One left.....

One left.....


Start teaching people and it will become more fun.


For real. I’ve done 130+ high gambles all with randoms. My only requirement is that people speak English lol


I tried teaching collector role to a spanish-speaker once (in spanish obviously) but he wouldn't say anything besides "ayudame" (help me) and "ftorso pls"


I’ve straight up explained wave 10 before using Google translate.. Didn’t know these guys didn’t speak English until the late round…


Was this recent?? Lol I was also in a group that this happened like a week or two ago.


Nah it’s been several months now. I can’t even remember if we ended up completing the round or not tbh.


It took us 45 minutes to complete wave 10. Wiped no less than 4 times. Was so annoying but didn’t want to start over lol. I do not miss that place.


You take students? I only did one queen run for the hard (?) diary so far.


Yeah I’ll go with anyone as long as they communicate!


Like on Discord?


Nah I don’t use discord. Just typing communication is all you need!


voice is great fun and does make it easier, but I'm assuming he just means don't forget to call.


The classic "BA Bad" thread...


What is the last kandarin elite task? Im on my first acc Edit: lmao i couldnt complete a single game of Barb Assault in an hour and a half and said fk it and saved up for BCP instead


Get lvl 5 in all roles of barbarian assault. Takes forever especially when you have randoms


I actually disagree. Once you're on a roll grinding out all 5s (even with randoms) is laughable compared to the other grinds you gotta do for all elites. Don't get me wrong, I'm not pretending it's trivial and I understand people's hesitancy to work with randoms especially if they dislike the gamemode.


Yeah this task is a joke compared to the time sink required for 86 rc (with a +5 boost)


I mean shit even the kq head can take longer than level 5 all of you have to do the 256 KC for the guaranteed head


256kc club member checking in. BA is actually pretty fun if it's with a group you know.


That damn stew would always give me 1 under whatever boost I needed, need 5? get 4. Need 4? get 3, etc. I decided to buckle down and just grind it out. 94 rc currently, big $ from the blood runes.


i think i ran to the nature altar ***twice*** with a +5 before losing it riiight before stepping through the portal. felt like id just lost $2 to the vending machine for a soda ...


you gotta die w ess or use pouches to drop em at the altar then boost there


Hop every twelve seconds and your boost will never decay


What? I had so much time to spare when I did it. I used preserve prayer. If you can't run there within 90 seconds from the lunar island bank, idk what to tell ya E: idk why I read astrals, when he's talking about natures


Lunar island bank? Guy was talking about the nature altar, on karamja


In that case you'd have to be lucky to have the existing timing not ruin those seconds. If you get the stat boost but it was already decided it would drop in 40 second, tough luck bud.


I misread the first comment and for some reason thought they were talking about astrals.... But, runelite has a stat decrease timer. What I would do was drink any sort of stat boosting potion and wait till it dropped. That would trigger the 60 second count down timer. That's when you attempt your +5 boost. If you get it, instantly active your preserve prayer and you gain an extra 30 seconds on the clock


This was changed forever ago.


It used to be every minute; it's now every 12 seconds.


So confidently wrong.


I thought so too, but rendi showed it off in his last few videos. He smuggled LMS stat boosts across the map without them ever ticking down.


I used this trick a month ago for the redwoods task


I'd use a rune pouch to get an inv of 27 ess + stew, with 1 ess on the ground. No risk.


What is that bad about lvl5 all roles is that it requires you to find equally minded players with the same availability to play as you do. Any other scenario is just a miserable experience all the way through. Rc on the other hand you can do by yourself, on your own time, and it's incredibly chill after 77.


And of course any stat requirement task is basically irrelevant time-wise if you are planning to max the account. That time in BA is time on top of that. Yeah the KQ head is cancer too, but at least you're only relying on your own skill for that. I can see why the leech clans are a thing.


yeah but its your idiocy that slows down the rc grind, but its someone elses idiocy that slows down your BA grind


Morytania Wlite requires 96 fishing- I think that's the highest of any skill req 🤮




91 fishing is (unless I'm high) much slower than 93 slayer. Even if I'm wrong and it is slightly faster, 93 slayer is infinitely more useful.


slayer is a LOT slower to train, especially the way most people train it. With fishing you can get about 70k/hr if you barb fish, efficient slayer is around 35k/hr


>With fishing you can get about 70k/hr if you barb fish You wot? If you're not 3 ticking you're looking at 50 ish, which is a big difference. If you were referring to 3-ticking, I would probably rather grind to level 120 slayer than 3-tick barb fish for 10 minutes, and I don't think I'm alone in that.


My point still stands. Barb fishing is faster than efficient slayer


Afk barb fishing is still higher then efficient slayer. And it's afk. If you want an active comparison, tempoross and drift net fishing both get over 70k/hr.


91 fishing is consistently faster unless you got lucky on tasks. If you had the points to skip anything you wanted, the slayer would be faster but 2 more levels worth of XP is a lot more grind to consider


Yeah two levels is a lot, but honestly while slayer is pretty slow it's also a lot more varied and rewarding (though I have no clue how tempoross changed the equation, quit before he was added)


funny enough, that was actually my last diary achievement before cape! lol if it weren't for the release of tempoross i'd still be 91 fishing -.-


Admiral pie?


I'm pretty sure that's what I used for it, yeah! real easy to get as opposed to some of the other +5 stew boosts (rc etc)


Lol? Just get 77 rc then make millions in your spare time AFKing blood runes, 86 rc isn't worse than spending hours upon hours at Barbarian Assault for no rewards whatsoever, at least rc makes money


My experience with randoms is taking 1hr+ to find a group which then disbands after 2 waves.


I believe the people that leave part way through are BA leech services when they have nothing better to do. Trying to convince people to pay way too much money for it.


These accusations always come up and are extremely misinformed. In most BA leech clans there is a shortage of ranks doing the runs, not of leeches paying for it. People that leave your team in 306 do it because they're done, or because their team is shit. There is no need for that type of advertising.


hi cape


Lol wtf kind of conspiracy is that lol. Most people in BA are doing it just for the torso which takes just a little bit more than 1 queen run per role. So easily explained by just some assholes getting their role finished and not giving a fuck about randoms


>Trying to convince people to pay way too much money for it The rates are fair when you realize you are paying 4 people to be sweaty. Individually they're not really making any more than efficient ToB or nightmare when you factor in overhead time. If it were that much of a racket there would be people tripping over themselves to provide the service, but there's always more people willing to pay those rates to leech than there are people willing to carry.


You can do it in like 2 days honestly, even with randoms


I did it in 6 hours exclusively with randoms. I may have had a role or two at rank 2 from the torso grind, but that doesn't affect the time much. The only semi difficult role is defender but it becomes a joke by rank 3 or 4 of the role.


its far quicker then killing all the Chompy birds if your in a group.


1k chompies was about the same time as level 5 all roles with randoms for me tbh


91 thiving and fishing are the real killers


Thieving is so fast though and has like 8 viable training methods that are mostly different


Thieving has been absolute cancer for me. I don’t have time to focus solely on OSRS anymore so I’m almost entirely unable to level it. Every other skill in the game has an afk way of completion except thieving. I understand knights are semi-afk, but you still need to spam click them which prevents me from doing work/homework.


Have you tried sorceress' garden 1-click method? It's 2 clicks for inventory management, 1 click to run, and then ~30s afk


No I hadn’t. How’s the xp? I always though Sorceress Garden was shit xp, but I haven’t done it in years, maybe even since RS2, I’m not sure.


Max of about 130k xp/hr https://oldschool.runescape.wiki/w/Sorceress%27s_Garden/Summer


Have you checked out squirk juice? Not the best exp (120k/hr) but basically requires you to pay attention every 30ish seconds (can click once to go from beginning-> end of the maze) https://oldschool.runescape.wiki/w/Sorceress%27s_Garden/Summer#Experience Still not quite afk but better than all the other thieving options (i think)


Footpedal/old mouse used as one is a god send for thieving in a relatively afk manner.


isnt it like a 10 hour grind or something with a group?


It doesn’t. I just did this and most roles are completed in 2-3 queen runs (per role*, how did everybody not get this?). Even with shitters it’s pretty quick. When I did healer, I did have double attackers who totaled 77 wrong style attacks together, which was… amusing. Not much bad to say about it. BA hating is such a shitty bandwagon. Educate and apply yourself.


Did maybe 4-5 full games and got two level 5's, though my team had iq higher than room temperature, so take that as you will


Yeah so it works out right? Two roles completed in 2-3 runs each? Am I downvoted because y'all cant read or what?


“educate and apply yourself” — bro this is a video game. i go to school to educate and apply myself and play this to take a break from that


Lmao home boy is over here acting out Dead Poets Society to you on a runescape subreddit lmfao




> monkey brain whining Easy or hard - we all play this game for pleasure, and don't *have* to do something we hate. So, no whinning, people just honestly say what they hate to do and why is that. Whats wrong with this? Nothing, methinks. Some like strawberries, some like fish. Some hate strawberries, some hate fish. Why the hell would you try to insult somebody who says 'I hate fish because it tastes awful!' Would you start explaining how eating it is easy and only a monkey brainer would whine? LOL It is a game, not a job.


people hate BA just because they just straight up hate it, that's it. They hate having to play with other people. Sad stuff Then they give the excuse "because people quit mid-run" yeah well shit that happens in like 1/20 teams edit: reddit hates pvp and BA, period lmao


> They hate having to play with other people. Not only this. Its lots of learning, lots of petty details - if you confuse something, you may get flamed and called names. So the learning process is not only long, it can be painful too. And what for? For some mighty BiS? For some super item, great drops, anything? Noway. Only two things to achieve here, really. Torso - an item which is surpassed by BCP, only 16m these days. And an Elite diary task - many players go without diary cape and are quite content. So..... 1) long learning, 2) constant interaction with teammates among which could be toxic persons, 3) very weak rewards for such efforts. Why doing this at all? Many choose to just say No to BA and be happy. There are some rewards which give more pride than usefulness: Penance princess, elite clues, good time with nice people.... But thats for those who have mastered the game and genuinely enjoy it. Thats a small minority, which is understandable.


That was the one I enjoyed doing the most. As a matter of fact, I got it not because of Diaries, I did it just because, really.


I have the same perspective. How is Barb Assault any worse than Pest Control, Chompy Hunting, Arceus Library, Wintertodt, etc.? This game makes you do plenty of dumb shit for long periods of time for permanent, hugely beneficial unlocks. I got this task done and honestly it just felt like more of the same. You could definitely improve it, but it's not exclusive in its pointlessness or boringness


all of those other minigames dont require communication with others, barb assault is a team involved game where you cant just get by without talking or working together i should edit this and add, i dont think that alone is a bad thing, but it does definitely make it different than something like chompy hunting which is purely a solo activity.


> you cant just get by without talking or working together I've never had to talk to my teammates to get through a round a barb assault. The most I've ever had to type is "CHAD" followed by a sentence or two of explanation for the queen. Maybe sometimes someone wants to role swap for the final rounds. What communication needs to happen in barb assault?


if you play with new BA players or people just doing for kandarin hard diary you pretty much have to talk to explain whatever role they are playing, how to call, and how to queen kill. but obviously experienced players or veterans will understand whats going on. bottom line is it still requires teamwork. BA is not a solo activity.


I wish people just read the wiki page or watched a video on how to do their role


"pls call" "stop using blue eggs" "dude heal me" "click the fucking horn already"


Telling people how to 2-egg queen Telling people to run west then north Telling people to east then north Turn auto-retaliate off Telling defenders to read the wiki Run to the east cannon after done Telling people to shoot red eggs when emoting


To avoid frustrating others later: How to 2-egg queen? Never heard of this.


the simplest explanation is to have everyone spam click the cannon at once while it's loaded and it will shoot the same egg out multiple times. If it's perfect only a couple eggs are needed. Though I personally still get like 4-6 since not everyone is perfect and a lot of people aren't on the same page with the method.


You can have the most smooth brained team on your Expert boat and still roll through PC games. Chompy hunting is literally just point and click. It's near impossible to "fail" a game of Winterodt or fail at Arceus Library. Just a couple of reasons. It might also just come down to " Everyone likes different things".


It's worse because you actually have to coordinate with other players. Everything else is 100% solo, even pest control and WT. Everything else you can play when you want and quit when you get bored and take short breaks whenever. There's zero time spent looking for a team to start playing and there's no implied commitment to play for a certain amount of time (queen kill). PC and WT games are measured in minutes and no one GAF if you just leave whenever. You don't need to ask permission to join, and no one can stop you from playing even if you suck. You aren't ever leaving your team in the lurch. You never feel like you're letting your team down if you don't know your shit. And you're never pissed off because other team members don't know their shit.


>How is Barb Assault any worse than Pest Control, Chompy Hunting, Arceus Library, Wintertodt, etc.? Pest Control is very simple- kill monsters and portals, protect knight. Boom 5 pounts every 3 minutes in bet lander. Chompy hunting is even simpler- fill toads, place toads, kill chompies. Arceeus library is EVEN simpler collect books, gib to someone. Wintertodt is a annoying, but simple- collect wood, either fletch then burn or just burn without fletching. All of those things have a very standard completion time, other than getting full pyro from WT (which I don't believe is an achievement diary task? I might be wrong about that ine) A better comparison is the Mage Training Arena- 4 weird minigames with subpar xp rewards and a waste of runes, to get as a reward a spell that there's already a tab for. Or requiring prospector, rogue's outfit, angler, and Lumberjack for Hard diaries- potentially a dozen hours each if you're unlucky enough. Barbarian Assault Level 5 in all roles requires not only learning the minigame which most people choose to skip altogether and just get the BCP instead of bothering with the torso. It's more complicated than any of the things you listed, by far, requires dedicated groups, and takes a lot of time. I'm not disagreeing with you, just trying to explain what I think the answer to your question is. Have a good evening!


BA is more than just learning the complicated gameplay. If it was JUST that, no one would hate it as much as they do. It's one of the very few things in the game that require you to coordinate with other players, and can't be soloed. The only other things I can think of requiring player teamwork would be endgame stuff like raids and certain bosses. And "Heroes Quest" which is one of the more hated quests in the game for that reason.


Its actually not complicated at all when you get the hang of it


The real problem with BA is simply getting four other people to stick around for a full hour. Life happens. Doorbells and phones ring, Internet gets cut out, dinner gets served, etc. If you could opt to enter any wave it would fix the problem.


Runs shouldn't be taking a full hour, 25-30 is a very reasonable expectation is everyone knows what they're doing. I did a sub 20 with randoms and we had 2 collectors for half of the waves


Hated ba and never wanted to do that task Did it and got addicted to ba and have the full outfit and several hats


Same. But end up with +4k high gambles :/


It’s such a terrible minigame


dont play OSRS but I maxed all roles in RS2 back in like 2010 just because I loved playing the minigame


Doing the BA all roles lvl 5 task I definitely not worse than grinding out 86 runecraft and stew boosting for karamja elite


Man stew boosting is one thing I personally hate lol, I’d rather grind a few more levels and pie boost lol


Stews are great though, sure if you're unlucky it might take you quite a few of them to get the +5 boost for a diary but in my experience (and I've done many) the longest it's taken to do everything from gathering the spices to buying stews from the warriors guild to keep trying for the right boost has never been more than like 30 minutes, whereas it would take many many hours to get RC from 86 to 91 for that karamja elite diary so fuck that noise stews all the way


I once had an awful run of luck trying to boost for ornate jewellery box/pool and it took me well over an hour. It's the most angry I've ever gotten playing this game, must have been like 50 stews and I didn't have a Wily cat. Would get about 10 red spices for every 1 orange spice.


well tbf your mistake was not just waiting for the wily cat because it’s significantly faster


Do ratcatchers and get a wily cat and you wont have a problem with stews


Considering Lumby Elite requires QPC, of they're going for achievement cape they probably already have Rat Catchers done.


Even with a wily cat, spices can take quite a while to accumulate. You need so many of them. I have probably used over 500 spices on the iron, and will probably need more in the future...


500 spice doses you mean? that’s 125 wily cat fights at behemoths which would take less than 2 hours to get. it’s really not that bad unless you’re grinding all the spices you’d ever need all at once, I suppose


Honestly, I's prefer if I could get all the spices in one go, just grind them out Like 20 just minutes of going after rats for every boost is a chore. It's boring and breaks the flow of gameplay It's not thaaat bad, I do spices a lot, other irons'd rather gain the levels, but it's still boring


You can store spices in your POH so if you wanted to you could grind out a couple hundred of the important ones and just use them as you need them. I can't think of too many things I've bothered to use stews for, it's typically for things that I literally could not grind if I wanted to (herblore being the biggest one).


It's really not that bad- once you do ratcatchers you can upgrade your hellcat to a Wily Hellcat. Makes them into a hellrat terminator lol. Would also recommend having it fight the rat bosses, which give you specific colors of spice in greater amounts, compared to the basic rats on Evil Dave's floor where you can receive any color spice and basically only get one or two doses at a time.


it's ok to have a wrong opinion


Runecrafting is fairly afk. Grinding the BA roles is not necessarily more time-consuming but requires a lot more attention.


afk should mean one click and come back in some time like wc, fletch, mining, etc. it hurts my soul when people call rc and agility "afk"


77rc is mostly afk… you go away for a while, only needing to change dense rock every now and then, one click on shortcut, one click on altar, two clicks on chisel and dense essence, one click back to shortcut, one click back to rock, repeat once, then when you have a full inv, two or three clicks to altar, two clicks on chisel and essence, one click on altar, and one more on shortcut, I’ve done it while watching shows and movies and it’s actually super chill, decent money, still shit exp, but meh, better than agility


RC is afk for almost 40 seconds when you do ZMI. 40 seconds AFK, click altar, click pouch then altar, click tele, run for 12 seconds, click bank and withdraw essence, repeat.


Yeah afk once you get to 77, to get there you gotta put in many hours at zmi or abyss and both of those require lots of attention too, at least BA is more enjoyable than just running to altars for absolutely ages


If you do daeyalt, even ZMI is moderately AFK. Certainly more so than BA. I actually enjoy BA but the frustration of doing it without a team still makes that diary grind seem pretty unbearable.


You can get 77 in a day at lavas


At first glance on the meme I thought it had to be Karamja and this task. Would make waaaay more sense


Chompy gang?


I pugged all of my roles. I just hated defender, but also knew that I was the best defender compared to everyone else. So glad I did that one first.


i actually like defender the most, atleast there's some sense of gratification in that role when you do it well.


It's like being a healer on an MMO, a support on a MOBA, or a sniper on an FPS. High skill ceiling, but if you're good then *you're good*


>high skill ceiling defender is the easiest role. You take and drop the same items, on the same spots, in the same amount every time and you win every time. there's basically zero variation


It's easy to get started in. It is much easier to start as a defender than a healer. The same can be said for every role. (Healer, use items on creatures, and use healing potion on players; Attacker, use attack style on monster; Collector, pick up eggs and put in cannon) The thing is later game you can tell when a good defender is in because the last 3-5 minutes won't be everybody standing around chatting and waiting for the defender to kill the last runner or firing the cannon at it because "def sux" The thing is that being an effective collector or attacker is fairly simple: make calls and use good gear. For Healers it's also making sure to keep track of people's gear, damage exposure, and location to predict who will need healing and when. For a defender, it's about making sure each trap is properly repaired and baited in optimum locations (a truly good defender will use both traps and will finish long before any other role and spend the rest of the time cannoning)


And you can reach that point in under 30 minutes of practicing defender. I say this as someone who did exactly that. Tile markers and a basic understanding of stacking/delaying traps makes you about as good of a defender as you can be.


Obligatory shoutout to Lord Shayne’s defender guide on YouTube, makes defender the easiest role. You will probably be the first to finish your role each wave with this guide too (rather than defender being the last to finish as is common with randoms)


Defender only sucks if you don’t know what you are doing. There are specific tiles and drops that you can use to manipulate the runner ai into forcibly dying long before anyone else finishes their role. Defender is easily the most chill and fastest role once you know how to abuse the ai.


Thought for sure it would be karamja nature runes barb assault isn’t that bad even with randoms


Ironically Kandarin is one of the easier ones, I'm impressed you did the other ones first.


In this comment section "No, YOU'RE WRONG, BA is NOT your least favorite mini game and you're going to like it whether you want to or not!"


Seeing a lot of the reverse too lol


for me its farming those black knights for the fally elite, fucking awful task


Or the Chompy's. Grinds where you have to just do it hundreds of times (only for a diary step) suck. If I didn't get KQ head on my very first kill I don't think I would've ever gotten the Diary Cape.


Where did you do this at?


in taverley dungeon with a cannon


How long does it take? I've got 5/10 champ scrolls and going 15k is grim but black knights are 1300 right?


took me like 90 minutes or so, could probably do less if you pay more attention than i did


I just did this task and got my cape, it was pretty annoying but not even close to as bad as I expected


This is quite funny to me. Good joke, take my upvote. But at the same time, it baffles me. I have always thought that BA is tons of fun. Sure, it can be a bit of a grind, but it's nowhere near as bad as like Mage Arena for Lumby hard, or literally any of the Elite RC requirements.


Honestly the worst one imo is the desert elite. I cant stand mindlessly spam clicking an npc for hours on end to get 91 thieving.


Assuming that is BA Task and not a lack of chewed bones, from my experience it really isn't that bad. I put it off a while too but even with randoms I'd often get pretty good teams and the grind went by pretty quick, at least compared to other grinds. I think it helps when you are a higher level that looks like they know what they are doing (especially if you actually do know what you are doing) since the better teams will recruit you. Or you can just make your own team and try to pick the people you think will do well. Sometimes I had lower levels who were great at their roles and sometimes I got a player who was just there for their Torso and needed some patience. But as long as you avoid the players who just refuse to work with the team it usually isn't that bad.


I got 4 friends to commit to it one day and it was actually super fast and easy. We all got drunk and fucked around the entire time on discord.


Every time I try to do something like this someone ends up leaving and I just get frustrated and do anything else. I got 99 rc putting off rank 5 all and now I'm almost maxed. I know I should just find randos and do it but I don't have the patience. There's even a guy in my cc who has rank 5 all already and likes doing B.A. and I know he would be down for some. Now my excuse is that the long weekend is over and I'm away from my computer from Saturday till next Sunday for vacation. Smh


I'm not gonna lie the booze/weed helps a ton when you're doing repative boring shit like BA. Make an event out of it like we did.


Same boat here, fuck BA


The crazy part is honestly, doing like 2 minutes of reading makes it super easy to fly through BA. ​ Remember to call, as defender learn the tiles to place food and which of those tiles is good and which is bad food, BiS gear is basically max range with elite void and an MSB (i) for attacker, collector is honestly just pick up more eggs for more points only really putting in red eggs for blasting healers and healer is just a race against time to kill killers.


This is what my diaries list looks like right now....relatable. every once in a while I think about doing a queen kill, then go do something else


Whole lot of Barbarian Assault in your future?


Hell of a lot easier than you think


Barb assault is so easy and chill lmao


I paid for it. Simple, easy, affordable.


Definitely not affordable for most people


Mine is like this, but also only 9 wilderness tasks completed, and no kq head lmfao. I really just can’t be bothered to do all that just for 150k agil xp pretty much lol.


I did this on leagues, it wasn't that bad and I'm pretty sure they didn't have increased points. Pest control grind for void was way worse


BA is a blast once you get a decent group going. This was probably the funnest achievement for me and I regret not doing it sooner.


Never had much problem getting L5BA. The real struggle is completing lumby elite and having 1 left on lumby hard.


None of the lumby hard ones are that bad though? I assume you mean bones to peaches, but it's not that long of a grind.


Oof, I’m still on the hard diaries…


I've got the same log except its desert elite holding it up. Thieving is one of my least favorite skills.


When you have a great team, it's fun


Easier than B2P imo. MTA can die in a fire with how mind-numbing it is.


I just paid for boosting, can't be fucked with BA. Chompy one is worse, IMO


i think finding the motivation to start the barb assault grind is harder than the grind itself. once u get into it, it goes fairly quick. getting collector and attacker roles done first is super easy, defender and healer are alittle more technical but still not bad. BA and the wildy bosses were my final diary tasks and honestly the wildy bosses were worse for me. between needing to essentially glitch them out to stand a chance at soloing, and pkers, took me longer to get the 1 kc on callisto,ven and vet than to do BA grind


you did the fishing shit. you can do it, champ


9 hours i spent getting my torso... i remem er cause i called off work that night. And it took till an hour after i woulda been off to get it. The amount of people who leave after 2-3 rounds was insane. Like one healer we had was a total bot. Would use food once every couple mins and then afk again. And even was getting wrong most the time. Somehow it went better tho for 5 in all when i did it recently. Torso was like in 2018 i think


I’m in the same boat. All other diary reqs done, but I can only play at very late hours on weekdays and whenever I try there’s either no one at BA or teams that disband after one round.. kill me


Funnily enough, I did all the shit reqs first like killing kq, mage training arena and barb assault. After that it was 200-300 hours of straight skilling.


I love how without even saying which one it is, everyone still instantly knows.


Im in the exact position. Except its 93 slayer.


I actually don't know why this is such a dreaded task, I did mine at the same time I did the granite body task(also the same time I got my fighter torso). Took a could days with randoms on my end, but wasn't that bad in the grand scheme of things.


maxed no lumby hard or kandarian elite


It takes some insane skill levels to get every other task list done. If you can do all of those, you can knock out Rank 5 in all BA roles, promise. As someone that was also dreading the req, it really wasn't that bad when I got into it, even *with* randos.


What's the matter? Can't teleport to Catherby?


BA sucks


I remember finishing that grind, thinking i was finally done and then needing a torso for a falo step and having to go back


Back in the day BA was always packed because we all thought it was fun. Nowadays everyone hates it and I don't even know why


I'm in the exact same boat...


Literally in this same boat. The reward for Kandarin Elite ain't even that good... I'll probably just leech it one day.


It's much better than chompy hunting


Pay the fee.


I love BA, will be so fun to grind this in the ironwoman group


Just finished my Kandarin after 2+ years of putting it off … Tbh didn’t feel that good to get cape after waiting so long lol


I don't remember having any issues doing this. I think I found a CC of other people doing it.


I got it done in about 8 hours with randoms, it really wasn't that bad. Except healing. That was pain


Time to buy some bonds


I tried to find a team in world 6 for literally hours and never even got to join a game it's so horrible there. Goodbye 160M!


Yeah same lmao


same here been at 491/492 for a while now xd