Ngl, the speed of the auto play makes me tap through anyway. It's nice for taking screenshots and screen recordings though since there's no touch response animation to deal with


Agreed. It needs speeds 2x and potential 3-4x faster for me to not tap it. I can read 10 words pretty quickly.


Agreed. I tried it out and it's too slow. Hopefully they add some (optional) speed variations. Until then, I go back to tapping manually :(


Here's the beautiful part for me: I get auto play going and I go do something else and when I come back, I'm ready for the next part.


I hear you. but I suffer from hand pain due to repetitive movements. I can wait a little bit more if that means less tapping. Hope they change it to allow increased speed, but for now it works wonders for me.


Hope your hand pain gets better in time, friend!


I installed an auto clicker and use it a lot for dialog stuff, every 200 ms is about right for me.


Wow, that's a good idea. Thanks for sharing lol


Same, I tried it out but it was so slow I rather do it myself.


A skip or Roadrunner Super Speed option would be amazing for the auction quests.


Skip is definitely needed for the Auction Quests. It's so painful.


I can't believe it took until the 3rd anniversary to add this feature lol. Not having a skip button until you've read something is criminal too.


It's going to be popular, I believe it! Meanwhile its use in Aldo being a waiter in the cafe makes it difficult and I wish I could turn it OFF there!:-P I messed up an order bc one of the entitled groups of girls went through their order super s l o w, then at like 100x the previous speed tacked on a coffee or something that I didn't even notice in a video playthrough a 2nd time!:-P I don't know if WFS did that intentionally or not, but it definitely made me feel the pressure of being a waiter.:-D


Wait seriously? That's nice!


wait Wait WAIT WHAT?! Am I going to be free from speedrun tapping? Is this going to be a thing in the next anniversary?


Already here if you've updated your app. Tap the Auto button next to the Log button during cutscenes


I love it, although I do agree with the others that it is a bit too slow...however, it'll be perfect for when I start streaming AE in the near future, as it'll give my hands and fingers a bit of a break haha. With autoplay on, I also feel like I'm playing a VN or sometimes even watching an anime. Going thru the first chapter of the new Mythos at parts did feel like I was watching an anime show (but maybe I was just a little too high when I was playing so that's why).


lol Now I just need the QoL update where we can instantly use all AP on the board.


Haha that gave me a chuckle. So you started using hand lotion after the last QoL update?