What video game is extremely overlooked with a noticeably small player base?

What video game is extremely overlooked with a noticeably small player base?


The Etrian Odyssey series comes to mind - though the later ones are quite a bit easier! It's a first person dungeon crawler in which you draw your own map and create your own party. The music is fire, too! I highly recommend it! :D


I love the series but it is kind of a hard sell. You can easily get a game over on the first fight and it doesn't ever really let up. Then there's the fun part of making a ton of progress on a single excursion only to lose it all to a random encounter gone bad, which will happen, alot. Some times game overs aren't even your fault, the game could just be in a bad mood when you decided to play it. I wished more people played the games but it's hard to fault them for not wanting to because these games are brutal. Also on top of the music being insanely good it has incredible artwork.


Etrian Odyssey is such a good series too bad it doesn't has enough recognition, atleast every single game was translated


Yeah! I honestly couldn't believe the spinoff games got a translation too! Well, here's hoping more people jump on the bandwagon haha!


Fantasy life for the DS. The game has more to do in it than some big mainstream titles


Fantasy life is amazing! It is the second best thing to play on a long travel time, like a plane or car ride. Watching Avatar, or other shows is first. I love the art style and the music, and just how relaxing it can be. I should really play it again. I have not played it in so long.


Masochistic At my very first glance of the games picture that pops up when Googling this game, it actually looks exactly as you just described it. What is it exactly? I don't want to watch gameplay on it before I play it for some reason.


How would I put it... It's almost like an Offline MMO? Though there is Multiplayer Co-op still, I think. It's a medium sized Fantasy World, and you have 12 different classes-Combat Classes, Gathering Classes, and Crafting Classes. And you just sort of... play around in it. You can change classes whenever, and lots of them synergize. There's a story, but it's super basic and easy (So that, say, a Blacksmith only player could complete it) and is more of a Content Guide than a big focus. The game really is just "Go around fighting and collecting and crafting in a super cute fantasy world." The DLC is all but required if you want to go seriously into the game, even though it's "End game". It adds a lot of stuff, and most of the challenge of an otherwise easy game comes in the DLC.


DLC is hard. Very short, just one chapter but it was very hard. Mercenary all the way!


The games all about playing through various different "lives" like being a wizard, a wood cutter, a black smith and a lot more. You also aren't restrained to one life, as you have the privilege of picking and choosing which lives you want to play. The story, although simple and childish, (it is technically a kids game) is fun and quite addictive. hope this helps!


MGB, Can I just say that it's charming as all fuck l that you respond to comments by name instead of merely typing a reply?


HiHo HiHo It's off to work we go


HiHo Aw shucks, thanks. I appreciate it. I do it for many reasons, several of which are coming in real handy right now. Sometimes threads can get rather lengthy(as you can see) so having had typed out the persons name to begin a response *really* helps find that response again when scrolling through the thread. It also helps remember if I had previously responded to someone in the past. My memory is not the greatest so I want to know that so I don't come off as rude when I forget when replying to several hundred people, especially the same day, if not the same hour ago.


I just want this game ported to the Switch with some improved resolution. Is that too much to ask?


This is what I keep saying, too. It would look so great on the switch and I think it’s perfect for a majority of the switch fanbase.


Dude I loved that game, I beat it multiple times and I still wasn’t even close to being done with all its content


Hell fucking yes. It satisfies the completionist in me, and really rewards you fort playing like a jack of all trades. Top that off with wonderful graphics, engaging characters, and well written story; One of my favorite games ever.


It has an infinitely small playerbase at this point (in that it no longer has official serves), but **Nosgoth** was an absolute delight that was criminally overlooked. It was a 4v4 asymmetrical arena game where a group of humans, armed with ranged weapons, had to try and fight a group of hyper-mobile melee vampires. The humans basically had to move around as a group while the vampires tried to set up ambushes. The combat was fast and fun with really cool and unique abilities.


Nosgoth was crazy fun!


Asymmetrical games are hard to balance and often have collapsing player bases, because adjusting the meta to keep up with experienced players means new people are destroyed before they can get invested.


100% what happened to Natural Selection 2. That game was really really good, but once the majority of new players left, it was impossibe to get into due to the average skill level


That - and the learning curve to play as the commander was rough. There was no good tutorial for it - and if you tried and sucked at it (the first time you would) everyone got mad at you. I only tried being the commander once. >.<


TBF, being a Commander in NS2 can be one of the most skillful positions in multiplayer games; it feels almost like a promotion due to the experience required. * You are basically playing an online strategy game where units don't have to obey your right clicks, use resources at their leisure and can often act plain stupid * You need to be experienced as a boots-on-the-ground grunt and understand tactics * It requires leadership and communication skills * It's a multitasker's wet dream Still, the community can get a little bit too toxic if you try your hand at it and fail, but how else can you learn how to play Com? It's a vicious cycle. A lot of players take the game *too* seriously and become obnoxious assholes, with the excuse that it's a niche game and they're entitled to be hardcore -- as if the new players didn't pay full price for the game.


I miss natural selection and it’s sequel. Good times


NS2 was exactly what came to mind when I saw the post title. It's a weird beast this game. I'd been eyeing for such a long time before I had my own credit card, and the day I bought it I felt like it was Christmas. I must have logged 14 straight hours getting owned but having so much fun. It was already not-too-popular back then, but you could still hop into a game and have a good time. Now, servers (at least in my region) are few, overpopulated, and feature extreme skill gaps. It's also a 50-50 chance whether I play with toxic and obnoxious or friendly and helpful Commanders. I can still enjoy it provided I don't put much thought into it, but I agree that it's a PITA to get into as a newbie.


That sounds really interesting! Did you play the game Atlas Reactor at all? I think it's been taken off steam now but it was a fantastic little online game that had sort of similar mechanics to Nosgoth.


There is a group of people who made a mod for the game to allow them to host their own servers. There trying to have a convention next year apparently.


the team that made Nosgoth is the same team that went on to make Rocket League as a last ditch effort before they went bankrupt


Folklore for PlayStation 4 I love it! It so magical. The music is good and there is a mystery that's needs to be solved. You play as 2 different characters and get to meet a whole cast of wonderful characters!!!


**Vib Ribbon** It's an old rhythm game from 2000 on the PS1 made by the same team behind PaRappa the Rapper that was never released in the US (only in Europe and Japan) where you have to hit the buttons on the controller in time with the music playing. But the gimmick behind it is that the game itself takes up so little space on the disc, it can load itself entirely into the console's memory; if you then put in any other audio CD, it will generate a level unique to that song. If you live in the US and/or you don't have a physical copy, the only other way to play it is on the PlayStation 3 Store; as far as I know, it is still yet to be ported onto PS4/PS5. **Music 2000 / MTV Music Generator 1** Another obscure title for the PS1; this basically turned your PlayStation into a DAW, allowing you to create your own music. Sequencing, sampling, the whole thing. Had a sequel on the PS2 (with another also on the original Xbox), as well as a spinoff on the Game Boy Colour and Game Boy Advance. Criminally underrated game, and is even the reason I make music today. Similar to Vib Ribbon: as far as I'm aware, it has never been rereleased or ported and has never gotten a follow-up since.


Why do I keep seeing this game so much now.


Driver San Francisco


Probably the only true instance of 2nd person perspective in a game.


I saw that video to, although there are other instances of “seeing through the eyes of one character while controlling another”. In the original Ape Escape, during the final boss you switch over to the boss’ perspective while controlling your character, so you have to run around avoiding the boss’ reticle. There is also Mario 64 where your camera is actually being held and controlled by the cloud guy.


Lakitu in Mario 64 is literally the "3rd person" camera. They don't interact with the world outside of holding the camera. If the camera was attached to anything involved in the action (so any enemy) then it'd be 2nd person.


I guess it's worth mentioning the Siren series, where a major mechanic of those games is "sight jacking", which lets you see through the eyes of the monsters hunting you down.


there was a unity 3D game i played on kongregate 10+ years ago back when flash was a thing. it was called "second person shooter [nameicantremember]" where you play as a blind guy who could see enemies...via the perspective of an enemy.


It might be on flashpoint


I haven't played it, but I heard of it because Driver San Francisco was the name of the rideshare app in WD2, another Ubisoft game.


Watch Dogs was originally supposed to be a new Driver game, but then they turned it into its own IP




Swat4. A game where you play as a swat leader and you go on missions and you can also give orders to your team like " flashbang this room and clear it " or " check for any enemies or civilians in the room before entry". There is also a optiwand which helps you to look around corners and under the doors. Cool game but reallly old like from 2005. I hope we get a new swat like game.


I assume you’re already aware of Ready or Not. R6: Raven Shield for PC was very similar and from around the same time(2 years earlier). It was the last of the Red Storm type games with a planning stage before the series became more arcadey.


Man I got downvoted to hell for reminiscing about Raven Shield on the Rainbow Six sub awhile back.


Same. Whole sub is comprised of kids that think Vegas is OG Rainbow and know nothing of the original games that Clancy actually had a part in creating with Red Storm. EDIT: check out Ground Branch if you haven’t yet. Big OG R6 vibes especially with the tanker and 747.


If you haven't played it with the Elite Force mod, I highly recommend it. Adds some new stuff, and adds even more realism such as making 'non-lethal' tools and weapons properly 'less-lethal'. My buddy got a demerit on one mission because, as is the case in reality, if you shoot a man in the throat with a beanbag round from five feet away *it tends to end poorly.*


SAS 4: zombie assault It may be ditched by the devs but it has great potential. It’s on mobile and steam


Omg do people still play that lol. I havet heard of a sas game since I graduated high school 10 years ago lol.


Nice\_Swordfish Wow, you're totally right about being overlooked, can't believe I've never checked this game out. I do like that it's FREE!!! Looks a lot like Crimsonland, is that how it plays?


Freedom Fighters


That game was so fun. So so fun. I would always use the Zap Brannigan strategy of warfare.


So you threw wave after wave of your own men at the enemy?


I knew that the commies had a pre programmed kill limit, so I sent wave after wave of men till they reached thier limit and shut down. Kif show them the medal I won.


*begrudgingly points to medal on Zap's chest*


Under my command every mission is a suicide mission


It was so good and the command mechanics were so satisfying to use. It really makes me sad IOI never made a follow up, there is so much scope to make another game in that series feel incredible.


Came here to say this game too mate. Hours of fun back in the day!


The game builds up to a final fight with the main antagonist but it never delivers it. He doesn't show up in the final level or secret statue of liberty level. You don't even get a cutscene showing you what happened to him. I've been waiting for eighteen years wondering whatever happened to Mr. Jones.


Love that game. We need more games that allow you to control a squad. I used to play the shit of of the swat games as a kid. The third one especially .


Zero Escape


Agreed, the Danganronpa (and Ace Attorney, to a lesser extent) fanbase keeps overshadowing us. Though I'd argue that Ghost Trick's recognition-obtained-to-recognition-deserved ratio is just as abysmally low.


Ahhhh, Ghost Trick. I wonder if the reason it doesn’t have more of a fandom is because it’s so well done that, when you complete it, you’re completely satisfied and don’t need to turn to others for closure. But, man, talk about a game I wish I could forget all about just so I could play it for the first time again.


Poor Ghost Trick fans, atleast Zero Escape has some recognition here and there


Ghost Trick was a masterpiece.


Guns of Icarus is so much fun but it's on life support right now and it makes me the big sad.


A lot of fun - but it always felt like an early access game. It just seemed like there should be more to it.


My favorite pre-release game. Tons of fun, but I'm still bitter about the bait-and-switch the devs pulled by promising Adventure Mode in the original kickstarter, and then erasing all mention of it and announcing a new kickstarter just for Adventure Mode.


Damn, went to go look at it, thought about getting it, then I came back to your comment. Looked into it, yeah, in gonna skip this developer now.


Ah this game was so unique too!


Adventure Quest Worlds. Old flash MMO, it’s fantastic - I think it still gets weekly updates, if I’m not mistaken. Edit: Right, should mention that if anyone wants to play it, it was moved away from flash and onto the Artix Entertainment launcher.


I'd forgotten about this! Great game for child me




I’m playing CW4 now. Never heard of the series, bought it on a whim. Scratches that tower defence itch while feeling very different.


> Creeper World 3 Damn, flashback time. I think I spent many hours on the very first version of that game, back when it started out as a flash game? With a standalone game for the full version. I kinda forgot the name and I recently even tried finding it again but not knowing the name anymore didn't help me. I assume the new incarnations of that game follow the same spirit of the first one?


Oh man, I have lost *so* many hours to Creeper World. Have you played Particle Fleet as well?


Satures Wow, your first comment sums up what I see in the Steam gameplay trailer perfectly. This is a genre I have extreme trouble getting into and even completely understanding why certain individuals invest time into games like this. I somewhat understand people have their own things but it's just tough to completely understand. With that being said, explain... What even remotely gave you a reason to pick up and play a game like this? And then once you did, what exactly makes it engaging?




I haven't played the modern versions, I really should. I played a TOn of Creeper World back when it was originally on Kongregate 10+ years ago.


You may be pleased to know Creeper World 4 is out. It’s 3D now but similar gameplay as it’s ultimately the same landscape systems with new mobs and polish.


Advance wars 1 and 2 on the gba I played the crap outta that as a kid and I've never met anyone else in the last 15 years that has ever played it.


Advance Wars 2 was amazing. All kinds of game modes, all kinds of complexity between units and COs. The campaign was pretty solid as well. AW1 felt...lacking. But maybe that's just because I played the second one first.


Yes the COs and abilities added to the strategy, I lost countless hours playing these games


I just started Wargroove; it's got a similar vibe with some new mechanics. I'm not very far in yet, but would highly recommend it for anyone that likes Advance wars!


I bought and played Wargroove when it came out. The visuals are gorgeous and the gameplay has some interesting differences, but overall I still think Advance Wars is better. The advantages between unit types feel more intuitive and the units themselves felt more balanced. Still, I had a lot of fun playing Wargroove and it really was fun to experience a new game of the same genre as AW


Advance Wars was my first ever strategy game. I loved it as a kid.


I play Dual Stike on my DS every plane trip I go on. Loved AW1 and 2


You probably already have, but anyone who liked advance wars should check out wargroove. Very similar, but only a couple years old.


I played with my brother all the time when I was younger! And now, my SO loves it so much (still) that he named his cat Nell, after a character from it.


Gunz the duel. The easiest way to define it (although not really true) would be 3D super smash bros with guns, mechanically speaking. Its a ultra high skill cap pvp game, but the player base is super small. Probably the smallest I've ever seen


Isn't Gunz the game where some other developer took over and ran the game into the ground with microtransactions? Or am I thinking of something else?


Yes, then the game "died"(I would say it got killed) and got revived by the fans


Whoa… I loved this game.. I forgot it even existed tho since I haven’t played it probably since 2000s. Nostalgia for real.


My favorite was playing attack and defend on that one mansion map. Such great gameplay


Ogre Battle 64


Agreed. Probably my favorite game on the 64. Doesn’t get a whole lot of love though.


I came to comment the original Ogre Battle, but really just the whole concept of that game is brilliant and wish there was some more out there like it. The OG Ogre Battle is, in my opinion, the greatest SNES game.


This game is the first and only time I decided to write a FAQ on GameFAQS because I couldn't find an accurate answer to the start-of-game questions for determining what army you get, so... I figured it out and wrote it! This game is one of my favorite N64 games.


Ogre Battle in general is criminally underrated, I find. Hell, I still have Knight of Lodis.


basedland Wow! I'm somewhat blown away by the first look of this games gameplay. Especially since I'm not heavily into these types of games. What kind of game is this exactly? Looks really complex with a bit of a learning curve.


That's why its so overlooked. Its a completely unique style of game which has never been followed up on. It's an RPG/RTS hybrid. At first glance the main game is your units marching across the battlefield and then getting into skirmishes, but the real decision-making happens in between those missions. Each unit marching around the battlefield is actually a group of up to 5 characters. Every one of those characters has their own set of stats and equipment and they can progress through a tree of different character classes. In between missions is when you set up those groups and the group setup is when their behavior in combat is determined. You can give high-level commands in combat like "Attack Weakest" or "Attack Leader", but where you place them on a 3x3 grid is what determines which abilities they use and how many times. The characters themselves are extremely diverse. Male and female characters have different class options, there are special named characters with unique models and abilities, and you can even capture monsters to join your army. Everyone also has permadeath so its all quite personal. There's definitely a massive learning curve and the game doesn't teach you anything, but its a masterpiece.


It has unfortunately not been followed up on, but it was preceded by the great Ogre Battle on SNES. Also, if you enjoy the worldbuilding, Tactics Ogre is the best game and best story in the entire series, although it is a more traditional tactical RPG. It was originally on SNES and PS1 but there's a PSP remake. I prefer the original to the remake but I am very much in the minority there.


I've seen people mention Syphon Filter in the wild a grand total of twice. It started on the PS1 and was a good party of my childhood and teen years, but it seems no one really knows or remembers it. The voice acting was bonkers and the graphics were... well, it was a PS1 game, what can you do?


I remember syphon filter! Kinda got outshined by metal gear solid but was a pretty decent game in itself.


I remember playing what I think was the second one, had a taser and NVG. I remember this because having NVGs on while tasering a guy until he burst into flames was pretty much all I remember about that game.


Could never go past the second or third mission as a kid, all my memories of that game are just about frying people with a taser, lmao


It had a lot of hype at the time, I don’t know what happened to cause the series to run down. I suppose it got overshadowed initially by MGS then probably by something like Splinter Cell.


I didn’t like splinter cell as much as syphon filter. My brother and I probably beat both games dozens of times. To add to this. BLACK was a pretty great game at the end of PS2s life.


OneShot. It deserves so much more attention.


I wish Mark wouldn't have fuck up and lost his save file or whatever he claims happened because he apparently never finished it.


Pretty much the entire Rune Factory series. But mostly 3 and 4 are the top tier quality titles, but all 6 are loved


Okami. It is the lowest selling game to ever win Game of the Year (2006). We have a small, dedicated player base. Okami is beautifully animated, finely written, and along with a highly original story it has a brushstroke gameplay element that makes it truly like no other.


Okami is really that good..? I actually have the PC version, but I'm not sure when I want to get around to playing it. I did start it but the 30 FPS and the unique animation really screwed with my eyes a bit. Maybe I should start playing it now.


Yeah, I'd say it's that good. I haven't played it for PC, myself, but I've heard mixed reviews about the port. I can vouch for the Nintendo Switch port, if that helps. The brush controls might take you a little time to warm up to, but once you get your first few brush powers you'll feel more than just comfortable. You'll feel like a divine entity ;) Hope you enjoy it!


There is no game I recommend playing more. It's my personal absolute favorite. I love the game so much I even have the enzo from it tattoed on my forearm. I also have seven different pieces of art/figures of it by my desk.




Ring Yay! I recommend this game to people all the time and it gets numerous overlooks. Glad to see someone posting it here.


I need to play it soon. Didn't the game get extremely dark if you abandoned it and came back in earlier versions? Like "Niko is gone."


Yeah in the old Flash(I think?) Version if you closed the game without leaving it via a save bed, the main menu got really dark and said Niko was dead.


I like this thread. Imma save it and see what games I should buy and not play for a few years lmao.


Streets of Rogue. It's a roguelite game where you have to complete missions to free a city from an evil mayor but there is a ton of choice as to how your approach them. I heard it described one time as a tabletop RPG where everyone is chaotic neutral. It's insane, amazing, and criminally underrated.


Dude, YES!! I put over 200 hours into that! You could do some of the best, most hilarious stuff in that game! Oh, and it has splitscreen, which I LOVE. It's definitely a game that everyone should play. The customization and freedom is insane, despite the genre.


I hear the mayor is thinking of raising the tax on bacon cheeseburgers.


Skies of Arcadia was groundbreaking for me. First game I played in which the exploration felt like an adventure. I'd love to know how it aged but it's like $200. Good thing GameStop got mine for 5$ 15 years ago haha


My God. I played the re-release on GameCube as a young man. Crushed HARD on Aika. I probably dumped 150+ hours into that game across 3 play throughs... May have to go dig it out of storage and start again.


The Pokemon Ranger series. I never hear anybody talk about it. Probably why we haven't had a new game since the DS 😔


I had circles etched into my DS screen from playing that game so much


Shadows of Almia ftw


I miss those damn games so much. I always felt like they had a much more involved story than any of the other games.


Oh i remember those Great games from my childhood


I'm forever pained by the fact we didn't get anymore of them for the 3ds.


PMD fans think they have it bad, we never even got a game for the 3DS let alone during gen 5


Angels Fall First and Evochron Mercenary/Legacy. First one is similar to original battlefront 2, but in addition it has star fighter combat with ship boarding. Basically same as battlefield, but with nice additions that were promised in battlefield 3 and is marketed in Star Citizen. The game basically died because devs did no marketing and community was very small. Second one is a space sim made by one man, and it has all, persistent universe, all stellar bodies are landable and procedurally generated, economy is both player and npc driven, you can highly customize/modify ships, and you can build your stations and fleets by hiring NPCs and/or players. It's only con is the graphics, it took the guy 12 years to make it, and not many would like these days playing a space sim with 2007 graphics when there are games like Elite Dangerous, NMS, Eve Online and etc.


Noita. Nightmare permadeath game that burns you to death 15 saves in a row. It's great!


Hunt showdown and insurgency sandstorm


Love Hunt! Obsessed with it atm


Especially hunt. At first I thought it was just another battle Royale game but it’s probably one of my favorite FPS games ever.


Hunt is so good. So much strategy can be involved. A huge learning curve but so rewarding when you get a kill.


I played wayyyyy too much of the original insurgency with friends when we were younger. We got to the point where we could beat the pve maps on the hardest difficulty starting with only a knife. (We would pick up enemy weapons, but we wouldn't reload. If you were out of ammo, had to pull out the knife till you found another weapon)


Before Your Eyes


Chonky IIRC, this game was at a historical low price last week. And sadly, I gave it a look and completely overlooked it. Forgive me, for I knew not what I did. Is this game worth the full $10? Or at least the small discount it was at last week? What is it exactly?


Its quite a sad story. Not gonna spoil it tho


Totally worth it. It's a game that deals with someone's life story and uses a unique mechanic linked to blinking. So you'll need a webcam. The story changes depending on if you can hold your eyes open for long enough. It'll make you cry from the dryness of your eyes and the impact of the story.


Spiritfarer. It's a maintenance-style game where you build up your boat so that you can help animal spirits have one last special experience before you ferry them to the afterlife. I just started it, but already it's incredibly melancholy and beautiful.


the spirits are in shape of animals but represent people! it’s an absolutely beautiful game and I ended up binging it and playing nothing but that for a week. There’s been dlc now I need to revisit, but it’s so good. you learn about different life lessons in a way, and help friends cross over. it’s so good and beautiful


Most of these responses are from people talking about games that everyone has heard of, they just don't get played by enough people. That's fine, but I want to talk about my favourite game with a playerbase of just a few thousand people. **Space Station 13** It's an open source multiplayer roleplay game where everyone has to work together on a space station by doing various jobs and making sure the station doesn't explode from the crew's incompetence. All the while avoiding dangers such as Terror Spiders, vampires, giant blobs that consume the station, cultists and rogue AIs. The game isn't for everyone though because of its incredibly outdated graphics, shitty server connection, and the fact there isn't really an end goal except do your job and survive until the end of the shift. I started playing last year and it's quickly become one of my favourite games. Plus it's completely free to play. Because of the roleplay element, it never feels like rounds ever play out the same, since other players always behave differently. I feel like almost every round I have some kind of story to tell due to how crazy some rounds can be, either because of other players or sheer randomness. I really recommend anyone to check it out if they're even remotely curious.


To back up just how amazing this game is, I'm going to put down 2 videos that perfectly sum up the experience of Space Station 13. It's chaos. Beautiful, beautiful chaos. https://youtu.be/URJ_qSXruW0 https://youtu.be/nLAHBexJxrE


Hey hey, people ...


Sseth here




Aidyn Chronicles the First Mage. It was an N64 game, but it was a serious RPG. People still play, and it's even being modded over at /r/Aidyn. It was a pretty cool game


Alundra. Imo it's the best Zelda game since LTTP.


**Foxhole** Totally-not-America and Totally-not-Germany fight during world war 2. But the scale of this needs to be seen to be believed. The reason it's impressive is the entire thing is player driven. Every bullet you fire in this game was produced by somebody else, who had to mine resources, refine them, and then take them to a factory to be made into this bullet. And so was everything else. The last war just ended. It went on for over a month, real world time, and there was millions of casualties on both sides. The war does not stop when you log off. It keeps going until it is over. Again, with everything used in it being made by players. When it finally is over the devs wipe the map, rearrange things, and it starts over. **Duskers** This game is so much its own thing it's hard to describe it. [This guy gets close](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e9G6YmjC7KM) **S.T.A.L.K.E.R: Shadow Of Chernobyl** It's a survival horror FPS inspired by a Soviet[art film](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YuOnfQd-aTw) you probably haven't seen and that is about as bizarre inspiration for a video game I can possibly think of. It's janky, the graphics haven't aged all that well, there's more bugs than an ant hill, it's infuriatingly difficult, and there's a lot of cheeki breeki (you'll understand one day). But it's also genuinely unsettling and surreal and constantly finds new ways to surprise you and freak you the fuck out at the same time. If wandering around a decaying soviet hellscape on heroin could be made into a video game it would be this one. It was made in Ukraine. Nobody else could have made it. Nobody but the Slavs. Nobody. **Dwarf Fortress** The most complex game ever made. Simulates everything from weather patterns to water to smells to *the fucking eyelids of cats*. It's also genuinely fun and interesting. The insane amount of detail that goes into every newly generated world includes an entire history stretching over hundreds and possibly thousands of years. And I mean *every single event that happens to anybody is recorded*. Thousands upon thousands of characters all with their own backstories, cultures, religions, failed marriages, adventures, whatever... The stories that come out of Dwarf Fortress are legendary. Just an example from my own playthroughs, I once had a Dwarf in my fort (oh yeah, you build a fort in it. Shocking, I know) go insane for some obscure reason I was never going to figure out. Mental illness strikes the best of people sometimes, and in this case it was a random psychotic break that resolved itself in him running down the hallway stripping off all of his clothes as he went, much the shock and embarrassment of the guy's poor wife. He never did put his clothes back on, and spent his time running amok, babbling, and getting into fights. Eventually the mayor called a meeting. I can only speculate as to the subject. But whatever solution to this hypothetical problem was, it didn't matter. Because when our friend decided to stop wearing clothes he also decided to stop eating and drinking. Unbeknownst to me he had committed suicide via starvation. Damn. That's hardcore as fuck. Like, not even "I want to die", straight up fucking *torturing* yourself for weeks first. Fuck bro, I can't even. Anyway, I didn't have a coffin for him, so while I was waiting for my mason to finish a nice Dwarfy stone one his body started rotting, spreading a miasma throughout the fort and causing projectile vomiting in anybody unlucky enough to inhale it. All this, I might add, on the same day a local VIP was paying everyone a visit. Talk about embarrassing. Dwarf Fortress is psychotic and beautiful. It's also next to impossible to play in its current state. Which is another reason to play it. Because what are you, some kinda pussy? Hm? Afraid of ASCII, pussy? Are you? **Kenshi** Post-post-apocalyptic samurais in Mad Max world chop each others limbs off. The only way to gain strength is to suffer. Kenshi is a lot of things. It's an RTS, a survival game, RPG, slavery simulator. One thing it is not is boring. I mentioned slavery, for example. That wasn't a joke, the game actually simulates slavery. If you get arrested by the authorities in most games you lose. In Kenshi you are sold into slavery, marched across a desert to a stone quarry, and then forced to work on starvation rations while occasionally getting your ass kicked by the guards, who are all far, far, stronger then you. The game does not end. It keeps going until you figure out a way to escape. Can't think of one? Fuck you. You're not important. You're there because you suck. And that's the thing, Kenshi is a game where you are a nobody. You're not a hero, you're not a great warrior, you're nothing. Not unless you work for it. And boy howdy it gives you a lot of ways to work..you can be a weed farmer in this game if you want, never mind anything else. This shit will consume your life, fair warning.




Pillars of Eternity & Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire. I've just discovered the series recently, and it's incredibly cool (to me). It may not be the best answer to this question, as both games resulted from crowdfunding campaigns and were fairly well-received, but I had never seen or heard anything about the series before stumbling upon it during a Steam sale. I think it may just fill a relatively small niche, as it's catered to fans of classic CRPGs and D&D.


Comix Zone. Hard as fuck, but great setting and gameplay. I never beat it, but it's a great game.


Pokken tournament Pls give me a second one.


What’s funny about Pokken to me is that people always talk about wanting a Pokémon fighting game, but when it’s finally made it turns out they don’t actually want that.


Tetris Effect Won loads of GOTY awards in 2018, and for good reason, but even multiplayer and the subreddit are mostly dead nowadays. Even thought it’s one of the finest video games ever made imho.


Heiminator If it's anything like the addiction of straight up any Tetris game, I'm all for it. Looks like it's hitting Steam this summer. Or some spinoff of it anyway(Tetris Effect Connected?). What makes it "one of the finest video games ever made" and how does it improve upon basic Tetris games? Because I really enjoy playing basic Tetris games. They don't need graphics to be modern to enjoy them. Even the old Gameboy Tetris is super engaging.


The Nancy Drew PC Games!


"It's locked."


Ground Branch


RUSE is till my favorite RTS to date, but ubi had absolutely horrible marketing for the game including a main Trailer that didn't really show anything about the game. And they didn't renew licenses so they had to stop selling the game. There's still usually 10~ people on PC at any time but damn do I wish I could get a few more codes for my friends


Lovers In A Dangerous Spacetime is a cute co-op game about alien astronauts! I really enjoyed playing it with my friends :) A Short Hike is a nice, peaceful single player game about a little bird at summer camp. It has a really pleasant soundtrack, too.


Vanilla Team Fortress 2 on 360/PS3. There is still a player base, but I just love the simple and unmolested gameplay of the launch version.


Vindictus. The game been out for 10+ years, still active, but with a very small player base. The game itself is a bit difficult, so not many people stay around for long. And people think that the game is pay-to-win, but it can be farm-to-win too, just a little bit longer grind.


Pro Tip: if it’s on the Steam front page the game is not overlooked & if it has community content posted there regularly it has a large player base.


ITT a lot of indie games that were very well played/well received (for an indie game) and a bunch of old games that are actually very well known, but were made in a time that less people were playing games.


Under Night In-Birth


Town of Salem is similar to Among Us, but more complex.


Oh boy that game is fun but somewhat less about skill. Practically unwinnable with a decent lobby because once a set amount of roles are gone, it's game for the bad guys


well yeah but that’s just how the game works. played ranked with more bad guys and it easily becomes a new game


I love ToS, CAA is the best game mode!!




People are 100% gonna buy it as a joke to make fun of it and realize it's actually a great game lmao


The game seems good but the ads make it look cringe and dumb.


The thing with this game is you have to make your own fun, and it's definitely better with friends to do the voices with.


The-One I see that this is a Switch game so I know absolutely nothing about it. From the looks of just the one picture that pops up when Googling the game I have no idea what this game is all about. So... What's it all about?


Because there can be romance between characters regardless of gender, it’s become the first Nintendo game to receive an R rating (russia rated it R)




basically a jrpg but you can cast everybody in the game. this can make the game either normal or "beyonce, jesus, taylor swift, and homer simpson go to kill the dark lord, richard nixon, after saving princess chara from an arranged marriage, where she was going to be forced to marry peter griffin by her father, king snoo"


So, you know what a JRPG is, right? That but everybody is a Mii and can be customized. It's pretty fun and long.




Smite to a certain degree, at least compared to its competition. Smite is extremely fun and I’d recommend it to anyone that wants to quit league but not stop playing MOBAs.


Insurgency Sandstorm.


CK I feel ya' on this one. While it does have a relatively big player base I can understand the mention of it for this question. I believe there is a lot of people that simply don't know what makes it unique.


For sure. Lots of people play it. But not nearly the amount of people that would love it know about it.


Pokémon Rumble


The 2nd game was my favorite.


Space station 13


Pretty much all muds. I have not seen a single one top 200 players at a time.


Hawken. Truly ahead of its time in the era of free-to-play online games. As a Mechwarrior fan, this game really spoke to me and I sank hundreds of hours into it when the online community was thriving. The graphics were gorgeous, and the mechs were varied enough to suit a multitude of play styles. The free-to-play element of the game was also relatively modest - you could pay to unlock certain items/mechs quicker, but ultimately everyone had the same access in the end, with only certain skins and other aesthetic enhancements being pay-exclusive. Sadly, people gradually lost interest in the game after a few years and the developers shut down the PC version of the game in 2018. I’d love to see this game get a remake/sequel!


Outer wilds, shit was fire


Excellent game but I wouldn't say it's "extremely overlooked". It was literally awarded several GOTY awards.


Came here to say this. That game is, quite literally, life changing


Heroes of Might and Magic III. Currently about $3 on GOG. Have played several thousand hours of this title since the late 1990s. Last game was two weeks ago. Pretty big player community, but most of 'em are oldsters like me. Surprised not to see it on this list. I've been gaming for ~40 years and this is one of my top five, probably top 3.


The GOG version is leagues better than the steam version.


Cataclysm: Dark Days Ahead


Planetary Annihlation


Age of Empires Online! It was originally made by microsoft, but the launch wasn't really good so eventually it kinda died and microsoft abandoned the project and closed the servers. The game had a lot of potential though, and some fans have revived it - it is now called Age of Empires Online Project Celeste. To me, that's the real Age of Empires 4 that everyone's been sleeping on for years :D It's just a google search away and you can play it for 100% free!