disturbed by it than any other movie I’ve seen.


*Man Bites Dog.* Early black comedy faux-documentary where a film crew is following around a serial killer. I also have kind of a sweet spot for Cronenberg's *Dead Ringers* and Refn's *Neon Demon.* Take your pick!


Flowers in the attic. Messed up.


I read that series at FAR to young and age (around 11 or 12) and yeah... it messed me up. Finally watched the movie when I was about 13 and it was WAY tamer than the books. Allot less incest and child murder in the movie. Whats-her-name really had a thing for incest or child rape. Big themes in her books.


V. C. Andrews, though a lot of her books weren't actually written by her, but by ghost writers after she died, including the last half of the Flowers series.


Out of the blue I watched that movie last night. I ran across it on Amazon. I haven't seen it since the late 80s. Funny that I should run across your comment the next day. Anyways, every male in that family was a incestuous pedophile. The half-uncle who marries his niece having four children and her father lusting after his own daughter and his granddaughter (the niece) on his deathbed. I have no idea how the grandmother accepted all the crazy incestuous lust from the males she married and birthed. I wonder what the author thought her motivation was besides God.




This movie nearly killed my wife. We watched it with some friends. We made a drinking game out of it. This movie nearly killed my wife.


Sorry to the other commenters but this guy won… it’s over there’s no other better answers.


Then watch Cats, the butthole cut




Bone Tomahawk. Specifically when Deputy Nick is torn apart by the cannibals. That part really fucked me up..


The Poughkeepsie Tapes


The footage of that girl after she has been rescued is very upsetting.


Yeah where she can’t function any more and is asking permission to say anything. That movie fucked me up for weeks. What a sadistic movie.


Splice. Dude makes an alien and ends up having sex with it & falling in love


Not only that but the alien >!can change genders and it rapes his wife!<


Which was like ten minutes after her husband willingly fucked the thing.


Most importantly the quote something along the lines of “what do you want?” “INSIDE YOU” 😳😳😳


God damn it. I worked at a movie theater at the time. Saw that scene too many times. Definitely didn't understand the monster saying that. I'm leaving this thread. I don't know what I was expecting. Jesus.


Dude’s wife makes an alien with her own DNA. Dude bangs his wife’s alien tube child. At first was a creepy slow burn techno thriller, but the third act was just a straight creature flick & lost me there.


Saw this opening weekend in the theater. I fondly remember this movie because the audience responded normally to the scares until the dude fucked the splice monster and after that nearly everything that was supposed to be scary was met with extreme laughter. It was like a switch was flipped and everyone started really enjoying how absurd and poorly made it was.


That movie pivots so perfectly between fantastic, what the fuck, and why the fuck.


The hills have eyes.... disturbingly real


I was working out of state and didn’t have anything to do after my project. Decided to go watch a random movie. Nothing appealing that I hadn’t already seen. The Hills Have Eyes seems interesting…. Everything keeps going down hill from the start of the movie. I get to the part where they are raping the girl and the mom just about smashes one of them with a rock but gets shot instead. I stand up and look behind me, 3 twelve year olds with a Mom are sitting two rows back (only other people in the theatre). I looked at her like “seriously”? Kids? Walked out of the movie and that one will stick with me forever.


Bad boy bubby


Artificial Intelligence. I don’t think many people see that movie as disturbing but it really fucks with me


I watched it sometime before I turned 10. I am now 28 and can still vividly remember scenes from it that broke my heart.


It was the first movie I had seen that made me feel existentially dirty. It’s a different kind of disturbing for sure.


Disclaimer: I haven't seen the film, but the phrase "existentially dirty" got me thinking. I've always found the fear of AI taking over because humans are a menace of sorts to be quite valid. I'm not so sure that from a non-human perspective our benefits as a species outweigh our cons at all. Quite frankly I don't even think it would be close.


It’s really disturbing how they choose to bond with the robot child for life then abandon him. It’s like kicking a puppy who loves you out of your car in the middle of nowhere.


Marley and Me. Fucking masochists made that movie.


Straight up.


You think Marley and Me is disturbing? Watch Hachi: a dog's tale.


Funny Games is up there.


I found this movie so unnerving. Not knowing the motive behind it all messed with me.


The human centipede still freaks me out to this day


Same also Human Centipede 2 Still don't know why I decided to watch it


I could get through the first one, but the second one I just couldn’t stomach. And I usually can watch almost any horror movie


Yup. I wish I could unsee it.




Isn't that the movie that they hid the actual actors dick from the sex scenes because it was "confusingly" Large? Lmao


Willem Dafoe wasn’t it?


Yep! The director was worried viewers would be distracted. It's fair though, Willem Dafoe is pretty stacked.


Had to scroll too far for this one


Lars Von Trier is just always fucking weird


The end of evangelion


My brothers and I watch it every New Years Eve since since EoE takes place on New Years Eve. It’s a nice reminder that no matter what a dumpster fire life on this planet is, we made it further than the Eva verse did.


How is the Korean Old Boy not on here yet?


I love that movie. Honestly never thought of it as "disturbing" though. Maybe an eww moment.


The House that Jack Built. Edit: I should clarify, most of the ones on this thread are those I've seen, classic ones that pop up every time this question is asked. The House that Jack Built isn't too bad really, but that kid in the freezer, his face, that was fucked.


A serbian film ​ ​ pls dont watch it


I read the Wikipedia synopsis. That was too much


My soul still feels unclean. What sick fuck came up with that?


Oh. My. Ducking. God. Why did my dumb ass brain continue to read the Wikipedia?


Come and See, a phenomenal anti war film that was both horrifying and depressing


This should be much higher. I'm pretty immune to disturbing movies, and this is the one that got me the most. There's a quote from François Truffaut in an interview where he basically says it's impossible to make a true anti-war film because of the way cinema inherently glorifies what it depicts. For example, Saving Private Ryan is clearly supposed to be anti-war, but when we think about it, the first thing we think of is the amazing battle scenes at the beginning and end. By Truffaut's standard, Come and See is the only true anti-war film. Nothing is glorified, nothing is fun, nothing connects to positive emotions or values (like the importance of family in Grave of the Fireflies), and nothing about it makes you say "wasn't that cool". It's just brutal scene after brutal scene. I highly recommend it if you like dark war films.


The Bridge, documentary about the Golden Gate Bridge and the many suicides that happen there. They set up several cameras and filmed for an entire year documenting the over 2 dozen suicides in 2004. Something about seeing a beautiful panorama of the golden gate Bridge on a sunny day and then seeing a small splash in the water that hit me hard.