I spent months logging all my attempts - MONTHS! - figuring out patterns and rules that worked. Now, just clickityclickityclickity. *grumble*


There is no pattern, everything is decided for you but possibly not in your favor.


There used to be, though. I have the spreadsheets. THE SPREADSHEETS!


Made my bf pick out the choices in PCD, was absolutely worth it.


Lest any new players suffer from anxiety over this, the only PCD choice that matters is clicking in Varuo if he shows up in Barouki. Everything else is predetermined when you get the white key.


As I'm a new player, could you elaborate on why picking Varuo in Baruoki matters? I've only been to PCD 2 times and it's all kind of mystifying to me. As for everything is predetermined when you get the white key, does that mean that every "choice" will always lead to the same outcome (aka. each white key is already coded for which zone it'll take you to regardless of door picked), or that the "correct" door is predetermined?


Varuo will randomly (rarely) show up in Baruoki in addition to the three spots you can tap whenever you get there (well, Prisma, balloons). If you tap him he will 100% take you to the final area Elzion for your Chants and Sensationalist. That said, I think I've seen him twice to date? More rare than getting to the end on natural luck or seeing the Sensationalist in the Dungeon IME.


Varuo guarantees you get to the end. It's the only "active" choice in PCD the rest is decided when you enter it and your choices don't matter.


Every choice will lead to the same outcome except picking Varuo if he shows up in Barouki. That is a guaranteed trip to Elzion. However, if you don't click on Varuo, then you get whatever result was predetermined, which of course can be a failed run.


As a new player you probably won't miss Varuo. There is no cat at the Barouki stage and when you go around to collect your cat stamp you'll be at Elzion. But there was a time before cat stamps. Plus older players might be at max stamps and not go for the cats anymore.


So it doesn’t matter which ladder you pick?


It used to, but then hackers or some shit figured out how to cheat it so now rng is determined immediately after you get the key, your choices don't matter (much like my life choices...)


If I recall correctly, it was using an emulator with save states. You could pick the wrong choice, reload, and then try again. Do this until you reach Elzion. But yeah, you're right. Everything is predetermined when you get the white key nowadays.


It also revealed that it wasn't always possible to reach Elzion. You could roll levels with no successful doors or all successful doors (none was more common).


Most runs now don't reach there either.


Ahh it was save states? I didn't even know mobile games could have save states... feel like that could screw your data up since it has to always be online... But I'll admit I quite enjoyed abusing save states in my fair share of RPGs... 🤫 especially in Super Mario RPG. 😂


Yeah. The save states and one guy was mad after he got like 80 chants from doing this….


Well, that and the other main choice is to use every White Gate keys as soon as you get it, rather than finish your other AD key runs first, since you can never have more than one at a time and every AD offers a chance for a new one. Also speaking of choices, it's good to pick in advance which materials you will want to ask for, just to be prepared:-).


Yes, fellow players, this is very important info and I'm sorry if I made it sound that it was thanks to the choices.


Nice! I managed to get one too, but now i just need 2 more :)


Got the sensationalist for the first time in the dungeon after the new Isuka went live. Nothing feels better!


Wish this guy appeared for me. I have 1 es nagi codex , plus 1 from the ensemble plus 2 from shop


Congrats! I just got to the sensationalist myself today and got my 3rd codex for ES Nagi. If only Varou didn't disappear from Baroki I might have gotten to the end more. Haven't seen that cat in a PCD in over a year.


If it makes you feel better, I started this game before white keys were a thing and have never seen Varuo in PCD. I'm only about 60% sure you guys aren't all in on an odd slow-burning joke at my expense.


I saw Varou 3 or 4 times when PCD came out, so I know he exists, but that just makes me more annoyed at him for ghosting me.


It's okay. I can feel you


As I got Nagi ES two weeks ago or so (had to spend my tsubura gems meh) I'm prioritizing Isuka ES over anything else because everyone else I want I either don't have NS versions to upgrade or have 3 or 4 out of 5 treatises for ones I have.


Same, just got one from the PCD last night


Speaking of codices, I should probably buy those 2 Cthulu codices from the emporium so I can sidegrade Nagi.


I did exactly that, didn't use her much yet though.


Honestly, same. I'd probably only use Nagi ES for bosses and such. Otherwise, my normal mob clearing team just does fine.


I actually tried her out in UAD, can't say it's THAT good but nonetheless. Routes I'm using are weak to water and wind with occasional crystal so it does in fact work. I just wish I could one-button everything.


I got there yesterday but decided to just get my 4th ES Tsukiha Codex. I'm basically out of Tsubura gems and ES Isuka isn't super high priority for me.