What's a law that should definitely exist?

What's a law that should definitely exist?


Gum must go in the trash




Along with this would be how one would control their own reproductivity. We spay and neuter our pets, we should have that over ourselves. Women especially should be allowed their own reproductive decision to procreate and stop when they best see fit and not decided upon by a panel of religious, hypocritical zealots.


No scalpers


You should be educated on child care during pregnancy so by the time you birth a child, you know how to take care of them.


Digital media should be owned by the person who bought it, not renting access to it where it could be removed at any time from your library the way it works now. Amazon can delete anything it wants from its kindle library with no warning or repercussions right now. You do not own digital media that you bought, you are renting access.


it’s going to take a while since thats just how the law making process works. but I can’t wait until the new generation of congress and lawyers come around to propose updated cyber laws since right now it’s not in a very good state


to register your guns in the united states




Jail time for misinformation.


that sounds terrifying


Jail time or! Admit you spread false information


IMO no. You do realize it wasn’t even that long ago that being gay was considered a mental illness and that was considered a “fact”. So by that logic you should lock up anyone who said there’s nothing wrong with liking the same sex or force them to say they were lying. Locking people up just because information is false or you don’t like what they are saying is never the way to go.


Ahh yes. Unlimited government censors and imprisonment powers. THAT will end well! Who decided pizza was a vegetable again?! The fucking government?! Who invaded a nation of false pretexts called FACTS at the time? The government. Who still has over a 500k people in prison for a dangerous schedule one drug called.....weed? The fucking government. Don't be an idiot. STOP trying to give the government unlimited power you fucking authoritian statists!!


Ya misinformation is the worst thing in the world. Jail em! Cook em Alive!


No taxation without maximum representation


All financial bullshit should be banned. Huge investment firms and shit. Scalpers. Raising prices to keep cost of living up. Fuck all that bullshit


All judicial proceedings must be carried out by unbiased parties in order to truly decide what the crime associated with a person and then the person second, would warrant as proper punishment. I say this because the judgement system is statistically in favor of extreme punishment for men, based on how men have more threatening body types and therefore clearly by association, more ability to be a villain.


When a social media platform gets so big its power rivals the government, it should lose its “private business” status


Idk if this would be a law but there should be a place on ballots to vote to replace all the candidates in an election that way if we’ve got all bad options we can try again for decent ones either that or just ban political parties and large campaign funds and require political candidates to pass a psychological evaluation and give them a teacher’s salary