I finished 150 all fish on Dec 26th, levelled up my harpoon to lv 21 on Jan 1st. Since then, i only login hourly to kill atlantica horror and collecting traps every 3 hour. Right now, im at harpoon lv 21 ~60% exp. Even at my current level, the rare fish shadow in siren is still red and i feel like the success rate to catch it is somewhat 20%. Atlantica rare fish isnt a problem, at Gust V, the shadow will become yellow and its much easier to catch it. I would agree that its easier to catch 150 fishes compare to rod fishing, but harpoon fishing is really imbalance. Im already at Guardian II harpoon (27th harpoon) and only lv 21, level progress is just too damn slow. Imo this is the worst minigame so far, i dnt really mind theyre breaking side episodes into parts but just dont release episode 1 and 2 and keeps it hanging for months.


>level progress is just too damn slow. Imo this is the worst minigame so far, i dnt really mind theyre breaking side episodes into parts but just dont release episode 1 and 2 and keeps it hanging for months. Completely agree. Why they decided to do this, makes no sense. They should have just waited.


It's slow, but I'm just kinda using the whole thing to level grind a bunch of characters I won't ever use again and Steal-Farm with Kid.


Not really going for it until they implement traps that can catch rare fish


Proof 19, Gust harpoon IV. And the rare fish still red for me (30 duplicituna and 41 Pyrock Techfish). I prefer Fishing 1.0 rather than this harpoon fish What i Hated in fish 1.0 is the need to travel to pond, the small cooling box (need to upgrade it and can hold 100 if i remember at max). And for collector is the rare rinde sunfish. But with the all the qol for fish 1.0 it change, you can do it while watch something. Now it's the harpoon fish that make me move from map to map, arghhh


Man, I stopped for awhile not, but I have 150 of every fish, including horrors but excluding rare fish. I'm only Proof 12 or 13, I think. It's too much work until we get another update to it for fishing.


I'm currently at level 17 Harpoon Proof, Nimble Harpoon IV, Normal Harpoon Tip, and 4 Antique Traps. I haven't been able to catch the rare fish yet, but I have over 150 of each of the normal fish. At this point I just try to do a lap through both maps once per day, but ever since the Siren Inner Sea visual bug returned, I started to slip up and skip some days. Honestly, I've been having more fun with Fishing 1.0 lately.


I'm currently at lvl 17 and 3/4, so soon it'll be level 18. Was just able to upgrade to Gust II (harpoon). Slow as molasses. Definitely looking forward to the other Mythos chapters and more fishing areas, etc, which will hopefully speed things up a tad. I just set traps and spear fish along the way whenever I remember. There's times where I skip spearing and just soley run for traps and horrors. 150'd everything so far though (besides the rare fish). Edit: I've been able to snag a Duplicatuna, and it was XL size on the very first catch. Was able to hit 2x Duplicatuna yesterday on a triple catch, which surprised me. Haven't been able to snag whatever the other rare fish is yet. I prefer Fishing 1.0 compared to the 2.0. It doesn't even feel like fishing, you're just running around map routes tapping stuff.


I waited a long time to even start the episode because i wanted Pichika for it. So i’m far behind, and i’m not fishing all the time now. So i’m only at 14 and getting the nimble harpoon


Got my 30k harpoon and called it quits. My proof has not levelled since before getting the 20k harpoon, which meant the levelling curve is really steep from that point (18 or 19 I can’t even check my progress) or it’s probably the level cap. Still miss on about half the rare fishes btw but their color has turned yellow.


Menu->Items->Fishing Gear->bottom tab


According to Wiki you need lvl 16 harpoon minimum to catch a rare fish in Siren sea. I had lvl 17 when I caught my first one. Again, from Wiki you need lvl 18 harpoon to be able to catch a rare fish in Atlantica sea. I was able to do it with that level. For people complaining about leveling up the harpoon to lvl 17, try doing it from 18 to 19. I keep fishing and fishing with no big visible progress.


The rare fishes (catch all 150) are not supposed to be completed at this stage, by system design. Going against the system obviously is an uphill climb. It's just like the standard rpg, where one starts from the village and has a illusion of choice of not spending gold to buy the bronze sword and use the wooded sword trying to get to the next village to buy the iron sword. Sure it can be done, but that's the uphill climb I am talking about.


As someone in that deadly slow spot between 16 and 17 (not yet Gust), I’m just commenting to see what others have to say. The visual glitch is keeping me at 2 rare fish as well.


I’m a little over halfway to level 19, and stopped there. The grind was becoming too much for me once I hit the 20K harpoon. I just grabbed 150 of the horrors because I can’t even begin to be bothered to catch the rare fish.


Wow, this is a bit depressing. But thank you, as it is a good warning. I will stop until the March updates...


You mean you guys can catch rare fish? jk. Where can you see your Proof level? I gave up harpooning once i got the Pocket Heater.


Menu->Items->Fishing Gear->bottom tab


Proof level of 19 within last couple of days. About halfway to 20k Harpoon. I caught 9 and 10 of the Rare Fish including an XL of each. They are still tough enough to nab at this point that I have stuck to Traps.


I don't see the practical value of going past the point where you can get as many of the 4 items as you can currently. Until the rest of the episode is released, it seems akin to trying to hit level 80 by only grinding in Moonlight Forest.


The problem is we don't know for certain if 'later' fish will offer better than current ones do since it hasn't even dropped in JP yet. If they don't it will take the same amount of time to get things done if you start now or wait until later. If you are 'maxed' out when the rest drops the traps will get you to 150 rather quickly for the non-rare fish and if you can catch the rare ones right from jump street it will go quicker. Once it is all released sure there might end up being a more optimal way to go about the whole thing but that means putting off whatever we might get out of all of this to a much later date. It doesn't hurt me to run a full circuit with traps a few times a day so I do it.


I'm about to be stopping pretty soon since the exp is like watching paint dry. Lvl18 harpoon. I think I might shoot for lvl20 and hold off. I agree with your statement though. At some point, it's just ridiculous and I'll wait for new areas/chapters to be released. I loved Fishing 1.0, but we all know it wasn't well-received overall. Let's hope WFS doesn't make the same mistake again.


I balked in lv13 about 80% of the way to lv14 with Light Harpoon III. I'll go back for more when it's expanded or rebalanced to be more reasonable, or I'm desperate for stones from the Horrors. Ha ha rare fish ha ha good one ha ha ha ha.


Lv.18 with gust harpoon.. and catch nothing... 😣


Level 19 proof, Gust Harpoon IV, I’ve got over 200 Coral Blooms and Marine Myrmynes and about 33 Duplicituna and 30 Pyrock Techfish. I was hammering the harpoon fishing until this level but I’ve lost momentum now given that we’ll be waiting until probably at least April / May for the next instalments. I quite like it but episodes being updated over a 9-month period is pretty stupid


How do u guys check your Proof Level and how much more to progress to the next level?


Menu->Items->Fishing Gear->bottom tab




Damn you guys are crazy Im still at like lvl 9 no rush


I stopped once I maxed out the harpoon tip because I’ve learned from my previous fishing mistake (I still don’t have enough fish stones to catch three fish at once). I figured, what’s the rush? There’s only 2 released harpoon fishing areas right now, so there’s not much you can catch in general. Wait until the next chapter is released and there’ll be more fishes available to be caught and registered.