Was just denied going back on stimulants because "adults only take stimulant ADHD medication for the euphoric high they provide, just like meth or other steet drugs".

Was just denied going back on stimulants because "adults only take stimulant ADHD medication for the euphoric high they provide, just like meth or other steet drugs".


Yeah because after 10 years of taking 30 mg of adderall I still get euphoria from it *hard eye roll*


If only lol. You get a week of feeling pretty peaceful, and then it’s just more focus, and that’s a dice roll for me because sometimes it just gives me anxiety lol.


I swear lately taking my meds seem like rolling the dice. Sometimes they work amazing, I can focus and work until it gives me huge crash and/or migraine. Sometimes they work alright, no hard crash. Sometimes I need to take extra stimulants to feel anything at all(Caffeine or nicotine). I only get euphoria-like thing if I haven't taken them for like 3-7+ days, which probably makes sense.


Omg I have the same experience! Thought I was alone in this. I take Focalin and I literally cannot anticipate how my day is going to go at all or how productive I’m going to be at work because it depends on how my brain decides to react to my meds that day. So weird.


I take adderall but I had them give it to me in 5 mg doses at 4x daily. A lot of people take 20mg xr all at once. I decided I wanted to be in control of how much I take based on mood, anxiety, type of day(busy, relaxed). Sometimes I take a 5mgxr then another every 2 hours until I hit my 20mg. Sometimes I only take 5mg based on my mood. This approach is awesome I'm able to just relax without worry how my brain reacts.


Props, I could never. Remembering to take 1 pill is bad enough, 4x daily would fuck me up lmao.


I had the same idea as /u/doubtfulisland , but before I tried it I noticed that I kept forgetting to take my mid-day IR pill. So ya, I may have to wait until I can prove I can consistently take 2 IR before I break them up into smaller doses.


I learned from this sub. I have 4 reoccurring alarms. Lol otherwise I'd forget too


So responsible of you. You’re also combating the whole “getting used to XYZ dose so bump it up” crisis by taking it based on day/circumstance.


Damn I would love that but kind of fear asking for IR on the chance they think of me as drug seeking for it. Seems like my doc only wants to go the XR route. I straight up don’t take my meds half the time because they’re too much for the amount of stuff I need to do that day.


This is kind of what I do except I just break my 20 mg pills into quarters and take them throughout the day if I need them. Sometimes I only break it in half and take it twice but 5 mg helps me not feel like I’m going to have a heart attack/panic attack at the most minor inconvenience due to elevated anxiety. I already deal with anxiety but I feel like adderall makes it worse lol. But it’s been the only thing that works really well with me too smh. Tbh the most shocking thing about this supervisor accusing OP is them thinking we like taking stimulants like this. You think I like having to take a highly controlled drug with the stigma adderall has??? Hell no but it’s the only way I can function like a normal human being, and it doesn’t even necessarily work. Smh


Make sure you aren’t taking anything with vitamin c in it an hour before/after you take your adhd, antidepressant, and/or antipsychotic medications. It binds with the medication rendering inert allowing it to pass through you without any effects. Look on the label. If you see vitamin c as a nutritional fact or citric acid in the ingredients, don’t use it during the aforementioned times. If you take a vitamin c pill, multivitamin, drink any kind of fruit juice or energy drink/soda, there’s your problem. Edit: add ascorbic acid to the list of ingredients to look out for


this makes so much sense as to why I can’t function after drinking orange juice, thank you


Are you kidding me? This is why?? I haven’t been able to focus on jack crap all day, and I got OJ with my breakfast that I’ve been sipping on throughout my morning. Soda has vitamin C also? Does diet soda have it too? Thank you for this tip. Now I know what not to drink/eat in the morning/afternoon.


This was why I was so annoyed when, at the beginning of the pandemic, everyone was trying to make me drink those vitamin c supplements!! I feel like this should have been added as a disclaimer- who knows how many people were talking the vitamin c and it was cutting their meds! On the flip side, if I take my meds later or it’s not wearing off in time for bed, I’ll drink OJ at bedtime to make sure I can get some sleep.


Oh really? I'm gonna try this then, thanks for the tip.


You’re welcome! I was in the same boat as you until someone else mentioned it to me. I hope that fixes your intermittent issues!


I had this and I realised I was overloading. My brain could only take so much boosting before it begins stuttering. The complexity is that the level it can take depends on what I have been doing. I actually found lowing my dose got better effects. I was pushing myself all the way over the hill and down the other side!


I find what I eat makes a big difference on how it affects me. I'm finding taking it 10 mins before I have fruit and oats and milk seems to work well recently. Fatty food can ruin it for me. Everyone is different though, may just be me.


Diet, exercise and sleep make a HUGE difference in the effectiveness of my medicine


It's really weird but I can kinda tell beforehand if adderall is going to mess with me before taking it some mornings. I've ignored this before only to have it give me anxiety and put me in a sour mood, and make me lose focus instead of gain it. Now when I get that feeling I skip my morning dose altogether and can usually take my afternoon dose with no issues. It really works out well since some days I genuinely need a bit more than my standard dose, and those few skipped doses allows for that.


I always get abt one week of feeling a little bit extra content and at times extra upbeat whenever I up my dosage, but even that is nowhere near euphoria, best word for it is content. After that the only “euphoria” I get is feeling like I’m okay with working on tasks and then feeling pleased after accomplishing tasks, which is how you’re supposed to feel with a working dopamine system


Actually for me…the calm has been the entire seven months thus far.


Definitely. I take it for Narcolepsy, but I'm still waiting for the euphoria......it's been at least 10 years.


I am on it basically for narcolepsy (not diagnosed by name but I think that’s what we’re working with). I think it’s helping but I just started. Do you have any problems with it and has it kept working as well as when you started? Do you have any advice?


Well, no problems per se, but the only thing is that the doseage is the same as it has been, actually it was lowered when I went to a new doctor, that's frustrating. It definitely doesn't work as well as it did when I first started but it does help. I find myself struggling to stay awake still, and I'm ok with that. I just take a nap when I feel super tired, but usually I'm ok. Have you done a sleep study?


I take Vyvanse and I don’t even get euphoria from it *now*, and have only been taking it for a couple weeks. It just… helps me focus?


I took a double dose of Vyvanse by mistake once and felt euphoria . It literally happened *once*


Euphoria is just one of its side effects, if Vyvanse is really helping you to focus and getting you more healthier, its working perfectly


I just started taking Vyvanse last week and I've had different ADHD meds before that and I have never, not once, not one single time ever felt any kind of euphoria from any of them.


I’ve been on Vyvanse for several years, I can’t remember ever really getting euphoria and I certainly don’t now. On days when I forget to take it, I’m at work halfway through the day wondering why I’ve been struggling so hard to do anything productive and then realize why.


I honestly dislike the feeling of my ritalin at this point, i deel foggy and kinda tired.


Have you talked to your doc abt alternatives?


Yeah I've tried strattera (had sexual side effects) but I've got another appointment scheduled so I can keep trying alternatives. I'm just tired of ritalin after all these years.


Understandable, best of luck to you!


I know the feeling almost every stimulant is a downer, I can’t even drink coffee early in the morning because it has the opposite effect putting me to sleep. The struggle is finding that balance.


Funnily enough, without meds a cup of coffee does nothing for me. When I take my meds though it works like it should And as weird as it is, energy drinks work regardless of whether I am medicated or not


I’ve only ever taken adderrall XR and have daily for the last 5 months. XR never gave me any feelings of euphoria. Not gonna lie I was a little disappointed lol


I hated XR. Some folks swear by it, but it made me feel like garbage. Generic adderall is all I've found that works for me, though I'd like to try Vyvanse (my insurance won't cover that tho)


Vyvanse is probably almost at the patent expiration, so hopefully you can try it sometime soon. I like it a lot more than adderall.


Vyvanse’s manufacturer has a program which will give you a huge discount (for me it ended up being free) if your insurance doesn’t cover it or if the cost is prohibitive with insurance. Check it out [here](https://www.takeda.com/en-us/corporate-responsibility/patient-assistance/).


I got some Vyvanse while I was in Mexico on vacation but haven’t tried it yet. I got it just in case I ever run out of adderall. Still couldn’t get adderall in Mexico, but vyvanse and Ritalin can be purchased over the counter there


Interesting. My insurance just caused the pharmacy to fill my XR with generic and I feel like I’ve had a ton more anxiety. All this shit is such a moving target. It’s frustrating.


I hate to admit this but I used to use meth to "make me feel normal" but it never made me feel euphoric. It just shut of my brain and I could focus on one thing. Thankfully I stopped that crap 4 years ago and never looked back. Heck, just seeing pictures of it gives me the heebie jeebies.


You shouldn't feel ashamed for self medicating. The meth obviously helped you in a positive way and when you recognized it was causing you harm in other areas, you stopped. That's great awareness and i'm proud of you. Prior to my diagnosis and starting on vyvanse I used to use meth myself occasionally, and it was very positive. Only problem is the supply of street drugs is so unsafe that you never know what you're actually getting anymore.


When I was in my late teens, I dabbled in drugs a bit. I remember the first time I had some 'speed' (amphetamine) I felt amazing, like you are supposed to. The second time I tried it, it was just ok. I maybe had it around 10 times, and never got even close to the euphoria of that first time. The last couple of times I tried it, I seem to remember going to sleep within a reasonable time, instead of being up all night. I always thought it was strange that I kept getting less effect than my friends. 25 years later, currently seeking diagnosis, it makes sense. Now I think I will have myself a strong coffee and take a nap...


Maybe it’s because I’m on Ritalin (well, concerta) but I’ve never gotten euphoria in the first place. Just the ability to focus somewhat. I’ve gotten more recreational use out of mega doses of caffeine than 36 mg methylphenidate.


I actually never got the euphoria…which I’m cool with.


This might sound like an odd question and hard to answer without pharmacological background but I'm intrigued by this specific side effect. How long on average after being on Adderall do you personally think one would stop feeling euphoria as a side effect (assuming no dose change and assuming you wouldn't return to baseline from just one or two days off per week). If it never goes away, although unlikely, could it still be the same side effect?


Probably like 3 days honestly. That’s just me though. It’s not even euphoric either, I’m just more upbeat and I have the energy necessary to get lots of stuff done, and then it’s kinda medium after that.


Report her. That’s some grade A bullshit


Mind if I ask about how to report a poor physician? I’m genuinely curious. Would be the state medical board? Or something at a county level? Edit: my doc is great, no bad experience. Just curious about this. I’ve seen people suggest reporting bad physicians before and never really knew what that process would even look like.


You contact your states medical licensing/review board. Typically the first step is to file a complaint with the hospital/clinic that they’re practicing under. After that you go straight to state.


[https://www.docinfo.org/report-a-doctor/](https://www.docinfo.org/report-a-doctor/) <------- Start here! "If you have experienced unprofessional conduct or inadequate care at the hands of a doctor, it is important that you file a complaint with the state medical board in your state..." Edit: killed the bad formatting. All better now.


Almost all hospitals will have a patient liasion. Start there. If you don't feel like your concerns have been addressed, then you can contact the state board.


Patient liaisons are like the HR dept at your job: Their goal is to protect the company, not you. Find out what accrediting bodies they are subject to and complain to them. I don't know mental health but many regular hospitals are beholden to something like JCAHO, and complaints through that body make WAVES.


You can also hit them with a review on Google maps to warn others away.


Also, you guys have a “supervisor” watching after psychologists / therapists ? That’s what baffles me. Like how come someone who’s trusted to diagnose ADHD needs to check with a “supervisor”… what is this, Starbucks???


Not sure if it's the same where this person lives, but I live in a very low income area where the only local option is a clinic that rotates doctors in training in and out and they need to get their prescriptions approved by the head doctor. They definitely made me feel like a criminal for my first couple appointments. Drug tested me and everything.


I thought it was pretty common in all states. Normally patients will never meet them but most hospitals if they are big enough (not a small town) there is supervisors/superintendents and directors of departments etc.


The thing is, none of those people are my doctor. It's not clear to me why my doctor should be allowed to consult with them about me without my permission, or why someone whose job is management, who has never even met me, should have a say in my medical treatment.


I thought the same exact thing


It's for insurance and liability of the office. In concept, it's to keep the doctors from going Judge Dredd and making their own choices that could put the clinic/hospital at risk.


You’ll be surprised to learn that most people start their career with zero experience.


Genuinely report her! Power to the people. Don't put up with that shit, and don't make the next person put up with it either.


It is a controlled substance but research shows people with untreated ADHD are more likely to develop substance use issues than people with ADHD treated with stimulants. Find a new facility for sure.


U are correct! I was an addict for years. Finally got sober but then my adhd started kicking my ass hard the older i got so i finally got medicated. I wish i had known then what i know now but alas… My Dr knows my past history too and still worked with me without judgment. I got lucky.


Yeah I don't get the logic behind this. Untreated ADHD causes impulsive and addictive behavior, which is a prime recipe for substance abuse (or in my case, an ED in the form of bing-eating and bulemia). If someone actually has ADHD, they're not going to get addicted to it. If my ADHD had been diagnosed as a teen, I never would've taken to binge-eating and puking because I'd have been able to control my impulse to eat. I tried EVERYTHING to make myself feel fuller or avoid food, but I felt like a fucking bottomless pit and also being a lonely unhappy teen, food was a great source of pleasure (along with exercise, which I also got addicted to running until I was injured).


I would report this because these people should not be practising if they can't even educate themselves on something they're trained to work with


Very few things tick me off but this one takes the cake. I’d absolutely report them. This behavior is rude and so unprofessional. As an adult who needs meds to be functional at work I’d be pissed if someone suggested that I was only taking meds bc I was an addict.


Same here! They're bad enough with discrimination as it is. So cause of my parents drug habit, I was born with hep C (It's since been cured) and I remember a doctor immediately assuming I was a drug user. Even when I told him I wasn't, he still assumed I was and didn't believe me. So years later when I was told I had ADHD and prescribed medicine, I was so paranoid that they would think I was drug seeking that when my script ran out and had to call the front desk to let them know. I was explaining to them that I wasn't sure about ringing them as they might think my behaviour was drug seeking. They know my history though and fortunately they were very kind and were like "always call and never be afraid to ask about medication"


It’s so important to have a good support system. I had to go through a lot of pain and grief to find a psychiatrist who was actually willing to listen to me and help. I feel very fortunate to have a doc who is willing to vouch for me


Definitely agree! Wasn't diagnosed until this year (age 29) by a brilliant psychiatrist I ended up with by pure happenstance Before that I was diagnosed with BPD and just sorta got pushed through the system


I'd personally try to destroy their careers. I'm petty like that.


That's not petty, in my opinion. These people are hurting others by denying them medication and vilifying them for seeking it in the process. They don't deserve their license if this is how they treat patients.


They work in mental health and they literally are stigmatizing the very people they are supposed to be treating.


They're trying to destroy people's lives so....turnabout is fair play.


It's not rude or unprofessional, it's unethical. "Rude and unprofessional" is not saying "thank you" when a coworker opens a door for you. Denying medication to a mentally ill patient whose diagnosis demonstrably increases risk of a multitude of life-threatening issues is something else entirely.


I agree. Report that shit. Practicing medicine and refusing to prescribe medication that is standard of care when there are no contraindications is borderline neglect


Doc here-- if she was uncomfortable/unsure, then she should refer or discuss alternatives. Her behaviour is unprofessional.


Borderline? I disagree with that part. It's using prejudice in place of medical judgment when using medical judgment is her entire job.




Yup. I ended up in hospital for suicidal ideation. After a year under the worker comp system , having a surgery I needed delayed , cases piled on me at work, driving restrictions ignored , sleep deprivation from pain and the demand ....I kinda couldn't stop wishing it would end. My doctor had also died and there went my Vyvanse. While in hospital , I got this same crap from their doctor. He could cure my crumbling spine with lidocaine patches , ibuprofen, and trazadone to sleep. ADHD didn't need to be treated because it's just an excuse to use legal meth. I wasn't even asking him to renew that script...just giving a history and how the panic attacks started when I stopped with the meds . The pain was why I was at a breaking point . The validation was super helpful during my time of need ...helpful enough to piss me off enough to get an attorney and tell my surgeon when they tried to use my mental health to fire me. He promptly signed me out of work until they approved my surgery. I found another doctor for the ADHd later for a bit but once I was fired during surgery , I let it go for years. I did nothing. I was a mess. The pain was worse. I had to go into pain management. If that in patient doctor could see me now ...I'm sure he'd judge.


I'm so sorry to hear that they treated you that way. That's absolutely cruel of them and not right They really gotta change their attitudes


For specializing in behavioral health, I've found that most behavioral health centers are pretty fucking cavalier about making sure people have their medications.


With me the pain exacerbates the inability to focus probably 10 fold. And honestly there are days I probably wouldn’t get off the couch we’re it not for adderrall.


I'd find a new place and/or go to a new psychiatrist


\+1 but please report the unprofessional conduct before she causes more damage to the community with that weak ass, stigmatized bias. I had a doctor who insisted I didn't have ADHD when I was 18 and it delayed my proper diagnosis for 5 years. It really fucks with your head when a trusted medical professional fails to act in your best interests out of ignorance.




Default setting of a doctor by factory is: Distrust anything patient says. Slightest questioning or insistence on the patient’s side however is beligerent. It‘s maddening.


You're not wrong and that's what sucks. I wasn't the one who brought up revisiting Adderall, however, so that's the frustrating part. I was so taken aback I pretty much just agreed with everything and left. I probably should have said something but man, in that moment I just couldn't even think.


Tldr: first sentence after this. This is, genuinely, what I am afraid of facing. As crazy as it sounds, I saved up 90 days worth of doses from back in 2019. 2020 has been very challenging to get stuff done. I spent over a decade with my neurologist. Sadly, Kaiser told me that in order to continue getting refills through them, I had to go with their doctor. Despite starting the process I was too uncomfortable continuing it. Call it imposter syndrome, anxiety, or whatever you might. I already spent the first 2 decades of my life struggling since my parents and I decided to avoid treatment (after diagnosis, trying meds, deciding that it was too extreme for me). The strange part about all of that is that I have a very severe case of ADHD. The drugs did very weird things to me (doc said it's because of my biochemistry...?) in my 20s I tried to seek treatment again and met a really amazing neurologist. We tried everything that we could prior to medications, I didn't want to take them. It turns out, medication made the difference despite everything else. I don't want to go see the docs at Kaiser, I have no clue what to expect and I really fear what you just mentioned. Not sure how many days left that I have, I feel more like a druggie trying to partition out what I have left (maybe getting 3 days to a dose, based on prior doctor recommendations) but what then? At this point, I feel like them saying that it is drug seeking behavior is actually legitimate. Like, do I want to spend my days uselessly or actually get things that I want to get done done? Sitting here and trying to focus on something while hearing my wife's fork scrape across the plate in another room, the air conditioner buzzing loudly away, the animals purring or chirping.... Fuck. And I'm suppose to go see a new doctor? Edit: added a tldr because it's kind of unfair for me to expect you to read my written gobbledygook.


New doc is scary. But it can go really well, too. The first time I met my Kaiser doctor, ever, I poured my heart out about my suspicion of undiagnosed adhd. I was 33. Within ten minutes, she put her hand on my shoulder. “It is very clear that you have adhd. It is going to be okay. Let’s get started with some treatment.” I wept. 33 year old dude in a room with his new doctor. I think she was 30. It felt like such a relief that she heard me. Don’t fear the negative outcome, the negative outcome is you living with untreated adhd most likely. You. You are worth taking this risk with the next doctor. If you are nervous, that is normal. You could make some notes to remember what symptoms you want to talk about or where your head is at. My doctor at Kaiser has been the beginning of the best change in my life, ever. She didn’t even refer me to a psychiatrist. Kaiser’s prescription system is also very very easy, I fill at their own pharmacy. It is always ready on time and I have *never* been treated sketchy. ps if you go to see new doc, it is advisable that you have been off your backlog of medication for ~5 days in case of a urinalysis.


Thank you for this. I'm going to make note to push and schedule and appointment. I really appreciate your advice and confidence.


I think the positive appointment outcomes are much, much more common than this sub leads me to hear. Renewing your diagnosis+treatment may be the single most important first step you do—that can help improve all the other things thereafter. Risking and sweating that appointment is the most pivotal event of my life. And it is the nicest thing I have ever done for myself :) I honestly want this for you too, as I see how my adhd treatment has been such a cool cornerstone for the rest of what I want to work on.


From switching doctors or psychiatrists? My psych supposedly retired but then didn't and then did, and I couldn't fill my last two scripts. So then I went to a new place. Doctor had to see me first before seeing their psychiatrist. Had me sign a waiver first gave me a prescription. Then saw the psychiatrist and he gave me another evaluation and prescribed me more. I was more worried about being reevaluated by the doctor and then the psychiatrist again, as I felt like a fraud with my first diagnosis...despite being quite ADHD and adderall helping me keep my life together.


I know man . Makes me angry. I get zero high from Adderall.


Exactly! I can remember reading about all of these experiences from people who had been prescribed Adderall and felt euphoria, or even came home after their first day on it and cried because it was so life changing for them to finally be able to function. My first day I noticed very little, and it wasn't until I had my dosage increased and my wife mentioned I seemed to remember things better that I realized it had been working.


Yeah, same here, honestly if you asked me if Adderall was working, I'd say no, I don't really feel different on it. It's only looking back at what I've done that I can say yeah, it does something. Without Adderall I'd just sit on the couch and be bored out of my mind all day. With it I do dishes or run errands, boy howdy, let me tell you that high it gives me when I'm cranked out on Adderall loading the dishwasher like a normal human being.


When I was an undiagnosed 20-something I took dexamphetamine to get high, and it worked, but the amount I took was about 5x a normal dose. Now I use the same drug, but I use it as prescribed and don’t feel anything but more able to focus.


You don't get high off of Adderall if you take it as prescribed and consistently, or at a very high dosage beyond what's usually allowed.. They might as well be using data from the dark ages.


The first few weeks felt kinda fun. Since then? Adderall makes me feel like, finally, *I didn’t put the ice cubes in the fridge and I haven’t locked my fucking keys on top of the roof again*.


Same, after 20 years on the same dose the only “euphoria” I get is from being able to live a normal life, hold down a job, and not piss away my savings


WTF! Any medical professional who said that doesnt understand how amphetamines affect the ADD brain. Da'yum! I recently learned that children are being treated with an older high blood pressure med. It slows everything down. PS. I have never seen a therapist for my ADHD, only my medical doctor. He diagnosed me when I was 50 years old. We tried several drugs and settled on amphetamine salts, generic for adderall. Since I retired I don't use it much anymore, mainly because the side effect for me is extremely cold feet. They feel like they're freezing.


I was prescribed from general practitioner- you could always try that. That was messed up of your psychologist- definitely report her.


I would have - my wife and I share a general practitioner and he prescribed her anxiety medication - but he referred me to a psych because he hasn't had any experience with ADHD. He also tiptoes around me having sleep apnea every visit I have with him (I don't have sleep apnea), so maybe I need a new GP as well.


I got no problem with a doctor that refers me out for something they’re not comfortable dealing with. But the sleep apnea thing… I mean there’s a test for that. If he thinks you may have it, he should be prescribing the test.


....why does he thnk you have sleep apnea?


His reasoning was I "looked like I fit the bill" (I was once 50 lbs heavier than I am today). He one time asked about my energy level, I told him I had been tired lately, he said started asking about sleep apnea. I initially brought up ADHD to him, he said poor sleep habits due to sleep apnea can cause ADHD-like symptoms. I don't think I've ever had a visit where he hasn't mentioned sleep apnea in some way. I'd take the test just to shut him up but my insurance won't cover it and it's $500+ out-of-pocket (already tried that route), so it's definitely not about to happen any time soon.


I've had this problem with a few doctors; they get an idea in their head, and it's incorrect, but they don't ever believe they're wrong, so they'll try to bend whatever you tell them to fit that diagnosis. Women doctors seem to be less prone to whatever narcissism/God complex that causes this, I'd suggest getting a female doctor if you want someone to listen to you.


He’s right. You should rule out organic causes first. Even if you have both, organic should be treated first. -MD with both


Am I missing something? I've been on Ritalin, Concerta and I'm currently on Adderall. I have never once felt anything close to euphoria taking these meds.


It can happen (I am an Amphetamine addict, clean thankfully), but very rare.


From what I understand there's a dopamine release with most any ADHD stimulant medication, particularly Adderall.


isnt that the point? because adhd has a lack of dopamine


You're supposed to crush it and snort it


I literally have lines prepared to say for if people try this shit on me because of this sub. My current top one is: "Wow, the most studied mental disorder in the world and supposed professionals like you still don't know what the fuck they're talking about." Obviously wouldn't say something that aggressive unless they're being an active dick


My therapist told me to say "The lack of proper explanation here makes me feel like I cannot trust your medical ability or lack thereof"


People saying wrong things about ADHD are just nerdsnipes for me. I forget to get annoyed or mad and instead excitedly tell the poor bastard everything I know about ADHD. *Everything.*


I'll add that I believe the reason I was able to function for so long was because I smoked and drank a lot of caffeine. Nicotine is a powerful stimulant. Too bad it's highly addictive, else I'd recommend nicorette gum! 😁


I started smoking when I was 16. I quit several times over the next six years, but always started back within a few weeks (I think I made it a couple months once though). Right before I finally quit, I was drinking a TON too. I probably wouldn't have been successful quitting that time if it wasn't for being in a different country with different brands and cigs being super expensive for three months. I quit drinking a few months after my trip and still craved cigs and alcohol. Anyway...I went to a psychologist I used to go to as a kid for OCD about a year after I got back from my trip. We went through the regular new patient questions/background, she saw that I threw a couple major red flags for ADHD (something I'd never even thought about before). She tested and diagnosed me with combined-type soon after and then I started generic Adderall. (OCD turned out not to be OCD.) And now I've been smoke-free 2.5 years, I don't crave cigs anymore (except maybe once in the past several months), I've only had a couple drinks over the past year and a half, I don't crave a drink anymore unless I have a drink, and I was diagnosed with ADHD and started meds a year ago. (Oh, and I don't drink caffeine anymore, but I think that's more because of how it makes me feel in combination with the meds.) (Wow, I did NOT realize just how much of a positive effect getting diagnosed and treating my ADHD has been in terms of the above behavior. I'm pretty sure I'd still be smoking and drinking if that hadn't happened.)


Are you not supposed to chew ten pieces of nicotine gum whilst vaping and drinking monsters? I thought that was the way.


Noooo! LoL no heart attacks please!


I usually manage to kick my smoking addiction with my vape (Ik ik only marginally better) but pretty much without fail every exam season I become a 2 pack a week smoker again.


I tried that once...I ended up smoking AND vaping after about a month.


I used cigarettes for many years as well. So glad I'm finally quit.


When I first went to the doctor about depression and anxiety, I assumed it was caused by the stresses of having our first child six months earlier, while working weekends and doing my degree. While I agree that my life was stressful, and that contributed to my issues, I also stopped smoking and drinking 9 months earlier in a joint effort with my wife to clean up our lives with her being pregnant. 13 years on, looking back, I realise that I was probably self medicating with nicotine and alcohol between the ages of 15 and 30. I recently started vaping low nicotine juice, as an n=1 experiment, and things have improved a bit. Now if I can just get diagnosed, I may be able to function properly for the first time. I should probably stop vaping too, even though I quite enjoy it. Edit: in case anyone wonders, I didn't manage to complete my degree, after 3 attempts to get through my final year, I ran out of money...


Totally. I smoked for 20 plus years. Once I quit, my whole working life crashed and burned. Luckily I got diagnosed with ADHD a few months later or I dunno how I would be.


That's what happened to me too. Thought I was losing my mind.


Alright, here we go... If this is genuinely what happened, then you need to absolutely look for another primary care provider as there is an alarming amount of unethical and unprofessional behavior. They should have their practice investigated if this is their policy and stance for those in your situation. First of all, you have a history of taking the medication already, so the whole implied idea that it's not appropriate because "it's a controlled substance" is bullshit. You didn't have it discontinued previously because you were abusing it, so I want to know why they think this is justification for denying you the medication. It's unethical to withhold treatment that clearly was helping you. Secondly, hypertension can be addressed through therapeutic means via dietary and lifestyle modifications, regular exercise and physical activity, getting adequate rest, and stress reduction along with addition of medications like a beta blocker which directly antagonizes the effect of the increased circulation of catecholamines due to the stimulant's pharmacodynamics. What they should have done is have you monitor, document, and report any episodes of sustained hypertension upon restarting the medication (your body will readjust, so it shouldn't be an issue as long as you take the medication consistently) and reassess from that point. The Wellbutrin is a sympathomimetic amphetamine analog, so it would pose a risk of increasing your heart rate and blood pressure as well. If they say, "well, it's not as BAD as the adderall," then they need to consider that Wellbutrin could just not work AT ALL or well enough which means that it would be just as effective or helpful on their part to do nothing at all. In fact, it could be one of the worst things for you, and they're putting you at risk by refusing to treat you with medication that has had an extremely high success rate in helping you manage your ADHD. At this point, I would've just asked for their credentials because they need to make like the Wellbutrin and find an alternate career or profession. If they're doing this with you, I can't imagine what they're doing with other patients. I'm not kidding when I say these people need to be looked into... I am extremely outraged by this as a medical professional, and I am embarrassed that these people have failed to adequately, appropriately treat you. These are stigmatic and outdated practices on their part, and I can tell you there is this misperception that the ADHD does not lead to SERIOUS FUNCTIONAL PROBLEMS! That is NOT supported whatsoever by decades long research on the long term impact of not treating ADHD (as well as following cohorts of individuals receiving appropriate treatment). They are literally failing to do their job as one of your providers by not advocating for the medically indicated treatment. It is unjust and unethical in our modern medical world. It is misguided to not allow you to receive the appropriate medical treatments. It is routine for medical providers to check their state's prescription monitoring program(s) which they can see if you are receiving any other controlled substances. So, no, you aren't a drug seeker. Routine urine drug screens can EASILY assess whether or not an individual is using other substances as well as whether you are taking the prescribed medication. With that being said, I wouldn't waste my time with these clowns one more second. Find a different provider, have them transfer your records to the new provider's practice, and get the help you deserve. These people are horrible. Just...wow.


Here I am wishing I'd ever had a, "euphoric" feeling. Genuinely curious what that feels like, as all it ever did for me was help me think, and accidentally suppress my appetite.


I actually enjoyed the appetite suppressant aspect because when I'm bored, I binge eat. I was actually eating like a normal human being on Adderall and started feeling healthy again.


Oh yeah, it just got unhealthy for me so I switched to Vyvanse. Careing for my mom then Grieving mom + Adderall ended up being a drastic unhealthy weight loss of 20 pounds in mere months. Believe me I want to be 150 lbs again but not that way! :)


Your therapist is totally incompetent. He's not a doctor and it shows.


Sadly, being a doctor wouldn't guarantee he'd be any less incompetent.


1) Nani the fuck? 2) There's gotta be a board/ombudsperson or something you can report this obvious case of discrimination with. Do that. I'd even be tempted to call them out in the news or get a legal advocate/disability rights activist involved. Actually try to definitely do the last part and see what they have to say. See if you can get copies of your file and appointment notes, depending on where you live you should have a right to be able to access those.


This is great advice. You'd be able to see what they wrote and that can support the complaint


The wording "behavioral health facility" makes me think military because that's how we word this kind of stuff. If so, they can complain to someone higher in the supervisors chain of command, submit a congressional complaint about the facility, or open an IG complaint about the facility or the supervisor. Or a combination.


Still waiting for this “euphoric high” to kick in. Note: never has, never will. It doesn’t work like that.


ADHD can be very uncomfortable for me, and when I need it on my worst days, I’m not sure what I would do without the medication, “unproductive member of society“ is the phrase that comes to mind.


A euphoric high my ass, I like how I'm in a brain fog and 20 minutes later I'm able to remember everything I have to do today. Plus be aware of time so I can pick up the kids on time. Euphoric....more like functional.


Exactly. I took mine this morning after not doing so for a few weeks (vacation) and about 30 minutes later I was up and getting ready for the day. I got more done today than I do in a week when I'm not taking it.


Before I was diagnosed (and then medicated), throughout every day I was always having to doublecheck what day it is, what date, what month, and the god damn time.. and constantly think what am I supposed to be doing, where am I supposed to be, what have I forgotten.. The medication has given me the gift of memory and I remember the last year and a half of my life, details about people, what I've done, where I've been etc. I don't understand how professionals can deny that the stimulants change people's lives for the better. And I'm literally only talking about one aspect too.


Fuck these people. I hate this shit. I don’t know how this type of discrimination when you have a valid ADHD diagnosis is legal.


Since when did therapists suggest what kind of medicine you take? Jesus Christ what a bunch of bullshit. Report these conartists. I don't recall therapists ever being liscensed to revolke medication scripts.


>I don't recall therapists ever being liscensed to revolke medication scripts. And you would be correct. However, if you dont have a licensed neurologist, or yours retired, a therapist may be your only option to find a new doctor, and if they think you aren't actually mentally ill and just a druggie, they aren't likely to be very cooperative in that endeavour.


I fucking WISH I felt euphoric EVER. Im off off Adderall because of pregnancy and when talking to the perinatal psych they said that if it was unmanageable that I could go back on Adderall (albeit maybe at a lower dose to start). Wellbutrin can have some side effects too, so watch out for that one. It killed my sex drive. In conclusion, fuck her and get a new doc. Good luck.


Report them for medical malpractice and get a better office. This is fucked.


Ah yes, the euphoric high of remembering to brush my teeth and put the empty yogurt cup into the trash instead of on the counter where I'll inevitably forget it.


That's insane! People that take stimulants for ADHD don't feel euphoric or high from them and any medical professional should know that! I would report it and also find a new doctor if you are able to (I know this isn't an easy thing to do) I hope you are able to resolve this and get the meds you need!


Ah yes, the euphoric high of being able to think


This kind of thing is why I’m terrified of bringing up meds with any doctor, especially when it comes to my mental health.


I'm even the same with pain medication. I've been offered prescriptions for it, but I've never needed it, so I've turned it down every time. I don't want to end up needing it someday and not be able to have any because some quack made a note about me being an addict in my file and I end up on some "no narcotic" list.


My first words "Let me guess, you are NT, aren't ya doc? So you don't actually have first-hand internal experience with the positive effects these stimulants have for people that have this level of executive function and dysfunction. Because God help us all if you have to prescribe something beyond your abysmally small, cognitively bias, closed-minded point of view." I wish there was a way to find a doctor that HAS ADHD or ASD. A logic-driven science detective


The thing is they don't even need the first hand experience because there's plenty of medical literature showing its efficacy and lack of abuse potential if taken as prescribed. Like it's not your word vs the doctor it's the doctor vs you and the entire medical-scientific establishment they're supposed to be a part of. Really if people this inept are allowed to be writing prescriptions why have a prescription system at all?


Agreed. Especially in OP's case. The history is there. The hard work has been done already.


I’m so sorry. My doctor discounted my issues too. I mentioned natural alternatives or a safe way to manage my ADHD while I was pregnant because I was traveling for work during this time (3 hour drive everyday) and he told me to just “PAY ATTENTION”. I’ve never felt so insulted.


"You know what would cure your depression? Just think happy thoughts. It's that easy!" My ex and your doctor...they both have PhDs and they're both self-absorbed idiots.


Shit. I’m supposed to be getting high on these?! I need a refund.


That’s just like how last week my psychiatrist told me I was on too many meds. Like, excuse me sir, WHO PUT ME ON THE MEDS?!?!?!?


Report the fuck out of her.


this is kind of a psychological abuse, i think there might be some legal ground for a lawsuit.


side note because i’m on adderall and have high blood pressure… how did you get it under control? i’m 29


I was taken off Adderall and put on Lisinopril. I don't personally believe the Adderall had much effect on my BP considering I had several high readings in the years before being prescribed. Even after coming off Adderall, my BP only dropped after increasing the dosage of the ACE inhibitor.


I stayed on Adderall and started taking hydrochlorothiazide. Took both for several years, but the blood pressure went down when I changed jobs. Ended up going off the blood pressure meds entirely. Now I’m back to just Adderall.


Ironically, I was just prescribed Adderall. Does your Therapist and their supervisor want to talk to a DO about how wrong they are? I'm sure mine would be willing. Fuckin fucksticks. I'm sorry you're dealing with assholes OP. Definitely report them and maybe consider a new therapy organization if possible.


What’s the drs name. I swear to god I just wanna talk.


That’s ridiculous. I’m an adult and really struggle without meds. Like meltdowns 3-4 times a week struggle. I’m currently in tertiary education and a classmate is also medicated for ADHD. When I asked my psychiatrist if I should only take them when I need them he almost choked and said no, you need to function every single day so why wouldn’t you take them every day? Definitely find somewhere else and preferably someone who doesn’t need their supervisors permission to treat a patient…


Sue for malpractice. You had a doctor- patient relationship and he was negligent in connection with your diagnosis and treatment. He caused you harm in a way a competent doctor, under the same circumstances would not have.


>So this is the same facility I've been going to in the past Possibly she wasn't the person in charge of these decisions before. In any case, she obviously has a personal bias/agenda, and is poorly informed. I encountered a dentist like that once. He advertised as catering to fearful patients, which I very much am. When I arrived, I found the waiting room filled with Scientology propaganda. Sure enough, he didn't believe in using drugs, like tranqs or nitrous. No, I was supposed to go on some spiritual journey to rid myself of these fears ones & for all. (Too many Thetans, I assume.) Otherwise, I was no better than a street addict. Seriously, that's a direct quote. So I skipped the x-rays, got my discount cleaning & bolted. Good call on finding a new place. Were I you, I'd also report her/them to whatever governing body regulates behavioral care in your area. They'll continue to deny care & misinform people otherwise.


Oh yeah, I’m also a total junky for the calm low blood pressure I get from my losartan too. I just love popping pills. Sometimes I even combine my Losartan and my anti-anxiety meds for a real downer calm. Sometimes I take both and I just don’t even worry about shit for the whole day. It’s incredible doc, you should really try it. It’s ironic that alcohol is infinitely more risky, dangerous, and unhealthy, wrecks more marriages, families, and is abused more commonly than ADHD meds, but because a handful of college students use it to pass exams we gotta go WAR ON DRUGZ about it. ADHD medication isn’t nearly as bad as they make it out to be and is only deadly if you overdose or have conditions you shouldn’t mix with them, just like caffeine, but a 13 year old can buy enough energy drinks to kill a bison 24/7.


I don’t understand why your therapist/psychiatrist has a supervisor. That seems odd, especially because it seems like your actual therapist who knows you, and treats you, isn’t in charge of your care


Wrong. I take the meth for the euphoric high. I take adderall so I don’t have to bring my thoughts back on track 100 times in 5 minutes.


I visited a nurse practitioner who told me they do not prescribe adderall to adults anymore and she treated me like an addict. I think things are changing unfortunately. Of course this was in the country side.


Ah yes not eating all day & falling asleep at 4pm…so euphoric


I'm always treated like an addict when I ask to be put on Xanax. It depends what's in your file. If you've had a history of being impulsive or 'volatile' they'll think they're doing you a favour by making desicions for you. It's deeply annoying and not much you can do about it. 😕


Adderall is literally the first controlled substance I've been prescribed. I was given morphine at the hospital when I dislocated my elbow in high school, but nothing else really beyond antibiotics.


I told a doctor I was seeing temporarily that I felt I was impulsive sometimes when it came to shopping when I was having a hard time, I'd buy myself something I knew I didn't need but really wanted. She took that to misdiagnose me as bipolar and not ADHD. Sometimes they'll pick at anything because they're already biased. Good luck finding someone new!


OMG RIGHT?! I talked to the psych through my doc and despite already having a diagnosis and proof of my previous diagnosis he diagnosed me with BPD. The one thing you DO NOT give someone with BPD is stimulants. Guess who is on a stimulant right now and doing great? Yeah. I hate that guy.


The woman sounds like a nut job. Go somewhere else. ... To be honest, the fact the first doctor went to get his supervisor immediately after Adderall was brought up sounds to me like he was suspicious of you and didn't feel confident writing you a prescription. Unfortunately there are doctors out there like this. They are either very timid personalities or they are new and don't trust their own judgment. So they call for back up. Do some research on doctors who can treat you for adhd and find one who doesn't mess about and knows that these drugs are crucial for people with attention disorders. You need to find a doctor whose primary specialty is adhd. Good luck.


The thing is, he was the one that asked me how I felt about revisiting Adderall after the blood pressure issue. I was open about Adderall being the most effective medication I had tried and I would be okay with that option again if I'm able to take a stimulant and effectively treat my blood pressure at the same time, but that I'm also very open to trying other non-stimulant options as well. He initiated it.


This is messed up. He initiated the conversation about Adderall and you got accused of drug-seeking behavior? Why the fuck did he let her go off the rail on you when he was the one who suggested it in the first place? Both are incredibly unprofessional. Even more so, considering that you got prescribed Adderall by that same cabinet in the past and now she claims they don't give stimulants to adults. _Meanwhile,_ the guy was offering you start them again! So, either he's prescribing stuff he's not allowed to, or she's a prejudiced liar.


They prescribed welbutrin for your ADHD? A quick Google search shows that it's not FDA approved for ADHD. Some docs might prescribe it off label, but I feel like this is actively showing that the supervisor is not treating your condition. I'm sorry they're treating you this way.


It’s not uncommon. Wellbutrin does seem to help neurotransmitter regulation and does help some people with ADHD. It’s often tried with people avoiding stimulants for whatever reason.


My GP tried me on Wellbutrin before prescribing me Adderall. They prefer it because it's not a controlled substance. The Wellbutrin kicked my anxiety into high gear and damn near turned me into an agoraphobe. I quit it cold turkey and took the withdrawal because that was better than losing my job. I wish the system worked better, honestly, I do.


I have been on and off meds for 30+ years and I have never experienced a euphoric high. Maybe I'd hate the meds a little less if I did.


Yup for sure a drug addict and get a euphoric high. That’s why I have it prominently on my bathroom counter so I don’t forget to take it. Ugh.


I'm on Adderall and I don't feel a euphoric high, I guess I feel normal. I read if you need Adderall you won't feel that. If you don't need Adderall you will get that euphoric feeling. But like I said I've never felt that before. I'm sorry you're going through this.


If you’re going on Wellbutrin, please please read up on “Wellbutrin Rage”. It’s a thing, and something to be aware of. https://optimistminds.com/wellbutrin-rage-episodes/


I’ve been on it for several years now for depression as it seems to manage it better than other types of depression which numbed me too much (a problem for someone such as myself stuck in customer service retail work). I do find it interesting and concerning all at the same time. Some of the other comments in this thread make me nervous about the future of my ADHD medication. I’m losing my psychiatrist, who is changing practices while I’m in the middle of changing jobs. Judging by people’s comments, it makes me more tempted to follow my psychiatrist to his new practice, which only became an option thanks to my job change (his new place doesn’t take my current job’s insurance, but does take my new job’s insurance). At least with him I have a good relationship from seeing him for the last several years.


First of all sorry you had to go through that. I just started getting medicated for my ADHD and Im 40. My Dr knew my history of drug abuse so we went slow by starting on anti-depressants first. But she told me its cuz adhd meds can sometimes make anxiety worse and at the beginning my anxiety was out of control. Anyways after several months I mentioned wanting to give stimulants a try. Again she knew my history so we have been going very slow with all of that. So far Im on Focalin but its not helping with much besides the anxiety. Hell i can take a good nap right after i take it. Yawning a ton! Lol! Next month we will try Adderall. She was going to switch me but i wanted to try another dose increase of this one first. Long story short…find a new Dr!!! She has never made me feel like a drug seeker and she knows my background. This supervisor tht talked down to you is an idiot. It feels nothing like meth. I know for a fact cuz i have done meth! They need to re-educate themselves on what adhd meds are and the compounds they are made of, also how they work on those tht have adhd. Now i did have friends in my addict days tht did fake having adhd to gt these meds. Which i dont know how their Drs never noticed how weird and jumpy they got. Their behavior is what made me scared to even treat my adhd with meds for years! So I know that supervisor has a point but they need to learn where to direct that energy at correctly.


You need to go above their heads and report this to their executives, then you need to file formal complaints against the therapist, the supervisor, and the facility as a whole with the department of health or with the applicable regulatory agency ( a quick Google can probably tell you who.) Failure to provide you with standard treatments for a know disorder is malpractice. Accusing you of being a drug addict is just mean. They are not practicing evidence based medicine. They are practicing prejudice based medicine.


Honestly, my medication ran out and there was a system error so I won't have it for about a week. And I am nervous for that short of a time.. why? Because it helps me function. It doesn't get me euphoric and I'm certain it never has. Simulants are meant to get the brains neurotransmitters to function at the level that people without adhd naturally have theirs at. This is extremely unprofessional but also severely uninformed of them which is very concerning. I'd definitely get out of there ASAP and report this to the necessary authorities.


I have been Medicated my whole life and am 60 had same thing happen when my therapist left so ya


Like others have said, please report this! Their behavior is unprofessional, stigmatizing, and factually incorrect!! I’m so frustrated for you. This whole sub has your back, let us know how we can help!


In reply to your header: that’s not been scientifically proven. 1. They are incorrect. 2. There is no scientific review that confirms C2 drugs are euphoric when taken appropriately. 3. File a complaint with the medical director Fact: The efficacy of #RX stimulant therapy is the general opinion of the licensed physicians who prescribe and distribute them. There is no federal law that regulates the pharmacokinetic proprietaries with humans and. Most of the studies (not restricted by the FDA) are based on test rats. So the provider sounds as if they insulted you.


My ADHD got misdiagnosed as bipolar and they put me on Wellbutrin. All it did was flatten out my emotions, so I didn't care as I failed out of school, lost my job and got evicted due to my untreated ADHD. I would strongly suggest finding another facility.


Crazy how long these people go to school for, and they still know absolutely nothing.


I've been on 40+ mg. of Adderall for 15 years. Never tried another stimulant in my life, except caffeine. Never had a high in my life, except on life. Some 'experts' are just self-limiting. Find someone else.