ryzen scheduler worth it?

ryzen scheduler worth it?


Windows 10 LTSC is only available to enterprise customers and Windows 7 isn't even supported.


>Windows 10 LTSC is only available to enterprise customers This is wrong information. I purchased it as a consumer under Open License contract with Microsoft. Specific instructions [here](https://community.spiceworks.com/topic/2167558-explicit-instructions-for-purchasing-a-windows-10-ltsc-license).


I have a valid image and license. Yes, I know it's not supported but it can still be made to work.


I ran win 10 LTSC for a while when Ryzen 3000 came out. If the two top cores of your 3700X are in the same CCX then it doesn't really matter. If they aren't, then the scheduler will poop and the performance may be lower but you may not notice it. If it gets troublesome then use process lasso to control cpu affinity (I'd use powershell). Regarding win 7, note that there are no official USB 3 drivers for Ryzen 3000 and Win 7. If you have x570 or mobo without a dedicated USB 2.0 host controller (not hub) then better forget about win 7.


LTSC user here. I have a 3700x and this may come down to da bomb silicon, but my chip benches higher stock than a lot of other 3700x chips. I also had no issues with my previous 2600x. I've seen a couple benchmarks from other users where their chip scored slower on an updated windows 10 install. That said, it's up to you, so maybe try them both out. Also, LTSC is getting its update this year, which should include the scheduler and HOPEFULLY have xbox app support ​ EDIT: I'm not entirely sure benchmarks have much to do with the scheduler so take all that with a grain of salt. Overall, my cpu works great on LTSC


By your description … would GNU/Linux be an option for you?


If I can get one lone program to work, ffxiv, which doesntt work.


FFXIV has a gold rating on ProtonDB.com, so it works... But with some caveats. Windows is absolutely terrible today... I genuinely loved Windows 7, but 10 is just too intrusive. Moving to Linux has been painless for me, though now BF4 doesn't work again, but I mostly moved on from that game, anyway.


I use KVM and QEMU for virtualization mainly. There are commercial options as well. I Gamer in a Windows VM with GPU passthrough. Maybe that is an option for you. ProtonDB and Lutris could also be interesting for you.