What is a cologne you use that has gotten you a few compliments?

What is a cologne you use that has gotten you a few compliments?


Tesco's antibacterial deodorant. Funnily enough the person who complimented me was someone in Tesco.


Finally, something I can afford and in suitable for trash I am


I remember one time I was using the scent graphite from bath and body works and my buddies were telling me I smelled like a whore lol


Me and my brother in law swear by teakwood.


Speaking as a lady whose boyfriend likes colognes, I honestly find Bath & Body Works scents more pleasant and less overwhelming than a lot of the $60+ stuff. Ocean is my favorite but Teakwood is a close 2nd.


L'Homme by Yves Saint Laurent. Some of my female friends have told me it smells really good.


I didn’t plan on waking up and spending $80 on cologne today but this thread sold me on this one hahaha


Try it first. Some smells just don’t work on some people inexplicably


That's because they mix with oils in your skin and some other things, so even if the brand is good, it might not be the best for you, that's why you must keep trying new things until you find the one you feel is the best for you, or at least decent


I actually took a female friend with me for express purpose of trying scents *on me* for this reason. Subtle is the key. You don't want to over whelm or offend someone with your scent. Less is more and I've recieved lots of compliments. We settled on [Paul Sebastian](https://pics.drugstore.com/prodimg/413767/900.jpg). *Edit: mom's can also help*


*Your scent should not arrive before you or linger after you’ve left.* Words to live by.


another one i like: “Cologne should be discovered, not announced.”


I used to have a boss. Cologne freak. You could know he was in the building when you smelled him over 150 feet away.


"Nice perfume. Must you bathe in it?"


"Wear only enough cologne to be smelled in the arms of a lover. Wear enough aftershave to be smelled by no one, ever."


Definitely agree. But how do you find out? Also doesn't that sort of *become* your smell? On a trip with some friends they smelled my cologne and said, "Oh my god, it smells like u/Khasimir".


Go to Macy's, Nordstrom, or really any upscale department store with a fragrance counter. They will give/sell you a tiny tester of most fragrances that you can take home. L'homme is a major flagship right now, so your odds are pretty good they'll have some on hand. They can also just spray a tester on you. Give it a few hours and see if you still like it. I'm a woman, but I made my husband pick a cologne for our wedding. Some scents we really liked straight out of the bottle (like Sauvage), but smelled like musty old man after a few hours. We actually did end up choosing L'homme because the scent didn't change too much on his skin. But this is 100% up to your own skin chemistry and preferences.


Thanks for the advice (this whole thread is great) but Sausage has some of the most absurdly cringe marketing I’ve ever seen. Depp dressed up like he’s 23 riding a motorbike around the desert with 38 silver bangles when in actual fact he’s 53 or whatever. God I find it so ridiculous.


Sausage cologne lol


Yeah, I know that scent all too well! 🍆


Buy the biggest bottle you feel comfortable. The price per volume is way cheaper the larger you go.


I did see that, but settled on the 2.0 oz bottle, since that qualified for free shipping by $1 and I use fragrances sparingly so it should last me quite a while anyway.


There are definitely worse things to drop $80 on!


Same, wtf? Advertising is getting smarter


Which one is it? I believe there’s a new version and an old one. It’d be great if you can share a pic. There’s also an “intense” one.


Not sure what you mean by "new version." It is just YSL L'homme. Silver cap, clear bottle, light yellow juice.


Thanks for the answer, really appreciate it! When I went to Sephora asking about it, they showed me La Nuit De L’Homme, you just made me realize when people say “L’Homme” they aren’t shortening the name “La Nuit De L’Homme”, they are talking about another perfume. It’s La Nuit De L’Homme that has an older version according to the lady at Sephora.


La Nuit De L'Homme will also get you a lot of compliments. I only have that one though, so I can't compare it to L'Homme.


Yeah, it doesn't last as long as the older version. Still such a great scent though, this was going to be my answer lol


Second that


> L'Homme by Yves Saint Laurent Forgive me, I am so bad in cologne/perfumes. What is the difference between Eua de Toilette spray and Eau de Parfum? And is the intense better?


It's literally just a name given to the concentration of scent-to-water. Perfume = 20-30% Eau de Parfum = 15-20% Eua de Toilet = 5-15% Eau de Cologne = 2-4% Eau Fraiche = 1-3% (like body spray or after shave)


Great breakdown, thanks. This also corresponds to [how long they last](https://www.dapperconfidential.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/10/overview-longevity-e1564830400205.jpg).


Toilette is a weaker, Parfum stronger... its up to you and what you prefer 2 of my 3 are Toilette one is Parfum.. Toilette most likely won't last all day but is great for a night out, parfum is great for all day but can be a little cloying on a hot day or the first 30 minutes or so


the ginger hombre ysl is godly


This is the one. A friend got it for me because she likes when guys smell good. I thought she was saying I smelled meh. Now I’m thinking... God damn it.


Yeah, dude. She was into you. Probably wanted you to smell like someone else she had great memories of and wanted to make some with you.


or maybe he doesnt shower and she wanted to make him spend $80 instead of knifing her nose off


That’s my go-to as well, I get compliments constantly


I agree, this one smells awesome.


This was my daily for a while. Pretty much all YSL are legit.


La Nuit De L'Homme for me


Dear god I slept with a guy who wore this and now, close to a decade later, I remember the cologne but not the guy’s last name.


Oh hey, that was me!


la nut de le hommie lmao


This one’s a panty DROPPER


Girl here, got it for my male room mate for Xmas. It's AMAZING. I will stroll by his bathroom and take a whiff. LOL


damn you did a good one for your roommate!


Was going to add this, glad someone else did. Only one that’s given me solid compliments apart from when sausage by Dior first came out


This one! I've received so many compliments from both girls *and* guys, and quite a few have even asked me what it was so they can get it for themselves or their SO. I've been using Bleu de Chanel EDP recently since I found it lasts longer which is perfect for when working at the office, but I might buy another bottle of L'Homme by YSL EDT for dates and hangouts.


Wow I did not expect my cologne to be the top comment. I thought it was my secret smell lol. I use the ultime version for the last 4 years, and i love it still. My other one is lacoste white


My brain will not read that word as anything other than lactose.


Almost skipped this thread cuz I was like “I don’t need cologne my shit smells bomb!” I clicked just to see if anyone mentioned my favorite scent. Top of the thread aye


I have 2 bottles of the old reformulation, I only use it in very special occasions


Chanel De Blue


Bought this a few years ago on a whim. I have tried different colognes for ages trying to find one that suits me. Chanel knocked it out of the park. Works great for me. And always gets a compliment.


That's literally the best one I ever had but the price kills me




I'm not even gonna click it cause I already know it's gonna be bad 😂


Damn, Bleu de Chanel is way too far down this list. This is by far my most complimented cologne. I get the eau de parfum as it lasts longer and has a richer scent. Eau de toilette is good too for a quick afternoon outing but definitely get the parfum if you plan on being out longer.


I agree. That was the first one I thought of when I found this thread. I've gotten decent compliments with my prada carbon as well (sort of a sauvage clone) but my Bleu de Chanel EDP if by far my favorite and biggest compliment magnet


Montblanc legend, YSL L’Homme, Montblanc explorer, and Francis Kurkdjian Paris are my top 4 fav colognes. For clubs and stuff I’d say Versace Eros and Acqua di Gio. If you want to learn more about fragrances. Check out the /r/Fragrance sub or even /r/fragsplits


Was just about to come here to say this. I feel like I live on r/Fragrance some days 😂


Yves Saint Laurent Y Dior Sauvage Mont Blanc (idk which one but the bottle was black/copper)


Second Y by Yves Saint Laurent, specifically the eau de parfum. I’ve gotten a lot of compliments from women and men with it. By far my favorite cologne.




Fourth. I’m a woman who wears it. I get compliments from both men and women on it too.


one two three fourth to the fizzith.... all the gucci dior etc ive worn and nothing gets compliments like the YSL Y


Was out with my husband one night and we ran into our lesbian friend. She greeted us with a hug and I complimented her on her cologne and asked what it was. She said it was Sauvage. Well, I guess I seemed really into it because my husband went out and bought it the next day.


Reading this, made me [think of this](https://i.pinimg.com/originals/6f/dc/4f/6fdc4f5b728fe8216b24210dd36f5f0b.png)


Dior Sauvage smells good but overused af atleast in the UK imo


Yes, eau sauvage!


Versace Eros EDT and Azzaro wanted. The secretary at my school told me I smell good yesterday was wearing Eros. Azzaro wanted is the scent from up above. My cousin had one he told me a lady said she was gonna kidnap him lol.


haha now that's the kind of compliment I'm looking for


Hahaha assuming you're buying from amazon check reviews first for ratings you dont want a watered down fragrance do you.


Nah I live in NZ, dont really buy anything from Amazon. Going to make a list from this post and go sample what I can find at the local pharmacies and department stores


Bring a little sack of coffee to clear the nose pallette. You sniff the coffee in-between scents and you don't get headaches after.


Here to second Azzaro. Almost every time I wear it and go to the store I get asked what I’m wearing and most women respond with “Well I’m getting that for my husband!”


I have to second Eros, had someone bite my neck because they “couldn’t help themselves”


That's assault, brother.


It's hard to press charges on your own Grandma.


'See you in Court, Mildred'


I’m working through a bottle of Eros. I still have mixed feelings about it. It’s definitely a loud scent, like anything Versace, people will notice it right away. Good or bad you will get a reaction. I like the scent but I’m not always in the mood for how bombastic it is. I don’t think it’s for everyone or all the time.


At Uni I discovered Chanel Allure Homme Sport and was the only guy I knew that wore it. These 2 girls were talking to me at the bar one student night and they caught a whiff and basically buried their faces in to my neck while I stood there. I became the amazing smelling guy to these women who would literally screech with glee, run over to me every time they saw me and just sniff my neck and sigh, without fail. They'd tell other women and they'd smell me and agree and hang around etc. Naturally this led to me getting laid left and right every week as it was such an easy in and convo started with these women...in my head anyway. Totally didn't do anything with any of these women. Another "bruh" moment in my memory bank my brain likes to recall randomly.


these advertisements are getting gooder


Just posted about this scent. It's an absolute winner. Probably wouldn't be enough to get me laid fortunately as I'm a middle aged married bloke with a dad bod, but it's great to get compliments all the same.


Ain't gonna lie. You had me in the first half.


Tom Ford Oud Wood usually gets me the most from women, but I normally wear BDC edp or parfum. The latter seems more popular with gay men though. Prada Luna Rossa was a big hit when I was \~19 but I don't know if they even make the original anymore


Ive gotten a fair amount of compliments from tobacco vanille by Tom Ford


I was about to comment after scrolling and did not see Tom Ford mentioned! I am a lady, and cannot get enough of the Oud Wood scent, I use it for myself too.


The Ombre Leather from Tom Ford is a damn miracle worker. I sometimes use it when I want my girlfriend to watch shows with me, and she ALWAYS buries her head into my chest where I've sprayed it :)


Ombré leather doesn’t fuck around


This one right here. Ombré Leather is intense but amazing.


Versace dylan blue, Dior sauvage edt, Montblanc explorer, Hugo boss bottled intense, 212 NYC for men


I got Dylan Blue from my wife and son for Father’s Day a few years back. I thought it was pretty clever since my sons name is Dylan. Turns out it is a terrific cologne.


Hahaha that is a pretty clever move! And I completely agree man, Dylan blue is definitely a fantastic scent... Versatile, fresh and clean and the longevity is great too! Glad you enjoy it!


Hugo Boss bottled has been my staple for years! love that cologne


Dudeeee yesss, such a beautiful sweet and seductive scent, the ladies love it! Shame it's discontinued though, definitely gonna grab a 100ML when I can!


Dior Sausage is one of my absolute favorites. There's another one I got in Colombia years ago that I haven't been able to find -- Dendur Zero


I can see the ad now... Dior Sausage - Let her know what's on the menu.


Eau de shlong


Fucking awesome typo


Ayyy Mont Blanc Explorer is my favorite currently


BIG yes to Dior Sauvage and all my girl friends feel the same. There are no words to describe how perfect that cologne is, if I smell it when I’m out there is a 100% chance I’m going to be sniffing my way to the wearer.


I have to co sign this. I used to use issey miyake for years, then I got sauvage and I've had co workers literally sniff me and ask what it was


So the important thing with cologne is not actually the smell. It is the compatibility with your skin. The same cologne can smell entirely different on other people. I found out some years ago the Eros from Versage is my go to cologne.


>The same cologne can smell entirely different on other people. Damn, I never knew this. Gotta keep this in mind in the future


Yup, you should try putting cologne in your hand and smell it after 3 minutes to notice the real smell. Generally speaking from my observation sweet colognes don't fit well with oily skin.


What kind of colognes go well with oily skin?


Three times now I've complimented a man's cologne it turned out to be Hawthorne. They have a site with a short questionnaire about your lifestyle & skin and serve you a semi-custom cologne for work and for nightlife. Not as fancy as the other brands listed in this thread but they seem to nail it every time. Edit: they do soaps and other bathroom products now too but I have no reference for them. I'd assume they're decent quality.


I like Hawthorne wipes too!


Got a pocketful of hawthorns


I bought a sample pack online that came with 12 different samples for around $40. It let me try out some as a complete cologne newbie to see ones I liked and didn't like, without committing to a whole bottle. Also when I'm dating someone knew after a while we go through them together and pick out the ones she likes best. Different people have different preferences. And they can have associations to different scents depending if they knew someone else who used to wear it.


A friend of mine was hooking up with this guy, and she just loved his perfume, even telling me I should check it out because it was just that good in her opinion. Then one day her father bought a bottle of it, and she told me she ended up putting it at the back of her father's cologne shelf, and then after a month she just straight up took it. Couldn't have her father smelling like someone she was having sex with.


Similar thing is exactly what made me add that last sentence. One woman immediately said one of the samples said it smelled like her uncle.


Yup, I've walked past women that smell like my father's 90+ year old aunt, a perfume that I absolutely hate and honestly makes me feel a bit sick. I practically can't get away from those people fast enough.


I guarantee you they were wearing White Diamonds. That is such an old lady perfume


Armani Diamonds or Armani Black Code


Second for the Armani Code


Third for Armani Code in the brown bottle.


Armani Code Profumo 👌🏼


Chrome by Azzaro And Aqua Di Gio by Giorgio Armani However, I just bought a new cologne and smells pretty damn good. It’s called “Mont Blanc Legend”. Highly recommend


Chrome has been my go to for like 20 years. Love it.


Absolu acqua do gio is perfect for me. Give it a smell next time you’re looking


Chrome is a little golden nugget, pretty good and not too expensive. Little pro tip though. If you're tired of spending so much on aqua di gio, check out 360 degree red by perry ellis. It's a very similar scent (often called a clone) and I think a 6.4oz bottle set me back like 40 bucks.


Tom ford tabacoo and vanilla


I think I vaped this flavour a few years ago


D&G The One. It’s actually the only cologne that I have consistently used for the last 10 years. My sense of smell and preference changes quite a bit and I usually get burned out on any particular cologne and have to switch it up. The One is the only cologne that I finished a bottle of and then bought another bottle. I get a lot of compliments on it.


My answer is well. Smells great. Just one pump needed. Lasts me a long long time.


L’Homme by YSL and Versace Eros are great. Perhaps a bit shameful, but one that does surprisingly well is Fierce by Abercrombie.


Sex Panther. 60% of the time it works...Everytime.


It smells like Bigfoot’s dick


Is that the one with bits of real panther in it?


That’s how you know it’s good.


With notes of gasoline and indian food


Really stings the nostrils!


Issey Miyake and Bvlgari.


Polo Black. Worn it for 20 years and still get longer embraces from the ladies


Polo Double Black - my husband wears this one exclusively and i fricken love it!!


Invictus by Paco Rabbane. Trust me


I was working as a security officer in an airport a few years ago and was stationed near the cologne-section of the taxfree. I had been looking for a new cologne for a while but couldent decide on which one. During one of the common, normal, and often boring perfume-discussions one of my coworkers bursted out: "You know what? That Invictus smell makes me so fucking wet! It's almost embarassing how much i get turned on by it." Needless to say I went straight to the taxfree and bought it after my shift was done. No regrets.


And????? Dont leave us with our dicks hanging out lol. What happened? Did she notice?


I wear this to work sometimes and I've had 3 women ask me what it is so they could buy it for their partners which they all did


My barber (a lady) used to constantly say I need to stop wearing it when getting my haircut as it makes her feel some kinda way.


Ok this comment convinced me. I’m buying this cologne


u/Ysghost1 you can attest to what a panty dropper Invictus is


Invictus is the shiz!!!


Mmm my bf wears this, I agree!!!


I was about to say this. But I just wish the bottle would come with a cap or something so it doesn't release on accident when packed in a luggage.


Remember to buy a cologne that you actually think smells good also, nobody's going to be smelling it more than you. Well maybe that's not true considering you'll probably get used to it but you're definitely going to smell it every single morning when you put it on, and I've definitely came across the cologne so that make me wonder how in the F people actually want to buy it, let alone smell it


I'm old school, I still use Calvin Klein Obsession.


Lynx Africa obviously ... But realistically Replica Jazz Club by Maison Margiela


Creed Aventus and Creed Green Irish Tweed. Get a lot of compliments and lasts all day long.


I was looking g for this comment. Both if those scents are amazing! Aventus is my main go to scent, and then switch to tweed when I fancy a change.


Acqua Di Gio Profumo, Bleu De Chanel EDP or Parfum, Creed Aventus, YSL Y EDP, Rasasi Hawas, Dolce & Gabanna The One EDP


I had a bottle of creed aventus once. It broke and spilled all over this back pack during a cross country road trip. That back pack smelled like that cologne for a solid 4 years...


Creed Aventus ftw!


Versace Eros


Facts I’ve been wearing it lately


Gucci guilty black


Armani Aqcua di Gio Profumo.. Countless compliments!


For good reason, that thing is like heroin in an atomizer to me (a woman).


Chanel Allure Edition Blanche, gotten many compliments over the years from both men and women


channel d allure homme sport is my personal favorite


Creed Green Irish Tweed


Nothing fancy but Diesel: only the Brave (bottle shaped like a clenched fist) seems to be a firm favourite, often draws a compliment from my female friends.


I second this, been my go to for a while now.


Chanel Allure, Hermes d'terre, Tom Ford For Men, Issey Miyake.


Allure Home Sport is my go-to and the only one I've ever been complimented on


**ACQUA DI GIÒ PROFUMO** by Giorgio Armani. It is very versatile, thus usable in every season and during every occasion. And my female acquaintances love it. The scent is very fresh, harsh, and manly. ​ **STRONGER WITH YOU** by Emporio Armani. This is an amazing "cuddle-cologne". Though it is not as versatile in terms of all year round, yet a fabulous scent during the fall and winter. But during these seasons you can wear it pretty much during every occasion, especially the one I listed above. The scent itself is very sweet and soft.


I’ve worn a number of different ones over the yrs. But Eternity by Calvin Klein is the one that always gets compliments from the women i date.


D&G light blue or powder blue. Something like that. Idk my wife bought it for me.


I love Light Blue but people close to me have said they don't really like it, so I mostly just wear it for myself.


It's a refreshing scent. I usually use it during the day as feels like to me a very chill time. Like how a crisp beach should smell like.


Oh, Bvlgari pour Homme Soir is absolutely sexy


Eau Sauvage - Dior


Oh there's numerous. * ZARA Vibrant Leather Eau De Parfum (pro tip, smells extremely similar to Creed Aventus, but is literally 1/10th the cost). * Chanel Allure Homme Sport (why there's no parfum version of this I'll never know, this stuff doesn't last more than 2 hours tops) * Yves Saint Laurent, L'Homme * Dior Sauvage * Montblanc Explorer (personal fave) * Yves Saint Laurent, La Nuit De L'Homme It's worth shelling out for one or two a few times a year, but get the parfum versions if you can. More intense and last longer.


Fuck cologne its all about that fabric softener shit, if you smell like clean laundry thats been hung in the backyard by your swiss grandma, i am immediately attaching myself to you


Iiiiiiits a Tide ad! Lol


Póds, by Tidé


Dior Sauvage is imo the best parfume ever made. Problem is it works so well that everybody has it, still won't stop me though.


It smells very good and i've got a lot of compliments! Fortunately i don't know anyone who uses it as well :D


This is my mainstay scent. I know it's super popular, but its subtlety makes it easy to wear regularly. That, and the closer people get to you, the better it gets. I've tried other colognes, and many are good, but Sauvage has easily gotten me the most notice and compliments.


My go to is Creed Aventus. Always get compliments when I'm wearing it.


Was looking to see if anyone would mention this one hahah. It’s simply amazing


I 100% agree with this. I have gotten complimented multiple times. The downside - it's really pricey. The workaround I have is that I use Aventus on special occasions. My everyday started as an Aventus knockoff but honestly stands on its own. I've gotten complimented on IT as well. Armaf Club De Nuit - Intense Man Similar to Aventus - INSANELY cheaper. It's my daily driver and i still get "what are you wearing it smells great."


Dior Sausage is my most complimented. Then Dylan blue, La Nuit de L’Homme and Y by YSL are also good


Tom Ford Black Orchid. I actually took it from an ex girlfriend of mine Plus it lasts for a while on my skin


Moderation dudes. Moderation.


Davidoff Cool Water!


Can't believe I had to scroll this far down to see this one. I've been wearing Cool Water for the last twenty years and still get compliments on it.


This is my favorite. Just goes with my natural "scent". Also Halston Z-14.


many years ago I visited Japan and I’ll never forget the tv ad for this cologne. A guy dives into the ocean and swims and then all of a sudden the voice-over guy nearly SHOUTS in this deranged samurai-movie voice “Da-VEED-off Ku-OOL HWA-tah!”! it was on constantly & cracked me up so much I still think of it every time i see the product, which is a lot bc my husband wears it. sometimes we just randomly say it to each other LOL


Paco rabanne 1 million and jean Paul Gaultier Le Male Both have given me decent compliments and while I prefer Le male, 1 million seems to get me more compliments comparatively


Yes, Le Male is a compliment puller for sure.


My boyfriend uses Versace Eros and I can honestly say that I've never ever smelled anything better. Even after a whole day's work he still smells amazing. Definitely recommend! (I promise the girls will absolutely love it🙂)


This is a thread I have been looking for! I want to add a secondary question, which cologne would prefer for work?


Aventus by Creed


I use Pi by Givenchy, and I've gotten several compliments on it, but different things work for different people. It's really dependant on your natural scent.


Luna Rossa Carbon by Prada. It’s right around $100 a bottle. I usually keep 5 to 6 different colognes around and it depends on who I’m with or where I’m going for which one to wear. YSL is also a good light scented cologne. Also, while we’re talking cologne I’ll take a moment to plug this advice; Cologne is meant to be discovered, not announced.