These are good, the real pain are the ones with suzette who change their mind every time text changs.


Haven't encountered them yet. Well, screen recording is the only way with this minigame actually (at least it doesn't make you waste notebook pages)


It will take you a while even with screen recording to figure out what they decided on in the end.


Yup, I've guessed as much from your comment, lol


How do you do the Suzette ones?


just half way through and this looks more and more like la vie en pain. i suspect wft are trying to tell us to be kind to customer service workers.


I did not get this wrong since, as I understood, the Dad is taking the orders from his family and he's the one telling everything to Aldo.


On the other side, there were other customers who asked their companions and you were supposed to listen, they weren't repeating🤷🏻‍♂️ Not arguing with you, just showing there are points to interprete this one both as ababc and abc, and whatever you choose, it's kind of a gamble


Yeah, I do believe the dialogues for this minigame are intended to confuse 🥴


Another annoying one is Suzette’s with the hunter on the left who mentions item 1, then later says “like I said, items 2, 3, 4.” I thought he was correcting himself, but you’re supposed to give him all four items he lists


That one screwed me good. I also screwed up with the two students on the same round because the boy added something on the end and i forgot…


Pro tip they never have an item on repeat for an order from a table


Is the one with suzzete actually possible? Not even writing it down I could do it.


try using a screen recorder and watching the playback at slow speeds or pausing the frames


My grudge is full bore on the old man and the hunter that put their last order in literally the last word of their order and it just skips so fast that I need my screen recorder to be paused and go frame by frame to see.


I used screenshots and deleted those with the items they changed keeping only the final decisions.


I've reported this issue to WFS, but they don't care about text errors according to my experience. If there's a better place to post this than as such a post, tell me, I'll delete this post and move where it belongs.


It's technically not an error since this how people normally talk but I can understand why some people might be confused. That being said, I don't think there are any instances of needing to order two of the same dish for a single table.


Between, would be much easier if at the end Aldo summarised the order, just how waiters usually do. Well, at least For tables with one guest: [order]? Ok, coming right up. For tables with 2+ guests: So, you'd like to order [order]? – Yes. – Ok, coming right up. Doesn't really make it easier for players to remember, but saves from such misunderstandings. And also is closer to how this works IRL, so…


Thanks for info!


Spasibo! 🤝🏼


Ne za chto!


This one isn't an error, though. A bit confusing if you're rushing through a bunch of them, but totally normal wording for a family's order. This is easily the least confusing one that's been posted on here.


Can anyone tell me what's the Chestnut one The chocolate one Chocolate cake Strawberry one. Or any other another name of the menus. I swear i really want to impale the hunter with suzzete manifest weapon.


Chestnut is Mont Blanc Chocolate is Gateau de Chocolate (should be obvious really) Strawberry is Frasier Fruit Cake is Tarte Aux Fruits (Another obvious one) Cheesecake is Gateau Fromage Tea is Laura Tea Coffe is Le vie en Blend


I managed to clear Suzette’s using screen recordings, is there any need to do hers again or is there only a reward for the first clear?


First clear only


This such a pain…


I took it as him being a misogynist / narcissist - like he's paying, so you bring it to "him", and then HE distributes it to his family. The fact that it's ambiguous what he may mean being a whole lot of your problem and none of his. But seriously, this is extremely common and waiters have to deal with this all the time. That said, I took the gamble and happened to be right, but it could have gone the other way I suppose... Or maybe not - is anyone allowed to order multiple of the same item? I haven't seen it happen yet so I dunno. In any case a Pro-Tip is appreciated, to help anyone who may be confused.:-)