I would sing jingles like this since a kid. until a college music teacher said i had the "ADHD music gift". He said a lot of ADHD's are musically/artistically gifted because its the a part of the brain where it feels organized. So i learned guitar. And drums.

I would sing jingles like this since a kid. until a college music teacher said i had the "ADHD music gift". He said a lot of ADHD's are musically/artistically gifted because its the a part of the brain where it feels organized. So i learned guitar. And drums.

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I don't know if I'd say it's organized. I learned guitar years ago in that I learned basic chord shapes and basic techniques, and never managed to learn scales or music theory. I just make the pretty sounds. I have an inmate sense of what sounds good. Due to my lack of technical knowledge and skill that leaves me keeping things simple, but people seem to like what I play. That said, I've never actually recorded anything I liked or put myself out there.


I had this same exact experience with guitar.


i sing to get rid of the want to claw out my eyes


Yes! Same!!


I simply don’t have the attention span to but I’ve ALWAYS wanted to play drums, constantly tapping along or slapping the steering wheel when driving Meant to say attention span to play guitar but zoned out and oops


I loved band as a kid. Learned the clarinet that I used for matching bands and the bassoon for concert/ symphonic band. I actually continued playing the bassoon until Junior year of college. It conflicted with a required class so I couldn't play it winter term that year, and I just never picked it up again. I did inherit my grandparents Hammond Organ. I'm wanting to learn how to play it, but I can't seem to get myself to sit down and practice.


I am coming to accept the fact that I don't think I will ever be a person with the discipline to teach themselves a skill. Sure, when I was younger I could myself how to do something on PowerPoint easy, when my parents couldn't, but when a new skill requires practice and dedication to learn it? I'm not going to teach myself, and I should stop expecting myself to when that isn't one of my strengths. If I want to learn the piano (which I do lol, at least the basics!) then I'm going to have to get piano lessons and that's that :) (We have a piano in my house too, and I never got lessons when I was little bc procrastination bc ADHD runs in the family lol.)


my need to be good at stuff immediately and the need for music conflicted when I changed classes out of band in 7th grade


Now I know why I love music so much


Right? Ever feel like, if you wanted to, you could hear every type instrument being used in a song?


Oh so that's where my artistic talent cones from :p


I played the viola, clarinet, keyboard, and guitar. For some reason it just came so easy to me


Twinsies! I played violin (and viola, but I don't count them differently), cello, trumpet, the whole percussion lineup (my fave was marimbas tho), piano, and guitar. I think it's like languages where once you learn one, the next one is easier, a 3rd is cake, and then from then on it's like second nature. I liked learning instruments because it was easy and understandable to me and the learning curve was so minimal after a certain point. And it still contributed to a nice little dopamine hit for every one that I got good at. I like being good at things right away and do not have the patience to be bad at something, so I just stuck with music. Now I don't play as much anymore because adult life is hard and all consuming, but gosh I can't wait to get to a stable point and take lessons or play in an orchestra again.


Oh, that’s really interesting. I had been into visual art for years, and it seemed to come naturally. I picked up a guitar a few years ago, and just played around with it a lot. Just posted my first album today.


Guitar, bass, drums, keys, all fairly proficiently. I just can't read music lol


This explains so much of my life. I didn't know this was an ADHD thing.


I have never been able to focus on any instrument long enough to learn anything, I have mediocre hand-eye coordination, and no rhythm. But give me 20 minutes with almost any instrument and I will be able to play Mary Had A Little Lamb so at least there's that 😂 Also, when I was 13 I downloaded a MIDI creation software and was able to make all kinds of music with it over the years. None of them are very good but some are not awful 🤷


I recently started playing piano and it has the same effect on me as playing video games. it's like sitting in front of a dopamine button and incessantly pressing it to get shots of those sweet, sweet neurotransmitters. love it


Im learning drums,guitar, violin and ukulele just so I can play all the interesting parts of songs instead of the boring parts


Band was a fantastic outlet for me; creativity and spontaneity that I was rewarded for, and it kept my hands busy. I played tenor sax so it also kept me from talking 😂